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Hi there and welcome to my first blog! Thanks for reading, hope you find my product tests & reviews useful, entertaining and, if you subscribe to Entirely Beauty (why wouldn’t you – it’s FREE) my day will be well and truly made and you won’t miss any of my future (very varied) blogs. Feel free to scroll if there is a particular product from this Shopped My Stash that you are interested in, I’ve covered each product separately, then at the end of this post I give an overview of how all the products worked, or didn’t, together, as a complete routine. Enjoy!

I shopped my stash for three reasons: firstly, this kind of content is popular over on YouTube & as Entirely Beauty is just a baby I need subscribers to help my baby grow. (At least I’m honest. 😉) Secondly, I have quite a large beauty collection and want to be less wasteful, by shopping my stash, products make their way into my routine and get used. Thirdly, testing for a whole month gives the products time to actually ‘work’ (especially important for skin care and so much better than a mere ‘first impression’) so I’m able to give a much more rounded, honest review. Basically, a win-win for you and for me. This is Part 1 of the Entirely Beauty Shopped my Stash mini series for October, watch out for Parts Two – Makeup and Part Three – Hair Care. (Simply subscribe and you’ll be notified when they go up👍)

So, what skin care products did I choose and did they perform as well as the companies claimed they would? If you are itching to find out, keep reading!

Super Facilist Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Super Facialist Cleansing Oil | £7.30

This Cleansing Oil is infused with Vitamin C plus Olive, Grapeseed and Rosehip oils, which claim to nourish the skin and leave it feeling cleansed, refreshed and softer to the touch. #SuperFacialist recommend that you use this oil as part of a double cleanse routine and follow it with either another cleanser or a facial scrub, and also say that using this oil will make you feel like “you have had an expert facial every day”.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind having an expert facial every day, so this was an easy pick, albeit based on Super Facialist’s own hype.

From the get-go I noticed that ‘refreshed and ‘softer to the touch’ thing! I loved that and the smell of the oil too: it’s fresh and clean, and I oddly found that the fragrance both woke me in the mornings, yet relaxed me at night. I used it as directed, massaging it onto my face, neck and decolatage using either my hands or my vibrating pore cleanser (review of this also coming soon – seriously, if you haven’t smashed that subscribe button already, do it now, I have lots of great content to add! 😁) or both, then emulsifying the oil with warm water and massaging some more before rinsing off. Also because I enjoyed the light fragrance, the feel of the oil on my skin AND like to get my money’s worth, I left the massaged-in oil on my skin whilst brushing my teeth and this certainly helped to achieve that ‘expert facial’ feeling.

With continued use, morning and night, I really did notice that my skin was brighter, much softer, and both my pores and fine lines definitely diminished. I didn’t find that I needed to double cleanse in the morning, but I did follow the Skin Renew Cleansing Oil with a cream cleanser at night. I saved money on makeup remover too as Super Facialist removes all traces of make up, even waterproof mascara – BONUS!

I do recommend this oil as it feels soooo lush, does what it says on the bottle AND is suitable for all skin types. What’s more at just over £7 for 200ml and with only a quarter of the bottle gone after using it twice, sometimes 3 times daily, for 31 days, I think it’s a great value for money, skin texture improving, expert facialesque, wonderful product. If you have already tried it, or intend to, please drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Temple Spa Be Gone: Kind Hearted Cleansing Crème

Temple Spa | Be Gone Cleanser £21

#TempleSpa states that their Crème Cleanser, Be Gone, is “TLC for sensitive skin”, that it will reduce skin stress, with a fresh, settled and smoothed after feel, that it’s nurturing and hydrating and is the “gentlest way to say goodbye”. Saying goodbye to £21 for 150ml of this product wasn’t exactly ‘gentle’, so was this cleanser worth all those coins?

I have to admit that both the fragrance and consistency of Temple Spa’s #BeGone kinda matches its price point: it does have a higher end, faintly botanical, light and pleasant smell and is creamy too. This is another ‘add water’ product (I do prefer them as they make my skin feel ‘cleaner’ & more refreshed) that you simply massage onto the face & neck in upward, circular motions and then splash your face with warm water or use a warm damp cloth to remove, making it an uncomplicated, fairly quick addition to your skin care routine, both morning and night.

