First Impressions- Kevyn Aucoin

The five products included in the Look Fantastic Discovery Bag
I was soooo excited to bag this collection and finally have a chance to
try some Kevyn Aucoin products

If you’ve read my Look Fantastic Mini Haul blog, you might remember that I was a) very excited to try my NEW Kevyn Aucoin products, b) had a big night out I was saving them for and c) promised to do a First Impression on each of them. Well, I had a fab night (lux food & the best company) and from the title of this blog you’ve probably guessed that I do keep my promises. If you want to find out how the Kevyn Aucion products applied, whether they passed my ‘wear test’ and get my honest opinions, sit back and enjoy this First Impressions.

Having applied, tried and worn all five, is Aucion worth the coin?

Before we get into my first impressions, here are the products I received in the Discovery Bag, all of which were mini sized, with the exception of the eyeliner, which was full sized. My ‘discoveries’ cost me a total of £36 (this amount included the bag). The prices given below are for the full size products from Look Fantastic’s website.

  • Expert Mascara (Black) – £23
  • Precision Liquid Liner (Black) – £27
  • Sculpting Powder (Medium)- £35
  • Glass Glow – £20
  • Molton Gems Lip Gloss (Poppy Topaz) £21

I had really high hopes for the Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara: it’s supposedly buildable and weightless with the two sided brush amping up and defining the lashes. As much as I hate to be negative (it’s not what I am about) this mascara was a huge disappointment. It is pretty much weightless, despite it being very clumpy and thick, which clogs the odd shaped/structured brush and made it very difficult to apply. Only after five (yes FIVE!!!) coats did my lashes look like they had mascara on them, which does confirm that it IS buildable, but the buildability didn’t really lengthen my lashes and certainly didn’t add definition, all the mascara seemed to do was colour my lashes and thicken them a little. Had I purchased the full size of this product I would have felt bitterly let down. As it was, with the mini, I at least got to find all this out without wasting too much money. The product name is a misnomer as there is nothing remotely EXPERT about this mascara. I have much less expensive ones in my collection that actually perform better. One example is Cover Girl (which I purchased from Poundland for ONLY £1) it’s nothing special but actually looks better on the lashes than the £23 Kevyn Aucoin. My cleansing routine was more than adequate when it came to removing the Expert Mascara which is a point in its favour. Overall, however, a very disappointing, and therefore, arguably overpriced mascara,that failed to fulfil what it promised. No, I don’t like negativity, but my first impression of the Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara was, unfortunately, far from a positive one, I shan’t be re-purchasing this one.

The only full sized product in the bag.

The Kevyn Aucoin Precision Liner, is easy to apply, doesn’t skip or drag the skin, dries down quite quickly, stays put and is a good, dark black. It didn’t make my eyes sore (some liquid liners just don’t want to be friends with my eyes) and despite it’s durability, removal was a piece of cake! I used a foaming cleanser, followed by cleansing oil – this combo left no traces of the liner. However, there are lots of similar, less expensive, pen type liners available that also do a fantastic job, there are, for example, several by Revolution that are a fraction of the price. If you are into labels and enjoy name dropping you might be happy to part with the extra coin for the Kevyn Aucoin Liner. Lovely though it is, especially the true blackness of colour, it isn’t as outstanding as I hoped it would be.

The Sculpting Powder in medium

The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, whilst being a pressed powder, is very finely milled, so my brush didn’t pick up loads of product, which I liked, because this allowed me to build it up gradually. The powder blended out beautifully too, so there were no harsh lines and I achieved a more natural finish. I loved the colour, which is desbribed as ‘cool toned’, in fact I would go as far as saying it was my ideal shade!! This Sculpting Powder performed really well and, on first impressions, turned out to be a really fantastic matte BRONZER, which was a huge surprise as Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder is actually supposed to be a CONTOUR! I found the ‘medium’ shade to be way too warm toned for contouring, but I really liked how it performed as a bronzer. I applied it to my face as I would a proprietary bronzer: it lifted my finished look and gave me a good, healthy, lightly-tanned complexion that is perfect for the winter months. I liked the feel of the Sculpting Powder too, it’s very soft and smooth in texture. Overall, I really like it, but was left feeling a bit confused as to why this warm-toned shade is being sold as a contour.

All the above Kevyn Aucoin products stayed put until I removed them. They didn’t fade during my night out, so there was no need to re-apply and none of the above Aucion products had any detrimental effects on my skin whatsoever, even in my more sensitive spots. I wore my make up for over six hours, and my lashes, liner and ‘bronzer’ looked the same when I returned home as it had when I left. No complaints regarding the wearability, as the Kevyn Aucoin Mascara, Liner and Powder are certainly durable!

A highlighter? A misprint maybe?

GLASS GLOW:Radiant skin in a bottle – this highlighter boosts natural radiance and illuminates. A universally flattering shade, this can be used as an illuminating highlighter or worn on its own for a glowy finish”

Look Fantastic description taken from the card that accompanied the Kevyn Aucoin ‘discovery’ products.

