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Trying Beauty Subscription Boxes is a little like speed dating: you ‘meet’ a lot of new products, get to know them and find out if they are for you, all without making a long term commitment. What’s more you don’t know what products you’ll encounter until they arrive. If you’re considering a subscription box stay tuned and discover more about Roccabox, and, if you missed it, check out my previous Spotlight on Sub Boxes.

The pretty, pink Roccabox usually contains 5 products

Roccabox is a monthly subscription box giving “exclusive access to the latest, hottest and best beauty products available”. They offer a monthly (£10), quarterly (£30), half-yearly (£57/£9.50pm) & yearly (£108/£9pm) subscription options, each with a p&p of £3.95 per box. Your box will usually be delivered at the beginning of each month and you can cancel anytime if you decide Roccabox isn’t for you.

To help you decide whether Roccabox IS the box you want, I’ll share my three months’ boxes, detail what was in them, the value of each and my thoughts on Roccabox overall. I’m NEW to Roccabox, am a monthly subscriber and I joined on Black Friday, receiving a very welcome £5 discount off my first box.

🍁November’s Roccabox🍁

  • B.Tan It’s Love Gradual Body Tan Moisturiser Full Size – £12.99
  • Vitamasque Cranberry & Apple Sheet Mask Full Size – £4.99
  • Love Beauty & Planet Moisture Shower Gel Travel Size – £5.99
  • STYLondon Hypnotic Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Full Size – £9.99
  • Unicorn Cosmetics The Dirty B*tch Cleaner Full Size – £5
  • Systane Dry Eye Relief Drops Full Size – £15.49

With 5 out of the 6 products being full size, receiving a bonus product and paying only £8.95 (inc p&p) for £54.45 worth of products, I was super impressed. November’s box was a fantastic bargain, full of lovely and varied products, all of which I would, and/or have, used. Brilliant! 😁

🎅December’s Roccabox🎅

  • Phillip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo 60ml – £7.80
  • Dr. Botanicals Pomegrante Regenerating Sleep Mask 30ml – £12
  • Bowe Organics Lash Oil 10ml (Full Size) – £19.99
  • Steve Laurent ‘Cafe’ Lip Gloss Full Size – £18.87
  • Luna by Luna Gold Eyeshadow Full Size – £12.86
  • Surprise Bonus: Hangover Tablets Sample Size – no price available

WOW! Roccabox delivered a Merry Christmas (and then some) with the December box. I paid full price (£13.95 inc p&p) but the products inside came to a staggering £71.52!!! That represents a saving of just over £57.00, all of which is incredible value for money! Again I loved the variety of products and was beyond thrilled with this box. Amazing!

❄January’s Roccabox❄

  • Dirty Little Secret ‘Exposed’ Jelly Blush Full Size – £12
  • St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Water Face Mist 14ml Travel Size – £5
  • Bang Beauty Blush Brush Full Size £13.93
  • Daily Concepts Mother of Pearl Sponge Full Size – £6.95
  • BeautyPro Brightening Collagen Sheet Mask Full Size – £4.95

This Roccabox was the first I’d received with the standard 5 product items, but again I was pleased with this edit, the variety of products and the fact that I’ll make use of everything included in the box! The total rrp of January’s box was £42. 83 which, whilst being the lowest ‘box total’ of my subscription so far, is still great value for money. Definitely a happy start to the New Year. Wonderful!

I have been pleasantly suprised by Roccabox: I know, having subbed to a few Beauty Boxes, that contents, variety and value can vary greatly from month to month. Roccabox have, so far, been consistent and delivered three fantastic edits. Their edits seem, overall, to be the result of careful consideration regarding what products they include.

In November’s edit the moisturising shower gel is a great pre-amble to the self tan. The Vitamasque and Eye Drops provide care for your face and eyes prior to applying the eyeshadows and the brush cleaner can a) be used as a dry brush cleaner to enable you to switch between colours during application and b) to thoroughly wash your brushes afterwards. Roccabox seem to have the contents formula on point as the products work ‘together’.

December’s box had a restorative, wellness feel to it, with some festive makeup also included to help enhance the glow and gloss the non-makeup products provide. The value of it did, quite honestly, blow me away! Of all the boxes I have received so far, December’s is my favourite, not because of the value (although I do love a beauty bargain and this box certainly proved to be one) but due to the products themselves. Whilst January’s box confirmed Roccabox’s ‘thought behind the box’ ethos with a much needed brightening and glow up edit.

This ‘speed dating’ experience has proved to be a positive one, full of surprises and very gratifying and, although Roccabox and I have only been together for three months, I’m ready to make a long term commitment!

Thanks, as always, for reading, see you next time

💋Entirely Beauty💋

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