Behind the Blog: Adulting & Decluttering

Clearing the ‘dead wood’ from my beauty collection is a job I don’t really like. In fact I have to force myself to tackle it. Saturday morning, instead of cracking on with my stash declutter, I dithered around shredding old paperwork, filing, brandishing cleaning products and making like Freddie Mercury with the vacuum. All whilst convincing myself I was adulting, that the paperwork couldn’t wait, that there was dust everywhere and that my vocals were on a par with Freddie’s. I wasn’t, it could, there wasn’t and HELL NO!

I was, however, avoiding the job at the top of my to-do list, namely decluttering my beauty collection

You might get more than you bargained for!

I wasn’t doing ‘anything other than’ because my stash was a huge mess, quite the opposite, as I’m a bit OCD when it comes to my collection. Everything has it’s place. I have lots of compartmentalized, storage trays and lipstick holders etc., in the drawers where I keep my makeup and skin care to facilitate the separated storage of everything according to product categories. In the cupboard I have a big storage box full of hair care products, it (logically) sits next to an identical box that I keep my electric hair tools in. Another holds all my self tanning paraphernalia, yet another, next to the tan box, contains my body products (because they are used in conjunction with each other). My nail ‘stuff’ is kept in portable storage so I can mani and pedi anywhere in the house. The beauty gadgets, gizmos, brushes and blenders all have their own purpose-purchased containers too, I even have coat hanger type bags for hair extensions and pieces.

Ok, maybe I’m more than a “little bit OCD?!”

Given the delightfully logical, sorted and stored nature of my much loved beauty collection, you might be wondering if a declutter was actually necessary, and, if it was needed, why I was avoiding it?

Regular declutters are absolutely necessary because:

  • Products have a ‘shelf life’.
  • Using ‘expired’ products can be detrimental to skin, body and hair.
  • En vogue colours, trends, practices and products will and do fall from grace
  • Space has to be made for . . . erm . . . well . . . new products!
  • Stuff gets used up or forgotten
  • Decluttering can help (re) familiarise the beauty addict with their collection
  • A replacement/to-buy list can be made for products that are expired or (almost) used up
  • Stuff can leak and need cleaning

You see, totally necessary and I do it regularly! Knowing this, having put it ‘declutter stash’ at the top of my to-do list, why was I so hesitant? I pondered this whilst purging my products.

Declutter and release your inner beauty

I try to avoid acknowledging how much beauty stuff I actually have. Because when others see, or hear about, the extent of my collection, especially those who either don’t wear makeup or who keep the few beauty products they do own in a small makeup bag, their reactions are often incredulous, and can be negative. Yet, my stash is no different to a bibliophile’s book collection or a fitness enthusiast’s gym membership: it’s my passion and pastime.

The size of my stash could be seen as my having a tendancy for ‘conspicuous consumption’ and/or ‘flexing’. In reality however, I’m not trying to keep up with anyone – I buy products because I fall in love with them and they provide an outlet for my creativity, both by using them and/or making content for my blog space. If I wanted to flex, I wouldn’t have elected to be an anonymous creator. I would have chosen ‘Vlogging over Blogging’ route and I definitely wouldn’t have a self-imposed beauty budget/limit.

I sometimes struggle actually parting with product – even when I dont like it“Maybe I could make this work though?”, it doesnt like me or isnt my shade“Maybe I could make this work though?” or it’s used up. “Oooh, it’s empty, but ooh look at that packaging!!!”. Sometimes it’s hard to let go. OK.

When I do finally ‘let go’ and gift discarded items to my friends and family, their comments, whilst funny, demonstrates that they dont get ‘IT’, or me, for that matter. “Why are you getting rid of this lipstick? “Because I have a gazzilion lip products” “Why on earth do you need so many lipsticks – you only have one mouth?” “Because no two lipsticks are the same, Sandra, and I love experimenting.

I’m reminded of how much coin I have dropped in the process of curating my collection (and housing it). But, I have no reasons to feel guilty: it’s my money, I’ve earned it, I have no dependants and I’ll damn well spend it how I want! Obviously, if any of these things change then I would definitely have a rethink. The guilt creeps in because my purchases are seen as ‘frivolous’ by many. Makeup and beauty might not be everyone’s jam, but it is mine. Ergo it’s not frivolous.

Get the feel good factor

When I had finish my de-clutter this is what I had cleared out and what I did with the products.

  • 1 box of unused and sealed/hardly-used products – local women’s refuge
  • A selection of unused/hardly used products plus samples – gifted to friends and family
  • A leaking bottle of foundation – I tried to fix it but failed. So emptied the product and re-cycled the component.
  • 1 small box of ‘expired’ products – all product removed & disposed of and packaging broken down, where necessary, and recycled.
  • A selection of almost used up products that looked a bit dodgy. For safety and hygiene reasons this was disposed as above
  • Two hardened/thickened nail varnishes. Bottles/product washed out with nail varnish remover and bottles recycled.
  • 1 mascara that had been used, but had hidden itself behind the storage tray. As I wasn’t sure how long it had been there it was discarded. I kept and cleaned the wand though as it was a good shape for eyebrows.
  • My mind & all remnants of guilt. Decluttering really is good for the mind and soul. It doesn’t matter what others think or that they don’t understand my obsession, it’s my hobby and I love each varied aspect of it!

From reluctance to reward in a couple of hours. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, how did you spend yours? Do you declutter your collection, if so how often? Also, I’m intrigued – do any of you suffer from guilt etc relating to your stash, please let me know.

I have included a couple of links below to some very helpful ‘decluttering your stash’ blogs/articles if you fancy having a go. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you next time, take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

Useful links:

A step by step guide to decluttering and organising your beauty collection – a solid beginner’s guide for new declutterers.

In case you missed it – a Chatty GRWM 😁

Tips to minimise and declutter your beauty stash – great if you’re short of space.

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