My October Empties

Products I used up during October, with reviews.

Hello again, hope you’re having a great weekend and this latest blog is useful. Thanks for reading, I do appreciate it and I would love for you to subscribe, like and comment too. In this blog we’re exploring my October empties – products that I’ve used up – with a quick review and ‘rebuy or a ‘goodbye’ on each. This Empties includes Hair, Bath/Shower, Sheet and Eye Masks, Personal Hygiene, Skin, Fragrance, Hands and Makeup products. If you want the low down on these products, then either read on or scroll to those you want to know more about.

Hairsprays and a Mask (I used other hair care products in October, reviews coming in October Shopped My Stash Part III)

Hair Products | John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hairspray | Coco & Eve Hair Masque | Fearn McCann Hair Spray | Harmony Hair Spray |

  • The John Frieda was a Lux Mini (50ml) I received in a sub box, a 250ml full size retails for £5.99, which, in my world, is quite expensive for a hairspray as I use a lot of the stuff. I did like this product, formulated to give shine and hold for blonde hair, which it did and both the shine and hold lasted until I brushed it out. Sheer Blonde smells nice too, but, the price puts me off, so it’s a GOODBYE, sorry Mr Frieda.
  • In contrast the Ferne McCann spray cost just £1 for 200ml from Poundland (There’s quite a range of FM beauty products, all exclusive to Poundland and she designed them herself) I preferred the fragrance of this to the other two hairsprays I emptied, as well as the price. With added pro vitamin 5 (which is moisturizing, soothing, healing and has regenerating properties) it’s available as either Firm or Extra Firm, comes in a lovely pink packaging, smells very pleasant, held my styles really well and wasn’t sticky. This is my favourite of the three hairsprays, and I will RE-BUY!
  • Harmony have been making hairspray since Wilma Flintstone’s time (or thereabouts, anyhoo it’s a long while, for sure) and it has conditioning ingredients, up to 24 hour hold and smells like, well, hair spray, but the best feature of this product is the micro fine spray which doesn’t drench the hair in product. That said, this £2 for 200ml hair spray claims to be non-sticky, I didn’t find that to be the case, therefore it’s GOODBYE!
  • Finally, for Hair Products, my 38ml mini Coco & Eve Hair Masque was sufficient for two treatments on my mid-length hair. The full size (212ml) comes in at £31.40, which would give you treatments-a-plenty! This products smells absotutely wonderful, lux and lush, I loved the fragrance and the fact that my hair smelt so fab after use. This coconut and fig hair mask restores dry and damaged hair, giving it great texture and shine as it conditions and nourishes. The first time I used it I left it on for about 10 minutes and the results were great. The second time I actually massaged it in (after shampooing) then plaited my hair, left the masque on overnight and rinsed it out in the shower the next morning – incredible results, and that lovely fragrance lasted so much longer, this treat is a much wanted RE-BUY!
What can I say . . . I do love me a bath or Shower!

Bath and Shower | Avon Bubble Bath | Lacura Muscle Relief Bath Soak | Radox Shower Gel | Rituals Foaming Shower Gel | Dr Organic Bath Oil |

  • Avon Bubble Bath (1000ml £2.50) is a regular purchase for me, this was the first time I tried Bubble Gum fragrance but I loved it! For best results pour a couple of capfulls under running water and agitate the bath water with your hands to create lots of lubbly jubbly bubblies. The fragrance of this one is sweet, it does smell like bubble gum, but isn’t over powering and I think it’s a bargain, so yes, a necessary RE-BUY!
  • Lacura Muscle Relief Bath Soak in Black Pepper and Ginseng (750ml) cost just 65p is an obvious dupe for the more famous Radox brand. This is more of a foam than bubbles, but it does soften the water, turns it a lovely pink colour and seems to ease muscles too (but then a bath with almost any product in it will do that), however it is nicely fragrance and I enjoyed using it, but I did prefer my Avon Bubble bath so it’s GOODBYE Lacura.
  • Dr Organic Rose Otto Bath Oil is a different bath experience, combining an uplifting & sensual fragrance it helps relieve stress and energises too. There are lots of good ingredients in this one, it’s bioactive, and the oil disperses in the water to lock in moisture and provides an aromatheraputic, heavenly bath time experience, which I love, love, love – obvs a RE-BUY!
  • I also loved Rituals Holi Moley Foaming Shower Gel, the gel transforms into a wonderfully, skin softening foam, the fragrance (flamingo flower and pink grapefruit) it totes to die for, and feels sooo luxurious yet is ONLY £6.90 for 150ml. If you havent already realised from this excitedly positive mini review, yes, it’s a RE-BUY.
  • Radox Feel Revived Shower Gel (250ml £1) does exactly what it says on the bottle – this stuff revived a very sleepy me in the mornings and left my skin fragranced with delicious lemon grass and manderin, which reminded me of an orange soft-centre choc. On a more practical note it has a flip up hook so you can hang it up, and on a magical note it leaves you feeling like your shower is actally a tropical, holiday destination, so it’s gotta be RE-BUY!
I love a good sheet mask, these are my favourites of the ones I used in October

