Shopped My Stash October – Part two: Makeup

My makeup choices for October, picked from products in my beauty collection, becoming my ‘Go To’ for the month.

Pumpkins & skin care. What do they have in common? I picked both last month. 😉 In this second part of Shopped my Stash October, I’m sharing my makeup picks with you and reviewing each product after using them as my ‘go to’ throughout October. Stash shopping is a great way to use products, especially those you don’t reach for very often, (or newer ones that you haven’t got round to really trying), it also gives you a chance to get to know the products. Shopping your stash can also save you time – last minute invite to go out-out, a weekend away – whatever the occasion, with your stash shopped and bagged, you’re only a mirror away from being ‘good times’ & beauty ready!

It all starts with primerl

Primark’s competitively priced PS Primer Prep and Perfect promises to illuminate the skin, which it did through the foundation, but it lost some of the luminosity once setting powder was applied. It felt quite moisturising though and did provide a more flawless base for my makeup, by blurring my pores and imperfections. Overall, for just £3, this proved to be a very ‘servicable’ primer which gave my skin an added layer of moisture/protection as the weather became colder. Without setting powder, the ‘glow’ was more evident, but that did lessen the wearability of my chosen foundation. Easily lasted the month, as a little goes a long way!

Definitely a beauty bargain

I feel liked I’ve primed you for some budget beauty products (and very, veree cringe inducing puns), and it doesnt get more budget than this foundation. A pound?! For what (surprisingly) turned out to be a great buy! Poundland’s Makeup Gallery has a complete range of makeup and each product is just £1! The foundation is well named: it is greatly gorgeous and fabulously flawless thanks to its smooth, easy to apply consistency and fullish coverage. Non-drying on the skin, I didn’t find it settling into any of my problem areas (dry patches, pores, fine lines) and the only negative I (eventually) found was wear longevity: it held up great for about 5 or so hours, before starting to breakdown and ‘fade’. Setting powder helped increase wear time, as did finishing spray. To be honest I didn’t expect this foundation to be up to much, but it proved me wrong.

Are YOU part of the Revolution?

With that foundation I could’ve got away without wearing concealer, and some days I did, but at other times we all need a little extra help, and that’s where a good concealer becomes your friend. However, Conceal and Define and Gorgeous Flawless weren’t bezzie mates, they just didn’t gel. I’ve used this concealer before with great results, but on top of my £1 foundation it looked cakey, obvious and disappointing. Eventually I learnt to use the concealer more sparingly than I would normally, which did improve the look of my undereye area a little, but I still struggled to set it with powder, without it becoming too dry. I would still recommend this concealer, as I haven’t had issues before and have used it with a variety of other foundations.

The first of three Avon products in this Shopped My Stash.

Avon is a brand that is pretty much ignored by beauty gurus and influencers, so I picked 3 different products to see if I’d get a clear idea of why this is the case. The rrp of Mark magic is £8, but this price does vary and it is often on offer too. This is a quite finely milled, white (translucent) finishing (setting) powder, and with a light dusting it’s game, set and match! After a month of frequent use, this powder has become my new secret weapon! It wears well, gives make up a soft focus and feels like gossamer on the skin. Is this why beauty gurus don’t acknowledge Avon – they want to keep the good stuff for themselves? I love this powder, if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a swirl, I’m sure you’ll love it too.

More Avon – liquid concealer I used as an eye primer

This concealer is very much a liquid, it’s not watery, but it is wet, it stays wet for a while and with that in mind, I pulled this in as an eye primer. Rule number one in makeup, there are no rules – just guide lines. Have to say this choice and use was a stroke of beauty genius! This stuff really works as an eye primer. I tried setting with powder before applying shadow, the result, a less defined, smoked out look, but without setting it down, colours are truer, more vibrant and the hold is brilliant – improving the lastability of the eyeshadows and giving a more dramatic finish. What’s more, this takes me another step nearer to concluding my makeup hypothesis that either beauty influencers are missing a trick with this brand or don’t want to share it’s brilliance with us.

A long lasting hold?

