January’s Empties

The products I used up in January and what I thought of them – aka ‘Quickie Reviews’

In this blog: Hair, Skin & Body Care products: Used, tried, tested, and now – reviewed!

Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Hand Care And Oral Health Products that I used up in January.
I got through quite a few products in January!

What’s happened to ‘Shopped My Stash’?

Do you get a sense of pride when you empty a product, or is that just me? When January ended I was left with a mahoosive pile of empties from my stash, 16 of which I am reviewing in this blog. The empties that haven’t made it into this blog were either repeats from previous blogs in my Empties series, were samples or minis (ie insufficient product to really ‘try/test’ and/or give an objective opinion) or they were products I’d already featured in one of my Shopped My Stash series here on Entirely Beauty.

And talking of Shopped My Stash, I’ve received quite a few messages asking why I haven’t posted any blogs in this series recently. Firstly, I’m glad you like and enjoy Shopped My Stash and secondly, whilst the answer is neither jaw dropping or even exciting, I’ll explain: I made a conscious decision to use up any nearly empty, almost expired and samples in my collection during December and January. As part of my ‘waste not want not’ resolve I did a collection de-clutter and passed on, donated and discarded quite a few products. I also ended up with a basket full of either half used or almost empty products that I really didn’t want to waste, plus some samples that I wanted to try out, so I set about ‘working on’ these rather than Shopping my Stash. Fear not – now I have consciously used everything up, Shopped my Stash will be returning really soon!

Anyone who can finish a bottle of shampoo and conditioner at the same time is to be admired – right?
WELL – I DID IT! And I am, understandably, and unashamedly pretty pleased with my achievement.

Hair Care Empties

  • Lacura Natural Hold Hairspray – available from Aldi: Not only is this uber cheap, but it has a micro-diffusing mist for even sprays, is nourished with pro vitamin B5, gives UV protection to your hair, holds well, brushes out easily and is non sticky. Brilliant!
  • Avon Advanced TECHniques Supreme Oils Shampoo: luxuriously nourished with Nutri 5 Complex (a fusion of five oils) this shampoo cleans without weighing your hair down. The shampoo smells lush and so will your hair after using it. Loved it!
  • Avon Advance TECHniques Supreme Oils Conditioner: Also has that five oil fusion thing going on, which softens your hair, whilst leaving it super nourished, shiny and smelling great. Loved this too!
Four of my Skin Care empties takes from the Snail Slime to the ridiculous!
Snail Slime, a Β£98 night cream, a Beauty Pie Day Cream plus an
old favourite – a varied bunch of empties to say the least!

Skin Care Empties #1

  • Snail Essence Hydrating Mask By Bisutang: I wouldn’t suggest grabbing a snail from your garden and rubbing the poor bugger on your face, but, although this snail slime mask was an impulse, interwebs buy, bourne out of intrigue, it turned out to be an inexpensive hit! My skin felt super hydrated, soft and moisturised after using this sheet mask and, for snail slime, it smelt quite nice too. Weirdest thing I’ve had on my face? Probably, but hey, it was worth it!
  • Avant Shea Butter Hyaluronic Vitamin B3 Seawater Sweet Almond Delux Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream: At Β£98 for 50ml, this night cream is vereee boujee. I got this in a sub box (Look Fantastic – pre blog) so I didn’t pay the boujee price. It IS a lovely night cream: it refreshes your complexion, is anti-aging and targets imperfections as it penetrates your skin. Yes, the benefits are noticeable but OhMGee that price tag! There are other, comparable moisturisers that are many coins less.
  • Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti-aging Cream: I’ve had and used this off and on for a while, and whilst its plant bioactives and hyaluronic acid claims to lift, firm and plump, I didn’t rate it highly, but enjoyed using it. Smells good, felt good but shan’t be re-purchasing.
  • Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser 50ml: I do lurve the Sukin range, their products are great, affordable and are regulars in sub boxes such as The Vegan Kind plus I recently bought more in a mini haul from Look Fantastic. This natural, Aussie, skincare suits my skin, leaves it feeling cared for, brighter and softer and I’ll no doubt be buying from the range again in the future! Did I mention that I lurve it? (So much that I also emptied an entire 125ml bottle too, hence it appearing in my next photo)
Avant's boujee theme continues with an Β£89 Facial Serum!
Sukin Signature -so good I used it twice – plus more boujee products!

