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I’m a little late to this party, it was doing the rounds back in September, before Entirely Beauty was born, but when I first saw this tag I knew I wanted to do it! Many thanks to the tag’s creator – Kelsee Briana Jai, you can catch up with Kelsee via this link I am excited to do this and hope you enjoy it too. If you find my answers entertaining please give this post a like and don’t forget to subscribe for more from Entirely Beauty. If you fancy answering a question or two, which would be awesome, please do so in the comments, so we can all everyone can have a read and if you have a blog and want to answer all twelve questions, be sure to tag me so I can visit your blog and see what answers you give.

What is the worst beauty advice you’ve ever gotten? | When I was younger (and very much lacking in common sense) I asked a friend how best to tame and shape my brows, as hers looked lovely and very natural. She advised me to use a razor and shave ’em into shape. I took this advice and excitedly set about shaving off the stray hairs. Everything was going great (as quick fixes go), but I decided that they were a little long too and shaved off a bit of the tail, first on one side then the other. Unfortunately and despite my best efforts, they didn’t quite match, so I set about trying to even them up. Needless to say, my lack of experience took it’s toll on my poor eyebrows and I ended up with about a centimetre of eyebrow on both sides which resembled stubby, sideways exclamation marks. Not only was it an epic fail, but worst of all, I did this to myself the day before a big family wedding 😕

What is the worst beauty advice you’ve ever given? | I knew a MUA/Nail Tech, who was trying to set up her own mobile business and had done some impressive art work on my nails. The MUA suggested I invited some friends over and introduce her to them and that she would offer ‘special rates’ for various treatments and make up etc. I didn’t take much persuading, any excuse for a get together! On the night, one of my friends was admiring my nails and aforementioned nail art. I advised my friend to let the MUA apply a set of falsies and then have some nail art too. Whilst the MUA hadn’t applied my acrylics (I had them done in a salon) I was majorly impressed by the standard of the nail art and had presumed the MUA was as accomplished in other areas of make up, nails and beauty. Boy, was I wrong!! When the MUA had finished applying my friend’s acrylics they looked like bloody TOENAILS! They were so thick they stood way too proud off my friend’s fingertips, they were various shapes too and some off them were already lifting! Needless to say my friend was very upset, as was I, but I did pay for her to visit the salon I went to because I felt responsible, awful and wanted to make amends. Moral of this story, check the credentials of anyone doing any treatments etc.

What beauty product did you struggle with the most/What is your worst experience with a product? | *Opens the golden envelope* And the winner is …false lashes!!! I have tried and tried, but the ‘look how easy this is’ influencers & instructions for lashes and glue simply alludes me, I am lashlexic. I know what I’m supposed to do and where everything is supposed to go, but most of my attempts fail and when I have actually got them to stick they become unstuck almost immediately. 😩 I’ve switched up to magnetic lashes and they are soooo much easier, plus applying the magnetic liner has upped my eyeliner game too!

What beauty product did you use a lot back in the day, but would never use now? | Home hair dyes. I used these regularly until I realised that the colour(s) rarely match the photographs on the boxes, it was a pain to apply (without help there was always a bit I missed, sometimes with help it was patchy), it ruined my fluffly white towels and I eventually learned it was better to seek professional help and products at a salon!

What makeup technique(s) did you struggle with the most when first learning how to do makeup? | Blusher – I would apply it with the brush that came with it which resulted in some quite pigmented striped cheeks in a variety of colours. Sometimes I would try to blend out the stripes with my fingertips, which usually made it worse, so I stopped wearing blush for a while, which, looking back, made me look like a corpse because of my foundation etc. Thankfully, I found fit for purpose blushers brushes and a new relationship with blush finally (and flawlessly) flourished.

What makeup technique(s) do you struggle with currently and want to improve? | Did ya read my answer about false lashes??? 😉 Despite the fact that I have solved the problem by using magnetic lashes, I would love to have a master class in lash application and actually conquer my lashlexicia where the glue on variety are concerned. My teacher would have to be extremely patient though😄

What is a beauty product that you never thought you’d buy, but now own. | In have always steered clear of red lipstick, believing that it didn’t suit me, I wouldn’t be able to carry it off, that my lips would look over-done, that it wouldn’t sit well with the rest of my makeup and that I would end up with ‘jammy’ lips. Now I have about 10 reds in my collection, in various shades, and whilst I prefer nudes and muted tones, sometimes you just have to make a bold statement. 💋

