Easy, Moisturising, Body Care Routine: Taking Moisture to the Max!

Body Moisturising FAQs Answered How to help your body stay hydrated Simple 8 Step Body Care Routine Addressing your skin’s needs PLUS – ‘Moisture to the Max’ hints and tips

Hey, hello and welcome, hope you’re having a sassy Saturday! Let’s get personal – how’s your skin doing? Not so good? Don’t worry, you’re not alone; most of us need a little extra help when it comes to keeping our bodies moisturised, especially at this time of year. The weather is colder and unforgiving. The central heating provides much needed warmth but unwanted dryness. And it’s just too easy to forget to give your skin some ‘moisture love’ when your body is covered up a lot of the time to protect you from the elements. If your skin is having a mid-winter crisis, or you just want to try a different moisturising body care routine, you’ve dropped into the right blog!

Moisturise  your body from head to toe - your skin will thank you!
Moisturise and glow!

Wanna FACE time?

In November last year I published my easy ‘at home’ 10 step facial: I’ll link to this (and include other useful links) at the end of this blog. If you check it out, you’ll be able to combine the two, tried & tested routines, and ensure your body is moisturised to the max from head to toe!

πŸ‘‰ Before slapping on the lotion, here’s an important notion! πŸ‘ˆ

Take some time to assess your body’s needs, then you can adapt the Body Care Routine below to meet YOUR body’s requirements. The two important factors you’ll need to consider, that’ll help you get the most from the routine, are:

  • Knowing your skin type: If you don’t know or want to check – take this Quick Quiz or use the links below. Remember, your face and body skin types can differ, and you need to know your BODY skin type for this routine.
  • Using products that solve any skin issues YOU have: The products I’ve featured in my Body Care Routine resolve MY skin issues. YOU need products that will work for you, so switch up products for each step as necessary.

OK, you know your body’s skin type and what it needs, but you might still be wondering if/why you need a Moisturising Body Care Routine. To help you decide if you want to invest the time and get yourself some YOU-specific products, here’s some ‘positives’ (there aren’t any negatives 😁) that might persuade you to give my Moisturising Body Care Routine a go.

The FIVE Body Moisturising 'Super Powers' - make for positive changes!
Amp up the positives – your skin deserves it!

The Five Body Moisturising Positives

  1. A moisturising body routine will help slow down the signs of aging
  2. Moisturising your body protects the skin from the damaging effects of pollution and the weather. As a bonus, if you choose a moisturizer with SPF that’ll safeguard your skin from sun damage too.
  3. For all the dry skin types, body moisturising not only helps to prevent dry skin, but can offer relief.
  4. For those with sensitive skin moisturising offers protection and reduces the risk of irritation too.
  5. Because my moisturising body care routine will help to keep the body’s natural moisture and oils ‘locked in’, your skin will become, softer, smoother and silky to the touch.

In case you’re still procrastinating (??!!πŸ€”!!??), in a recent interterview (Good Housekeeping Magazine 2019) about the benefits of using body products Paula Begoun (American Author, Talk Radio Host & Founder of the beauty brand ‘Paula Choice’) had this to say:

“Having beautiful skin from the neck down requires using well formulated body care products loaded with beneficial ingredients … if you don’t take steps to protect it and help (your skin) repair itself from the assault of sun damage, pollution and certain skin disorders … they will all take their toll.”

My Eight Step ~ ‘Moisture to the Max’ ~ Body Care Routine

Warnings, Precautions & Good Practice:

  • Always do a patch test before using any new products
  • In-shower and in-bath products can make surfaces slippery
  • Hot water can be drying so keep the temperature of the water ‘comfortable’
  • Allow each product to be absorbed, or to dry, before moving on to the next step.

