Shopped My Stash Oct

Part Three – Hair Care

Is Tresemme up to the job?

I wanted to space out the Shopped My Stashes, and yes we are now in the glorious month of December, but, and better late than never, here are my thoughts on the hair care products I selected to use throughout October. Hope you enjoy Part Three for October and rest assured that the Shopped My Stash Trilogy for November will be along very soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and join me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Linkedin for more beauty content and chat!

It’s Tresemme time!

Let’s talk shampoo!

For the month of October I choose mainly Tresemme products as I wanted to see if using several products from one brand was beneficial to my hair. I had purchased the Keratin Smooth Shampoo (and other Tresemme products, whilst they were on offer) from Superdrug. This shampoo has a creamy, rich texture and smells slightly flowery, sweet and pleasant. It foams up well, but not too much and, during use, feels more luxurious than the price tag would suggest. Leaves rinsed hair feeling smooth and fresh.

The matching conditioner – promises frizzy free hair for 72 hours!

The conditioner has an even richer consistency than the shampoo, smells similar too, but a little more scented, again, it’s very pleasant. I could actually feel my hair becoming softer and smoother as I massaged the conditioner into my hair and once I rinsed it out, that smoothness was even more apparent. The conditioner didn’t weigh my hair down, as some conditioners do, which was surprising given it’s rich formula.

When I had dried my hair, it shone, was smoother and retained the delicious fragrance too. Overall I was very pleased with the performance of both the Shampoo and Conditioner and would recommend both products.

A little of this helps further tame those flyaways!

Before drying my hair I warmed just a couple of drops of the Tresemme oil with my hands, before applying it to the ends of my hair – which can be more prone to dryness and the occasional split ends too – to help boost both shine and manageability. This oil certainly helped to achieve that aim, however I didn’t need to use it every time I washed my hair as the shampoo and conditioner did an increasingly great job of smothing from root to tip. The oil is quite thick (hence not needing much) smells beautiful and is useful for adding extra moisurisation prior to drying, straightening and/or styling. This hair oil proved itself to be a good product, particularly for the ends of my hair and was absorbed easily too. Again it didn’t weigh my hair down, nor did it make my hair seem greasy. I was pleased with the way this oil performed and enjoyed using it as part of my hair care routine.

If your hair can’t stand the heat …

If you use straighters on the regular, then you should be including some sort of heat protection in your hair care routine. I sprayed this into my hair whilst it was still damp, and then either towel dried or ‘air dried’ (left it to dry naturally) before straightening. To be honest, having used the shampoo and conditioner (and also, though less frequently, the oil), my hair took very little work to achieve a sleek, straight style AND maintained it’s shine. This product was not sticky, didn’t make my hair hard or stiff during the straightening process and left no residue on my straighteners. The pump spray action provides a nice fine mist and has a nice scent too.

Sometimes we all need a little extra protection!

This product uses a trigger spray to disperse a fine mist into the hair and is designed to protect hair when using a hair dryer. This product is less scented than the heat protect spray, again having a non sticky formula and helped to protect my hair during styling – this was evident by the soft to the touch, high shine finish I achieved. Again, I was very pleased with how this performed and as a little goes a long way (which was the case with ALL the Tresemme products I tried this product would last a long time too, giving good value for money and I am all about that!

And now to the non-Tresemme products I used throughout October as part of my hair care routine, Starting with the BAMbeautiful Thickening, Conditioning Masque. I have to say I only used this once a week for the month, but didn’t notice any thickening of my hair. That said it was a pleasant product to use, it added to the soft, shiny condition of my hair. It was very thick in consistency (so much so that I had trouble getting the product out of the tube) had a nice enough ‘perfume’, but with a faintly chemical smell, which I wasn’t over keen on.

The star of October’s selected hair care products was the Schwarzkoph ‘Wild Card’ Live Baby Blue spray-in temporary colour! I say wild card as I bought this for ONLY 70p, from a discount store and only when I got it home and came to use it did I realise that there were NO usage instructions in English, so this was pretty much guess work. The first time I used I just lightly sprayed it all over my damp hair (word of warning, wear a towel or cape as it will colour your skin and clothes but it does wash off/out.) Using it this way, gave my hair a nice pastel like blue hint. As the month wore on however, I experimented further and was able to achieve a graduated, ombre colour that was more blue at the ends of my hair. I was also able to add blocks of colour with this spray and so use it to amp up a style, add detail or highlight urls for example. For the price this is a great product that offers versatility and is fab for adding a touch of colour (it comes in several shades) to your hair, that is simple to ‘apply, but that washes out easily. Brilliant.

Last but not least, Harmony Hairspray. This has good hold, but takes a bit of brushing out and has a tendency to be sticky, unless it is applied sparingly. A personal preference, but I wasn’t keen on the smell of this product, but the fragrance does dissipate quite quickly. Quitengood value for money though and it did do the job.

Overall I loved the Tresemme products and do feel they collectively improved the shine and smoothness of my hair, were good value for money and definitely felt more lux than the price point suggested, and I think using products from the same range did help beautify my locks. I felt all these products contributed to numerous good hair days I experienced throughout October.

Hope all of that was useful, keep an eye out for my November Shopped My Stash Trilogy and if you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of October’s Shopped My Stash you can catch up here and here. Until next time, thanks for reading and please feel free to drop your hair care routine tips and comments in the comments section below.

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