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Yes, I love my makeup, skin care and hair products, but what about those beauty tools? With more specialised brushes, various beauty sponges, and a host of electrical/tech items available, often making HUGE claims regarding how each will improve your skin or makeup application etc., and sometimes costing a lot of coin, this series reports the news and offers reviews on various beauty gadgets, gizmos, brushes and blenders!

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Having seen several YouTube beauty gurus/influencers using and waxing lyrical about the benefits of the Foreo range of sonic/vibrating facial cleansers I wondered if the benefits stacked as high as the price tag! All of the (UK) tubers I have seen using/talking about the various Luna & Luna Minis had received them in PR (as gifted items or as part of a sponsorship deal) and whilst they are (and have to be) upfront about ads, gifting and sponsorships etc, many influencers will insist that all opinions are their own. Now I’m not throwing any shade here, but if you were asked if you’d like a free product in return for a review, could you then tell your followers the truth if it didn’t work or you didn’t like it? I have also noticed (again this isn’t spilling tea – this is genuinely what I have observed from watching literally hundreds of YouTube influencer videos) that beauty Tubers will state that they have been using said product for some time and that they have, because they love that product so much, also talked about it in previous videos. Whilst here are influencers I have watched since they first began tube-ing and others, whose videos I have watched in their content entirety (Yes, all the videos they have uploaded) and I am yet to find proof of these claims. There ARE exceptions, however, ‘prior’ mentions of products tend to happen when the influencers have gone on to be gifted an upgraded/new formula of a product they have previously reviewed. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions here, but please let me know in the comments what you think about this. Are there influencers (who receive gifted items & sponsorships) on You Tube that you trust implicitly? Do you believe the YouTube review content?

Questions asked and all of that said, it’s the prices of the Foreo range that put me off buying one, despite the advantages put forward by the Tubers AND on the Foreo web site, even though I really would love to test and review one of them for you guys. Despite my not having any of the Foreo products, I have done some none YouTube research and here’s some of what I found.

All the Foreo cleansers come with a promise to “Boost That Glow”. The Luna 3 apparently gives you “clear, glowing skin” and “redefines the meaning of a perfect cleanse”. This beauty gadget cleanses, smooths and firms your skin due to it’s silicon textured ‘touch points’ and high tech sonic vibrations. You can hook this beauty gizmo up to an app on your phone too. It’s available in 3 colours and will set you back £169.

The mini 3 is billed as having broken the internet and offers “Superior Tech [and] Superior Results”. Again you get sonic cleansing, a glow boost mode plus the app and you can track your gadget too. The Luna Mini 3 is a smaller, lighter weight version of the Luna 3 which makes it great for your handbag or gym bag. The Luna Mini is available in five colours and, despite it being smaller, still has an arguably high price of £139.

At £249, the most expensive of Foreo’s sonic gizmos is the UFO, a “smart mask treatment . . .[combining] … advanced dermal technologies with exclusive Korean mask formulas…” The UFO also carries a promise that it will transform your complexion, as it heats up or cools down (depending on which treatment/mask you select) and by delivering red, green and blue LED wavelengths. All of which will ‘rejuvenate’ your skin.

Obviously, for a beauty addict, tester and blogger, all of this sounds fabulous, and, as I previously mentioned I would love to put the Luna or mini to the test over time, review it and give you my honest opinion, but, at those prices I simply can’t justify what would be a big spend on something I may not like or that may not actually improve my skin.

A dupe, a dupe, my kingdom for a dupe!

My interest was, however, suitably piqued and this product stuck in my mind. A few months (Tubers’ vids about the various upgrades to both the Luna and Luna Mini and more reviews) later and the Foreo remained on my wish list, partly due to product intrigue and partly because I AM a skin care addict (as is more than evident in my skin care routine review – Shopped My Stash and the more recent Tuesday’s Top Tip – 10 Step Facial.)

Then, one afternoon, a few months ago, I was flicking through the Avon catalogue and sales brochure when I came across a very much cheaper, similar, facial cleansing tool. At full price I believe it had previously been available from Avon for £12.99, however, in the sales brochure it was on offer for just £7.50. Obviously, at that price I could justify the purchase, even if I didn’t like the Avon version or if it didn’t improve my skin. £7.50 is a lot less to lose than the £169 it would cost me for the Luna 3: with that in mind, I went ahead and ordered Avon’s ‘dupe’ and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

As you can see from the above photos there are similarities between the Luna and the Avon version, specifically the touch points at the top, although this one has two further textured touch points, for variation in massage, and like the Luna & Luna Mini is a silicone covered vibrating pore/facial gadget. Whilst the Foreos all boast ‘Sonic’ pulses, I don’t think the Avon version is sonic (unfortunately, I have lost the packaging, instructions and Avon no longer appear to offer this product as I could find nothing about it on their web site, but that could be because I am searching by the wrong product name! Apologies, usually I am much better organised 😁 ) but what it may lack in the sonic department it makes up for elsewhere.

Prior to using this my pores were very noticeable and ‘open’, but having used it with a number of different cleansers over the last 10 or so weeks, I have witnessed a great improvement: my pores are no longer visable, my skin is firmer, softer to the touch and brighter too! What’s more, I had a few stubborn whiteheads around my nose, but since using this, they too have simply disappeared. My Avon Foreo Dupe doesn’t work as well with cream cleansers as it does with oil/foaming cleansers and I haven’t tried it with a face mask yet, but now I know how good it is (the best £7.50 I have spent, worth every penny – even at its full price of £12.99, but definitely a BARGAIN at the price I got it for!!!) I will be trying it with a mask soon.

I use my Avon cleanser it in upward and outward circular motions, utilising all three texture zones, gently, all over my face and my neck at least once a day. My favourite zone for cleansing is the top one, the others are great for massaging the skin on the face and neck. It’s very relaxing and my skin feels so much more thoroughly cleansed when I use this lovely little gizmo. I it for about two minutes each time and as yet I have not had to re-charge it.

Avon’s vibrating pore cleanser is charged using a USB cable, is waterproof and easy to clean. After each use I simply rinse it, brush it with a toothbrush ( I find that gets to the bottom of, and removes any dirt from, the touch points) then rinse again, dry it and store it in my bathroom drawer ready for the next day.

If you haven’t already guessed, I love using this gadget and believe that it not only does what the Foreo promises to do, but I can actually ‘feel’ my Avon bargain deeply cleansing my skin and I am really (REALLY) impressed with the changes and improvements to my skin too!

If anything, my great gizmo hasn’t satisfied my curiosity about the Foreo Luna or Mini, if anything it has increased it! If a £7.50 ‘dupe’ can feel so good during use and have such outstanding results, I can’t help wondering what level of glowiness, what dizzying heights of cleansed-ness, would my skin could achieve if I took that leap of faith and invested in a Foreo? I might have a search for other similar products to compare prices. If you stumble across something like either the Foreo or Avon one, please let me know in the comments. If you have a Foreo, please let me know what you think of it – is it worth the investment or if you were lucky enough to get the Avon ‘dupe’, share your thoughts on it.

I have my fingers crossed that, by some miracle, I have made it onto Santa’s NICE list 😉 or that I find a Foreo discount code!

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