I used Be Gone at night, after the cleansing oil to double cleanse my skin before applying other night-time products. I didn’t notice any immediate effects, but as the month wore on I did see improvement in my skin after each use, especially where I tend to get some patches of drier skin as the colder weather hits and my central heating bursts into life. Obviously, the benefits I did see might’ve have been more immediate if I had used the cleanser twice daily, instead of once – if you would like me to see if this is the case, let me know in the comments.

I did feel quite pampered after using this product and its light, natural fragrance was aromatheraputic, relaxing both my skin and my mind. it did soothe and hydrate the skin, and definately helped with my autumnal dry patches. I tried using my vibrating pore cleanser with Be Gone, but this just ‘pushed’ the product around my face and neck, rather than massaging it. To be fair to Be Gone, this was due to it’s creamy and rich texture and it applied just great with the fingertips.

I also tested it’s prowess as a makeup remover several times, but the results were a bit disappointing. OK, Be Gone doesn’t actually claim to remove makeup, but, this is inferred by both it’s name and the fact that it is a cleanser. It removed ‘liquid/loosely creamy products’, but, even with the addition of water or a damp cloth, struggled with the more pigmented products and powders, basically creating panda eyes with my eyeshadows and mascara and that’s never a good look unless you happen to BE a panda 🐼.

All that said, Be Gone is marketed for sensitive skin, so it follows that the ingredients are probably not concentrated enough to deal with those more pigmented powders or waterproof mascara, as that might cause sensitive skin to break out, which would be counter-productive for a cleanser that is directed at those who have sensitive skin.

Overall, Be Gone felt bougee, pleasant and pampering: my skin did feel super cleansed when combining it with the oil cleanse first and it certainly hydrated my skin, nurturing my dry patches to recovery. Would I use it again? Yes, at some point I will reintroduce it back into my routine as a stand alone cleanser, to give it a fairer test & review. So, as I’ll be getting back to you on this cleanser, hit the subscribe button as an antidote to FOMO (fear of missing out 😰) on that one!

Laponie of Scandinavia Toner Spray

Laponie Toner Spray | €28

I received this in one of my subscription boxes (there’ll be more about Beauty subscription Boxes in future blogs), 50ml retails for €28 from the Laponie Website, (around £24) but you can get it cheaper from sites such as eBay. Laponie Toner is advertised as being a multi-tasker that balances, hydrates, soothes and conditions the skin AND can be used to set make up, remove cleanser residue, mixed with a few drops of their facial oil for instantaneous hydration and nourishment ( although I suspect ANY facial oil would have the same result), as a soothing after-sun spray and finally is gentle enough to calm an irritated scalp. Whilst those are quite magical claims and supposed uses, I included this in my routine purely as a toner.

I really loved the fact that this came as a spray as it helped to wake up me and my skin in the morning. I spritzed my face and left the toner to soak into my skin: with hindsight spritzing was quite wasteful (I actually ran out on the last day of the month), but I do believe I gained more benefit from the direct ‘spray and soak-in’ method than I did from the conventional use with cotton pads which is how I used it at night. Again, given the price point, I felt that by letting it soak in I was getting better value from the product both cost and results wise.

Gotta say I’m not crazy about the price, if I had seen this in a shop I would have probably passed over it because £24 is a bit ‘up there’ for a toner! But, as I didn’t pay that price and having tried and tested it for a month, I have to admit I am rather smitten by this cute little bottle of multi-tasking, magical elixir, so I would have a little argument with myself over this now: the ‘beauty addict me’ would be all “hey, it works, it’s fabulous, you love it – buy, buy, buy!’ But the ‘one eye on my bank account me’ would shake her head and argue, “You have other toners, they work too, fabulous or not – bye, bye, bye!” (I don’t really like that me, she is far too damn sensible, but I tolerate her.)

So, yeah this little beauty does present me with a conundrum: it certainly does everything (as a toner) that Laponie claimed it would: my skin felt more balanced and prepped for the rest of my routine. It was also, & undeniably, soothing (particularly noticed this after dermaplaning – hopefully ya know the drill now, yep, this proceedure will be covered in a future blog 😎) it did improve the condition of my skin, I saw this straight away, and how smooth it made my skin feel was an instant . Overall, a fantastic product, I just wish I’d used it more efficiently as the results at night time, when I sprayed it onto a cotton pad and wiped it over my face, were comparable, but then I would’ve lost that Laponie early-morning wake up call!

