NEW RELEASES (Jan): celebrating UK beauty

With payday slowly approaching (January apparently has 91 days!!!) I’ve been online checking out New Releases from various UK beauty companies, to see if there are any new products that tickle my beauty tastebuds? If you’ve already tried any of the products featured, have a preference or think you might buy any of the products I’ve featured, please let me know your thoughts! I’ll leave all the necessary links below, so that you can explore these UK beauties too.

Let’s discover what UK Beauty Companies and Indie Brands have in store in January
  • Charlotte Tilbury has dropped a tantalising, NEW, ‘Instant Look In A Palette’ costing £49. This 3 eyeshadow, 2 blush, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter combo is available in a choice of Gorgeous Glowing Beauty or Stone Rose Beauty. Beauty dilemma alert- which colour options to choose? I’m yet to try Charlotte Tilbury dahrlings, but the Instant Look Palette has ‘a little bit of everything’, which makes me think it would make for a good first purchase from the brand. Are there any Charlotte Tilbury fans out there who would agree?
  • Primark recently released a NEW collection that turned my head. Summer Storm’s look is pink, marbled effect packaging that is, quite frankly, totes gorgeous. The collection includes makeup (Body Glow £5, Face Palette £7 and Eyeshadow Palette £8), tools (Beauty Blenders £2, 5pc Brush Set £7, 5pc Manicure Set and Case £3), and accessories (Travel Mirror £2.50, Brush Pouch £3.50 and Compact Mirror £2). Apart from the Travel Mirror – Newsflash Primark: hotels have mirrors 😉 – I love ’em all. With a grand total of £37 for all the items I covet (bar the travel mirror) and considering how nice they would look on my beauty station, I’ll HAVE to go check them out in store! What are your thoughts on this affordable collection?
  • Ciaté London – is an indie brand that currently has quite a few tempting, NEWBIES! One product that caught my eye is extraordinary! The NEW, £18, Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder which is finely milled, can be used to set or bake and has no flash back sounds promising. I also noticed their NEW Pump Plump, a smoothing, plumping gloss that’s available in 3 yummy colours for £20 each. I’ve yet to find a lip plumper that actually works, maybe this is the one? Their NEW Editor Eyeshadow Palettes (£29 each), with 18 pans in each palette, are also worth checking out. Available in four colour stories – Tulum, Aspen, Mykonos and St. Tropez, they all have a holiday vibe and are very pretty.
  • Noble Isle – I have a confession, Noble Isle Fireside Bath and Shower Gel is a NEW love in my life, it’s not new persay, but it’s new to me and I just had to share this recent discovery. Noble Isle are a luxury bath and body product company, with a range of Bath and Shower gels, hand and body lotions, fragrant candles and more. They are definitely worth a browse: I love Fireside, it’s a woody, spicy, warm, sensual, memory evoking and sexy fragrance and bathing with it is a totally relaxing, warming, delight! A 250ml bottle of Fireside Bath and Shower Gel is £21, whilst the matching Body Lotion is £26 for 250ml.
  • Phillip Kingsley products are among my favourite in hair care, I’ve tried quite a lot of them, all with great results and I regularly visit the web site because, apart from the fab range, there is lots of helpful advice and information there too. During a recent look see, I stumbled upon the Phillip Kingsley Dry Shampoo – One More Day (100ml £14, 200ml £19.50). I’m not sure if this is a NEW product or if I previously overlooked it, but it sounds like something I might need and as it’s Phillip Kingsley, it must to be worth a try.
  • Revolution Skin Care seems to be continually evolving, with new products dropping regularly. Have you heard of Snow Mushroom? No, me either, until today. It’s traditionally used in Chinese skin care and now Revolution have produced a Snow Mushroom Serum (£10), intrigued? Yep, me too! Hyaluronic Acid is a popular ingredient, hardly surprising as it’s great for your skin, and it’s now available in the form of a Hyaluronic Tonic (£10). Finally from Revolution instead of having rice with your take away you can now include it in your skin care routine. Their NEW Conditioning Rice Powder Cleanser (also £10) is different enough to warrant a try too.

That wraps up my New Releases for January, please let me know what you think of these new releases and whether you’ll be trying any of them. As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate it, and hope to see you for my next blog, or on my social media. Until then, take care,

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

Here’s those lovely links I promised you, enjoy exploring!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look in a Palette (With free shipping to the UK plus two Free Samples)

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Primark Summer Storm Collection

Pintrest Boards by Entirely Beauty

Ciaté London Extraordinary Setting Powder, Pump Plump and Editors Palettes

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The Fireside Bath and Shower Gel from Noble Isle

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Phillip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo

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The Revolution Skin Care Snow Mushroom Serum, Hylaronic Tonic and Rice Cleanser

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