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OMG – I joined a CULT!

Us beauty addicts have to fuel our addictions and that means visiting shops or shopping on line. This NEW series puts beauty retailers under Entirely Beauty’s watchful eye then offers you a review of the shopping experience to discover who is ‘The Fairest of the Maĺl’.

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Makeup, skincare, in fact ANYTHING that’s beauty related (even if it’s a very distant cousin) are my passion & hobby, my down time & pick me up, a way to relax or to get ready to PARTAY! In short, I luuuurve the subject & the products. I also love writing!

Here I get to combine the two and create content that you’ll hopefully find enjoyable: fun and informative, varied (very varied actually) but useful, not to mention objective, honest and practical! I’d be made up (see what I did there?!) if you’d subscribe to entirely-beauty.com, it’s FREE and it’d mean you’ll never miss a thing! It’d also be marvs if you helped spread the word by telling your family and friends about Entirely Beauty, re-blogging and sharing my posts, joining me on Facebook, Linkdin, Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter so we can build our own Entirely Beautiful family and community!

My blog is product and/or service focussed, the reviews are honest and all opinions are my own. I’m not involved in the beauty industry, I am simply an ‘all things beauty’ addict, this blog is an outlet for my passion, a place where I can share information about products I already have in my (continually growing, already large) collection and my latest purchases too. Reading my blog posts will help you to decide if a product, gadget or service is for you, could save you money and will hopefully entertain you too!

Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you again soon.


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