What beauty trend(s) do you regret following? | Not exactly a trend, as a lot of people have been doing this for like forever, and it’s still popular, but WAXING!!! 😲 What sort of pain threshold do those who wax have? Obvs one that is far damn superior to mine! Whether it’s eyebrows, legs, underarm or bikini, it’s a HUGE, Simon Cowell, NO from me! I also hate the way those who perform this archaic ‘torture’ lull you into a false sense of security and relaxation with the warm, gentle and very pleasant spreading of the wax on the requested area, before ripping off your unwanted hair, together with what feels like the majority of your skin. I am NOT A banana, I do not need peeling. If you want a mental image of how I reacted to waxing, regardless of what area I was stupid enough to try out, watch the waxing scene in the film 40 year old virgin! I am convinced Steve Carell based those scenes on my own reactions. To those who perform waxing I say this, ” back away and behave, this gal prefers to shave!” and to the countless thousands who voluntarily undergo waxing: You guys are NUTS, but I salute you and your ability to cope with the pain.

If you had to restart your beauty collection, what are some things that you would do differently? | When I started my collection I would often buy products on a whim or based on the hype and I managed to waste a lot of money doing so. Now, I self-regulate as I have a monthly Beauty Budget and take a breather in between learning about a new product drop and the launch date. If I am still excited, intrigued and salivating once the product launches then I might buy it, but I also consider other factors before I place my order or seal the deal in the shop. These include researching the product, the views of others, the colour(s), whether I have something similar in my collection already, the value for money and then I try to imagine WHERE I would wear the product and how much real use I would get from it. If I can answer all that lot positively and haven’t spent my budget for the month, then and only then, will I actually buy that product. If was restarting I would do all these things, waste much less and have a much better collection as a result.

What’s the worst makeup look that you’ve ever done? | When I first heard about contouring I rushed out bought several contouring palettes, brushes specifically made for the job and created, what I thought at the time was a natural, defined, sunkissed look with my contour products, blush, highlight and bronzer. Then I saw a photo of myself: I actually looked like a multi coloured zebra who had been out in the sun for waaaaay too long, was sweating, had prickly heat and wasbgiving off a glow of such nuclear proportions that Neil Armstrong would’ve been blinded by it as he took his one small step, in fact, he would’ve probably face-planted the bloody moon instead of walking on it! Needless to say it was far from natural, defined and sun-kissed & wasn’t remotely flattering or pretty. 👎

What is the best makeup look that you have ever done? | The colour purple. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone with regard to colour, and inspired by my outfit, decided to go totally purple (lilac, lavender and other shades in this spectrum) including eyes, mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick and was super-thrilled with both the finished look and by the lovely compliments I received! Not an everyday look exactly, but for a special occasion a completely monochrome ‘palette’ can make for a look really cohesive and different, not to mention eye-catching, look!

What advice would you give a Beauty Lover/Makeup Artist/Beauty Influencer | For the Beauty Lovers: spend within your limits and enjoy your products, and remember that you are naturally beautiful with out makeup, use makeup as a way to enhance your beauty, rather than creating a masked you to present to the world. For the MUAs: Talk to your clients, find out what they really want rather than than persuading them to have a look that you want to apply and are practised at. For the Beauty Influencers: Be nice – to your audience, ( they got you where you are now) to your fellow influencers, we don’t care about Beauty Community drama and squabbles, we’re here for the makeup, not for Tea! Finally, be nice yourself. You are talented & sooo worth it.

Right, that’s all the questions in the Beauty Glow Up Tag answered it must be time to hit the publish button. Hope to see you in my be next bog, till then, take care. Can’t help wondering how YOU answer these questions.

Many thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “The Glow Up in Beauty Tag

  1. Oh my gosh the worst makeup experience was this year. I needed new makeup because I was using a bronzer in the summer
    That works great, it didn’t work anymore ,because I Didn’t have another brand of makeup. I was breaking out on my face I didn’t have any other makeup. So I had to go to Macy’s and the guy is gay and they lied. I don’t remember the brand name but I remember the box color it was silver. They scammed me. I had to return it. So I did return it. Recently I bought Marykay products and omg the makeup is gorgeous on me. I love the color and my face is clear. The makeup I had before the Macy makeup ,I hade a makeup that was to orange on me. So that was my makeup nightmare,but thank God for MaryKay I love all the products especially the foundation.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes entirelybeauty:it was terrible. I don’t like shopping at the malls. I used to like shopping at the malls not anymore it’s a lot of walking and to o many people. I only go to the mall for watching movies at the theater.


  2. I have had the odd bad experience at some shops too, but, I do love a wander & finding out what’s new! Some of the counter/sales assistants get commission on sales, and that can lead to them giving less than good advice. I think that’s why impartial reviews, such as those offered here, are so important, the more clued up beauty addicts are about products the less likely they are to be sold something unsuitable.
    Do you shop on line? I like that too, and when my parcels arrive it’s like Christmas! 💋


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