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Cosmopolitan began publication in the late 1800s, has a huge readership of (mainly) female 20 to 30 somethings and advertising space that costs an arm, proverbial leg, and several other body parts, but how useful (satisfying) is the content for your average beauty addict? (Not that there’s anything average about us beauty addicts!!) I got myself this month’s physical copy, which cost round pounds numbering two (it’s also available on-line, obvs) and I thought it would be fun to invite you guys to my GWRM (Get Reading With Me). So, get yourself a cuppa or a glass of something cold, get comfy and let’s turn a page or two and explore Cosmo’s beauty content. If you enjoy this GRWM, please give it a like, subscribe and drop me a comment to let me know which mag’s beauty content does it for you, and it might feature in an Entirely Beauty’s future GRWM.

Discounting adverts, our first encounter with beauty is a one pager entitled ‘Glow – BS free beauty that works for you’ 23 pages in. I don’t get the title or the hashtag (#empties) given that this article features just two products, both eye shadow palettes: one has the sub-title ‘using up’ and is a short (very short) review of The Body Shop’s ‘Own Your Naturals’ and the other ‘using next’ briefly mentions (very briefly) the Urban Decay Honey palette. Mmm, what’s going on Cosmo? Empties? (Plural?) Who hits pan on a twelve shade palette in a month? What the hell did your acting beauty editor, Laura, do with it – paint her house??? Can’t knock her choice of ‘using next’ though, I’m hoping Santa pops that one in my stocking.๐ŸŽ… This is not so much ‘this month’s empties’, it’s more ‘here’s a couple of palettes we like (or our advertisers want us to mention) let’s make a full page feature, with hardly any hype-type and a catchy but irrelevant title. Very avant garde. Not.

Fortunately, this faux pas is compensated for on the very next page with a double page spread which, under the heading ‘Beauty Lab’ has the same acting Beauty ed taking a look at Flawless Foundations. Given the huge number of new and improved foundations that dropped during the last couple of months, this feature at least has good timing and gives an overview of six foundations from the boujee Pat McGrath to the drug store Revolution, with Nyx Born to Glow being crowned as the Editor’s choice. There is also a mini-tutorial on how to ‘Ace your Base’, which is helpful, plus an introduction to Cosmo’s beauty team – all six of them, presumably one for each foundation? I won’t be buying a new foundation based on their ‘road tests’, but this might be useful for someone just venturing into beauty, those who don’t read Beauty blogs or watch influencers.

Over the page the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills offers up her favourite eight products, in a chatty reveal that gives the reader info about the products and why they are her favourites. I actually learned something from this: for example, Anastasia trained as a beautician in Romania, has been in the industry over 25 years and rates Vaseline – which she used to mix with eyeshadow to make a brow pomade in the time before ABH existed. (๐Ÿค” I might have to try that trick at least then I might get the right shade.) I liked ‘My life in Beauty’, Anastasia has an interesting mix of faves, the best beauty article in this edition of Cosmopolitan so far!

Right class pay attention as we are now entering Cosmo’s school of beauty, and the lesson today is Makeup Tools 101! Have to admit the double page photo showing various brushes looks promising and a beauty addict can never have enough brushes with makeup brushes, right? The so-called ‘beginner’s kit’ of brushes exceeds the ยฃ100 in total, that’s a bit steep Cosmo. (Hands up how many of us started with brushes from Wish, Primark and Revolution – aka affordable. Ahh, do you remember the start of your beauty addiction – the good old days, when getting make up on your face was key. Now we are persuaded that an expensive brush, with a name and number that makes it sound like a semi-automatic weapon, is the way to flawless application!) All that said, there is a side article where experts offer tips for brushing up on your brush work, and it DOES name and explain each of the fifteen brushes featured. So if, like me, you’re a bit befuddled by your brushes, you could match ’em up to said pictures and the descriptions and finally learn what each one is called and what it is supposed to be used for! Will it stop me ‘misusing’ my brush collection – hell no. I have a flat ‘foundation’ brush that I use to sweep over my eyeshadows for a seamless blend, it works a treat.

Over the page from Brushes 101 is ‘Hot Right Now’ with Ten products everyone has presumably brought or will be buying this month. Ranging in price from ยฃ9.99 for Hair Nourishing Oil to ยฃ78 for an EDP, this feature feels more inclusive, has a good variety of products and prices AND tells you a little about each of these trending must haves. This is more to my liking, nothing beats being ‘in the know’ where beauty products are concerned!

Following what I consider to be a rather small ‘beauty section’ there is a mountain of fashion and lifestyle features (and ads, of course) before we come to a feature on page 102 entitled ‘Is the You Tube Beauty Community Cancelled’. Detailing the rise and fall of Manny MUA, 2018s Dramageddon, the more recent Westbrook v Charles saga, the Jaclyn Hill fibres in the lipstick escapade and an explanation of the latest in entry in the urban dictionary, ‘cancel culture’, plus some insight into so-called tea spilling, shade throwing ‘drama channels’, by a digital behavioural scientist (a what now? Is that actually a job, a science or even necessary?) It is interesting to note however, that all of those tubers mentioned in this ‘worth a read’ article are from the States. UK influencers are, it seems, either much less dramatic than their American counterparts or are they simply better at keeping their ‘tea’ very firmly in their cup & private rather than spilling it over social media? Well, we are a nation of tea drinkers.

And, as Porky Pig said a few hundred times, aside from a passing mention of a buffing brush from Spicy Choco and a Regentiv serum near the back of Cosmopolitan, “th th th th th that’s all folks”.

Out of 140 pages Cosmopolitan dedicates just 15 of them to beauty, and of those 15, 6 arguably come under the heading ‘General/Lifestyle’ features, as I doubt an editorial focussing on the beauty community is a regular feature. Is that enough to satisfy your hunger for beauty? I’m not sure it’s sufficient for me! Yes, Cosmo is ONLY ยฃ2, has lots of other good articles, and is all glam and glitz, but I do think some more of that glam and glitz could succesfully be based on beauty, after all, in its entirety beauty is a very broad, varied, contemporary, multi-media, much talked about subject and I need more than Cosmopolitan has currently got on offer, to satisfy my beautycravings!

What about your thirst for all things Beauty? Does Cosmo do it for you? Please let me know.

On that note, it’s time I went and got some beauty sleep. ๐Ÿ˜ด Hope you’ve enjoyed this little amble through Cosmopolitan magazine with me, as GRWMs go, I know it’s a bit different, but I think different should be a new trend in the community we call beauty.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you next time.

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