The Prep Step: Dry Brushing Your Body

Dry brushing your body for just a couple of minutes, will slough the dead skin cells and ‘prime’ your skin ready to drink in the moisture you’re about to give it. Dry brushing not only helps to soften and tone your skin, but your body will deal with any toxins more efficiently, it’ll reduce water retention, help correct cellulite and promote your lymph. All of these benefits clearly justify this prep step. I use my Visage Facial Cleanser with the body brush attatchment, but I have used a ‘manual’ body brush too! Either will get the job done and leave your skin prepped and ready for the routine.

Oil and water DO mix and a few drops of Bath and Shower Oil moisturises and softens the skin.
Oil Can Help

Step One: Start as you mean to go on

Either run a warm bath and add your favourite Bath and Shower Oil to the water or, in the shower, massage the oil directly onto your skin and rinse. Recently I have been using Moroccan Romance from Avon’s Planet Spa Range – I love it’s light fragrance and how lush it feels on the skin.

A dream clean is great for prepping your body for moisture!
Give yourself the brush off and say taa-tar to those dead skin cells

Step Two: Cleanse, Exfoliate and Invigorate

Time to grab your beloved bath and shower gel, a brush (bath scrunchy or loofah) and lather up! Do this gently (Obvs! You’re cleaning and smoothing your skin. You are not a burnt saucepan, no need for the Brillo Pad approach!). Luxuriate in the lather, let the scent soothe you and say bye bye to any remaining dead cells. (May they rest in peace). As I recently subbed to, and am testing, Bubble T’s Soapscription, I’m currently utilising their Bath and Shower Gels for this step, (Review coming soon!) together with the Body Brush attachment that came with my Visage Facial Cleanser. But you can switch up the products and method in this step to suit you and your skin by using what you have and/or prefer.

The Livivo Mulit Attachment Cleanser

Step Three: Make like Mumble and get Happy Feet

It’s never too soon to start getting your tootsies ready for summer. My Livivo multi-head cleanser came with a pumice attachment, so I use this with a little bath and shower gel, to help rid my feet of any hard or flakey skin, and make them smoother. It also preps the feet for Steps Four and Eight and ensures that when the flip-flop and strappy sandal weather returns your feet’ll be looking beautiful. If you want a (much) cheaper, manual alternative to the Livivo, Primark sell a multi-surface pedicure tool for just a pound!

A sugar, body scrub makes for a great foot scrub too!

Step Four: Foot Massage and Polish

If you follow my beauty blog, you’ll know that I often use products for things other than their intended use, because I like to experiment and get ‘extra benefits’ from the stuff I buy. This step is an example of that, although not a ground-breaking move, it’s a good one! After dead-skinning my feet I like to massage them, to relax and improve circulation, with a body scrub! At the moment I’m working my way through a huge tub of Vanilla & Brown Sugar Scrub from Primark, because it smells so tasty and does a cracking job of softening and polishing the feet. The sugar works as a great foot exfoliant, melting as it’s massaged in (use circular motions) and once these two steps are completed you WILL notice the difference it makes to your feet. Again use a Body scrub you know and love and/or invest in a proprietary foot scrub.

A fantastic and quick all over body moisturising spray oil just can't be beaten!
In the Spring and Summer amp up the body moisturising with a buildable, sun kissed glow!

Step Five: Spray on Moisture and Glow Up

Step Five differs according to season, but are both easy and simple to use AND deliver a great moisture boost. In Autumn/Winter, after getting out the bath/shower and patting my skin ‘dry’, I spray my still damp skin with SSS Original Body Oil from Avon. As the product soaks into your skin it locks in the addition moisture from your damp skin. I switched up to a spray oil because it’s a quick, access all areas, water lock-in, pleasantly perfumed and moisture boosting product and am loving the results. In Spring/Summer I switch over to the Enhance and Glow version, which not only moisturises but builds a sunless tan too. The Enhance and Glow is, however, applied to DRY skin and smoothed in with your hands (or tan mitt). As with all the other steps utilise a Body Oil you have or one that you would like to try – but do consider a spray as it makes the ‘application’ of moisture so effortless!

