Soapscription from Bubble T + FREEBIE!

New ‘Essentials’ Subscription Boxes are now coming on to The Beauty Scene – designed to make sure we don’t run out of those beauty necessities!

Bubble T now offer a SOAPSCRIPTION

Soapscription delivers two NEW Bubble T bath & shower gels to your door every month, let’s see if it’s worth ‘soapscribing’?

If you’ve read any of my Spotlight on Subscription Boxes series here on Entirely Beauty then you’ll know that I do love to receive a Sub Beauty Box or two! Following on from my previous blog – Non-subscription Beauty Boxes, it occurred to me there is another ‘sub category’ of ‘beauty box’ that is emerging, those that deliver your beauty & self care essentials.

Period boxes have been around for a while with companies such as Flux and Callaly whose boxes make your periods a little easier to handle, and now other companies are picking up on this theme, delivering a host of necessary self & personal care, ‘beauty’ related products so that you always have those essentials on hand when you need them. Bubble T recently joined the ‘essentials box’ party, with their aptly named & NEW Soapscription. Bubble T’s Soapscription service aims to ensures that you’ll never run out of Bath and Shower Gel again, as they deliver their bath and shower gels straight to your door each month.

How to get your first Soapscription Box and a FREE trial box from Bubble T!

Your first box with Bubble T’s Soapscription is a trial box and It’s FREE (Yes, you did read that right, it is FREE). You do have to pay Β£1 for postage and packing, but the actual box (which contains 2 x 100ml of product) is entirely FREE. This provides you with a great opportunity to try Bubble T’s Bath & Shower Gels, whilst also introducing you to Bubble T and their Soapscription service.

A lush FREEBIE from Bubble T

As you can see from the above photograph, in my FREE trial box I received 1 Vanilla Chai Tea Bath and Shower Gel and 1 Coconut Bath and Shower Gel. I thought the coconut would be my clear favourite as I do love all things coconutty scented (and flavoured!) and whilst it smelt good enough to eat (or drink), left my skin subtly scented and very smooth to the touch. I did like them both; the Bubble T Bath and Shower Gel formula is lovely, but I actually preferred the Vanilla Chai Tea fragrance. The level of vanilla scent was spot on and the overall fragrance was just divine!

With Bubble T there is a choice of 3 boxes every month, so you can bath or shower with either one of that month’s exclusive fragrances or select a ‘mixed’ box

You will, if you decide to soapscribe to Bubble T, be offered a choice of Vanilla Chai Tea and Coconut (Sweet) OR Avocado & Kiwi and Pink Lemonade (Fruity) for your FREE trial box. You will then be asked to select your choices for your full-sized box. At time of writing the choices for February’s box are either 2 x 200ml Strawberry Macaroon (yum, yum!) OR 2 x 200ml Rhubarb & Custard (also sounds scrummy) OR you can (as I have this month, because I couldn’t favour one ‘flavour’) opt for the Mixed Fragrance Box, so I’ll receive 1 x 200ml of each in my February box – can’t wait!

Once you have selected your choices for your trial and full size box, you will be asked a few questions about your bath and shower habits and how many people use your bathroom. Your answers to these quick questions will determine how many shower gels you’ll receive and how often. A box of two shower and bath gels, delivered each month is Β£4.99 (with post and packaging the grand total is Β£6.99). You can also add extras to your box, such as a Bath bomb, Lolly fizzes and/or Bath Salts. I am still using up an array of bath & shower oils, bombs etc., that I received for Christmas, so I haven’t added any extra products to my monthly boxes as yet.

January's Soapscription Box from Bubble T
Fabulous ‘flavours’

In January’s Bubble T Soapscription Box I opted for Blueberry & Lime and Pomegrante & Green Tea. I was super pleased with my choices. Up to now I have only chosen mixed boxes for my Soapscription, because variety is the scent of life, right? However, I do think having that “either fragrance or combo of both” is a great idea as, because if you know for sure you don’t like a specific scent, you can opt for two of the one you do like – no dramas! If, however, you want to spice up your bath and/or shower with a little variety, then you can!

The Pomegrante and Green Tea fragrance is clean, fruity and uplifting, and I do love it, but the winner from the January Soapscrition box was, without doubt, the blueberry and lime. It smells like a summer cocktail, the lime gives the gel a wonderful and fresh citrus scent, which is very pleasant, and to this pleasure party the blueberry adds another dimension – one of sweetness. Both of these gels left my skin feeling silky, lightly fragranced, super clean and I enjoyed using all the gels I’ve received so far.

The gels foam and bubble up nicely during use, and the fragrance that wafts around you as you use them makes either a bath or shower a more pleasant, aromatheraputic experience and depending on the scent will either uplift you or make you feel relaxed. I’ve used the gels in both the bath and shower, with just my hands, a flannel, a bath scrunchie, a sponge and with an ‘electronic’ body brush (As part of my Body Care Routine) The gels worked and performed well with all these methods; I got the best bubbles with the scrunchie and sponge, but felt the cleanest by combining the gel with body brush. Whatever method I used the fragrance on my skin was ‘light but noticable’ and in all these scenarios my skin felt soft and smooth afterwards, AND, of course, clean!

Would I recommend Bubble T Soapscription?

Would I recommend Bubble T Soapscription – is it worth the money?

The short answer is YES! The reasons behind my short & positive recommendation are as follows.

  • Exploring new fragrances of bath and shower gels every month is FUN!
  • The fact that those fragrances are exclusive to Soapscription makes it greater!
  • Bubble T’s gel formula is a lush, cleansing, pleasant one
  • Given the formula, the cleansing properties and fragrances, Soapscription is good value for money
  • Soapscription is convenient, no more running out of shower or bath gel

You can cancel at any time via email (although I doubt you’ll want to cancel). However, if you cancel before receiving your first full sized box you will not receive your FREE trial box.

Now you have all the facts, my honest opinions and review of Soapscription, I’d love to know what you think? Is this a box you’d be interested in? Have you already subscribed or tried Bubble T products? Do you know of other ‘essentials’ style boxes, I’m always on the look out for new boxes to try out. Let me know your thoughts in the comments here or get chatty with me on Social Media (the links are down below).

As always, thanks for reading see you next time, until then, take care.

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    1. Welcome to the EB fam, faithful follower, πŸ˜‰ good to have you aboard. Soapscrition is fab, the products are lush, & possibly the best part is that I dont have remember to buy bath & shower gel. I really couldn’t get over the delish fragrances they offer! If you do try, let me know what you think. πŸ‘


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