Primark Makeup Haul & First Impressions

I hauled the PS Summer Storm Range from the High Street store Primark

Primark PS Make Up And Beauty Accessories.
Primark’s Summer Storm Packaging makes for a displayable addition to your collection, but are the products slayable?

Here are my thoughts and First Impressions of the Primark Summer Storm Eyeshadow and Face Palettes, Body Glow, Five Piece Brush Set, Shimmer Lip Glaze, Compact Mirror, Matte Lipstick, Four Piece Nail File Set and Single Highlighter

Plus – Primark’s PS range False Lash Queen Mascara, Bronze Glow and Perfect Finish Foundation

The Summer Storm Collection certainly provided an opportunity for a lovely beauty station display, which was cool, Are the actual products as pretty as the packaging? Find out here.
To find out what I really think of the (undeniably cutely packaged) Summer Storm Collection from Primark – read on.

The Back Story to the Haul

I spied, with my made up eyes, Primark’s launch of the New Summer Storm Collection on the interwebs and was immediately besotted by the beautiful packaging. Pay day finally arrived (I swear January had 95 days), I popped into my local Primark Store (or as I call it Primarni – The Temple of Temptation) and did me a haul! But that’s just the start of a Beauty Addict’s ‘fix’, right?

Not gonna deny it, organising my haul into a display on my beauty station was a pleasurable experience and probably more satisfying than it should have been. Yeah, there’s more to my addiction than getting and using products, I’m also a sucker for good looking packaging!

Hey good looking! 
Pink, grey and white.
Marble effect.
Flecks of gold.
 What's not to love about the packaging?
😍 That boujee, gold flecked, marble effect though 😍

The package aesthetic

As you can see in the above photograph, all the items have a co-ordinated, marble effect package aesthetic; with soft, dusky rose pink, light smokey grey, touches of black and gold flecked highlights on a white background, which matches my beauty station and is quite lux looking. I give Primark ten outta ten for that packaging – nice work guys!

