Some of the beauty products I’ve used up (or couldn’t use up so I’m discarding them) this month. What I think of them, a top tip or two, news of what is coming soon to Entirely Beauty, an intro to one of my favourite YouTubers plus links to other Entirely Beautiful Stuff!

To those of you who celebrate it, hope you had a lovely Christmas. For those of you who don’t, I hope you’re having a fabulous day! As we are in that blurry time between Christmas and New Years – when nobody seems to know what day it is – I decided to take a break from festivities, get togethers and parties to share my Beauty Empties for December with you. Thanks for joining me πŸ’‹

A mix of fixing sprays, sugar cubes, hair products & an over-priced sheet mask! Enjoy.
  • Avon Vanilla Caramel Bubble Bath – not my favourite from this range, it has a sweet, but almost ‘burnt’ fragrance in the bottle, fortunately the strange burnt smell doesn’t transfer to the tub, but, as always, the formula foams up nicely. Disappointed with this, overall.
  • VO5 Voluptous Waves Shape My Style Creation Hairspray – on the can VO5 state they are the “UK’s No1 styling brand” and this spray is supposed to help you style waves and curls into your hair and then hold your creation all day, but easily brush out too. I wouldn’t know – the actual spray nozzle didn’t spray. At first the hairspray trickled out and after a few seconds stopped altogether. Complete waste of money and huge inconvenience as I had to dash out to the shops, mid party preperations, to buy another hairspray.
  • Anotomicals No One Gets Flirty With The Dirty Pick Me Up Body Cleanser – That has to be the longest ever name for a shower and bath gel! 😁 This clear, light and clean fragranced gel is lovely and only a little is needed to lather the whole body. Loved this, worth buying – if only to read the fun info on the tube.
  • Revolution Hyaluronic Fix – Holds makeup until you take it off, can be used to refresh too. It plumps, hydrates and makeup looks ‘natural’ with a flawless finish. The best setting spray I have used, definitely recommend and will be re-purchasing!
  • Original Source Hydrating Water Infusions Raspberry & Rose Water Shower – what is with these super long names for shower gels??? πŸ˜‚ Fragrant, sweet and fruity but not too much! Soaped up well and this vitamin & antioxidant blend contains, according to the packaging, 3x moisturisers. My skin did feel soft, clean and hydrated after use, but it was the fragrance that sold this to me!
  • The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream – another product that will be returning to my stash due to it moisturising powers, lush fragrance and ease of absorption. A great hand cream to pop in your handbag and use on the daily.
  • (TOP TIP ALERT!) Obsession Lightening Glow Illuminating Fixing Spray – as a makeup setting spray this is a little too illuminating (aka shimmery) for me, but I like to experiment (please don’t judge me) and I discovered (by accident) that this product seems to increases the longevity of FAKE TAN whilst also adding to that freshly tanned, sunkissed glow all over the body! So that is how I use it. Also, during this current party season, I’ve added it to my body-party-prep routine, for a festive glow. I am obsessed (And possibly slightly eccentric).
  • Hemeier Facial Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Smooth Face Mask – out the gate this mask’s packaging/wording will have you believe it’s a K-Beauty brand (it’s not, it’s made in London). I got this in the Focallure Beauty Sub Box (if you are thinking of subscribing, DON’T! Seriously not worth the coins) and their info stated that this mask had a RRP of $35 (Β£26), which made me think ‘Wow, this MUST be marvellous and then some’. Erm . . . NO! It’s not bad, it just isn’t all that. Yes, it left my skin feeling good, supple and hydrated, but so do lots of sheet masks that cost pennies! Expensive doesn’t always translate to luxurious or extra beneficial. If you’d like to try it (I wouldn’t bother to be honest) have, at time of writing, this sheet mask on offer for $20 (Β£15).
  • Bristows Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo~Tropical Paradise – Really nice! The scent is exotic (I got several comments about how lovely my hair looked and smelt), it adds volume as it refreshes and is fab between shampoos. Easy to use, doesn’t leave a white cast and definitely leaves the hair feeling clean. One of my fave products/ empties this month, a worthy re-buy.
  • Avon Care Restoring Moisture Coconut Oil Body Wash – I am obsessed with the delish smell of coconut and apart from satisfying that obsession fragrance wise, this leaves the skin feeling moisturised and soft, plus it’s affordable and lasts ages. Love it.
  • Co-op Hair Care Extra Firm Hairspray – has a fine spray, gives long lasting hold but brushes out easily without leaving any residue. For a ‘home brand’ product this represents good value and did the job!
  • Harper +Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes Juice Cleanse – I recieved these in my Fab Fit Fun Autumn Box (a review of the FFF Winter Box will be winging it’s way to my blogosphere soon) and absoutely loved these little suger cubes. Firstly the smell (still very evident in the empty jar, which I keep opening and taking a deep breath from as I write this) is sooo lovely: citrus notes, distinguishably grapefruit, with lemon, orange and hints of sweetness. (Really delish). Can be used in the shower or bath, leaves the skin feeling super clean and very soft to the touch, plus the fragrance lingers on the skin too. Washing with a sugar cube is an interesting concept, but a lovely, pampering experience too.
  • Systeme Professional Clean Hair On The Go Dry Shampoo~Original – has a smell that is reminiscent of soap (the kind old ladies use, which isn’t a bad thing, just not my vibe), the spray is a little heavy (actually, it envelopes you in a ‘fog’ that is synonymous with olde London town) and if you are looking to lighten your hair by about ten shades, then this’ll do it! The white cast left by this product is vereee noticable (even to a blind man on a dashing horse) not only in/on your hair but on your clothes and the immediate vicinity in which you sprayed. If you are in the market for a dry shampoo probably best to give this a miss and go with the Bristows (see above).
  • SBC Simply Beautiful Jasmine & Starflower Bath & Shower CrΓ¨me – this is a more luxurious bath product which is “rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids” to leave the skin clean, balanced and clarified. Enjoyed using this, smelt lovely and left the skin feeling soft too.
  • Soft and Gentle Anti-Perspirant~Verbena & Waterlily – whilst this offers 48 hour protection I didn’t test THAT claim (UGH! I love my showers and baths too much) but I do like the light fragrance, after all you don’t want your Anti-Perspirant to over power your perfume – right? As this is for sensitive skin I found it ok to use after shaving and, thankfully, didn’t experience that ouchy-stinging, arms-flaying, blowing-on-the-arm-pit-area ritual that some deodorants evoke. Overall a lovely product that doesn’t stain your clothes and keeps you smelling good and fresh.
  • Bubble T x Look Fantastic FunfetTea & Sprinkles Bath Fizzer – a lovely, fun product that softened both the bath water and my skin, turned the water faintly pink, smelt lush and made for a very relaxing time out bath time. (Thanks to Claire’s latest review/unboxing on her YouTube Channel – link below – I am now subbed to Bubble T’s ‘Soapscription Box‘ and eagerly awaiting my first box. So, expect a ‘Diary of a Beauty Geek made me buy it’ blog in the the not too distant future. 😁 If you haven’t already checked out Claire’s channel, you should! She is lovely and does some fantastic unboxings, reviews and tutorials. If you do pop over to Claire’s tell her Entirely Beauty says hi!)

That’s it for the Empties (and not so empties) for this month, thanks for reading.

I am super excited for the new year as I have been busy planning fab new content and can’t wait to share it with you, not only here on but also on social media. Until my next blog, I’ve added some links below that I think you will enjoy.

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