February’s Empties

The beauty products I used up in February and what I thought of them

Discover which products finally made it to the dustbin!

Used up skin care, body & bath products goners and one lonely hair care empty

February’s Empties Group Photo

Not only emptied but tried, tested, and now – reviewed!

Hi, hey and hello, if you’re new welcome to my blogosphere, if you’ve been here before, it’s great to have you back. Hope you’re all ok, are having an awesome and beautiful day, and that you enjoy the following ‘mini reviews’ of the beauty products I used up during February.

Again, no makeup in this month’s Empties Blog, but as I mentioned previously (Behind The Blog) I jumped on the Project Pan express at the start of March, I Shopped My Stash for for hair, skin and makeup products to use (up) during this month. My first Project Pan Progress Report, (at the beginning of April) will hopefully include makeup products I’ve panned!. I’ll publish a monthly Empties, that’ll be a review-round-up of the products I HAVEN’T shopped out, but have used up anyway. The Shopped My Stash blog will include my reviews of the products I haven’t hit pan with and that’ll be published at the beginning of April. In the Project Pan Progress Report I’ll give you my opinions and thoughts on those products I have actually panned/emptied during March!

Bath & Body Product Empties

I used up a total of 8 Bath & Body Products during February.

As I recently took out a ‘Soapscription’ with Bubble T, which means I receive two NEW bubbletastic bottles of Bath and Shower Gel each month, I have made a real effort to work through my bath and shower products during January and February. Have to say this has gone pretty good, I’ve used up the half empties I had, some samples I received in subscription beauty boxes and some products that were crying out to me for some love. So, without further ado, here’s my Bath & Body empties products review!

  • Noble Isle Bath & Shower Gel: I absolutely bloody love this, the fragrance (Fireside) is sublime and sensual, it foams up nicely and leaves you feeling all soft and warm! This is firmly on my wish list.
  • Avon Planet Spa Moroccan Romance Bath and Shower Oil: This is a dual purpose oil that can either be added to your bath water or smoothed onto the skin in the shower. Not only does this oil moisturise your skin but the rose, jasmine and peony fragrance transports you to a far off land.
  • Radox Lemongrass & Mandarin Shower Gel: Another fantastic product but this is a reviving and awakening experience, which makes it an excellent wake up call for those mornings when you are struggling to start the day!
  • Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash: Sea Buckthorn seems to be a popular ingredient in beauty products at the moment as I have seen/experienced it in quite of few brands. Sea Buckthorn has a fresh, fruity scent and is, supposedly, good for the skin. I’m not a huge fan of this though: I can take or leave the fragrance, the formula is nothing outstanding and, although I felt clean after using it, my skin didn’t feel very hydrated or soft either. Bit of a let down!
  • Nivea Luxurious Shower Silk Mouse: I had this in rhubarb and raspberry fragrance, and I really like this scent. You only need to dispense a small amount of this mousse as it impressively doubles (if not trebles) in size. It does feel lux on the skin and the fragrance whilst using it is wonderful. Unfortunately, the fragrance doesn’t last on the skin after use, but the silky softness does. I’m on the fence with this one – loved using it, liked the smell, shame it didn’t last.
  • Molton Brown Orange & Bergamont Bath and Shower Gel: Smells delish (and the fragrance lasts well on the skin too), great formula, leathers well, leaves skin clean, refreshed, fragranced and soft – would definitely recommend.
  • Bubble T Pomegranate & Green Tea Bath and shower Gel: According to the packaging legend has it that green tea was first tasted by accident in 2737 BC when Chinese Emperor Shennong drank water that had a tea leaf boiled in it. Personally, to drink I like Tetley or PG tea, I have tried green tea but it made me pull a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. However, I don’t mind it in beauty products. Still loving Bubble T’s products, this wasn’t my favourite to date, but still a nice product!
  • Love Beauty And Planet Shower Gel: I received this in a Subscription Box, not my favourite shower gel to be honest, but I’m glad to have discovered this via a sub rather than having paid for it. The formula is ok, it makes a good, soapy lather, it’s the scent of this that put me off it though – I don’t dislike either Shea Butter or Sandlewood Oil, but together (as they are in this gel) the result is way to sweet, to the point of sickliness. It’s a no from me.
  • Soaper Duper Body Butter Very Dry Skin Formula: I also got this in a sub box, ages & ages ago, which is how long it’s taken me to use it up cos this comes in a big 300ml pot. I loved the Yuzufruit and Fig fragrance, but Soaper Duper no longer offer it. I have used the majority of this product on my feet, where it has worked wonders. My feet are super soft, uber smooth & very moisturised. Works well on knees and elbows too, and, of course, all over your body. But I do tend to use it mainly as a foot softener and moisturiser, where I can’t fault it! Highly recommend anyone giving this a try-I’ve already repurchased two tubs, one in Shea and the other in Shea and Coconut – both of which smell sooo lush – love, love, love this Body Butter!

