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Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new and if you’ve been here before – nice to have you back! Some of you may know I have a ‘bit of a thing‘ for Beauty Subscription Boxes, Non-Sub Beauty Boxes and, more recently, ‘Essentials’, Beauty Related Boxes. (For anyone who might’ve missed em, my boxy related posts are linked below) Anyhoo, I’ve discovered a NEW Essentials Subscription Box, have been road testing it for a few weeks and am excited to share my thoughts, opinions and tips with you in this review.

Introducing Friction Free Shaving: Hair FREE, Silky, smooth legs, under arms and bikini line can be yours!

So here’s the lowdown: I’ll give you all the FFS info, offer my post-tried-and-tested thoughts on the products in my box and the service, share my honest opinions and drop a couple of handy hints and top tips too. Hopefully all this’ll help you decide if you want to give the box/products a go yourself. I paid for my subscription/box/products myself, however I do have a referral code (as does everyone who subscribes to FFS) which I will share below. If you want to use the code, great – it’ll save us both some dollar on our boxes. If you’d rather not use my code that’s ok too, cos I do this beauty blogging milarkie for love not money. Besides, there may be a better deal available for you from FFS, so it’d make sense for you to check their web site (link below). I don’t know if my code would work in conjunction with any other offers from FFS but you could always give it a go!

Full review including info about Friction Free Shaving, my honest  thoughts and opinions on the products and service, how to purchase your own box, plus hints, tips, a referral code, related links etc.
Let’s get right on into it!

Who are FFS? (Friction Free Shaving)

  • FFS offer award winning female grooming products via their Subscription Box Service and the FFS on-line shop.
  • You can also purchase an FFF Starter Kit, Blade Refills and Shaving Cream from Boots (In store and on-line)
  • FFS are the first razor delivery service designed exclusively for women
  • Their mission is to make shaving cleaner, easier and cheaper
  • FFS are the UK’s top rated, female grooming, sub box
  • Their products are cruelty free and leaping bunny approved
  • FFS products and packaging are Vegan
  • All FFS products are suitable for sensitive skin
  • Their retail packaging is 100% Plastic Free
  • The FFS razor handle and blades means you don’t need to buy (and dump) an endless supply of plastic disposable razors
  • FFS offer a FREE recycling scheme for their blades
What was in the box, unboxing and review of the products I have tried and tested!
Here’s what my box from Friction Free Shaving contained

‘Unboxing’ my Friction Free Shaving Subscription Box

My box arrived just a few days after I placed my order, so I presume yours would too and FFS can be commended on their speedy delivery! The box design is good as there are ‘compartments’ to keep your goodies secure and when you open it you’ll be able to see all the lovely contents at a glance.

As you can see from the above photo I opted for the FREE ‘Rose’ razor handle, FFS Shave Cream (£6), the Post Shave Balm (£6), one of FFS’s Natural Deodorants (Tea Tree & Orange – £5) and 4 blades for my new razor (£9). I also recieved a FREE Clamshell Protector Case (this protects the razor head and blades) FREE engraving on the razor handle plus a FREE Teal Glass Nail File and some info leaflets and cards. The total of my order was £26 and shipping was FREE.

Overall I was impressed with both the speed of delivery and the packaging. The excitement and satisfaction of the unboxing hit an impressive 8 (out of 10). The leaflets and cards were informative and good fun to read; obviously, with a company name that’s abbreviated to FFS (an acronym best known to cheekily mean something else) these guys have a bloody keen sense of humour and it’s reflected in their literature! I won’t give ‘chuckle’ spoilers, but do read the info when you get your box – I bet you giggle, I certainly did! Finally, the products, all comfortably nestled in their respective slots, looked marvellously inviting. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe I’m waxing lyrical about something as previously mundane as female grooming products, right? But trust me – if you go for it, I’m sure you’ll be suitably enamoured by your box too!

How to order your FFS box: An Entirely Beauty Guide to the website and product reviews

With ‘off the website’ screen grabs (and a little added artistry by yours truly) to help familiarise you with the FFS products and process

The first step to Friction Free Shaving is choosing which handle you'd like! There is also an option to personalise your razor handle!
Choose your handle and, to make sure everyone knows the razor is yours, have your name engraved on it!
  • Select your handle
  • Choose either the ROSE (Rose Gold Coloured Metal with a rose coloured soft grip) OR the LILY (Teal coloured soft grip and silver coloured metal). The handle is FREE, both look totes gorgeous and the quality, perfection.
  • The next step is optional: you can personalise your razor handle with the name of your choice (I sooo wish I could’ve had mine engraved ‘Entirely Beauty’ – but that’s too many letters.) When I subscribed engraving was FREE, the usual price is £6. Given the length/width of the handle, the engraving is, in my opinion, a bit too small.
You are in control of your FFS subscription, including how often you receive a box!
Monthly or Bi-monthly? The choice is yours.
  • Choose how often you want to receive your box
  • If you don’t shave that often then bi-monthly would suit you best
  • If you shave everyday then a monthly subscription will be perfect
  • More optional extras: You can add one (or more) of the following either as a ONE TIME purchase or to your on-going SUBSCRIPTION (which means you’ll receive them in each of your monthly or bi-monthly boxes.)
  • Shave Scrub – this preps your hair/skin for a smoother shave, I didn’t order this with my box so I can’t review it.
  • Shave Cream – this lush cream ensures a smooth, friction free, non-redness/rash shave. It smells delish, feels lovely and fresh whilst on the skin and leaves everything feeling smooth.
  • Shave Balm – this settles and softens the skin after shaving. This is a rich balm that has a lovely, natural fragrance and doesn’t sting! Leaves the skin feeling fantastic, soft and vereeee smooth!
  • Also Optional: Solid, Natural Deodorant
  • There are 3 scents to choose from
  • Can be bought as a ‘one time only’ or added to your subscription
  • Won’t sting or irritate your skin (even if you apply it immediately after you’ve shaved – I know, I did that to test it out.)
  • The Tea Tree & Orange has a light & pleasant fragrance, I haven’t tried the others
  • Will keep your underarms, dry, free from odour and silky smooth!
  • A seriously small amount goes a seriously long way!
  • FFS Lip Balms are another optional extra
  • Yet to try these so can’t really comment
  • Buy as a one off or add to your Subscription box
  • If you have unwanted facial hair you can either add these to your subscription or buy a pack to try
  • Again, I am yet to try these wax strips, so am unable to review them.

