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This blog is a little different to those I have written so far – it’s a chatty, catch you up to speed with Entirely Beauty ‘news’ blog, but still beauty related.😁 How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one, whatever you were doing. Did you take advantage of any Black Friday Beauty Deals? Let me know what, if any, goodies you bought, in the comments.

I took advantage of it being Black Friday, there’s a brand and an online Beauty Product ‘store’ I’ve been wanting to try for a while: Too Faced and Cult Beauty. I held off for Black Friday, hoping Cult Beauty would have some good deals and they didn’t disappoint!

Did I save some £££ – yes I did!

I believe the makeup gods were looking on me favourably on Friday! Before checking out what deals were available, I had a look at my banking app to check my Beauty Budget for the month (Do you have a budget for your beauty purchases, I would love to know – surely I’m not the only one who does this?) and I noticed that my bank had some new Cash Back offers. Obvs, I had a look to see if there were any that’d be useful to me. Low and behold there was one for 12% cash back when purchasing goods from, yes, you’ve guessed it – CULT BEAUTY!

SCORE! (Thank you Makeup Gods)

With great excitement I logged onto Cult Beauty’s web site (a full review of my shopping experience with them will be hitting my blog soon) only to discover they were offering various amounts OFF purchases dependant on the amount spent.

YESSSSSS! (Thanks again oh bountious & generous gods)

Now I crossed my fingers and hoped, as I located Cult Beauty’s Too Faced offerings, that the products I wanted and had waited for would be in stock. And colour me happy, they were!

Air Punch Time! (My gratitude to those magnificent makeup gods knew no bounds by this point!)

I did a substantial, Too Faced haul, saved myself almost Β£35 AND earned 12% cash back! Not a bad saving for a few minutes on t’interwebs eh? Have to admit I was over the moon!

Then I moved on to beauty sub boxes: again there was one I hadn’t tried before and was interested in, so I decided to check their website whilst I was online. Rocca Box was also recognising Black Friday, with a SIX (as opposed to the normal 5) product box, at a bargain price. Boom, another result! So I bagged me a Rocca Box too, can’t wait to see what’s in the box, and, of course, tell you guys all about it.

No idea what’s in my Glossy Mystery Box

I decided to investigate sub boxes a little more. I was subscribed to Glossybox previously, and only cancelled my subscription as I wanted to explore some other boxes, but I had heard they had put together a Black Friday special at a reduced price so I decided to give them a look over. Unfortunately their Black FriYAY box had sold out, so I opted for an alternative offer of a half priced mystery box. Should be interesting to see what’s in that too – again panic not, I will be doing an ‘unboxing’ blog on my Glossy Box too.

So that was my Friday morning: bargains, savings, deliveries and cash back to look forward to and new beauty products to play with – that’s my favourite kinda start to the weekend! Then as the day wore on I immersed myself in Christmas – tree up and decorated, whilst listening to Christmas hits. Bliss.

Saturday, I luxuriated in sleep until late, then set about some domestics that needed my attention. After that, and a bite to eat, I Shopped My Stash for December’s makeup, skin and hair care, aka the products I will be testing and trying over the coming month. The resulting reviews will be written (and subsequently) posted in early January, in three parts. If you’d like to read about my picks for October together with my reviews, you can check out Shopped My Stash October by clicking these links Part One – Makeup, Part Two – Skin Care and, more recently Part Three Hair Care. November’s trilogy of Shopped My Stash will be uploaded soon, so keep your eyes open for that – better still, subscribe to my blog (It’s FREE) and receive notifications each time I post new content.

Talking of new content for my blog, that was my train of thought on Saturday evening, and having brainstormed and made lots of notes, I am really excited by the ideas I came up with, so there’ll be lots of great content for you to read moving forward. 😎 (Yes, I am blowing my own trumpet, loud and proud, but having taken the plunge into the blogsphere, I am loving writing and having an outlet for my beauty addiction.)

On Sunday, the first day of December, I did what all beauty addicts do on this momentous occasion, I got out my advent calendar and broke out my first ‘present’! I treated myself to the Revolution Make Up Advent Calendar a while back. When it launched it was Β£50 (I convinced myself that this represented value for money as it’s only Β£2 a door πŸ˜‰) however I didn’t purchase it straight away, when I did it was on offer at just Β£30. Door number one gave me a gorgeous highlighter and today, behind door number 2 I found a lovely lipstick. Needless to say, I am loving my countdown so far. Do you have a Beauty Advent Calendar? If so, which one, and what have days one and two given you?

πŸŽ…Let the countdown commence πŸŽ…

So, that was my weekend, well the beauty part of it. I’d love to know what you all got up to, you can let me know in the comments here, or head over to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin if you fancy a chat with me (On Insta I’m @EntirelyBeauty1 and @EntirelyBeauty on the rest of my social media platforms, including Pintrest, I’d love to see you there).

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to join me & hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll come back for more. See you again soon.

πŸ’‹Entirely BeautyπŸ’‹

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