Payday Beauty Haul

The beauty products I hauled (off my wish & repurchase lists) from Pretty Little Thing, Aldi, Deciem and Soaper Duper

Payday Beauty Haul
Loved doing my haul, but I’m not sharing this for ‘bragging rights’, there are lessons to be learnt and changes in direction – all of which I hope you find informative, useful and entertaining!

A new skin care regime, individual false lashes, eyebrow pencil, hair rollers, concealer, 10 in 1 miracle spray, body butters, loose setting powder, 100% natural hand & nail cream and a box of stones!

(Yep, a box of stones 🤔 Good thing I don’t live in a glasshouse!)

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! So, the start of March brought with it some better weather, (albeit short lived) the promise of spring (ditto) and the much awaited payday. As a self confessed beauty addict payday means it’s time to get my monthly beauty fix, either by going to the shops or hitting the interwebz – this month I chose the latter. Yes, this IS a haul blog, BUT there’ll be some top tips along the way, useful retail, product and social media links, plus a HOT Entirely Beauty Revelation and a word of WARNING, as well as the usual hauled beauty products ‘Show and Tell’.

Re-purchased products from Soaper Duper

My previous blog post (February’s Empties) featured Soaper Duper’s Body Butter as I had finally used it up, mostly on my feet, where, as I also mention in that post, it’s done a cracking job of helping to get my feet Summer Sandal Ready (It’ll be THAT TIME before we know it!). So, my first stop on the interwebz highway was Soaper Duper’s website (link to website below).

My Soaper Duper Purchases:

Super Soaper Duper
Tried, tested and loved formula – new fragrance
  • Deluxe Shea Butter BODY BUTTER | For very dry skin | £10.99 | 300ml tub | with macadamia oil, vanilla pods & tahitian monoi oil | 97% natural | cruelty free | vegan |
  • Deluxe Coconut & Shea Butter BODY BUTTER | For very dry skin | £10.99 | 300ml tub | with macadamia oil, vanilla pods & tahitian monoi oil | 97% natural | cruelty free | vegan |

Also available in Sicilian Lemon and Pure Happiness fragrances. The Shea Butter and Sicilian Lemon can be purchased as a ‘Mini’ (50ml) for £3.50 each – a perfect ‘Try Me’ price and size.

TOP TIP: If you spend over £19 at Soaper Duper then your order will be delivered for FREE!

I doubled up on my Body Butters order to get the FREE delivery, which was OK cos I knew I’d use them and it meant I could try out a couple of NEW fragrances. The fragrance I had used is now discontinued, but, having tried the Shea Butter already, I can tell you that the fabulous formula is the same – rich, thick and creamy and both the Shea Butter and Coconut & Shea Butter smell so totes delish I wanna spread it on toast and eat it! I also have to award BONUS HAUL POINTS to Soaper Duper for their packaging. My order was delivered in a handy, cardboard, recyclable, Bathroom Recycling Bin! What a brilliant idea – I wish more companies were so forward thinking with their packaging!

Aldi Mini Haul. (PS Aldi – I love your affordability, cheeky dupes and randomness!)

I’m still enjoying using all my Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers and facial massager (see Who Made Me Buy What) in fact, I’ve yet to buy a beauty product from Aldi that I haven’t loved! I’ve been wanting to try their loose powder for a hot minute and knew they had released a new vegan range of products too, so Aldi Online was my next stop & shop! (Link included below)

My Aldi Payday Purchases:

Everyone loves a beauty bargain and the Aldi beauty range, Lacura, offers an abundance of 'em!
Hot Stones from Aldi – who’d have thought it? Alternative Therapies available at the local supermarket
  • Lacura Natural Hand & Nail Cream | New | £2.99 | 50ml Tube | Vegan | Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil
  • Lacura Loose Setting Powder | Laura Mercier Dupe | £4.99 | 25g Pot | Absorbs Excess Oils | Finely Milled | Light, Natural Coverage
  • Hinkler Hot Stone Massage Kit | 8 Basalt Stones Plus Full Instructions | £4.99 | Stress Relieving | Losens Stiff Muscles | Improves Circulation | Promotes Deep Tissue Healing

TOP TIPS: Download the Aldi App and subscribe to the email marketing so you don’t miss any new bargains. You can select the categories you wish to receive notifications for too – e.g. Health and Beauty. Delivery is FREE on orders over £20.

I was alerted to the launch of the NEW Vegan range via Email (see it is worth subscribing to receive these mails) I wanted to try at least one of these new products to review for you guys and am running low (!) on hand cream, so that’s what I choose from the range. The loose powder is well-known in the beauty community for being a dupe of the much higher priced Laura Mercier – so I’m curious to see if it lives up to the hype! As for the Hot Stones, not gonna lie, this was a full on impulse buy! I’m hosting a ‘Girls’ Night In’ this weekend, so I’m going to try the Stones (and a few other products) on the unsuspecting invitees and get back to you with a full review.

