Spotlight on Beauty Subscription Boxes – Fab Fit Fun Facts and Winter Box

Hello there, how’s things with you today? Happy Sunday, I hope you are having a lush one. I have been squeezing the last few drops of my ‘off-work break’ out of today as I’m back tomorrow. I like to be a bit self indulgent on Sundays, so I’ve lavishly pampered with my 10 Step Facial (link below if you want that ‘at home’, ‘facial spa’ feeling too), caught up on some beauty vids, read a little, and, of course done a little writing.

The box designs are lovely and make for great storage!

Well . . . a lot of writing, actually! I have hand written notes from my research for this blog, and it may be a longish one as I’m going to include ALL THE INFO I wish I’d had before, when and since I signed up to FFF! BUT, I’ll include subject headings throughout so you can scroll and find any specific details you need and skip over stuff you already know. So although this blog is aimed at newcomers to FFF, (cos it’s a full on ‘everything you need to know’) you should still read this if you’re a member, because FFF can take a while to get to grips with. A lot of interwebs space is taken up with FFF unboxings (which I’m going to include here too), but there’s a distinct lack of blogs/reviews etc that actually give the ins and outs of all things FFF. So, my aim is to introduce FFF, simplify those important ‘ins and outs’, look at costs and savings, and help you get the most from your prospective or existing subscription!

Dollars to Pounds Conversions:

I have included these for ease of reference. Please note however, they are approximate conversions as exchange rates can and do vary/fluctuate.

What is Fab Fit Fun?

Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal (quarterly) subscription box that delivers a box of full-sized, on trend, premium, products to your door and costs $49.99 including shipping per box. (£38 – shipping costs are extra to the UK). Each box helps you discover new brands as it contains the very latest in skincare, makeup, home, fitness, wellness and fashion and the total value of each box is over $200 (£150), which represents quite a saving! FFF’s Headquarters are in LA, California in the US, its founders are Michael Broukhim, Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens (who is also the editor in chief of FabFitFun Magazine – which comes in each box) and Daniel Broukhim and the company has been operating since 2010. FFF began shipping to the UK in 2019, where it has proved very popular.

A good box?

The Unboxing: The products I received in my FFF Winter box

This was my second box from FFF: for my first box I ‘customised’ some of the items in my box, for my Winter box, as I was curious as to what I’d get, I ignored the customisation options, so the contents, featured below, were a complete surprise. I currently have a seasonal membership, and overall, I am impressed with both the boxes and the service I have received, to the extent that I am considering upgrading to Select Membership. Here’s what what was in my box. . .

I haven’t tried this yet; it’s made with lactose from goat’s milk, jojoba and avocado. This moisturising cream can be used am and pm. It claims to absorb easily into the skin to give the skin a healthy glow! I’ll be trying this soon, so expect a review when I have. RRP $65 (£49)

I have this lined up for a show down with another similar product, so watch this space. According to LashesMD our brows and lashes deserve some TLC and this product promises to deliver. The formulation rejuvenates and moisturises and the ingredients include amino acids, peptides and vitamins. RRP $69 (£52)

The gloves are off! Actually they should be ON as these Masque gloves have a special blend of plant extracts, shea butter and vitamin E which will instantly smooth, soften and wake up that skin you know “like the back of your hand”. You probably won’t recognise your own hands after using this lush, NailsInc Thirsty Hand duo, because they are super hydrating! RRP $16 (£12)

Prep Rally is a lightweight dectangler that is rich in biolin, vitamins B and C and seaberry oil all of which will help to protect hair from heat during styling and has the added benefit of leaving your locks feeling super soft and conditioned. RRP $23 (£17.50)

This is currently being rigorously tested along side other similar products by yours truly. Basically the Eraser is a large pink (lovely and soft) cloth that claims to remove every trace of make up, from waterproof mascara to bronzer using only water! It’s reusable, which makes this makeup remover Eco friendly too. RRP $20 (£15)

Unusually, as it’s not a beauty product, I think this is probably one of my fave items from the Winter box! I now use it to keep track of what I’m doing, write my to-do lists in it, make notes for my blogs and other things to keep me organised. A lovely design, a pleasure to use. It’s pretty and has both monthly and weekly views. RRP $27.95 (£21)

