EB Spills The Tea!

Hey, how are you? Ready for me to spill a little ‘Treat on Tuesday’ tea? I enjoyed my week off, but happily returned the ‘Dolly Partons’ (working nine to five) yesterday. As I’m back, and balancing the blogosphere, the nine to five and pushing the envelope marked ‘time management’, this blog will be shorter than the last (almost encyclopedic, Fab Fit Fun Facts) but I’m sure you’ll find it beau-TEA-fully useful!

It’s no storm in a TEA cup!

OK, let’s get to the TEA. So, when I get home, after a hard day of earning my beauty tokens, I reward myself with a nice relaxing bath. A candles lit, hair up, face mask on, watching the Tube or listening to some tunes or reading (sometimes a combo of the latter two), tea infused kinda bath. . . Wait . . . a what in the who now? Tea? A tea infused bath??? Tea . . .in the BATH! That can’t be a thing, can it? Oh yes it can (is it still panto season?). It can be a thing, it IS a thing and a very good and pleasurable thing it is too!

(I’d now like to appologise if you think my title is a little ‘click bait-ish’, or misleading, BUT, I AM ‘spilling the tea’, about tea, well, bath tea bags to be precise.) 😉

Tea bags? Bags of tea, for the BATH???

I’ve long believed that “everything is better with tea”. (Or wine or gin.) Does that (the tea thing) still hold true if a teabag is popped (along with running water, obvs) into your bath? My answer to that would have to be a resounding YEAH! I hadn’t heard of Bath Tea Bags until I got a box of them as a Christmas present, but, and in a relatively short space of time, the humble tea bag has now been heroised, placed on the bath treat pedestal and I can’t see it being ‘depedestalised’ for some time.

Not only do Bath Tea Bags come in a range of blended fragrances, but each offers a different, ‘aromatheraputic’ and ‘Zen like’ bathtime experience that can be matched to your needs, mood or simply your aroma preferences. In the Tea Party Bath Tea Bag Collection box I received there were five different, lavish, and gorgeously sented bath tea bags:

  • Mandarin, Bergamont and Orange Blossom – to uplift & energise
  • Raspberry Cream Tea – to warm and comfort
  • Rose, Geranium and Green Tea – for harmony and balance
  • Lemon, May Chang & Green Tea – to refresh and clarify
  • Lavender, Patchouli & White Tea – to relax and unwind

There are many other fragrances available, to give you some idea, these include Sea Spray, Driftwood & Silvertips | Lime, Himalyan Cedar Wood & Green Tea | Sandlewood & Earl Grey Tea | Marshmallow Rose, Mango & Green Tea |Clementine & Prosecco | Seaweed and many more. On the packaging you’ll find an explanation as to what kind of bath experience you can expect from each of the fragrances or blends, which makes deciding which to use a little easier. Along with the essential oils and salts in each bag (which soften both the skin and the bath water AND smell heavenly) are herbs, leaves and petals to compliment the scent of each bag.

If you want to give Bath Tea Bags a try for yourself, and I highly recommend them, the brand I tried (and love) are available either as a boxed set of five bags from Prezzy Box for £9.99 and/or individually from Funky Skincare for the less expensive price of £1.75 per bag. (Links below)

Gift and Storage Ideas

Boxed, the Bath Tea Bags make for a lovely and different gift, to give or keep, but if you purchase the individual bags you can curate your own collection. If you want to give some individual bags as a gift, or display them in your bathroom, they look lovely in a basket with some dried fruits and/or flowers. Or pop the bags inside a Tea Pot to store or gift them. A Tea Caddy or Cup and Saucer, to store/hold the Bath Tea Bags would also make for a lovely, fun gift.

A beautiful and different gift, for yourself or someone special

How to use your Bath Tea Bags

Bath Tea Bags are easy to use. JUST drop one bag into your bath whilst the water is running, the salts will melt into the water, the oils will infuse and release their fragrance, whilst the herbs, leaves and petals will further add to the scent and experience. Alternatively you can sprinkle the contents of the bag directly into the bath so that the herbs, leaves and petals float around you in the water, whilst you lie back, relax and enjoy the pleasant perfume. (Or in my case, giggle, the first time you do this cos you think you look like the main ingredient in a stock pot!!) Either way works equally well, but, you’ll have to clean the ‘bits’ out of your bath afterwards if you choose the second option.

I’ve also used the bags as room freshners – simply tie ribbon or rustic twine around the top, hang the bag up and enjoy a pleasantly scented room.

And on that fragrant note, and with a few ideas now hopefully floating in your head, I’m going to go and put the kettle on, all this tea-talk has made me thirsty.

As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot. If you try, or have already tried Bath Tea Bags please let me know what you think of them. I hope you found the gift & storage ideas I included useful – if you did, and would like to see some more similar hints and tips, drop a comment below or on my social media. Whatever you’re up to, have a lovely Tuesday evening and I’ll hopefully see you back here to hang out together in the blogosphere again on Thursday (5.30pm London Time). Until then, take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

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