Once you have made your subscription choices and added any extras the above screen (order summary) will show you what you have purchased/added to your subscription, you then make your payment and can then look forward to receiving your box!

Let’s cut to the chase: The razor refills

These come as a four pack and cost £9. That might sound a bit expensive (I thought that to be honest) but they are award winning. Not only that but they have 6 diamond-coated steel blades plus a styling bikini blade. I found that the razor glides over the skin easily removing all hair in its path with just one stroke. They give the smoothest shave I have ever experienced, with no snagging, no nicks and no razor burn. For me all these benefits makes the £9 price tag on the razor refill 4 pack price completely worth the money. 32p a day is a small price to pay for dolphin smooth results!

👉 Shaving & FFS Handy Hints and Top Tips 👈

👌Top Tip | Having used my FFS razor, cream and balm, being shook at how damn close the shave was and noticing that my legs and underarms felt as super smooth as my face after dermaplaning, I conducted one of my (in)famous ‘beautification’ experiments. Yep, you’ve guessed it, I used my Rose Razor to DERMAPLANE MY FACE: The results were abso-bloody-lutely amazing. ALL facial peach fuzz gone!!! None of the usual redness I experience when using a ‘brow blade’ to dermaplane! The cream and balm worked superbly on my face in this process too. It was so much quicker, smoother and easier than regular dermaplaning. So, I now want a Lily Razor for future facial dermaplaning and can then use Rose for everything else.

👍Handy Hint | I opted for Bi Monthly as I didn’t shave every day. (Let’s face it, it’s not a favourite pastime, right?) However, I’m loving the way my legs and underarms (and face!) feel post-shave, and want to a)maintain the smooth silkiness I’ve achieved with FFS and b) change the blade every week. (I think a new blade each week really does make a difference!) and summer is on it’s way, so I intend to switch up to a monthly subscription.

👌Top Tip – If you can afford it get all the tubes! I only got the Shave Cream and Balm, and judging from how brilliantly they perform I have serious FOMO over the scrub! I wish I had ordered that too, but I will be trying it with my next box.

👍Handy Hint – staying with the tubes: a pea sized amount will do a leg, half of that will do both pits (and only a teeny amount is needed for dermaplaning!) because these products are so good at doing what they say they’ll do. With that in mind I’d recommend buying these as ‘one offs’ additions, as and when you need, them rather than permanently adding them to your subscription.

👌Top Tip – treat yourself to a deodorant! Not only does the formula work to keep you dry and odour free, they help soften your underarms too. PLUS, as they are packaged in a small tin they are super useful to drop into your handbag (or pocket) so you can freshen up on the go!

👍Handy Hint – These products would make a super gift for a gal pal

👌Top Tip – do explore the FFS web site! Aside from the sign up and products there are guides to recycling, shaving, waxing and the deodorants plus an introduction and all the info you need about Peach Points – FFS’s reward scheme. All this will help you get the most from your subscription.

A Great Subscription!

I bloody love the FFS subscription, products, service and flexibility. The fact that everything is cruelty free, vegan and great for sensitive skin is definitely a huge pull. Switching to the FFS shaving system saves you buying endless disposables, which will save you money long term AND is more eco-friendly too. Added to these benefits is the way your skin feels as a result of using a quality razor, which has an ergonomic, nicely weighted and comfortable handle. The products I tried are all great quality, perform well and care for your skin too.

Having used everything I ordered for a few weeks I’m convinced I’ve found my Holy Grail feminine grooming products! Are you going to see if they are your holy grail too? Let me know what you think about FFS and my review (or anything else beauty related 😉) in the comments below. Is this a sub box you’re interested in? How do you currently deal with hair removal? Do you have any tips for silky smooth, post hair removal skin? If you have any questions please ask and I’ll do my best to answer them. I really enjoy reading the comments, and look forward to replying to yours.

As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot. I hope you found this review enjoyable and helpful. Until next time, take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

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  1. I had never heard of this sub box before, but I’m LOVING that they are plastic free and that they give you so many options for products at such a low cost. Very impressed – will need to see if this is available in the US. In the US we do have Billie, which is a razor subscription service, but the handle is plastic and we don’t get any other add-ons!

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