On to ‘my least liked, but I’ll still use it’, product from this box. There is nothing wrong with these lashes, in fact, they’re lovely, dramatic and provide length and volume for up to 25 uses. I’m just not very good with falsies! Maybe these ones will be easy to apply? (Glue included) RRP $32 (£24)

This is a great tool, I already have two by different brands, but welcomed this one. The Colour Switch Solo allows you to reduce the number of brushes you use during makeup application, as it instantly removes product from your brush – no water or liquids required – so you can switch between shades with ease. A straight forward, no nonsense brush cleaner, that every beauty addict needs! RRP $16.99 (£13)

I will use all these products, so, even though I didn’t customise and the items were all a surprise, this was still a good box for me. The value of my Winter Box totalled $270.89/£206.47, that’s way over the promised $200/£152, which makes me a very happy bunny!!!

The FabFitFun Facts

FFF Membership Explained

Now you know about FFF and have seen an example of the variety, quality and value of a box, you might want to become a member. (Links below) But first you’ll need to choose your subscription plan – there are three types of FFF membership and they are:

  • Seasonal Membership$49.99/£38 payable each season, which is every three months (ie FOUR times a year). As a seasonal member you get to customise or choose some of the products that you’ll recieve in your box, you can also utilise all the features on the FFF website (including the community pages, exclusive offers and FFF TV), PLUS you get access to Add-ons and Edit Sales. Within the states membership includes shipping, outside the US it does not. Shipping to the UK costs around £17 per box.
  • Select Membership – $179.99/£137 payable in full when you subscribe or upgrade from seasonal, this gives you the four seasonal boxes (a year’s worth) at a slightly reduced cost (compared to seasonal membership). Select members receive all the benefits of seasonal members but also get earlier customisation options and more of them, PLUS early access to both the Add-ons and Edit sales. All of these ‘Early Benefits’ means you are more likely going to get what you select. Your box is also prioritised and is shipped earlier than Seasonal Members’ boxes . Again the US costs include shipping, shipping elsewhere is not included in the membership fee.
  • Digital Membership – $79.99/£60 payable in full when you sign up and, whilst you do not receive a box with a digital subscription (unless you order and pay for one during the sales), you do get access to all the features on the FFFweb site, special offers, plus the Add-ons and Edit sales for a whole year. Obviously, shipping is payable and will be added to billing if you make any purchases.
The benefits & limitations of seasonal v select membership

NB: FFF do not charge cancellation fees – so you can cancel altogether, skip a box, or pause your subscription, at any time.

Your Bank may charge you for your purchases!

Additional Costs for UK Members

Aside from the extra cost for shipping, you may incur further charges from your bank for shopping outside the UK. These additional costs are in respect of Non GBP Purchase Fees AND Non GBP Transfer Fees. Not all banks charge these fees but the majority do, so I suggest asking your bank. These two fees are to cover the costs of the exchange rate adjustment and actually paying for your goods. The purchase fee is usually a flat rate charge (irrespective of your total purchase) and typically ranges from 50p to £1.25. The transaction fee will normally be between 2.75% and 2.99% of your TOTAL transaction, although rates may vary.

The REAL cost!

What my FFF subscription currently costs in pounds sterling:

To give you a better idea of the costs involved, here’s a breakdown. Please note this breakdown does not include Add-Ons.

  • Seasonal Membership £38.11
  • Shipping Costs £17.37
  • Purchase Fee (Bank) £00.50 Flat fee
  • Transfer Fee (Bank) £01.65 @ 2.99%
  • GRAND TOTAL £57.63

Given that my box value this time was £206.40 and despite the additional costs, I still ‘saved’ £148.77 off the products’ total RRPs.

The Add-Ons Explained . . .

