Behind The Blog (March 2020)

Shopping my stash, using Social Media more, a haul, new cleansing ‘tools’ series and a new blogging schedule: There’s a lot happening at so let’s have a chatty catch up!

Another 'behind the scenes' peek to uncover future plans to ensure you guys are entertained and know what's what!
What’s going on behind the scenes at Entirely Beauty?

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! As we’re saying hello March and farewell to February (and, hopefully, those crazy storms and awful floods), I thought I’d let you know what’s ‘going down’ behind the blog.

Obviously Entirely Beauty, blogging & my ‘addiction’ to all things beauty is my (much loved) hobby; I would write and play with products all the time, if I could, however I have been trying to strike a ‘balance’.

Regulars here at Entirely Beauty will also know that I pack alot into my blogs, which means they take a while to put together. Initially, being new to blogging, I thought I could knock out a new, detailed, informative and hopefully entertaining beauty blog EVERYDAY. (L-O-flippin-L!) Talk about rookie mistakes – I had no idea how long you have to bash the keys or the time involved in editing pics etc, in order to produce something worth publishing.

Obviously I want to keep you guys up to date with the latest Entirely Beauty developments and plans, so come with me as we go behind the blog to find out when I’m going to be blogging, how I’m going to use Social Media for EXTRA beauty content and my plans for upcoming blogs.

Have YOU joined the EB social media set yet?

Blogging Schedule & Social Media Plans

β–  NEW Entirely Beauty blogs will go live every Wednesday evening at 6pm and on Saturday afternoons at 3pm (All times are GMT).

β–  EB blogs will still be info packed, detailed, include useful links, be written with passion, include my honest opinions and hopefully keep y’all entertained too

β–  Less in-depth (and shorter) stuff will be added to my Entirely Beauty Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn (almost) on the daily.

β–  If you’re not already, you might wanna like, follow, connect and all that other good stuff available on Social Media so you’re in the loop and neatly side-step that dreaded FOMO in the process!! (Fear Of Missin Out is worse than man-flu and ain’t nobody got time for that!)

To give you an idea of what you can expect from me on Social Media- click these links and catch up with some of my posts from last week…

Facebook: Roccabox (Feb 2020) Rapid Review
Instagram: NEW Cleansing Tools Series – #1 The Konjac Sponge Tried & Tested
Twitter: What do YOU do?
LinkedIn: Get thee to Area 51!
Have you read my Roccabox Rapid Review on the EB Facebook Page?

Lacking a ‘smoothly-does-it-segway’ to my next bit of news, we’re going to have a bit of beauty-bloggy-oke! It’s like karaoke, but no-one can hear you, (unless you’re actually in public right now) no-one’s gonna judge (unless you’re actually in public right now, espesh if Simon Cowell is in the crowd) and singing is good for you (unless you’re actually in public right now – in which case it might not be, depending on how good a voice you have). Are you ready, altogether now …


all my troubles seemed so far away

did a haul and I can’t wait to play

Oh I believe it’s gonna slay


there’s not half the coin there used to be

Consumerism’s hanging over me

Oh, I’ve a new philosophy

Did ya sing along? 😁 I bet you did! πŸ˜‚ Anyhoo, yeah, I did a haul; mainly beauty stuff (though I did treat myself to some new jewelery as well) it was was a bitter sweet experience, because that’ll be my last major splurge for some time, (for reasons I’ll get to in a tick-tock) but I want to let you know I will be writing a Haul blog when my goodies land.

And now the reason why my last haul will be THE last haul for some time!

I think it was in January’s Empties that I spoke about not having done Shopped My Stash for a hot minute, because I was using up some odds and ends from my collection. Well . . . I’ve ‘shopped’ skincare, haircare AND makeup out of my collection and into rotation in readiness for use and testing during March. Not only that but I’m actually gonna try and USE UP a load of products from my beauty collection during 2020. Yes, I am a little late to the PROJECT PAN PARTY, but as YouTuber MissBudgetBeauty (aka Mikhila McDaid) pointed out in her recent video ‘Joining Project Pan’ it’s NOT too late!

So, that’s why my last haul will be the last for a while, because yours truly is doing PROJECT PAN 2020: a decision partly brought on by the sense of achievement I got from using up some of the half empty, soon to expire, stuff from my collection during January and February. Yeah, I know, that sounds completely bonkers, right, but Project Pan makes sense to me. I work hard for the money I’ve spent building up my collection and I want a good return on my investment. The easiest, most salient way to achieve a ‘good return’ is to actually enjoy the products I have and use them up!

