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Hi and happy Thursday 😁 I hope you’re having a great day. In this GRWM we’ll ponder how to actually choose a magazine that meets your interests, what we should look for and how to avoid ‘school girl errors’ like the one I made when buying GRAZIA. Magazines can be costly and I doubt you want to waste your money, I know I don’t! So, I’ll be reviewing Grazia, specifically the beauty content, but will touch on other features too. I’m also going to include some useful links, cos I’m nice like that. So, without further ado lets slip between the covers…

Unlike the majority of magazines for women such as Cosmopolitan (which featured in my previous GRWM), Vogue or Red, Grazia is a Celebrity/Fashion/Beauty/News/Trend focussed womens’ magazine that is published weekly. With a demographic of 25-45 year old women, Grazia was first published in the UK in 2005, inspired by Italian Grazia and cost a staggering £16 million to launch! For more background information about Grazia click here and access a Guardian article from 2007. Yes, it’s old copy, but worth a read, as it gives an insight into the ‘office life’ and ethos of Grazia in its formative years.

GRAZIA (meaning ‘Grace’) cost £2.75, for 100 pages, with, surprisingly, much less advertising than the monthly glossy mags. I purchased a physical copy, but there is an online version too, that has a sizable chunk of beauty articles. Which is more than be said of the actual magazine.

And therein lies a problem. When selecting a magazine for this GRWM I was going in blind – I don’t do any research until I sit down to write. When I buy a magazine, I make my choice based on the front cover and a quick look at the contents page. I doubt people thumb through copies in a newsagents or supermarket as that goes against magazine etiquette and would probably result in irrate staff running such ‘thumbers’ off the premises. So, having spotted ’60 Second Beauty Shortcuts’ on the cover, glanced at the contents and noted a seemingly substantial BEAUTY section, I took Grazia to the check out and paid my money, having made my choice.

When I got home and began making notes for this blog I had another look at the contents and noting that pages 67 to 81 were all under the heading of BEAUTY, I made a cuppa, got comfy and turned, with eager anticipation to page 67. (Please go with me here, I do have a point to make – honest!)

On page 67 I found a photo of a pipette, a smear of white cream and a short paragraph about Olay’s Regenerist night serum, under the title ‘It’s New – We Want It’. Then, above this I noticed a bold proclamation that this was the HEALTH & beauty content. ‘Hold the phone,’ thought I, ‘HEALTH??? I didn’t come here for that’. I returned to the content page, where there was NO mention of HEALTH, just beauty. I’m a monogamous addict, a blinkered enthusiast, my interest is buried deep in beauty, no ‘ands’ and definitely no ‘health’. Moral of this story my fellow addicts – become ‘thumbers’: treat your preferred magazine stockists as though they were a library, read BEFORE you purchase and risk being chased and barred for your thorough consumerism. But at least you’ll know what fix you’ll get for your habit. (Point made, exit stage left, muttering “Health??? Bah Humbug!!)

Moving on from the uninspiring p67, p68 invited me to ‘Find my Tribe’ and then went on for Six pages (SIX pages!) about fitness cults. Nope, definitely NOT beauty. Page 74 looked like an improvement as it promised ‘Smart Beauty Resolutions’. This was a good article that took me from supplements, through spot squeezing & breast examination to hydration. “Hang on”, thought I, again, “this is health, dressed up as beauty!”. Will magazine editors please note that ‘Health’ already has a partner – FITNESS – and she’s going to be pretty pissed off to discover that Health is being constantly re-coupled, Love Island stylee, with Beauty in many magazines!

Moving to page 77 here was the first true beauty content and it was spot on. Literally. A six product round up of ‘savvy spot solutions’: with varying price points and good product info this was more up my Beauty obsessed ally. However, it was on page 78 where Grazia finally served up some beauty haute cuisine.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture. Yes you read that right. This trend had somehow passed me by, despite the 17,000 #facialacupunture posts on Instagram. Here I learned something new, and am honestly thinking of giving it a go too. I have had acupuncture several times, I hold a lot of store by it, I believe it works, though I don’t fully understand how and it is an enjoyably, relaxing experience. So, yes I can see the benefits of using it for a facial and according to Joely Walker (Grazia Beauty Director) who tested out this treatment, it worked for her.

The final page in HEALTH and Beauty (??) is a piece about veganism. Tucked into this non-beauty article, however, was a side order of Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Blend: obviously it’s good for the skin as the product, which is part of Ms Brown’s NEW Evolution_18 range, contains over 30 fruits and vegetables. A slightly tenuous segway for it’s being amongst the vegan stuff. I would’ve appreciated more info on this product rather than veganism.

So, that was the (Un) official Beauty content, focussed though it was on health, in this week’s Grazia. Whilst I feel slightly mislead by the content list and front cover, there were a couple of beauty bonuses: The relatively new VBL (Victoria Beckham Ltd) makeup line gets a mention in ’10 hot stories’ and in the feature ‘At the end of the day… ‘ makeup royalty, Bobbi Brown discusses her evening and night time routine.

Despite feeling misled Grazia is a good, easy read as magazines go. Obviously, I would have liked more beauty, makeup, skin care and cosmetics news and features among those 100 pages. Being a weekly magazine I do feel that Grazia are missing a trick as they could be delivering more up to date beauty news and the latest product info than their monthly counterparts.

Despite the bah-humbugs I would probably buy Grazia again as it’s content is friendly and chatty, but informed. (Bit like this GRWM 😉) Reading this magazine is a bit like chatting to a bff you havent seen in a while, and catching up on a wide variety of topics. I shall definitely be visiting their on line daily too.

As always, thanks for reading: hope you found this useful and entertaining. Are you a Grazia reader – if so what do you think of it? What magazines are among your favourites? Do your prefer physical or online publications? Please let me know in the comments below. Until next time, take care.

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