The Add-on sales usually open a week or so before your billing date and offer you the chance to ADD bargain purchases to your box. There are lots (and lots and lots) of items available from all the FFF product categories and they are hugely discounted – often with 30% to 70% OFF the normal price. These hugely reduced bargains include past boxes, single items, bundles and *mystery bundles. Members receive emails notifying them of when the Add-ons ‘go live’, you then log into your account, browse and select your choices. No checkout is required at time of selection which means you can keep adding or removing products to/from your cart until the Add-Ons close. Once the sale has closed you will be billed for any add-ons in your cart and they will arrive with your seasonal box. There is only one restriction with regard to Add-Ons – members may buy a maximum of three of any one particular product. But, before you go crazy selecting Add-ons UK Members should remember that additional shipping may be payable and any purchases in the sales will increase your transaction total which means an increase in the Non GBP Transfer Fees. That said, given the amount you can save the additional costs are worth it!

*Mystery Bundles contain a surprise selection of goodies with a value of over £100!

The Edit Sales Explained . . .

Similar to Seasonal Add-ons Sales, Edit sales offers a range of products at discounted prices (30-70%) but the items you select usually ship within 2 weeks of successful billing, NOT with your seasonal box. This means you’ll have shipping costs to pay and UK customers will also have to pay purchase and transfer fees on Edit Sales purchases too. Members receive email notifications regarding the dates of Edit sales.

Get connected and stay ahead of the game!

FFF Social Media

As well as emails relating to Add-ons, Customisation, Edit Sales and Offers, FFF often post spoilers, alerts, sneak peaks, FFF News and other important information on their Social Media, so it’s worth following them. You’ll find FFF on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. (You’ll find Entirely Beauty on those platforms too 😉)

Spring Billing and Shipping:

  • Select Members will be billed on 7th Feb and their box will ship by 7th March 2020
  • Seasonal Members’ billing date is 20th Feb and their box will ship by 20th March 2020
  • Seasonal Members who have no Add-Ons or additions will be billed on 27th Feb and their box will ship by 27th March 2020.

At time of writing further information regarding the billing/shipping schedule for the other seasons in 2020 were not available.

That was a journey and a half!

I think that covers all the important stuff you need to know, but if there’s anything I missed, there’s links to other useful stuff below too. Wow, we made it to the end of this info-packed blog, a pat on the back for both you and me is in order, methinks. As always, thanks so much for reading, I really hope you’ve found all these Fab Fit Fun Facts useful and that, if you subscribe, or are already a member, you’ll now get the more out of your subscription.

As I add new content every other day, my next appearance will be on Tuesday (and the blog’ll be much shorter!!) SPOILER ALERT – I’ll be spilling a little TEA, taking the plunge and sharing some more beauty related fun. I hope you’ll join me for that, at 6pm London time. Until then, relax, it’s Sunday, and take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

What’s The Tea – Find Out Tuesday at 6pm GMT

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15 thoughts on “Spotlight on Beauty Subscription Boxes – Fab Fit Fun Facts and Winter Box

  1. We received such different items in our box! I recently signed up for the annual membership so I had the opportunity to chose some of the items in the box. I really wanted the planner but it wasn’t available by the time I was on the site. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on the items inside!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What did you receive in your box. I’m thinking of upgrading to yearly/select – do you think it’s a better option than paying per box? I’m tempted by early add-ons access, more choices and customisation. The shipping costs for the yearly plan concern me a little though, as I live in the UK.
      The planner is great, I love it. I’m in the process of working the FFF items into my routine, so you won’t have to wait long for my thoughts. ☺
      Thanks for your comment, hope you can help me decide about the annual subscription
      EB 💋


      1. My post will be up soon but I got the shower speaker, the sea salt bath soak, and the crossbody bag.

        The cost and shipping was a concern for me too because I live in Canada but the savings I got on the annual subscription was about the same as shipping for the year so I just went for it. Plus they charge shipping upfront for all four boxes so you don’t have to worry about being charged for shipping later on. I figured if I was trying out the box I might as well do the annual subscription. But it makes sense to just pay for each box individually too.


    1. Hey, you should give it a go. It’s a quarterly box so if you divide the cost by three it compares quite favourably with other boxes. I love the variety and have already found a few new faves thanks to FFF.
      I can resist anything except temptation 😁
      Thanks for your comment 💋

      Liked by 1 person

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