We all make mistakes, but, surely someone on the Look Fantastic team should have spotted this error? The product I received was NOT Glass Glow ‘Highlighter’, it was Glass Glow LIP! Me being me, however, (and also bearing out the first four words of this paragraph) I took Look Fantastic at their word(s) and applied my Glass Glow as I would a liquid highlighter. To be fair, I should have realised something wasn’t quite right when the product left the tube, as it was infused with a lot of glitter of varying hues! My second clue should have been the stickiness of the product. Unperturbed, however, I slathered some on my cheekbones. Mm, big mistake, huge. Despite Christmas charging toward us faster than a festive reindeer with superpowers, I have no desire to become a Christmas bauble, but that IS what I ended up looking like after the slathering: I seriously wouldn’t have looked out of place nestled among the tinsel and fairy lights, or, for that matter, at a glam rock concert!!! After a quick search on the interwebs, Look Fantastic’s mistake was confirmed and I realised that my mini sized Kevyn Aucoin product was actually meant for my lips. This too was a bit of a disappointment, as there was another Aucoin Lip Gloss included in the Discovery Bag. (See my First Impressions of that below)

With this in mind, I removed my base products, re-applied my make up and this time put the Glass Glow Lip ON MY LIPS. Having done so, here is my first impression of this LIP product: If you are unicorn, an 8 year old girl with a fondness for Barbie, or the lead singer of a glam rock band, you’ll probably LOVE this lip gloss!!! If, however, you are not a mythical creature, are adult(ish) and prefer music that is rather more contemporary, chances are you might find Glass Glow Lip a bit too much!! Admittedly, the flecks of glitter in this are teeny-tiny, but, there are a lot of them. The gloss itself feels softening and moisturising on the lips (think very glittery Vaseline/Balm) BUT, it travels (despite the use of an invisable lip liner) more and further than a budget airliner and transfers too. After an hour or so of wear and ‘Prinks’, I decided against this gloss for my big night out, but actually removing it was a bugger! Most of the actual gloss had either transferred to my gin glass or began to ‘slide’ toward my chin, the rest wiped away easily enough, but the damn glitter was much more stubborn, to the extent that I returned to the interwebs to check the ingredient list for super-glue! Eventually, I did manage to remove most of the glitter particles with makeup remover. Seriously, a LITTLE of the Glass Glow over a favourite lipstick would add a pretty and festive dimension to a look, but I would advise it being used sparingly. For a more ‘natural’ Christmas sparkle, again apply a LITTLE to bare lips. Overall, my first impression of this product was, jokes aside, not very positive, BUT that’s more down to personal preference. I have, however, been wondering if Glass Glow would look good as an eyeshadow topper, for a fun & Christmassy eye look. I’ll let you know if I try that. I wouldn’t buy this product again, but I will use up the mini, albeit slowly and sparingly.

Molten Gems Lip Gloss – Poppy Topaz

I tired this gloss over one of my favourite lipsticks (berry coloured) which made for a pretty switch up, after eating and drinking, and having forgotten to stash my lipstick in my handbag, I also got to try the gloss on it’s own. Straight out the gate I could feel the “moisture rich formula” and it did soften my lips, but, being a gloss, the wear is short lived, so a lot of re-applications were necessary. I liked the colour, a peachy-red tone, with (but, more subtle than the Glass Glow) shimmering ‘glitter’, but the colour isn’t as “bold” or “high impact” as its write up suggests. This gloss is also less tacky/sticky than the Glass Glow, which I preferred, but still had that inevitable gloss consistency. Again, I wouldn’t re-purchase this product, not because I disliked it, but simply because this lip gloss isn’t a long wear product and if I am having to re-apply I prefer a less expensive product.

Oh dear, I seriously dislike the negativity in this First Impressions, especially as I was so excited to finally get my hands on some Kevyn Aucoin products, but honesty has to prevail, and these are my genuine opinions and thoughts on these products. Has it put me off trying other Kevyn Aucoin products? Yes, I would now think twice, given that the mascara was so disappointing, that are numerous, comparable eyeliners and shimmering glosses that don’t have such a high price tag, the supposed cool-tone contour faired better as a bronzer and the Glass Gloss was too Christmas Decoration for me.

I am not disappointed with Look Fantastic ‘Discovery’ though: Had I bought these five full-size Kevyn Aucoin products I would have spent a whopping £126, on makeup misdameanors, wasting not just coin, but I would have products that simply wouldn’t get used up. As it is, I got to discover them all for £36, as they are mostly minis they will get used up and as a bonus I got a full sized product for much less too. Would I try another ‘Discovery’ bundle, absolutely!

I hope that despite the negativity/honesty, you find this First Impressions useful. If you are thinking of investing in any Kevyn Aucoin products I would recommend either trying the Discovery Bag or going in store so that you can play with testers, do swatches and ask the counter consultant all the questions you have (obviously you can ask me questions in the comments too!)

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re having a fab day and that you’ll re-visit my blog again soon, if you subscribe you’ll receive notifications when I upload something new – which is pretty damn often! You can also follow Entirely Beauty on Pintrest, Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter and good old Insta.

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