Who Made Me Buy What? – The Fab four!

Discover which creators are responsible for me ‘bashing my bank account’ 😘

I watch many Beauty YouTubers and read a lot of Beauty Blogs. Sometimes (OK, quite often πŸ˜‰) I’ll buy stuff on the back of what the tubers and bloggers use, mention or recommend in their videos or blogs. Often it’s the actual, featured item, but occasionally I’m inspired to try something similar. I recently bought a few things because of four lovely ladies’ content on YouTube I’m going to share what I bought, so I can thank ‘The Fab Four’ who made me buy them and I get to introduce you to some of my favourite influencers too! I will leave all the links relating to this blog below. If you check the links out and/or buy the products, please let me know. And, who knows, you might find a new, favourite influencer to watch too.

Shower & Bath Sub box from Bubble T

I have been enjoying ‘Diary of a Beauty Geek’ for a long time and I am really grateful to Claire for introducing me to the wonderful world of subscription boxes. Claire is an enthusiastic, honest reviewer who, whilst focusing on fabulous Beauty Box Unboxings, also does testing videos and tutorials. If you haven’t discovered the beautiful Claire yet, she’s really nice, fun, informative & well worth watching. Why not pop over to her channel? Oh, and please tell her Entirely Beauty said ‘Hi’.

Claire ‘made me’ subscribe to the new Bubble T ‘Soapscrption box’. After seeing her brilliant unboxing of the NEW Soapscription box, I thought ‘that’s a cool idea’ & duly signed up. This box delivers exclusive bath and shower gels to your door. The starter box is FREE (there is a Β£1 p&p charge) and contains two bottles of Bath & Shower Gel; I chose the Vanilla Chai Tea and Coconut fragrance option, but if that’s not your vibe you can select Avocado & Kiwi and Pink Lemonade instead. Once you’ve ‘soapscribed’ you can choose from more fragrances each month, and, after receiving the first full sized box (mine is winging it’s way to me as I write at a cost of Β£6.99) you can also choose when and where you want your box delivered. I’ll be reviewing Bubble T’s Soapscription Service and the bath/shower gels in more detail, as part of my Spotlight on Beauty Subscription Boxes series when I’ve had a couple boxes from them.

Thanks to Claire for the heads up on this NEW, and slightly different, box and for all the great content on Diary Of A Beauty Geek ☺

Meet Donna, a relatively new content creator.

Donna is a really funny, loveable and canny lass from Newcastle who, like me, only recently entered the Beauty Community as a content creator. Donna is, also like me, a beauty fanatic, and she makes great videos about the many and varied products she tries – hence the name ‘Donna Tries’. I have watched her from the beginning, about six months ago, and from that first video I was hooked. When I watch her it feels like I’m face-timing a mate: Donna is hilarious, she has a very unique style and is very truthful about the products she tries. Please show her some love, let Donna know what you think of her channel & videos in her comments section – she always replies – and please give her my love while you’re there too.

Donna has a bit of a passion for the Aldi Beauty Range, Lacura, who offer lots of affordable dupes of higher end products. Recently she purchased a Visage Facial Cleanser/Massager from her local Aldi, which was only Β£12.99 (she does love a beauty bargain, but then who doesn’t??) and, on first impressions, rated it quite highly. So, off I trotted to my local store to snag myself the same product. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available 😭 so I figured it must’ve sold out and I couldn’t help wondering if that was down to Donna’s enthusiasm. Me, being the impatient beauty addict I am, scoped out Amazon and found a similar facial cleanser for just Β£7.99, ordered it and it arrived last weekend. Yesterday, however, whilst checking out prices and links for this blog, I found the Visage in stock on the Aldi app, together with the four pack of hot cleansers which Donna also recomended in the same video. So Donna has ‘made me buy’ not one but TWO facial cleansers AND the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers. I now plan to pit the two facial cleansers against each other for my Gadgets, Gizmos, Blenders and Brushes series. I’m also looking forward to trying the four Hot Cloth Cleansers (Β£7.99) and will get back to you with my opinions on all four.

I would like to thank Donna for the hat trick hit to my bank balance, am sure the ‘face off’ between the two facial massagers will prove interesting and the resulting reviews will be fun to write. I also thank her for making me laugh and smile, for showcasing stuff I wouldn’t know about were it not for Donna’s channel AND, finally, for being so much fun to watch!

Mikhila, aka Miss Budget Beauty, is chatty, friendly and offers a variety of brilliant, watchable content on YouTube

Mikhila has 99.3k subscribers on her channel and, given the variety of content, I am not surprised! On her channel you’ll find videos covering

  • Empties
  • Beauty Shopping
  • Hair Product Reviews
  • Wear & Compare
  • GRWMs
  • And so much more!