I would love to recommend this toner, as I really did notice the difference it made to my skin, but, that price point IS a bit hefty. Let me know where you stand on this one – if you know a product works (really well) but is expensive, would you buy it anyway, opt for a less expensive dupe (if you can find one) or simply choose a lower priced product? Drop me a comment, I look forward to reading your take on this.

Nassif MD Dermaceuticals Complexion Perfecting Detoxification Pad with AHA/BHAs

Nassif MD Detox Pads | £34 approx

According to Dr Nassif these innocent looking pads will perfect your complexion, deep clean, exfoliate, reduce pores, brighten, even your skin tone, firm, smooth, reduce inflammation and protect against blue light and free radicals. Not only that but the pads are “clinically proven to remove what your cleanser leaves behind.” So, in other words, the initial claims plus the list of supposed benefits will, allegedly, take your skin care routine to new heights that’ll compare to the dizzying ones offered by the Empire State Building! OR will they???

I was sent these in my #FabFitFun subscription box, so I didn’t pay the $45 you’d have to pay on the Nassif MD site, in fact my Fab Fit Fun Box was $49, and contained various other items, so for me these were a steal! Despite that, I was a bit dubious about using them because of the AHA/BHA/Retinol etc they contain, not to mention the ‘on jar’ precautions that include avoiding the upper & lower eye area and building up to daily use. But, being the brave beauty addict I am, I soldiered on regardless.

So, there I was on October 1st, reading and re-reading the jar, digesting the blurb in the FFF magazine and still nervously anticipating some kind of facial disaster as a result of using the pads. Fortunately, as I gently wiped my face with a pad, I didn’t feel a, ‘perfectly normal’, tingle that some users have experienced (I think any such reaction would have had me plunging my entire head into a bucket of water in an attempt to stave off a break out or something worse!!). There is a lot of moisture in them thar pads, and the ‘proprietary cocktail of ingredients’ was swiftly, easily and plentifully dispersed over my face and neck.

Again, with more than a hint of hesitation I left this cocktail on my face so that it would soak in, exfoliate my dead skin cells (eurgh, that just sounds yucky!) whilst evening out my skin and diminishing my pores as promised. After about five minutes I nervously touched my face with my fingertips and found that having massacred those dead skin cells the detox pads had left my skin feeling super soft and incredibly smooth! I was hooked!

I used the pads every other day or so, morning and night and found them to be a wonderful, additional, step to my routine – one that in some shape or form I will replicate in the future, because not only were some of the promised results instantaneous, the remainder quickly followed and my pesky pores were clearly much smaller by the end of the month, to the point of being much less, if hardly, noticeable. Result!! And then some. Needless to say I was totally bloody impressed.

This was my first time playing with detox pads, but I intend to find some similar ones, hopefully less expensive than NassifMD’s pads but that give the same or very similar results. If you already use good detox pads, please let me know where you buy them from so I can give them a whirl, and, hopefully, keep this fresh glowing and brightened skin that the Nassif MD pads have given me. Thanks. 👌

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concenrate

Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate | £69 30ml

Ok, before I get into this product I have a confession – I didn’t set out to make my skin care routine for October ‘High End’ or expensive, when I shopped my stash I just selected products I genuinely wanted to try and write about. Obvs some of them, this concentrate included, are a bit pricey, but most of them I received either as Free Samples or in a sub box, so I didn’t pay full price for them.

My Shiseido concentrate was a 10ml sample (worth £23) and I honestly didn’t expect it to last the whole month, but surprisingly it did, a little goes a really long way with this. Now, if, like me you are initially turned off by the cost, let’s consider this: broken down, the cost of using #ShiseidoUltimune twice a day for a month works out at about 37p per application. Now I’ve legitimized the retail price and tested it for a month, I DO think it’s a worthwhile investment for your skin!