At this point I took a break from shopping to look for a NEW subscription box to trial and . . . found one!

As you probably know I do love my Beauty Sub Boxes (that’s an understatement and a repeated one at that!) this NEW one looks great and I’m excitedly (and not very patiently) awaiting it’s delivery so I can add a review of it to my Spotlight On Subscription Boxes Series. My next FabFitFun Box (Spring 2020) is due any day, so look out for that review too. (For my detailed thoughts on the FabFitFun Box, including how the subscription works, click here). March’s Roccabox has already landed and I’m liking the mix of products I’ve received in the five months I’ve been subscribed. November, December and January’s products are gradually finding their way into my rotation and I’m currently testing the hair vitamins from February’s Roccabox.

After that tantalizing tangent, let’s get back to the purpose of this post!

The Main Event: Pretty Little Thing £100+ Haul!

I was a PLT virgin until this haul. Prior to pay day I visited their site, bookmarked it (link below) signed up for their marketing emails, wrote an extensive ‘wish list’ in my head and, having familiarised myself with PLT, I waited for payday to arrive.

My Pretty Big Pretty Little Thing Purchases:

The beauty stuff I hauled from Pretty Little Thing.
Skin Care and some random beauty additions for my Beauty Collection from PLT
  • The Ordinary The Daily Set | Squalane Cleanser 50ml | Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 30ml| Natural Moisturising Factors 30ml | Boxed| Skincare Essentials | £15 |
  • The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%| £4.90 | 30ml | Effective Antioxidant| Skin Brightener|
  • The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density| £15.80 | 60ml | Support for Hair Health | Leave In/On Treatment | For fuller, denser and healthier hair|
  • The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution | £6.80 | 240ml | Mild Exfoliant | Improves Skin Texture, Radiance and Clarity
  • The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer| £3.90 | 30ml | Matte Finish | Blurs Pores and Imperfections | Hydrates |
  • The Ordinary Coverage Foundation | 1.2P Light | £5.90 | 30ml | Full Coverage | Contains Free Acids | Smooth Finish | Lightweight | Non Oily |
  • Maybeline Eraser Eye Concealer | £9 | Anti-Age | Semi matte Finish | Covers Dark Circles, Redness & Fine Lines
  • Primalash Natural Individual Cluster Lashes | £4 | Flared | Bulb Free | Blends with Natural Lashes |
  • Beauty Works 10 in 1 Miracle Spray | £12 | 250ml | Multi Tasking | Heat Protection |
  • Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil | Ash Brown | £3 | Triangular Shaped Pencil | With Spoolie| Small Strokes & Definition| Rub Resistant |
  • Bendy Hair Rollers | 2 lengths | 8 Pack (4 each Length) | £2 |

TOP TIPS: There is NO Free Delivery Option so a bulk buy (like I made) gives the best value for the £3.99 delivery charge. PLT do offer a ‘Delivery subscription’ for £9.99 a year, so if you are likely to make several purchases this would be a better option.

With regard to The Ordinary products I would advise reading the product information BEFORE purchasing to ensure what you buy is suitable for YOUR skin and it’s needs.

An Important Heads Up Regarding Pretty Little Thing Discount Codes

Prior to placing my order with PLT I received a lengthy promo email from them with a 30% Off Everything Discount Code ‘Banner’ emblazoned across the top of the mail. When I went online to place my order there was another 30% Off Everything Discount Code (New 30) prominently displayed on the site. Knowing I was going to be placing a large order, (as listed above plus several items of jewellery) my reaction to this was “Wow, that’s fantastic.”

I was, obviously, expecting a 30% discount on my £100+ Pretty Little Thing order (ie: a £30 saving) the discount I actually received was just £1.50!

What does EVERYTHING mean to you?
This is a composite of the marketing email I received offering 30% off, part of my order confirmation showing the applied discount and order total plus the PLT ‘small print’ buried at the end of the lengthy marketing mail that, arguably, negates the offer and the definition of the word EVERYTHING!

Where’s The Discount?

First can I say I am not honing in on this just to throw shade or spill PLTea, but as consumers shouldn’t we expect a level of transparency that helps us to be savvy shoppers, whilst fostering our respect and loyalty with retailers?

That said, let’s break it down:

The ‘OFFER’ clearly states 30% OFF, there is an asterisk (*) after the word EVERYTHING however the small print (and it is just that) to which this asterisk alludes, was buried at the end of an email that contained not only the ‘OFFER’ but several photos, information and inviting ‘click here’ buttons.