What I bought and what I thought

  • Summer Storm Eyeshadow Palette | 20 pans set in a gold coloured interior, including 8 matte shades, 8 shimmers and 4 super-shine-shimmers. The shadows – in brown, gold, apricot, pink and russet hues – are beautiful, buildable, and therefore, versatile. The creamy powders apply easily, have staying power, and, colourwise, are reminiscent of Iconic London’s Day to Slay palette. There’s a mirror in the lid, which is handy for application. Overall there’s a wealth of different looks waiting in this palette!
  • PS Bronze Glow Matte Bronzing Powder | I got this in the shade Fearless, a light terracotta. This bronzer is buttery to the extent where it looks and feels like a cream bronzer, but it is actually a powder. There’s no shimmer/glitter in the product, yet it’ll give your face a natural, healthy looking, ‘glow’.
  • PS My Perfect Colour Perfect Finish Foundation | I got this natural finish, medium to full coverage, liquid foundation in the shade 03 – Nude Beige. It’s more medium coverage than full, but blends out nicely. If you want fuller coverage you can build it up and it’ll still feel good on your skin, due to the moisturising vitamin E. It doesn’t settle into fine lines, and looks good; at the price, it’s a solid, every day, go-to foundation.
  • Summer Storm Shimmer Lip Glaze | Couldn’t make my mind up, so I got two, one is a tasty toffee shade (which is kinda apt as these smell like toffee) with a gold shift shimmer and the other is an apricot apparition with a pink shift shimmer. (Neither have shade names on the containers). Comfortable to wear and non-sticky, these Lip Glazes will add a touch of shimmer to your day look and/or vamp up your glam at night.
  • Summer Storm Face Palette| This palettes gives you three highlighters and three blushers to compliment and complete the looks you can achieve using the eyeshadow palette. The molten toffee, gold and rose gold highlighters will make you visable from the moon, but can be sheered out to give you a more natural, but shimmery, glow. Two of the blushers Humid (russet) and Degrees (peachy pink) are matte, the third, Dewy (soft pink) is a shimmer blush. You can switch things up with this palette by topping the matte blushers with a sweep of highlight, mixing shades together and/or using these products on your eyes.
  • PS False Lash Queen Mascara | Billed, on the lush gold packaging, as giving your lashes ‘dramatic volume, fullness and length’. I think the name and descriptor are a bit misleading, I don’t think this will make your lashes look like falsies or that ‘dramatic’, but a couple of coats does give a good effect. With a nice wand that grabs your lashes, this true black mascara is still worth your coin.
  • Summer Storm Body Glow | This is great for your dΓ©colletage, shoulders, in fact anywhere you want to show a little glow! This product is very lightly (and pleasantly) scented, has tiny, quite subtle reflects and would work well on your face as a liquid highlighter, either alone or under a shade from the face palette, to take your highlighter to infinity and beyond!
  • Summer Storm Highlighter in Cyclone| This two toned, patterned highlighter was a haul ‘added extra’, as I wasn’t intending to buy it, but noticed this pinky gold powder as it screamed “get me“. Less sparkle than the highlighters in the face palette, this one will give you a more subtle glow and make a great brow highlight too.
  • Summer Storm Matte Lipstick in Wave | I love the formula of this, although it’s matte, it’s not a ‘flat matte’ – it has a slight sheen which is probably due to the non-drying, creamy texture. This shade would suit most skin tones, could be used with either of the lip glazes for a different lip look or as a cream blush. As an added bonus, it smells like CHOCOLATE (Deeeeee-lish), very similar to the scrummy smell of the Too Faced Cocoa Palette.
  • Summer Storm Compact Mirror | This pretty little compact will fit into your smallest handbag or even your pocket and is great for touch ups on the go. The outer component matches the rest of this range and inside you have both a normal and a magnifying mirror (great for those close inspections of your Summer Storm looks or eyebrow plucking). I was a little disappointed that the interior surrounds are silver, gold would have tied the compact to the other products more neatly and stylishly, but still a lovely, functional addition to your beauty accessory collection.
  • Summer Storm Nail File Pack (x4 files) | Quite possibly the biggest bargain of the bunch; For just one round pound you get 4 large, double-sided nail files. They are all black, smoothing emery on one side, on the other side you have two summer storm patterned, coarser files, one rose gold buffer, and a totally over the top chunky, gold glitter coarser buffer. So that’s everything you need to file and buff your nails in style. Whether they’re your own or a totes gorge set of false nails from Primark.
  • Summer Storm 5 piece Makeup Brush Set | In this set you get a powder brush, a countour brush, two eyeshadow brushes and a slanted eyebrow brush, all of which have soft, white bristles, gold ferules and Summer Storm patterned handles.
  • The soft powder brush can be used for setting, finishing or face powder, blusher, bronzer and countour.
  • The contour brush has denser, shorter, bristles making it pretty much sole purpose.
  • The larger of the eyeshadow brushes has a slightly fanned, wider brush head for sweeping on colour, whilst the smaller, thinner and more fluffly one looks like a blending brush.
  • The eyebrow brushes‘ shape makes a useful double up for lining your eyes with shades from the palette.
  • My first impression of the brush set is, unfortunately, quite negative. What these brushes lack in practicality and functionality (and they are sadly lacking, I found them all, with the exception of the brow brush very hard to work with) they compensate for by looking really pretty. I have other brushes from Primark that are way better than the Summer Storm set, if not excellent.
  • I’m not sure what Primark were thinking with these brushes. I would have preferred a larger, fluffy powder/face brush, a flatter more rounded brush for highlighter, bronzer, blushers and contour, a really soft fluffy blending brush, a smaller sized replica of that plus the eyebrow pencil with a spooly at the other end, but then, that’s me. You, however, might love ’em.

So that’s the haul that got my happy on this month, what made you happy this month? – Let me know either here in the comments or via my social media (Links below). Also, what do you think of the Summer Storm collection from Primark, is it a collection you want to give a home to or are you gonna pass on this one? Finally, please share some details about your favourite Primark beauty products and purchases.

I hope you enjoyed this haul, thanks so much for reading, tis appreciated. Sorry my upload schedule has been a bit off, over the last week – work has, necessarily, been eating up my time and I finally succumbed to those pesky winter bugs and caught a flu like virus (yuk!) which put me out of action completely. I have lots more blog posts lined up, that I’m excited for, so please follow me to make sure you don’t miss any of them. Until next time, take care,

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3 thoughts on “Primark Makeup Haul & First Impressions

  1. The marble packaging reminds me so much of one of MAC’s limited edition collections from last year – super pretty. We don’t have a ton of Primarks in the US, but I usually hear good things from my friends in the UK. Out of everything you hauled, the matte bronzer def sounds the most tempting to me – 100% my addiction right now lol!

    Hope you feel better soon! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Super pretty indeed! 😁 Primark is my ‘guilty pleasure lol. The matte bronzer is lovely – I go through stages with regard to makeup category faves, eyeshadow palettes are a constant though 😁 – they are my highest ranking addiction!


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