No bush beating here at Entirely Beauty then eh? 😉 Seriously, this serum made my skin feel and look amazing: the firmness, smoothness and hydration was totally obvious within the first week (the smoothness from the get go) and OMG, the immediate improvement in the softness and texture of my skin was incredible, as was the overall affect on my fine lines and wrinkles. Having used it twice daily for a month I now completely understand why this product is award winning, it’s pretty much a bloody miracle serum and the best of those I have tried/used in the past.

Apparently this is Shiseido’s Number One serum, which recently underwent a bit of a transformation itself, to include ImuGeneration technology. Among the ingredients is reishi mushroom, which is rich in anti-oxidants, and iris root extract which helps to defend the skin against damage. I’m no dermatologist, but you have to admit that is pretty impressive stuff, and it explains why the results I got were so apparent.

So, the ‘eye on the bank account me’ can do one and sod off 😉 cos if I find this on offer anywhere I will be grabbing it, and putting it firmly back into my skin care routine. It’s definitely worth the coin and ignoring that more sensible me for too!

Elemis Hydra-balance Day Cream
Nivea Q10 plus C Skin Sleep Cream

The Day and Night Creams: Elemis Day Cream | £41.50 50ml and Nivea Night cream | £12.99 40ml

For mornings I choose a free, deluxe sample size (20ml worth £16.60))of Elemis Advance Skin Care, their Hydra-Balance Day Cream (for combination skin, mine is normal to dry at this time of year), that I’d had in my collection for a short while and this was my first experience of the Elemis range.

Again a higher end product, with a price point to match, and even though I hadn’t paid for my 20ml, I expected great things, given the price tag/worth. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this day cream as much as I had anticipated, and whilst it was supposed to be a rich but light, anti-oxidant formula which promised continuous hydration and balance, I didn’t experience these benefits to be honest. Yes, my skin felt moisturised on application, but I didn’t feel that moisture was constant or locked in as Elemis claimed it would be. I did notice a softness, but the effect was short lived, once the product was absorbed the suppleness, softness and feelings of hydration diminished.

Disappointing to say the least BUT, on closer inspection I discovered this day cream contains meadowsweet extract which is there to “regulate the appearance of oily skin” and leave it shine free. Mmm – oily? Moral of this story, read the blurb BEFORE use! My skin isn’t oily. My bad! Although it also confusingly states that the cream helps to balance NORMAL to combination skin. However, I may have had the wrong cream for my skin type. If you have normal to combination/oily skin and have tried this product let me know if it worked for you. I, on the other hand, with my basically normal but with tendencies towards autumnally dryness skin will have to do more reasearch and see if Elemis actually has a product for my skin type.

Another let down, and this is aimed at all skin care companies, is that 20ml is not a sufficient amount of product to viably test whether it suits your skin, produces results etc., and is a product you want to use on the daily, as it ran out before the month’s end, lasting just 3 weeks. In comparison to the 10ml Shiseido sample which went the whole nine yards, I’m not sure Elemis Day Cream reprents good value for money? Skin care companies should provide usable, sizable samples that allow us customers to make informed decisions about purchase , especially if the product leans towards expensive.

My night time choice, on the other hand, was full size, moderately priced and received as a gift from a friend with a lovely selection of other Nivea products. The Q10 sleep cream combines both vitamin C and Q10, both anti-oxidants, that aid a smoother, radiant looking complexion while you sleep. It also claims to awaken the skin, target lines and wrinkles, so that you wake up to fresher skin.

Although £12.99 is a fair price, Aldi do a dupe of the Nivea sleep cream and it’s only £1.45 for 50ml!!! Lacura Q10 Renew Night Cream, which I have also used, is very similar to the original in terms of product, packaging and results, and is an undeniably good dupe. I personally prefer the Nivea, I love the smell, but enjoyed and would recommend both.

This does feel good on the skin, is easily absorbed and I did see an improvement in my fine lines, and my complexion did seem more radiant in the mornings, it also seemed to plump up the skin and this obviously made my skin look smoother, so it did what it claimed it would, and I was pleased with the results. I would use this again as I liked it and have plenty left.