The chances of ANY recipient (myself included) actually reading that mail to the end (and discovering that small print) is minimal – aint nobody got time for that, right? We want to shop and take advantage of that ‘OFFER’. Besides, the mail is arguably put together to discourage reading to the end, instead it is meant to lure you to PLT PDQ.

Once read, it becomes apparent in the small print that EVERYTHING is NOT actually EVERYTHING: There are exclusions: SALE products is understandable, BEAUTY Purchases not so much? This, together with the other STATED exclusions, denotes that EVERYTHING is NOT as it should be

There are NO written exclusions regarding JEWELLERY- yet, having bought FIVE items of JEWELLERY in total, I recieved discount (£1.50/30% as per the offer) on just ONE item. This makes no sense to me – does it to you?

It seems that Pretty Little Thing’s not only re-written the definition of the word EVERYTHING, but, and despite, their exclusions disclaimer, the actual application of any discount is then applied by PLT without rhyme or reason!

Will I shop with Pretty Little Thing Again?

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

And it is a real shame that Pretty Little Thing weren’t more transparent! Because, to remain both honest and objective here, despite feeling fooled and lured in, their site is easy to navigate, has lots of great, helpful, product information & clear photographs. Delivery was quick, everything arrived safely packaged and I do love the fact that I could indulge my love of beauty with other purchases in one place AND the jewellery I ordered is beautiful – in fact I was impressed and pleased with all my purchases, BUT, nobody likes to made a fool of.

And finally … More of The Ordinary direct from Deciem

Having ordered my The Ordinary products from PLT I popped over to the Deciem site (link below) to check prices and product info. Once there 3 more products took my fancy,so I ordered them too. At time of writing, having missed two attempted deliveries, my parcel has, understandably, been returned to sender. I have contacted Deciem and hopefully these products will reach me soon!

The last of The Ordinary – what I ordered:

  • The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil | £8.10 | 30ml | Antioxidant Rich | For Hair & Skin | Hydrating|
  • The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil | 30ml | £5.90 |For Hair and Skin| Unrefined| Reduces Flaking | Adds Strength to Hair|
  • The Ordinary Buffet | 30ml | £12.70 | Multi-Technology Peptide Serum | Targets Signs of Aging | Can be used AM and PM |

TOP TIP: It’s worth looking at this site as it has detailed info about all The Ordinary products plus usage directions. My delivery was FREE, because I spent over £20, usually it would cost £4.99, so waiting until you want to spend over £20 would be cost efficient.

If you read my previous post – Behind The Blog (If not, why not? 😁) then this is old news, but worth reiterating, I have joined Project Pan, having realised that my beauty spend is in danger of getting out of control, but more because I have amassed a large beauty collection over time, each item deserves some love and currently very few items are receiving my love. This is obvs, quite wasteful. If you saw my Empties write ups for January AND February (again, if not, why not?? 😅) you will have, hopefully, realised that I have been making a real effort to use stuff up! Inspired by this effort, Youtuber Mikhila McDaid and the fact that I blog (and have a responsibility to my readers) I decided that I could do better, much better in fact, and Project Pan seemed to be the way to go.

I have a lot of make up that hardly sees the light of day, so I’ve Shopped My Stash for Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Care and have expanded my NEW ‘less wasteful’, ‘use it up’, ‘spend less’ mantra to include and focus on panning more makeup products!

So, Hauls such as this one will become less in spends and frequency. I’m not doing a no-buy, but I am doing a buy-less. I’m not suggesting that everyone should adopt my new policies, nor am I encouraging everyone to join Project Pan. I’m doing this for me, for my collection, and as a new twist in a hobby I am truly passionate about. I will share this new chapter with you, simply because I am a beauty blogger and that is what I do. 😊

Thanks, as always, for reading, it means so much and I do appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed this haul, that you’ll read more of my stuff and come back for the next one. I upload new content every Wednesday (6pm) and Saturday (8pm) and look forward to welcoming you back. Dont forget to check out the (unaffiliated) links below, and drop me a comment with your thoughts on my haul, project pan or anything else beauty related – I love reading them, replying and getting connected with you all. Until next time, take care and please wish me luck with Project Pan.

Being a spendy beauty addict I think I'm going to need some luck in the panning department.
See You Soon

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4 thoughts on “Payday Beauty Haul

  1. OMG I hate when things are excluded from promos without being advertised as such. I’ve notice that the Ordinary tends to be excluded from a lot of retail promo sales though. Maybe b/c they are already so affordable? There must be a lower profit margin there for both the brand and the retailer!

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    1. That’s a good point – they are really affordable. It was the lack of transparency with regards the my non-beauty purchases that irked me most, lol – I should have spotted the exclusions but the rest of it is baffling to me 😮😊


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