Yes, as a beauty blogger, content creator and self confessed ‘addict’ there IS that temptation to buy all the new beauty releases and review them for YOU, but in so doing I migh turn you on to those products. That’s not sharing a love of all things beauty, that’s encouraging you to indulge in the ‘conspicuous consumption of cosmetics’ too.

Mikhila’s Project Pan Rules are different to my own, but the ethos behind both of us doing this is the same!

Project Pan 2020: How it’ll work

My Aims

1. To ‘organically’ de-clutter my collection through actual use rather than disposal and share the experience with you
2. To ‘hit pan’, use up and/or finish as many skincare, haircare and makeup products as I can before 2020’s up, and post Project Pan Progress Updates
3. To use ‘Shopped My Stash’ alongside Project Pan. At the end of each month I’ll add a blog detailing the products used, their performance and wearability etc., I’ll also use Social Media for some Shopped My Stash / project pan news -including
a) Sharing my hair care picks for the month on TWITTER
b) Revealing each month’s skincare selection on INSTAGRAM
c) The month’s makeup products will be posted on FACEBOOK PAGE
(To give you all a sneak peak of what products to expect in my upcoming reviews)
d) To review the Shopped My Stash products here on

4. To improve the condition of my skin and hair AND improve my makeup artistry skills by using up products for Project Pan
5. To foster good habits, going forward, ie: being less consumeristic and wastefull, spending within my NEW beauty budget, using up what I already have and controlling my collection. (and ‘addiction’ πŸ˜‰)

My Rules

1. At the beginning of each month I’m going to Shop My Stash for skincare, haircare and skincare products, instead of buying more products and creating waste.
2. The Shopped My Stash items will become my go-to products for the whole month
3. I’ll use these products consistently, throughout the month, as this’ll give me time to really test them out and give you guys much better reviews.
4. If I don’t use a product up (or fail to hit pan) in a month, that product(s) will be shopped out again later in the year, to use it up, see if seasonality affects a product’s performance and whether my opinions of a product changes.
5. I’ll still buy some beauty products, but my beauty budget is now drastically reduced (Β£50 per month) and I’m going to try to focus on ‘need’ rather than ‘want’ (eg to replace products I’ve hit pan on). I’ll also keep my beauty box subscriptions going and they will be separate from my budget.

I’m under no illusions here, I know Project Pan is going to be a tough nut for me to crack, because I can’t remember the last time I actually ‘hit pan’ on a makeup product. In fact, and I’m telling you this to be transparent and honest, I have such a lot of makeup in my collection that most of it is only lightly used and some of it is ‘virgin’ makeup & has yet to be touched. I’m ashamed of how damn wastefull that is.

I’m also embarrassed by the amount of my previous beauty budget: prior to my ‘realisations and rethink’ I was spending between Β£100 to Β£150 a month on beauty products (not including sub boxes), and again, being honest, sometimes it exceeded that, especially if I bought high end products. I have but one face to give to my hobby, so spending that much, coupled with hardly (if ever) using some the items in my collection, is pretty bloody stupid.

I’m sure I’m not the only one ‘guilty’ of overspending and under using where beauty is concerned, that’s why I have chosen to be open about it in my blog AND do something about! I hope you find my journey into Project Pan, using more, spending less, actively rather than passively decluttering and sharing the highs and lows (yes I expect there’ll be a few of those) with you, both here and on Social Media, useful, but entertaining too.

Are you taking part in Project Pan 2020, I’d love to hear from you if you are – maybe we could support each other in our endeavours? Have you undertaken Project Pan in previous years (it started, I believe, back in 2016), Did you succeed or struggle? Let me know in the comments below or chat with me on my social media platforms. And finally if anyone has any tips/ideas on anything related to Project Pan 2020, please share them with me, I’d be grateful for your input.

What do you think – do you feel that there is a pressure to buy the latest releases and trends? What do you consider before buying an item to add to your collection. Do you have a beauty budget, if so how much is it?

Well, that about wraps it up, except to say,as always, thanks for reading, hope you found this blog interesting and fun too. I look forward to reading your comments and continuing getting to know you. Look forward to welcoming you back soon. Until then, take care.

πŸ’‹Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

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