Garnier Organic Lavadin Glow Facial Oil

Garnier Organic Smooth and Glow Facial Oil | £11.99 30ml

I picked this out of my stash because I know my skin is prone to dry patches at this time of year and hoped this oil would help combat that. I also wanted to give this a go as Garnier state that you can “see and feel” the results of using this herb and essential oil combo, that is a non-greasy, luxurious smooth & glow oil, all of which sounded like it’d be great. Well, we all deserve a little luxury, especially when it comes at an affordable price!

Firstly, Lavadin is not a typo. The difference between Lavender and Lavadin is two fold. The former, as an essential oil, has 0%-0.6% camphor making its fragrance more floral and sweet, whereas Lavadin oil has between 6%-10% camphor which gives it a more medicinal and stronger scent. Lavadin can help reduce scarring, stretch marks and with a host of other skin issues. Camphor is often used in skin care as it acts as a counter irritant.

The first thing I noticed about this oil was how easily it absorbed into the skin and it certainly left my skin looking smooth and all a-glow, but not in an oily or greasy way. It dried down as it absorbed, and I discovered, by accident (forgot to prime) that it provides a brilliant base for makeup too. I only used a couple of drops twice daily, after applying my day or night cream, and this was ample, so Garnier’s facial oil certainly has lastability, making it good value pennies wise too.

It has a pipette dropper which means less waste and makes it easier to use just the couple of drops you need to achieve that glow. The smell is divine without being over powering. The consistency is lux and lush and it delivered the results as promised. I love this oil and it even helped banish my dry patches. I think this a fab product if you are looking to switch up your skin care during autumn and winter when most people’s skin needs extra care & moisture.

L’oreal Age Perfect Rosy Radiant Eye Cream

L’oréal Eye Cream | £14.99 15ml

Lastly, the eye cream, which was, like all the other products in this ‘Shopped My Stash’, tested for a whole month. This is a rosy, peach cream that contains light reflecting particles which instantly ‘colour corrects’ and lightens dark, under eye circles (great if you’ve had a few late nights!). The cream lived up to this claim, making my eye area seem brighter and more radiant. It also contains Peony extract which, L’oréal states, has “glow reactivating properties” that gradually aids the eye area to recover a more natural glow. It also contains calcium B5 to restore skin density and improve tone.

One thing I really liked about this cream is the instant brightening, almost camo, effect it had on my eye area and as this cream is anti-sagging (it’s marketed as being ideal for very mature and dull skin) and targeted at over 60s – but as it visably tightens and brightens I think this eye cream is a brilliant response to those ‘post-party’, morning ‘OMG – look at my eyes!’ S.O.Ss, regardless of age.

A word of warning though, you do only need a tiny amount of this gelee textured cream: If you over do it it will ‘pill up – so go easy. I used this morning and night and found the easiest was to apply it was by picking up a tiny amount on my ring finger and patting it into the entire eye area (lid, brow and under eye) with that finger and allowing it to soak in completely before applying makeup. (It also works well over foundation etc, as an eye primer, if used sparingly, providing a great base for your favourite shadow.)

I was quite impressed by this cream and I do love it when I find another use for a product, as I did with this. L’oréal target an older market (in this case 60+ and female) with this cream. As I’m not 60, I wouldn’t have purchased this product and if I hadn’t received it in one of my sub boxes, I would be never have discovered how well it deals with dark circles after the late night, how quickly it tightens the skin to reveal youthful eyes OR how well it performs as a primer.

Yes, an impressive eye-cream AND primer, that is, in my humble opinion, worth the price tag and as we approach the party season I can recommend it, regardless of what age you are or what type of skin you may have, keep it in your emergency makeup bag, just in case dark circles visit you!

I really enjoyed this Shopped My Stash and giving all these products sufficient time for testing. I choose mid-to-high end products that DID all work together, improving the smoothness, softness and texture of my skin, whilst also giving me a natural glow, clearing up my dry patches and helping to eradicate finelines lines and improve the overall suppleness of my skin.

I hope the products I have shopped from my stash to use throughout Novemeber, realise what big shoes they have to fill! I also hope that you have enjoyed reading about this products and will subscribe to find out how I get on with November’s picks (I’ve already started using, testing them and making notes.) as well as all the other content I have lined up for you.

Until next time – thanks for reading, and never forget that you ARE beautiful!

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

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