I do love a good finishing/setting spray, not only to keep my look in place but also to refresh my makeup after a few hours wear. One thing that sets this apart from other drugstore sprays is, that like some of its higher end cousins, Revolution Pro Supreme Hold, kinda ‘melts’ your makeup into your skin, so your makeup looks more ‘natural’. It’s none sticky, has a fine mist, it certainly increases wearability and is great for refreshing your makeup too. I applied this after applying foundation, powder, blush, bronzer etc ( basically, all my face products) and then again after applying eye make up (before mascara/false lashes) & lippy and found this double use worked wonders.

A Face and Eyeshadow Palette for only £10!

Rachel Leary is a UK YouTuber/Beauty Influencer who recently released her ‘Goddess on The Go’ (£10)and ‘Ultimate Goddess’ (£15) palette collabs with Revolution. I bought Goddess on The Go as it has great autumn vibes, I love the colour story and includes not only 9 eyeshadows, but a contour shade, a beautiful rose-gold blush, a glowy bronzer and a gorgeous champagne, highlighter (all of which can double up as eye products). I really loved using this pallete, the eyeshadows blended really well, were pigmented and gave endless possibilities for different eye looks, with both neutrals and pops of colour. The contour shade is pretty much universal as it is buildable (fairer skin beauties need less, medium to dark skin tones would need more) and great for creating definition. The rose-gold blusher is totes lush, usually I rely on my highlighter to add a glow, but the blusher’s healthy shimmer gives a natural ‘been out for a walk among the autumn leaves’ effect which I loved. The bronzer is warming and would suit most skin tones and the highlighter is great for defining all the high points of your face. This palette is fab for travelling, home use, playing, experimenting and creating endless autumn looks. Give this pallete a go and give yourself an autumnal-goddess glow!

Does this £2 mascara do what it says?

From the off this product was a little disappointing as I was expecting volume, high impact, magnified lashes (given the claims in its name) but it lacked the impact I was looking for. I suppose for £2 I might’ve been expecting too much, but then companies shouldn’t give products claim names that they don’t live up to! With several applications I did get more volume, BUT, I had to be careful not to overdo the layers as it became clumpy. This product also felt quite dry, so I tried dropping the tube into a mug of hot water, and this did improve its texture and performance a little, but, this is usually a trick I save for fave mascaras that I’ve been using for a while to rejuvenate them (try it – it works!). Overall unimpressive, I shan’t be buying this particular mascara again in the future, but will give MUA’s other mascaras a go to see if they are an improvement on this one.

Are diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Another Avon product included in my stash picks to not only complete my various October eye looks, but also to help determine a conclusion to the question ‘why do influencers overlook Avon products?’ Quite simply this product glides on, has a rich creamy texture, a little added sparkle, comes in a great range of shades, is pigmented, pretty much stays put (and yet you can blend/smudge it out), can be used to line and define the eyes either on the lash line and/or on the inner rims and gave good, all round repeat performances! I was so impressed that I now have this product in several shades! I still don’t understand why influencers don’t use Avon products, all I can say is I shall be trying more from their range in future!

Did this give the illusion of me being Wide Awake?

My second eyeliner pick was from Primark in the shade ‘Wide Awake’ (A nudish/fair skin tone shade) to use on the water line. This too went on like a dream, it did help the eyes to look more open (as this kind of shade does), it complimented the face and shadow palette shades and didn’t cause irritation (My eyes can be a little sensitive to some eyeliners when I use them on the water line), the only down side was that I did have to re-apply, as the colour (and effect) kinda washed away after a while. My eyes can be quite watery some days (especially out in the autumn winds/cold), but if you have drier eyes then you may find the staying power is better. That said, for £1 we can’t expect it stick around as long as a more expensive eye liner, can we? I didn’t- but I was still impressed overall.

Ride em cowboy?

Despite my reservations regarding Beauty Pie themselves, I am objective and have to admit that this lip liner is lovely. It is easy to apply, either on the lips or when overdrawing, has a creamy consistency that doesn’t drag or skip, stays put, helps keep lip colour locked in and the shade (cowboy nude – I also have the corresponding lipstcik) and formula is one of my favourites! This lip liner wears well and I didn’t need to re-apply (it even survived eating/drinking) I just wish Beauty Pie was a better, more transparent, company with improved customer services etc.