I have been subscribed to MissBudgetBeauty for over a year now and just love her chatty, easy going and varied content. Mikhila’s channel, as the name suggests, concentrates on all things beauty on a budget, and there are some great budget beauty products out there, which Mikhila will help you find if you watch her videos. She talked about Jade Rollers in her ‘Eco Beauty Swaps’ video, which was posted about four months ago. When a jade roller popped up as a ‘people also bought …’ recommendation on my Amazon, I immediately remembered Mikhila’s video, how much she was enjoying hers, the benefits she’d talked about and yes, you’ve guessed it, MissBudgetBeauty ‘made me buy’ a Jade roller. What’s really impressive here though is the fact that I still remembered Mikhila’s comments 4 months after she posted that video. Testament, methinks, to her easy product/tools explanations, no nonsense approach, the resulting second-to-none content and that her channel and videos are well worth taking a look at.

My jade anti-aging facial massage roller was delivered last Saturday: A Gua Sha Scrapping Tool, which is designed to rejuvenate the face, came with it, as did instructions on how to use both tools plus a handy, soft, cloth case to keep them both in. What’s more, and despite the very reasonable price of just Β£12.95, it’s certified real jade. I shall, of course, be testing both tools over the coming weeks and give you guys my opinions in the Gadgets, Gizmos, Blenders and Brushes series just as soon as I have thoroughly tested it.

Thanks to Mikhila for her great channel and content: I’ve watched all her uploads since I subscribed and have enjoyed every one. Don’t forget to drop a big HELLO from Entirely Beauty in the comments section if you venture over to Mikhila’s channel. Which, FYI, you should!

And last, but in no way least, the beautiful Amy-Rose Walker, THE Powder Puff Girl!

As covered on Entirely Beauty’s NEW page – EB News – last week, Tati Westbrook revealed the second product from her NEW company, Tati Beauty – The Blendiful. A soft, material, blending tool that can be used to apply and blend a multitude of face makeup products. A few days after it launched, when I was catching up on a bit of Tube Time, I watched Amy’s latest video and learnt that she uses a powder puff to apply her face makeup, in a manner not dissimilar to the way in which The Blendiful ‘works’. A bit of a lightbulb moment occurred and Amy ‘made me’ drop a pack of 12 powder puffs into my Amazon basket.

If you visit Amy’s channel (why wouldn’t you?) & watch any of her videos, look at her perfectly applied foundation, contour, highlight etc and you’ll see why my buying the puffs was a real no-brainer:

  • Amy’s makeup is like so damn flawless!
  • The Blendifuls are $18 (Β£13.80)for a pack of two(one large, one small) plus Β£10 shipping, which from the states is going to take a while.
  • 12 (mid-price-range) Powder Puffs on Amazon are only Β£5.99 (that’s like 50p each) with FREE next day delivery (I have prime)
  • If the beautiful Amy’s makeup is anything to go by, applying makeup with the humble powder puff should result in a fabulous look, Γ  la Tati’s Blendiful, for a fraction of the price!
  • Did I mention how beautiful Amy’s foundation products look???
  • A 12 pack of powder puffs allows each puff to be used once, then it can be washed and has time to dry thoroughly before it’ll be reused.
  • A clean applicator each time you apply makeup means bye-bye bacteria and hellllooo improved skin.

Thanks to Amy the penny dropped and I’ll be embarking on a new application journey, and of course, reporting back as to how this experiment goes. Apart from helping me to connect the dots πŸ˜‰ Amy makes videos about hauls (makeup, fashion and home wares) she does tutorials, full glam GRWMs and skincare videos, in fact there’s so much Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion content on her channel you really should go and explore it for yourself! I’m sure you’ll find something you love and, like me, you’ll want to be Amy’s BFF – apart from giving me face-product-application-and-finish envy, she really is lovely.

So there you have it: the Fab Four who ‘Made me buy’ stuff. But, thats one of the great things about watching beauty Tubers and reading beauty blogs: finding those personal recommendations for products you didn’t know you needed or wanted in your beauty routine, until you saw them in a vid or read about them in a blog. The same can be said of beauty content creators, my Fab Four may be the influencers you didn’t know you needed in your life, until now. Have you been influenced by a channel or blog and bought something? Who are you current favourite Tubers and/or Bloggers? Please let me know in the comments – I am always on the look out for new blogs to read and new content to watch!

Thanks, as always, for reading: keep an eye out for my full, and honest, opinions of all the products I was made to buy πŸ˜‰ and until next time, take care.

πŸ’‹Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

Here, as promised, are the links you need to expand your beauty viewing and reading, plus all the products mentioned- enjoy

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