Spotlight on Subscription Boxes – Look Fantastic (Jan)

The Look Fantastic Box for Janaury 2020

Hello fellow beauty addicts, how are you? It’s a new year, it’s a new decade, so it’s seems like a good time to share the first Look Fantastic Beauty Box of 2020 with you guys. Look Fantastic, not only offer their Beauty Sub Boxes, but also have an on-line beauty store, and recently introduced their ‘Discovery Collections’. I reviewed two of the Discovery Collections last year: I’ll include a link to my review, the Look Fantastic site and othe related links below. Before we ‘open the box’ and have a look at what’s inside, I’ll give you the Look Fantastic low down.

What you need to know…

The Look Fantastic Monthly Beauty Subscription Box is £15
When you subscribe you will be offered a choice of
a) 1 Month ‘Rolling Subscription’ @ £15 per month
b) 3 Month Subscription @ £14.50 per month
c) 6 Month Subscription @ £13.75 per month or
d) 12 Month Subscription @ 13 per month

Delivery within the UK is FREE

Boxes are dispatched on the first working day of each month

The LF Beauty Boxes tend to contain between 5 or 6 items with a mix of full size, travel and sample sizes and leans more towards skincare

At time of writing there is a code available to get 20% OFF a bag of products in the LF Discovery Collection – LF20

There is a complimentary copy of Elle Magazine (worth £4.50) inside every sub box, together with a booklet that gives you more info about each product as well as some interesting, beauty related articles

The Sneak Peak for February’s box is the Espa Detoxifying Body Oil (15ml)

The boxes themselves are lovely, this month’s is a new design and is yellow and aqua. They are reusable – I use them to keep stuffin, box presents so they are easier to wrap, they make good boxes for Jewelery etc – and can be recycled.

What’s In The January Box?

Hey Good Lookin’, whatcha got Ecooking?

Ecooking Moisturising Serum | 10ml | Worth £21.50

Pump a couple of drops of this serum into your hands, gently apply it all over your cleansed face and this serum will, apparently, reduce the appearance of fine line’s and wrinkles and hydrate your skin. This serum contains hyaluronic acid, and we all know how good for our skin that is, right? The Ecooking Serum is clear, has a gel like consistency, no fragrance and absorbs easily. I do like a good serum so it’ll be interesting to find out if it works.

Line up, line up.

■ Lord & Berry Ultimate Lip Liner in Nude | Worth £15 ■

Lord and Berry find their way into quite a few subscription boxes, I think this is because their products are lovely and obviously pencils are easy to post! Everyone needs a good nude pencil: colour wise this reminds me of a Caramac chocolate bar. Whilst it is called a lip liner, I find these pencils apply & blend super easily, and can be used to both line and fill! The Ultimate contains macadamia oil, waterlilly extract and LXB complex which will all help to soften lips – lush! I’ve got a few of the Lord and Berry pencils in my collection (eyes and lips) and use them regularly because they really are lovely.

Fits like a Glov?

Glov Moon Pads x 3 | Worth £7.11

Makeup removing pads, sponges and clothes etc seem to be very much in vogue at the moment: I have quite a collection of them as I’m planning to do a test, compare and review The latest addition to my makeup removing, cleanse and exfoliate pads and sponges collection – Glov Moon Pads – can be used with just water or cleanser, are reusable, machine washable and sustainable. The microfibrers break down dirt and impurities, and apparently deeply cleanse and exfoliate. I’ll let you know how Glov performs.

High Intensity Body Care?

Mio Skin Care – 1 of the following is included: Boob Tube, Skin Tight OR Shrink to Fit. Each contains 30ml & each is worth £9

I received Skin Tight in my look Fantastic Box: it’s described as a cream in the LF booklet – but it’s more like a gel. Non sticky, clear and smelling like sweet mint, this product claims to tone and smooth, to reveal “soft, firm, fit skin for life” – that IS quite a claim, I’ll definitely be putting this to the test. All three products contain antioxidants, papaya, hyaluronic acid, green tea and caffeine – that’s quite some cocktail – and works best when massaged into the skin using circular motions. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but that’s one of the benefits of sub boxes – you get to try products you wouldn’t necessarily go looking for.

G’day blemish stick!

■ Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick | 10ml | Worth £9.99 ■

If the blurb is true this rollerball applicator ‘stick’ will treat spots, blemishes, insect bites, scratches and other minor skin irritations – all of which sounds great. The size makes it handbag (or even pocket) friendly too! The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients fight bacteria, reduce redness and speed up the healing process. The liquid is clear and smells of Tea Tree (obvs) but also contains witch hazel (which prevents skin from drying out and tightens pores). Not that I want a breakout or to be bitten by some crazed bug on a mission, but it’ll be interesting to see if this works and at least I’ll be prepared for any pesky critters this summer!

Dark Horse?

■ Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Shampoo & Conditioner| 2 x 50ml | Worth £7.92 | ■

I am not sure why this is called Dark Oil, as the shampoo is clear (?) and the conditioner is white (?!) but it’s good to get both products, as they are designed to be used in tandem. Perhaps the name simply reflects the use of jojoba and argon oils, which gives both products a lovely clean, fresh smell and will nourish the hair. Sebastian Professional claims to clean and condition hair without weighing it down, is salon grade and will improve softness, volume and shine, so I’m looking forward to giving them a go.

■ In total the products in January’s Look Fantastic – The Rivive Edition Box – is (wait … for … it …) £70.52!! Not including the complementary copy of Elle Magazine (£4.50)■

LOOK, it’s FANTASTIC value!

I’m quite pleased with this box and feel it’s good value for money. I like, and will use, all the products – and for me it’s this useability and likeability that gives a beauty sub box it’s value, rather than the actual cost of the products. I do feel that Look Fantastic have excelled themselves with this edit as far as actual worth goes: including Elle the total goes to just over £75 and yet costs only £15!

I think the ‘story’ of this edit is well thought out and, being January, it’s timely too. There is a good mix of products, albeit most skin focussed, but I don’t mind that. If you prefer makeup to skin care this might not be the box for you. Overall, however, I think this is a good box and I will enjoy giving everything a try.

What about you? Are you tempted by this box? Are you already subscribed to Look Fantastic (or another Beauty Subscription Box?) – let me know your thoughts and/or current subscriptions in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate it. I add new content every other day, so I hope you’ll join me on WEDNESDAY. In the meantime, enjoy your Monday evening, congrats on making it through the first day of the week and take care.

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