Skin Care Empties #2

  • Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser 125ml: Ok, ok, maybe I’m a bit obsessed with this fab range from a land down under, but I used this second bottle up too and it’s worth mentioning twice. You should consider giving it a go!!
  • Dr. Karabelnik Vitamin C Booster 30ml: This normally retails for around Β£20, but I got mine from TK Max for just Β£6.99. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this Beauty Booster (serum type product) as I didn’t see any noticeable improvements or changes in my skin. It did smell good, but the pipette didn’t dispense from the get go, which meant I wasted a lot of the booster as I couldn’t get it out the bottle – it’s very thick in consistency. It solidified around the neck of the bottle shortly after opening and made my skin feel tight! Sorry Doc, it’s a no from me.
  • Avant Hyaluronic Algin Retinyl Palmitate Ubiquinone Ribo Nucleic Eight Hour Retexturing and Anti-Oxidising Facial Serum 30ml: And the award for a big ass, unpronouncable name for a serum goes to Avant! Maybe Avant work like solicitors and charge per word? Anyhoo, boujee – you betcha, great to use – abso-tutely, worth the coin – jury’s still out! I liked it, it was lovely, both to use and on the skin but Β£89? Again, I was lucky enough to receive this in a sub box. It does last a long time as you only need a little, it feels lush, but does all that equate to Β£89 worth of coin – not on my beauty budget it doesn’t.
  • Temple Spa Toning Essence 150ml: I’ve bought and tried several Temple Spa products and have loved most of them, this toner included. The ingredient list sounds more like a Mediterranean Meal – Ginger, Lime, Manderin, Basil, Rosemary, Melon, Orange, Lemon and Tomato – than a toning essence, but it does the job! Actually, it does more than tone, it can also be used to refresh your skin throughout the day/night too. This dual use, together with how radiantly healthy it leaves your skin, plus how cooling it is as a spritz (great in summer) means it gets a thumbs up & a probable re-buy from me.
Lavender & chamomile, Sea Buckthorn & Orange Oil and Cool Mint - primary ingredients in these body care products!
Body Care plus Oral Health

Body Care Empties #1

  • Avon Naturals Dreamy Lavender & Camomile Spray Perfume Spritz: You probably don’t want to smell like your granny, so I suggest using this as I did – as a pillow spray! And it works (pardon the pun) like a dream. Spritz a little on your pillows and bedding, climb into your now heavenly scented bed, relax and drift off into a lovely slumber! A great and inexpensive dupe for those more costly pillow sprays. Love it!
  • Organii Natural Care Hand Cream for Hands & Nails: If you want soft hands and strong nails from a certified natural product, then this hand cream with it’s deliciously scented mix of sea buckthorn and zesty orange oil will deliver. A none greasy, easily absorbed winner!
  • Colgate Plax Zero Alcohol Cool Mint Mouth Wash: Whilst it promises 24/7 protection against plaque and being effective against bacteria, this mouthwash supposedly gives you “a pleasurable cooling sensation”. Now, unless Colgate are into some sort of weird, oral hygiene, S & M, I would argue that their description is a little misleading. For ‘pleasurable’ read ‘almost painful in places you didnt know existed in your mouth’ and ‘cooling’ translates to ‘you are going to experience a rumbling thunderstorm in your mouth’. I think this was a little too concentrated for me, not gonna lie, I diluted it with water to lessen the impact. Not for me – I deserve a medal for weathering Colgate’s storm and finishing the bottle, or maybe I’m just a glutton for ‘punishment‘?
Well oiled skin, fresh pits and clean hands!
And finally, Body Oil, Anti-perspirant and hand sanitiser.