When it comes to sheet masks I have quite a collection so I won’t be re-purchasing any of these at the moment, there are so many on the market too: regardless of your skin type or needs, you will find one that suits you! Let’s face it (no pun intended) masks are much of a muchness with regard to use and functionality, but I DO love using them as part of my skin routine. If my skin is dry I choose a hydrating mask, if I feel my pores are clogged then I use a detox one, but that’s what I love about masks, if you have any skin problem, there’s a sheet mask that’ll help. What’s more you can pick them up for less than a pound or try something more high end. Of the sheet masks pictured, my absolute fave was the Nutura Advacado, which was deeply nourishing, a little more expensive than your average mask (£4.95), but worth those extra coins! What’s your favourite sheet mask? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you have any questions about any of the sheet masks I used, please drop me a comment, I’ll be happy to help. For now, it’s GOODBYE to all these sheet masks because I currently have so many more in my collection!

Reviews of deodorants? Well, we all use them, so why not!
  • Before I get cracking with this category of empties, I KNOW, deodorants are not usually the fodder of reviews, but, we all use ’em (hopefully!) in one form or another, I do like to be different and this is ENTIRELY BEAUTY.COM, not Entirely-but-there-are-products-I-WON’T-talk-about-Beauty.Com 😉
  • Firstly, Lacura Active 48hr Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray (250 ml 65p). This one doesn’t tend to mark your clothes, lasts all day, is readily available in Aldi supermarket, smells lovely, is great for sensitive skin (I even used it after shaving) and costs so little that it’s a bargain right? That’d be a resounding NO. This product shouldn’t be in my empties cos it’s NOT EMPTY! In fact it’s half full but the spray simply stopped working, which was damn frustating, so, and despite all the positives – GOODBYE!
  • Next up is Nivea Black & White invisible original Anti-Perspirant Protection (250ml £3.29). This nifty, pleasantly fragranced deo is designed to protect your clothes, leaves your underarm feeling soft, is dermalogically tested, offers all day long protection from odour and bacteria, has a locking mechanism (handy if you want to pop it in your handbag etc., as it won’t accidently spray.) A lovely product, nudged from re-buy to GOODBYE by my next deo!
  • Slightly cheaper is Soft & Gentle Anti-White Marks For Sensitive Skin (250ml £2.75) and this comes in a range of fragrances, the one I used up was Jasmine & Coco Milk and it smelt so lovely without being overpowering. Again great for sensitive skin, which makes it ideal for those post-shave sprays. It offers 48hr protection, didn’t stain my clothes, and represents slightly better value for money than Nivea. I am going to have to RE-BUY & work my way through the other, what I am sure with be similarly delightful, fresh fragrances.
An extra skin product review, this needed using up before it expired.

Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser is a beautiful product available to members of Beauty Pie for just £5.90. However, according to BP, if you were to buy a comparable product, it would have a typical price of £25 – which is all well and good, but we only have their word for that. Also, in order to purchase this anti-oxidant, gel to oil to milk, luxurious cleanser (which does leave your skin feeling super clean and super soft), you have subscribe to BP. Subscription cost £10 a month and gives you a £100 limit on the Typical Price of products. EG you could buy FOUR of these cleansers worth (at BPs quoted typical price) £25 each/£100 value total (ie your total spending limit for a month) for only £23.60 + your £10.00 monthly subscription, giving a grand total of £33.60 with a supposed and whopping saving of £66.40. Confused? Yep, so was I, which is one reason I unsubscribed. Fortunately, however, this beautiful product is so much simpler to use than is trying to get to grips with the Beauty Pie ‘rules’. You simply smooth a little of the gel onto your skin, splash water onto your face, transforming the gel to a powerful but gentle make up removing oil, which then becomes a super softening milk, that you rinse off to reveal peach smooth, baby skin. It is lovely, but I had problems with Beauty Pie (any unspent limit is supposed to roll over to the following month, I was saving mine for a haul, to share with you guys, but my spending limit of over £450 disappeared, so I said Bub-bye Beauty Pie) so now it’s gone, it’s GOODBYE to Japanfusion, sadly.

