Shopped My Stash – November

Part I: Skin Care

A range of Sukin products and some other greatvproducts too.
I trailed this selection of skin care for the month of November, here are my thoughts on each product I SHOPPED from MY STASH!

Here on Entirely Beauty, it’s that time again: November is over, I shopped my stash for skin care products, used them for the whole month and am now ready to share my thoughts on their performance, price and all the other particulars of each product. This regular Entirely Beauty series allows me to thoroughly test out products I already have in my collection and give you a better, honest, insight based on actual use rather than first impressions. If you missed my skin care round up for October go to – Shopped My Stash. Also, keep an eye open for November’s Parts II and III – Make Up and Hair Care.

IS this a TRUE gem of a cleanser?

Step One: The TRUE oil cleanse

You can smell the ‘Organicness’ of this oil from the get go, as the Safflower and Geranium are very pleasantly evident. True cleansing oil is applied to dry skin (morning and night), by massaging in upward, circular motions as this action helps improve circulation and, therefore, the appearance of the skin, plus it ensures and even, total coverage. I left it on my skin this ‘natural state’ for a few minutes to let the product melt away make up and dirt. I then either removed using a warm damp face cloth or added a splash of warm water and used my facial massager for a really deep cleanse. True oil removes make up and cleanses really nicely, the skin feels energised and soft after use, plus, it is safe to use in the eye area, where it is capable of removing the most dramatic of eye looks and waterproof mascara. Overall a great product, the only negative I discovered was that no matter how tight the cap is screwed on, it has a tendency to leak if not kept upright, which meant I lost some product. Otherwise, it performs great, smells delish and I love the effect it had on my skin.

Lubbly Jubbly Bubbly Cleanser?

Step Two: A Second Cleanse – Sukin Signature Foaming Facial Cleanser

This lightweight gel foaming cleanser is suitable for all skin types, is parabin free and promises to clarify, cleanse and lightly hydrate the skin with the aid of its key ingredients – chamomile, aloe vera, green tea and witch hazel all of which combine to give a very lush, clean and fresh smelling cleanse! Only a small amount Signature is necessary for a good cleanse as, with the addition of warm water, it really does foam up, a lot! Again, I would suggest an upward, circular massage whilst using Signature, which seemed to tighten the skin, made my face, neck and décolatage feel super cleansed, soft and fresh. Simply remove by splashing the face with warm water or by using a face cloth. I love this cleanser, found it easy to use, economical (a bottle lasts ages – after a full month of use at least twice a day, I still have lots left) and despite the inexpensive price tag, it performs like it belongs in a higher price bracket. I definately recommend this Australian, natural cleanser and will be working Signature back into my skin routine in the future.

A refreshing mist toner from down under?

Step 3: Sukin Original Mist Toner

This Toner is a multi-tasker and then some! I used it after double cleansing, and found that it helped to soothe and purify. But, as per the directions, I also used it as a primer where it enabled my makeup to sit comfortably on the skin and as a setting spray – here it added a ‘natural blend’ effect and gave colours added depth. It also proved useful as a refresh spray (with or without makeup) as it cools the skin and hydrates. It’s suitable to use on the face AND body and can be used under or over gels, creams and lotions. So, it’s a real all rounder. I would imagine this ‘mist toner’ would be even more useful in summer as it’s calming, cooling and refreshing, no doubt due to the inclusion of chamomile and rose. The fragrance is light and lovely, leaning more towards the chamomile than rose. Finally, this paraben and alcohol free mist toner became a favourite in my routine and is suitable for all skin types.

Budget Beauty Serum for a pound – any good?

Step Four: #6 Anti-Ageing Derma Serum

#6 is a relatively new skin care range made, and sold, exclusively for, and in, Poundland, a UK chain of stores where everything is just £1. I hadn’t expected the range to include a serum that cost just £1, especially one containing peptides, jojoba oil, white water Lily extract , rice milk plus vitamins A, C and E and claimed to be good for all skin types and fragrance free. How do they do all that, retail it for just a pound and still make money?? Admittedly it’s not as rich or thickly creamy in texture as some of the serum creams I have tried (you know, the ones with the BIG price tags) that said, it isn’t watery & thin either. It applies like a dream, my skin drank it in, and as it states, there is no fragrance. Do I think it worked? Yes, I do! It delivered extra moisture, helped in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sat well over my toner and under my day and night creams and felt lovely on the skin. I would advise giving this, like any other serum, a few minutes to soak in before applying moisturiser, but on the mornings when I was rushing to get to work and didn’t have time, this product didn’t ‘ball up’ or show any other signs of failing me. I really hope Poundland/#6 keep this range in store and add to it so everyone can enjoy the benefits!

Sukin for Daytime Moisture

Step Five Morning: Sukin Facial Moisturiser

For daytime I selected Sukin Facial Moisturiser, which is also parabin free and suitable for all skin types. Although this cream is lightweight and easily absorbed, it has a richness to it, probably due to the blend of oils it contains (sesame, rosehip, jojoba and avocado). Personally, I didn’t like the ‘fragrance’ of this product, it has what I can best describe as a plastic/plasticine smell, which I found quite off putting and didn’t understand either as I have used other products containing one these oils (or derivatives) and have like the fragrances of those, so maybe it’s the blend of all four? Fortunately, however, the smell does fade pretty quickly and I did like the smooth and supple effect it had on my skin AND felt that it helped to lessen the noticability of fine lines and wrinkles. I applied this to my face, neck and décolletage using my finger tips, with a gentle massage and found it worked a treat, with the texture of my skin improving each day.