Body Care Empties #2

  • Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray: I get through a few of these as I use this product as part of my Body Care Routine because it is sooo moisturising and easy to use. When first applied it has a hint of a chemical fragrance, but this quickly disappears as it not only moisturises but leaves your skin smelling really nice too. Will I re-buy? You betcha! I have yet to discover something that is as easy to use or that works as well as this lovely dry oil spray!
  • Nivea Anti-Perspirant Pearl and Beauty Quick Dry 150ml: This actually contains pearl extract, to soften and smooth your underarm AND offers 48 hour protection from odour, whilst caring for the skin. Sometimes, however, it’s the little things that make a product your favourite – I just love the fact that this has a lockable spray nozzle, to prevent accidental sprays in your bag etc. Nice one!
  • Cussons Carex Complete Defence Original Hand Gel: This is great for on the go as it does what it says ‘on the tin’ and this little 50ml bottle easily fits in your handbag or pocket. Brilliant!
Quite a mixed bag of empties this month.
That’s All Folks!

So, there you have it: A very mixed bag of empties, both in product type and reactions. As always, thanks for reading, I do appreciate you spending time with me and I hope you found this blog’s quickie reviews useful. If you have any questions about any of these products, please don’t hesitate to contact me: my social media is linked below or you can drop me a comment here in the blogosphere. Until next time, take care.

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NONE of the above links to companies are affiliated and I purchased all products with my own money. All reviews, thoughts and views are my own, honest and objective opinions.

My thoughts On Multi-Level Marketing Companies

With regard to both Avon and Temple Spa, I’m aware that these are MLM companies and that some people view these types of companies as ‘un-ethical’ and/or believe that the companies extort those at the lower levels. However, I spoke to both the representatives (ie those whom I purchased the products from) and they were quite candid in their responses.

Yes, they are at the supposed ‘lower levels’, yet both told me that they really enjoy being part of the respective companies they sell for and that is apparent from my involvement with them both as a customer and as their friend. What’s more each told me that they makes a decent income from their endeavours and they love and believe in the products they sell (and that really shows too). Both ‘reps’ explained that they’ve been involved with the companies for a considerable time, have enjoyed/received a number of non-monetary perks/rewards on top of monies earned and currently have no desire to ‘go to the next level’ or leave. Neither felt they were being used and both defended their right and choice to work for Avon and Temple Spa.

Perhaps high horses are ridden by people who THINK they know both the horse and the course, rather than looking to, and considering the experience of, those who are actually in the saddle?

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11 thoughts on “January’s Empties

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post, I enjoy doing monthly empties. I have a lot more cool stuff (& hopefully what you’ll think are cool blogs) coming up in the future.
      I love Avon SSS too, it’s so easy to use. Do you still use it? 😊


  1. WOW I am so impressed by all that you were able to finish up and I think its great that you’re focusing on finishing up so many products and moving them out of your collection before returning to a “Shop My Stash” series.

    Normally, I try to work through my products “organically” in the sense that I haven’t focused on using items up specifically…. but this year I’m attempting a makeup-focused “20 in 2020 Project Pan” to try to finish *at least* 20 makeup products this year!!

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    1. Hi, thanks so much πŸ‘

      I must admit I did get a real sense of achievement from using them up. Because I trial and test a lot of products, I do end up with half finished stuff, so was pleased that my concerted effort actually helped clear those. 😁

      I thought about combining a project pan with my Shopped My Stash series as I would like to finish some of my makeup collection too, and encourage others to do the same. So rather than being part of the ‘spend and trend’ review set, I will shop my stash and show some of the makeup I already have in my collection, so much needed love ❀

      Have you pre-selected your 20 in 20 or are you doing that organically too?

      Great to get another bloggers input, thanks for commenting.


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