Skin Care Empties

Did my skin benefit from these now empty treats?

In do love good skin care products, using face products and discovering new ones, testing them out and doing my routine twice a day are a few of my favourite things. During February I managed to use up 5 skin care products, although two of them were sample sizes sent to me in sub boxes, here’s my thoughts on them all.

  • Dr Botanicals Lm Rescue Butter: This 50ml Lemongrass Superfood, balm like product cost around Β£15 to buy, which make it kinda expensive so you expect results – right? Erm, nope. This formula is for dry skin and as it’s winter here in the UK and my face is dryer than normal I thought I’d give it a go as a moisturiser (it state on the tube it can be used as a facial moisturiser). I’m not sure I’m a face balm kinda gal, as I didn’t enjoy using this product. Firstly, it smells like a prescription cream for eczema (I suffered with eczema a bit as a kid, so I know what those creams smell like). Secondly, it feels very silicone like in texture with a super thick consistency. It’s difficult to massage in and once you achieve this it actually feels like you are wearing an thin mask on your face – neither a pleasant or comfortable experience to be honest. I persevered however, determined to use it up and hoping to see results. The former was the only success! I’ve used other products from this brand and got on really well with them, but I’d give this one a wide berth!
  • Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks: These eye masks claim to brighten, hydrate and reduce dark circles. They are nice to use and have the advantage of not moving around your face like most eye masks do. I can’t say as I noticed it really achieving the results I was promised though, but they did cool my eyes and made them feel less tired, so not all bad – would I buy them again? No, I don’t think I would.
  • Omorovicza Cleansing Foam: Despite it’s odd scent (which I can’t describe any other way than ‘vaguely minty’) the pale blue (yes, blue! BLUE?) colour of this thick gel to foam cleanser, it actually made my face feel really, really clean and prepped for the remainder of my skin routine. An odd looking and weird smelling cleanser, it ended up working ok, but I won’t repurchase.
  • The Green People Age defy: This product is testament to the fact that organic and natural products don’t always ‘perform’ as you expect them too. This Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator’s ‘fragrance’ reminds me of decorating, a sort of yucky mixture of paint and brush cleaner. Not nice to be honest, what’s worse however, is that it did nothing for my skin. I would neither ‘recommend or buy this again. Definitely not a skincare product I want to use again.
  • Vitamasques Cranberry & Apple Sheet Mask: Wow, this Korean inspired, moisturising mask has triple layer technology, a beautiful, hunger-panging-fruity-smell, feels great, both during and after use, includes ample serum (which allows you spread what’s left in the packet over your neck and dΓ©colatage) and has visibly great effcts too. Loved it, recommend it, will be getting more of it. Brilliant.

Hair Care Empties

I have a lot of hair care products in my stash, so it was a bit of a disappointment to only get through one of them during February, but here’s my review of the lonely empty in this category.

  • Noughty To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo: A great shampoo for this time of year, cos this is when most folks need a bit of extra moisture, and this shampoo delivers it in abundance. Formulated for frizzy and or damaged hair, if your tresses are a trial, this makes a great remedy! Would I buy this again – absolutely – once I’ve used up the myriad of shampoos I have waiting in the wings. The conditioner from this brand/range is marvelous too, and the combination of the two left my hair feeling like I’d been to an expensive salon. Definately recommend giving this a go, I rate it highly.

Final Thoughts

I’m pleased with the amount of empties I accumulated during February and feel like I have laid good foundations for my journey into Project Pan, as I have already declutterer my beauty collection of quite a few products, from various categories – I’ll have to make a more considered effort in the makeup category though if I am to fully embrace the ethos behind ‘panning’

There were some ‘good uns’ amongst the products that made their final journey to the recycling bin last month, but there were some damn awful ones too. Hopefully, my opinions’ll come in handy for you if you wanted to know about those I have featured here.

Thanks, as always, for reading, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit my blog, and I hope you’ll come back soon. Don’t forget my regular blog uploads are every Wednesday evening at 6pm and Saturday afternoons at 3pm – if you follow and/or subscribe to my blog you’ll be notified when my blogs go live and won’t miss a thing. Until next time, take care

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NONE of the links I give to companies are affiliated and I purchased every product mentioned with my own money. All reviews, thoughts and views are my own, honest and objective opinions.

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