🎅Thank You Santa🎅

Did you find any beauty gifts or gadgets under your tree this Christmas? I was lucky enough to receive a few (my family and friends know me well 😁), in this episode of Gadgets, Gizmos, Brushes and Blenders I review one of those gifts. To discover what that gift was, whether I rate it and if it actually works, read on…

I got a new beauty gadget!

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Gadgets, Gizmos, Brushes & Blenders

Reviewing the Bright & Homely Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

I was thrilled to get a makeup brush cleaner and dryer for Christmas: I had been looking to get one, because, as any beauty addict knows, cleaning brushes can be a laborious, time consuming and messy chore, which is why most of us probably don’t wash them as often as we should! On top of which brushes can take an age to dry, often up to 24 hours, rendering them unusable until dry. Also if you are not careful, water can get in to the ferrule, the (often) metal component of the brush that holds bristles in place, and this can ruin the brush.

What was included in the box?

My brush cleaner and dryer set included:

  • A Brush Spinner (Battery Operated)
  • The Attachment Spindle
  • Brush Spinner Bowl
  • Splash Guard with Silicone Seal
  • 8 Brush Collars (in various sizes)

The information/instruction leaflet was simple to follow and gave an assurance that the device is suitable for most makeup brush types (synthetic and natural) which was great as I have a mixture of both! It also claimed to clean and dry brushes in just 30 seconds!

How easy or difficult is it to put together and use?

It was easy to assemble, I popped two batteries into the compartment, selected one of the ‘rubber’ brush collars – these fit onto the handle of the brush, then connected the collar to the spindle and the spindle to the brush spinner.

Next I added water to the spinner bowl: obviously you can use a proprietary brush cleaning fluid (not included in my set), but I just added a little hand wash, one that I knew wouldn’t make too much foam/bubbles. You have to be careful not to over fill the bowl as the Splash Guard is precisely that: it prevents splashing bit it won’t stop a Tsunami!

Once everything is ready, I placed the head (bristles) of my dirty brush into the liquid, them simply held down the operation button and allowed the brush head to spin in the water/cleanser mix until clean. I found this step took between 10 to 15 seconds depending how dirty each of my brushes was.

The next step is the drying – to do this I simply raised the brush head above the liquid, but still in the bowl and below the splash guard, and pressed the button again to enable the brush to ‘spin dry’.

Was the brush cleaner efficient?

That all seems (and was) very easy – but DID IT WORK???

OMG – yes! To be honest I was totally surprised (not to mention really pleased) at how thoroughly and quickly the set cleaned the brushes. Obviously, you can tell by the water in the bowl that any makeup has come away from the brush and I would recommend changing the water every 10 or so brushes, depending on the size of the brushes being cleaned and what product is on them. For my bigger, face powder and foundation brushes I reduced this to 5 and got excellent results. I have also found that working from larger brushes to smaller ones made the process easier.

Even my big, fluffy face powder brushes were dry and ready to use straight away, which I was amazed and majorly impressed by, as this eliminated the ‘lie them all out on a towel to dry’ and the ‘damn, now I have nothing to put my makeup on with for 24 hours’ phases of a manual wash and dry routine. The spin dry took between 5 to 10 seconds depending on the density of the brush. When brushes were super clean, dry, soft and smelt wonderful. Needless to say I am totally delighted with the results, the set and how easy it is to use. What’s more, I would add that is you don’t have this Beauty Gadget already you sooo need to get one, it WILL save you time, and doubtless extend the life of your brushes! There wasn’t a brush in my collection (I have over 70) that I couldn’t wash using this brush cleaner, the brush collars accommodated all of them and the brush spinner, whilst being relatively light weight, dealt with a variety of brush weights too.

Once I had finished cleaning all my brushes (which from start to finish took about half an hour – I watched TV whilst I did it) I simply disassembled the parts: there is a stand to keep all the brush collars safe, which sits on top of the bowl and splash guard and houses the spinner too, so it takes up minimal room and everything is to hand when you want to use it.

🌟The Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer gets a big 👍from me!🌟

Thanks for reading, hope you found this as useful as I found the Brush Cleaner and Dryer (and I l❤ve that!!) and until my next blog, take care.

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