Word of warning DO NOT use either of these Avon Spray Oils after shaving – they’ll sting like a swarm of giant, angry wasps and could cause irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Specific Products to target YOUR specific concerns are a must in any good, moisturising Body Care Routine.

Step Six: Time for a Fix!

You know your skin type and those areas you are concerned about, it’s at this point in the Body Care Routine that you address these concerns. If you have cellulite, for example, invest in and use a targeted product for that as YOUR step six. Whatever YOUR problem area(s) is (are) there’s a variety of ‘products for purpose’ (from drug store to high end) for you to choose from. If you are already using a trusted and loved targeted product, continue to use it and implement during this step. If you have more than one problem or concern regarding your skin, use different, specially formulated products for each: just ensure you ‘apply and allow to dry’ before moving onto the next product/step. At the moment I am testing Mio Skin Tight – a body serum that promises to do what it says on the tin – ‘tone, smooth and tighten’ the skin. I’ll let you know the results in a couple of weeks.

It's worth finding a product that works wonders when it comes to this step, because it's the final moisture wrap for your body in this Body Care Routine
Wrap yourself up in a moisture duvet!

Step Seven: Moisture Heaven

Of all the steps, this one is my favourite, due (in no small part) to Rituals Cream On. I love this product and have been using it for a few months. It’s a rich, nourishing, body cream that I swear I can feel moisturising my skin both as I apply it and afterwards too. The fragrance is just heavenly, it absorbs easily, is non-greasy and works like a dream. As an added bonus it’s inexpensive and suitable for all skin types. Using this cream is like enveloping your whole body in a soft, comforting, freshly laundered duvet, and it leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft, smooth, moisturised, nourished and lightly fragranced. If you havent tried it I would highly recommend it, if, however, you already have a body moisturising cream that you are as crazy about as I am about Rituals, then stay with it cos Holy Grail products are insanely hard to find.

Start getting your feet 'beach ready' NOW - you'll thank me in summer - feet need moisture too!
Always read the instructions –
even if you don’t follow them!

Step Eight: The Grande Foot Finale

As I said earlier I do like to experiment with products and a few months back, having ran out of Foot Moisturiser (it was the start of winter boots and warm socks season so I forgot to re-purchase) I grabbed a tub of Soaper Duper’s ‘Very Dry Skin Formula Body Butter’ from my stash and thought, this might, given it’s formula work well on my feet. Long story short – it did and I have been using it ever since. I apply a fairly thick layer to the soles/heels and a lighter layer to the tops of my feet and my ankles. I give it a while to absorb (you could read another one of my blogs while you wait) and then put on a pair of comfy socks to prevent the butter getting on the carpet, etc, and aid absorption. Then simply leave ya socks on until all the butter has been thoroughly absorbed. The result – fragrant, fresh, soft and happy feet!

And finally


Top Tips For Helping Your Body To Stay Hydrated

  • Limit your bath/shower to a maximum of 15 minutes: Not only will this help your body to absorb the products you choose to moisturise with , but not languishing in a bath or shower for too long (however tempting it is) will also help safeguard against the loss of your body’s natural oils
  • Drink Plenty Of Water: Yes, I know it’s an obvious (and somewhat boring) tip, but drinking water will hydrate your body from the inside out!
  • Invest in a humidifier: Humidity will ‘assist’ your moisturising products to do their job AND, like drinking water, also helps retain your body’s natural moisture levels.

I hope you found all this useful and informative, and that, if you adopt my Body Care Routine you see (and feel) the benefits. Thanks, as always for reading, I do appreciate it, and look forward to hanging out with you again on Monday (5.30pm GMT) in the Blogosphere. If you enjoyed this blog please give it a thumbs up and, if you really want to make my day, subscribe and follow me. Until next time, take care.

πŸ’‹Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

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