The Bad and The Boring: A Beauty Tag

10 Beauty Tag Questions and Answers

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Hey and hello, how are you today? I thought, with it being Monday (and Mondays can, and often do, SUCK!) that we might all benefit from a light hearted, cheer us up, tongue firmly in cheek – Beauty Tag Blog. I wasn’t tagged, but the invitation was right there, at the end of The Newbury Girl’s Blog and, me being me, I couldn’t resist! I hope you enjoy my answers, I appologise right now if I inadvertently diss one (or more) of your favourite (or worse still, Holy Grail) products. Please don’t take it to heart – we are all different & have varied opinions on products. But, that’s what makes these Beauty Tag Blogs (and Beauty Tag Videos) fun & entertaining, no two bloggers or tubers will give the same responses, we each have our likes, and in this case, dislikes.

Many THANKS to The Newbury Girl -the lovely blogger who brought this tag to my attention, I really enjoyed reading her answers and if you’d like to read The Newbury Girl’s answers too, simply click the above link. Right, lets get into it, shall we?

1 A foundation finish you don’t like?

I don’t like the sublime or the ridiculous! A very matte foundation can be very unforgiving and feels like it is sucking the moisture right out of my skin (YUK). At the other end of the scale some supposedly ‘dewy’ foundations can be too ‘wet’ and feel as though it’s sliding in a southerly direction. Give me some good, solid middle ground and I’m happy!

2  The worst mascara you have ever tried? 

Seriously Bad

Without doubt – Kevyn Aucoin’s Expert Lash (there’s a misnomer, if I ever saw one)gets the award for the worst mascara I have ever tried! I was so disappointed -given the name, the brand & the hype, I expected it to give me lush lashes, but the formula was awful and what is with that weird wand?? (Check out a previous review of various Kevyn Aucoin products HERE)

3 One thing you tried once and then thrown away? 

A Younique Lip BonBon ; if you’re not familiar (lucky you) this is a kind of lip balm with a tint. Firstly, it smelt really weird, a vom-inducing-kinda-solidified-grease smell. Secondly, tint my ass, it was way too gaudy for a balm and last (but not sodding least) I πŸ‘‰ stupidly πŸ‘ˆ parted with Β£19 to discover this products’ abundantly bad qualities. Yay me!!! (Not that I’m bitter πŸ˜‰)

4 The most boring eyeshadow palette you own? 

‘Boring’ and ‘eyeshadow palette’ are not words I’m used to seeing/hearing/reading in the same sentence – is there such a thing as a boring eyeshadow palette???? This is a trick question, right? 😁 Next!

5  A makeup trend you think is boring and want to go away? 

I’ll be there for you

Not a makeup trend as such, but a trend among those who use makeup professionally. There seems to be an increasing trend in the beauty community for drama. The whole James Charles/Tati thing last year, aka Dramageddon, baked my noodle. (See My Hot Take on Mr Charles) The latest ‘carry on’ between Tina and Marlena is now churning ma butter!

Gurus, Tubers, Influencers lend me your ears! Drama for dramas’ sake is BORING, Makeup should be FUN! Can we have more OG fun content & less drama please?

6 The worst liquid lipstick you have tried?

Out of sheer curiosity I ordered a set of four, mini ‘Huda Beauty’ liquid lipsticks from Amazon for the bargain price of Β£4.99! (Yeah, I know, as if, right). Obvs they were rip offs (how do they get away with that?) but I wanted to try them. Man, they were dryer than a desert, but they did have staying power. Lesson learnt – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!

7  What color do you think is the most boring one? 

I’m not a fan of black, I wouldn’t say it’s boring but it’s just not my jam makeup wise. I don’t mind it for tight lining, water line or mascara, but other than that I tend to steer clear.

8 What brand do you think is coming out with the most boring things? 

Don’t you think a lot of brands have boring releases from time to time? Arguably it’s down to ‘duping’. A high end brand releases, say, a palette and suddenly everyone jumps on the dupe band wagon. Then the makeup counters & websites, regardless of brand, start to all look the same. We need more originality in new releases, in both packaging and product.

9  Which step in your makeup routine is the most boring one? 

Wow, that’s a toughie cos I genuinely love EVERYTHING about makeup. I guess, if I have to narrow it down, I would say my brows, only because I’m not good at brows, I struggle to get them ‘on point’ & feel like I have yet to master that step.

10 If you had to choose between: – A good base and a bad eye look or – A bad base and good eye look which one would you chose? 

Definitely a good base & a bad eye look, cos if anyone asked me what was going on with my eye look I’d simply tell ’em that it’s the latest trend, and that they need to perfect the look as everyone who’s anyone will be wearing this kinda look soon! Said with an air of confidence I reckon I’d get away with that.

So, there you go, that’s my version of this tag done. Again, a huge thank you to The Newbury Girl for sharing her answers to this tag, I’ve enjoyed answering the questions. If anyone wants to have a go at this tag, feel free, the more the merrier. I nominate the following bloggers (and recommend you having a look at their blogs too πŸ‘)

TAG – YOU’RE IT 😁 Enjoy, lovely ladies 😘

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of your Monday evening, I’ll be back here Wednesday (5.30pm GMT) with another blog – till then take care.

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