A budget Night Cream but does it work?

Step Five Night: #6 Anti-ageing Night Cream

For Nightime moisturisation I returned to budget beauty and #6 from Poundland. I had my reservations about this £1 Night Cream, but after using it throughout November, I have to say that I really like the product and enjoyed using it. It has a light and slightly flowery perfume, a midweight, but suitably rich, consistency you would expect from a night cream and it was nice to wake up each morning to hydrated and smooth skin. For a budget night cream ( I doubt there is anything else comparable for this price point on the market) this #6 Anti-ageing Night Cream really did suprise me: Although I used it every night for a whole month I have only used about half the pot, it’s non greasy and suitable for all skin types, smells nice and does do what a night cream should, so YES- definitely a beauty bargain!

A sleep oil, good for day & Night?

Step Six: Amazing Sleep Oil

Obvs this Super Healthy Skin Sleep Oil is, as the clue in its name suggests a ‘Night’ oil, but, I often use products in ways other than those intended, so I utilised this oil during the day too. I wouldn’t recommend someone with oily or combo skin to do this, but if your skin is normal or dry (mine has a tendency to be a little drier at this time of year) then it may help to hydrate and protect. During the day I used just two drops and found this was ample to give a light coverage to my face, neck and décolletage and it did seem to help increase the moisture level of my skin. At night I doubled that to 4 drops. In both cases I allowed the oil to sink into my skin before applying makeup or getting into bed. Beauty Pie’s sleep oil is a lightweight formulation, that feels great on the skin and has an equally light, very pleasant fragrance that is, well, really nice, actually. The sleep oil contains padinami, kalpariane, linoleic and essential fatty acids together with evening primrose oil, forage and carrot oil, (ie lots of good stuff) and can be used on top of or in place of night cream. For personal preference (and to increase moisture levels) I used it on top of my night cream and day cream, and it performed well.

And Eye Wonder if this was wonderful?

Step 7: Eye Cream

I really like Windows to the Soul Eye Cream from Temple Spa so that is, for me, the bar that any other eye creams have to reach! Balanceme Eye Cream came fairly close to that bar. This cream has a distinct, almost medical aroma to it, but the formulation offers a good cooling sensation, is quickly absorbed, is non-greasy and 99% natural. This ‘tripple’ action Wonder is said to address dark circles, firm the delicate eye area and reduce any puffiness. After a few late night’s I did notice the decrease in the resultant puffiness around my eyes and the shadows there also faded. This cream didn’t have an adverse effect on my eye makeup application and with continued use I did notice that the texture of the eye area improved and there was some firming too. Not overly keen on the smell of this product, but I did like its consistency and the fact that as the month progressed, and regardless of more late nights, Balanceme seemed to prevent those tell-tale puffy eyes the morning after a night before!

A little something extra for the skin

Additional Optional Step: Sukin Supergreens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

This sweet scented, paraben (and other nasties) free facial scrub from Sukin is great for normal to dry skin types and leaves the skin feeling ‘polished’ thanks to the jojoba beads included in the formulation, which are teeny tiny and therefore, offer a gentle ‘scrub’. Despite that gentleness however, I only used this product 2 to 3 times a week as I felt this was ample for my skin. I applied the facial scrub, which also contains extract of super greens and bamboo, to my dampened skin and cleansed skin, massaging it onto my face using a light touch, basically letting the product do the scrub, rather than using a heavy or too vigorous hand. Sukin claims that their facial scrub improves texture and brightens, I would have to agree and add that it’s pleasant both during use and with regard to how the skin feels afterwards. If you want skin that feels like glass (and who doesn’t) then this is the product for you!

How did these products perform together?

A good combo or a big no-no?

As a complete routine these products complimented each other quite well and made for a good combination as they each addressed either different skin problems or built on the good work of the previous step, so overall I was happy and suitably impressed by the skin care products I selected from my collection when I Shopped My Stash. Sukin is a brand I like, mainly because the products are natural, free from nasty additives and not too expensive either. The #6 products were surprising considering the cost and having tried two of #6’s products I am intrigued by this brand to the point where I am considering buying more from the range and using them together to build a whole skin care routine to see what the results are. The Balanceme came fairly close to my Holy Grail eye cream by Temple Spa and again impressed me enough to want to try other products from the Balanceme range.

So, November was another fab skin care month, my skin looks and feels good and I somehow managed to curate another good selection of products from my stash. I have found some new faves and rediscovered some products I had all but forgotten about. Shopping your stash is a good way to use up products from your collection, save money and gives the products a whole month to prove their worth, you might want to give it go, it’ll save you coin too. Impressed I am, smooth skin I have.

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Thanks, as always, for reading, hope you enjoyed this Shopped My Stash, found it useful and are looking forward to learning what my picks for December are and whether they did as well as this lovely bunch. Bye for Now

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True Skincare – Cleansing Oil and more.

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