OMG – I joined a CULT!

Unlike many other cult members, I have NOT been brainwashed, hoodwinked or coersed into the cult, I joined of my own free will because I wanted to know what it was all about. If you want to know more about my cult experience please keep reading ๐Ÿค“

OK, obviously I haven’t been indoctrinated into a sect, but I do want to introduce another original series into the Entirely Beauty fold, so I’m turning my attention to the Beauty Retailers, the service and products they offer and what it’s like to shop with them. In this first chapter of the new series, I’ll share my inaugral experience of on-line shopping with Cult Beauty to discover if they are ‘The Fairest of the Mall’. ๐Ÿ˜

My first purchase from Cult Beauty, but how was the consumer experience?

Cult Beauty – The Fairest of the Mall?

Focussed reviews of beauty retailers, from the consumers’ stand point are quite rare. There are customer comments in abundance but these tend to centre around the products purchased or complaints. When I shop I want excellent customer service, good price points, value, choice and to be able to trust and rely on the retailers I am buying from, and I doubt I am the only customer who wants that.

We Beauty Consumers really do deserve a top notch service, after all we are parting with our hard earned cash to buy products we don’t actually NEED! Yes, we WANT them (to feed our addiction ๐Ÿ˜‰) but, truth be told, we could all get by without makeup!

Black Friday offered a great excuse (not that I need one) to buy products from a brand I haven’t tried previously, whilst also gaining a new consumer experience! As I hadn’t shopped with them before, I chose Cult Beauty and hoped I’d save some coin on the fairly expensive brand I wanted to buy, test and review. I found the process of shopping, ordering and payment really easy, and once my order was placed an email popped into my inbox confirming everything.

Easy to navigate web site?

Describing themselves as being “THE destination for the very best in beauty…” The Cult Beauty website is very easy to navigate as you can shop by category, brand, season, trends or check out their offers, plus you can do a specific search. There are also options to ‘Join The Cult’ (aka subscribe to their newsletter) and you can register an account – which does make for even easier shopping, so overall, Cult Beauty has a typical on-line ‘Store Front’.


I recommend taking a few minutes to check out their Customer Service Help Centre and FAQ pages before you buy, as there is lots of additional info there to help you get the best from your shopping experience, here’s a few examples.

Check out the offers section as there are lots of FREEBIES to be had! At time of writing there’s a whopping 28 of ’em! Yes, they are ‘spend dependent’, but, if you are planning to purchase one of these brands anyway, you can take advantage & get yourself an extra product!

You can receive CASHBACK on your purchase (I got 12% of my total spend back – happy days!) A full list of Cult Beauty’s cashback partners can be found by clicking ‘promotions’ then ‘cashback queries’ and following the instructions.

If you spend ยฃ50 or more with Cult Beauty you are eligible for an edit of luxury FREE SAMPLES at checkout, this edit is subject to availability and changes regularly. Unfortunately, but I guess, understandably, these samples were not available during their Black Friday promotions (so Cult Beauty could streamline delivery) so I don’t know what kind or size of samples are in this edit.

Delivery and packaging – was it fast and safe?

Talking of DELIVERY, my package from Cult Beauty arrived within 3 working days of placing my order, which, given the volume of dispatches they must have had to deal with for Black Friday orders, is nothing short of EXCELLENT! Everything arrived, as ordered, complete and undamaged, in safe, secure and recyclable packaging AND the P&P was FREE!

I bought a ‘full-face’ of Too Faced products from Cult Beauty

My introduction to Cult Beauty was due to a Too Faced haul, a first impression of which is coming to Entirely Beauty soon. With over 50 Too Faced products to choose from on the Cult Beauty website I had no problems finding exactly what I wanted. (Without giving to much away I totally love my purchases! OK, actually that is kinda giving it away, ๐Ÿ˜‚ but please do pop back for my ‘First Impressions of Too Faced’ blog, where I’ll be looking at application, wearability, value and packaging etc.) There are lovely, clear product photos and fabulous descriptions of all the many products on the Cult Beauty site, designed to help you decide whether a product is for you. There are snippets of various brand backgrounds, explanations of what to expect from your purchase(s) and even ‘how to use’ micro tutorials – all of which is super useful.

Are you having a CULT Christmas?

Aside from my products and invoice/delivery note I also found a lovely magazine from Cult Beauty(see photo above), which has useful articles and information about the various brands and products they have available. I’m not sure if the magazine is published on a regular basis, I received the Christmas edition in my parcel and you can check it out HERE. This was nice added extra, I liked receiving and reading Cult Beauty’s magazine, although it gave me FOMO with regards to other brands. ๐Ÿ˜

The Black Friday deal saved me ยฃ33.60 and I received just over ยฃ16 cash back too, giving me a total saving of almost ยฃ50!!

As you can see from my invoice in the photo above, Cult Beauty’s paperwork is really easy to understand. Every purchase is itemised, any discounts are shown – in my case the Black Friday 20% off discount, the tax included is detailed together with the Grand Total. There is also some useful info on the paperwork about contacting Cult Beauty if you need Customer Service and should you need to return anything there is a pre-printed sticky label to enable you to do so. It’s all so worry free and straight forward that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cult Beauty or to order from them again, as they seem to be very much on the beauty ball!

You get social with CULT BEAUTY on all these platforms.

Cult Beauty are also on the ball where their Social Media is concerned, making them very easy to contact, which is to be applauded. Not only that but they favour NAMED contacts as you can see from the Twitter example below, which makes for a more personal level of service. After making my purchase I let Olivia know I had taken advantage of their BF deal, we had a nice chat and I was invited to notify her when this blog went live, so that she and the team could have a read, which I thought was actually really nice of her.

For my conversation with Olivia of Cult Beauty check out the comments on this tweet.

Having joined the Cult, what do I really think?

Overall, finding the products I wanted on the customer friendly website was a doddle, as was taking advantage of the BF 20% off deal. From my order being placed to actually playing with my products everything was really plain sailing! I have no complaints about Cult Beauty whatsoever, but from researching them and how they operate I feel sure that if I’d experienced a problem at any stage, it would have been dealt with swiftly and professionally to my satisfaction.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the Luxury Samples Edit, as not only would I love to have an idea of what’s included in the edit, but I could’ve written a paragraph or two about those samples and added photos to give you a fuller review. That said, I do understand that delivery was probably a lot faster for not having the edit available during Black Friday promotions.

In the grand scheme of makeup things, I was, and remain, super impressed with my all round experience of Cult Beauty: my purchases certainly gave me good value for money, the web site is fab, the products available are, quite simply, CULT products, delivery was speedy, nothing was damaged and I saved almost ยฃ50!

All that remains now is the magical question…

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, is Cult Beauty a contender for fairest of the mall?”

You bet ya happy-ever-afters they are! If you want cult products, from around the world, and a good shopping experience then CULT BEAUTY is a fairy tale dream. Makeup Cinderellas will have a ball exploring Cult Beauty’s site and the lovely products they have ‘in store’ will make princesses of you all. My ‘Fairy Godmother’ (aka Black Friday and Cash Back) saved me ยฃ50, but there are other magical offers available, and receiving, using and wearing my Too Faced products was more rewarding than finding a Prince Charming! If you’re a Sleeping Beauty, yet to experience the wonders of Cult Beauty, don’t wait for true love’s first kiss, wake up now and go check them out.

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate you stopping by. Look out for my answers to the Christmas Holiday Tag over on the Entirely Beauty Face Book page (please give the page like while you’re there) and feel free to check out Entirely Beauty’s other social media platforms (links below) See you again soon.

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