Musk by Jovan: A retro fragrance.

My review of Musk by Jovan Concentrated Cologne should have the subtitle “Google made me buy it”, as I came across this fragrance for women (there is one for men too) by accident when looking up the price of The Body Shop’s White Musk perfume. At just £6.99 for 59ml it was pretty much a musk-fragrance-lovin-gal’s impulse buy, but definitely one I have no regrets about. The bright orange and gold outer packaging is fun, less than subtle and pretty much screams, here I am, I’m seductive, let’s PARTAY! The clear glass bottle with its gold lid, white writing and swirl design is a little more subdued, but don’t let fool you, this cologne is far from subdued. Bare in mind it’s a concentrate if you buy this, it is strong, so you really do only need a little. I got this last December, have just finished using it up and it’s been a daily go-to for work or days at home. I simply love the perfume, if you are not a fan of the musk scent you should side step this one, because as the name suggests, it is MUSK. Don’t let the price put you off if you are already a fan of musk style fragrances, it really is a bargain. Stronger than both White Musk and Avon’s Soft Musk, Musk by Jovan is sexy, heady, sweet, and I am addicted and sorry that I have emptied it. Of course I will RE-BUY . . . there are bath/shower/talc/perfume gift sets available in the Musk by Jovan range too – well colour me happy!

I am a firm believer in the benefits of hand cream

It is normal for me to have four or five handcreams on the go at once, you know how it is … one in the handbag, one by the kitchen sink, one on the vanity, one in the bathroom and if I have pockets, then there’ll be a tube in one of them too. A good handcream, in my opinion, should smell wonderful, offer great moisturization, be packed with good ingredients, protect your hands from the elements and domestic chores, soften the skin, condition your nails and cuticles and be suitable for everyday use. (Not at all demanding, am I 😉) Both of the empty handcreams pictured above, which, as you can see are flattened from my getting every dollop of product out, met all those criteria for me. Avon’s Restoring Moisture is for dry to extra dry skin, is great for the winter months, smells of coconut and is around £2 for 75ml. In fact you can’t go far wrong with any of the Avon handcreams so, that’ll be a RE-BUY (Maybe in a different fragrance/formula). At £2.99 (the slightly more expensive for less product) Sweet as Cherry Pie (50ml) by Patisserie de Bain has the delightful scent of Cherries (obvs) and vanilla, feels a little silicone like, but rich and protective too, and certainly softens. This is also available in a range of fragrances, so yup, you guessed it, another RE-BUY, in a different scent!

Barry M lip plumper/gloss- That’s Swell: had and used this for a while hence all the writing has come off the packaging.

My Barry M ‘That’s Swell’ Lip Plumper cost £4.99, but I can’t tell you the exact size because all the writing has worn off the packaging, lol, but imagine your average sized lipgloss- that’s how big it is. 😁 That dealt with, Barry M assures that this Plumping Lipgloss will give fuller, plumper and smoother lips and a “volumised enhancement”. Uh huh, Barry, of course it does – NOT! (I really need a sarcasm emoji) I used this as directed, daily, which is supposed to give the best results. Two months after purchase and having emptied it, are my lips any fuller or plumper? Are they heck-a-doodly-hell as like!!! The product smells quite minty, tastes minty too, and after application there is that distinct ‘tingle’ that Mr M would have us believe means ‘it’s working’ as it supposedly stimulates our collagen. Now, I will admit that visually, because of a little trick of the eye, lips do LOOK a bit plumper when you are wearing the product as it’s a gloss – that means it reflects the light, makes your lips look juicy and gives the ILLUSION of being plumper. For me however, except for aforementioned ILLUSION, this product did not “beautifully volumise”, they were soft, but any lip balm will achieve that a lot cheaper! Over all ‘That’s Swell’ – ISN’T! (Swell or plumping) It’s a good lip gloss to wear on it’s own (I tried it over various lipsticks, liquids etc., and it kinda melted them away), I did like the fresh, minty smell, but (and with apologies to Barry M) – GOODBYE! Have any of you guys actually found a lip plumper that works, please let me know if you have, because my best efforts in this category have, thus far, failed, so I’d appreciate your input!

That’s it for October’s empties, don’t forget I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the products I have tested, used up and mini-reviewed, here, I’d love you follow, like & comment – especially about lip Plumping products. Thanks for reading, muchly appreciated.

Until the next one, stay beautiful

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