My indulgent lipstick pick for October

Yes, Lipstick Queen is more higher end than any of the other budget beauty picks in this Shopped My Stash, but I wanted to road test this product ( I have it in the shade Blooming Blush) as I received it in a Beauty Sub box (so I didn’t pay full price) and hadn’t come across this brand before. I also picked this out as I felt it complimented the palette colour story. Out the gate this lipstick’s formula is rich, feels lux and is easy to apply straight from the bullet or with a lip brush. The colour and texture are both lush and I have to say I loved it, but, it didn’t have the staying power I expect from a lip product with a £22 price point. Not an ideal product if you’re off on a dinner date or going out for drinks as eating and drinking makes this lipstick disappear! As Lipstick Queen has such a buttery texture it doesn’t stay put with the help of Lipcote either. In fact, it kinda ‘balled up’ shortly after applying Lipcote (This lip-colour-locking sealer is great for mattes and non creamy formulas though), making it look worse than its ‘natural wear-off’. It’s wear off was really disappointing, but the fact that my lips felt moisturised, I loved the colour/formula and it has a lovely sheen, had me working through this problem and re-applying as needed, not ideal, but necessary if you want some wear from this lipstick.

A dash of red for autumn?

My second lipstick pick from my stash was this berry red shade to switch up my autumn look with a bolder pop of colour. Unfortunately, when I tried to price checked, it was flagged as currently out of stock, but I decided to go ahead and include a review regardless. I think the Freedom Pro Lipstick Retro was £1.50 when I bought it a couple of months ago, and it’s in the shade ‘Dated’. This, like most lipsticks in the reds colour spectrum, certainly had staying power, was creamy in application and pigmented too. More of a berry/autumn colour than a true red, but rich and statement making all the same. This Freedom lippy complemented both the ‘Red Velvet and ‘Pucker Up’ eyeshadow shades & added dimension to the blusher from the palette. A bit out of my comfort zone colourwise (I have a preference for nudes, peaches, and other more muted lip colours) but that’s another reason I picked it out, and it gave my looks a sense of fun too and I enjoyed wearing it.

My ultimate find in the budget beauty bargain department – you’re welcome ☺

I ambled across these lip pencils whilst doing an Ali Express haul in the summer, and thought at that price for twelve liners they ain’t going to be up to much, but I was curious and ordered them regardless. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived, nicely packaged and in a useable array of colours, but having used most of them since, they actually ARE a real bargain. Obvs, I needed a red lip liner to go with the Freedom lippy, so I pulled shade 10 into my picks. These lip pencils have fab staying power, glide on, are soft (on the downside, if you press too hard the liner tip will break off), pigmented and can be used as a long-lasting-all-over lip colour, for a ‘true’ lip line or an overdraw. They do need sharpening when they break or lose their point (I prefer retractable pencils as a rule, but I have a good sharpener and do make allowances for some products), and are very impressive especially given the ultra-low individual price (Seriously folks less than 25p each????!!!). My advice – get these and save yourself some serious coin!

And finally … every girl needs a clear gloss!

At only £2 Primark’s PS High Shine does what it says on the tin! Can be worn alone or over lip colour: I didn’t use this over Lipstick Queen as that already had a shine, but it looked good over the Freedom lippy. I have used it over other lip products too, so I can confirm this is a good, budget beauty buy! Its non-sticky formula provides all the shine you need, it comes in a variety of colours (I had clear), is fairly long wearing, and gives the appearance of fuller, moisturised to the max, lush lips.

  • This was, if I say so myself, (and more by luck than judgement 😉)a fabulous (budget) shopped my stash, with a pick of products that went and worked well together, giving me lots of different looks, with autumnal vibes that I was more than happy with. The three stars of this October show were:
  • The £1 (£1!? Still can’t get over that!) foundation from Poundland, so useable, gives great coverage and yet it’s so inexpensive
  • Rachel Leary’s x Revolution collab, beautiful autumn colour story and the products themselves were great
  • The unbelievably priced Pudaier Lip Liners

Hope you enjoyed this Shopped My Stash, that you’ll will come back to check out Part III – Hair Care AND November’s Shopped My Stash too. I’m already working with my November picks and will upload the three part reviews of Novemeber’s SMS in early December. If you missed SMS October Part I (Skin Care) click here to catch up. Thanks for reading, I welcome comments and if you enjoyed this blog please like and subscribe for more posts on all things Entirely Beauty related.

Bye for now beauty addicts 💋

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