Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: Fab Fit Fun Spring 20

My Fab Fit Fun Spring box has landed! If ya wanna know what’s inside this season’s box & which add-ons I chose keep reading.

The inside and outside of the Fab Fit Fun Spring 2020 box.
As usual the box itself is a knockout. This one was designed by the Mexican-American designer and illustrator Marisol Ortega. With nature as her main influence and bold colours as her preference, the resulting box is beautiful.

I’m focusing on the products in the box in this review. If you’re not familiar with FFF then my “Fab Fit Fun Facts Winter Box” post will tell you everything you need to know and has useful tips to help you get then most from your subscription – check it out.

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great that you’ve come back! I’m not going to open by saying that I’m a hug fan of sub boxes (πŸ˜‚) or that I subscribe to quite a few of them, (πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) no, instead I’ll just mention that I’ve got quite a bit of experience where beauty boxes are concerned. πŸ˜‡ As usual, after I’ve given you a guided tour of the products inside this season’s FFF box and my thoughts on each, I’ll include all the relevant links below so you can explore some more. Now, shall we jump into it? I think we should – hold hands then πŸ‘‹ ok after 3 1 …2…3…JUMP πŸ˜‰

The reVive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle And Anti-Ageing Light Device
Getting that GLOW on! For my product ‘backdrops’ in my photographs I utilised the pages of the FFF magazine that came in the box, to give you a feel for its content

reVive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle & Anti-Ageing Light Device | Value $68 / Β£54.42 |

I’ve never come across anything like this before, so I’ve done a little research. Off the bat, if you’re going to use the device you should test your skin for light sensitivity. To do this simply hold the switched on device on your forearm for 3 minutes: if your skin turns red and that redness lasts for more than two hours then your skin IS light sensitive and you SHOULD NOT USE the device.

reVive Light Therapy Features and Explanations

  • Includes batteries and user manual
  • A light emitting diode (LED) unit/device for dermatological use
  • Treatment: fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing
  • Recommended areas for treatment: Forehead, crow’s feet, above the bridge of the nose and smile lines.
  • How it works: The deep red, red and amber spectrums this device emits are proven to reduce and/or reverse fine lines & wrinkles, improve skin’s texture and tone and develop a more youthful appearance
  • Infrared light -stimulates both collegen and elastin
  • Red light – improves circulation
  • Amber light – reduces redness, swelling and inflammation
  • The device is automatic and pre-set, so no user adjustments are necessary AND it switches itself off after the prescribed three minutes of treatment

How to use the reVive Light Therapy

  • Wash and dry your face
  • Switch the reVive Light Therapy on
  • Put the device directly onto the skin/treatment area (do not move the device around during treatment) for three minutes. (The device will automatically turn off after this time) Switch the device on again and move to the next area to be treated. Continue until all required areas have been treated.

Tips for using reVive Light Therapy

  • Use daily to obtain the best results
  • Can be used with your favourite serums etc to achieve even better results (always test patch first)

I’m pleased I picked this gizmo in customisation, am excited to see if it actually performs as stated and whether I get any results. It is really easy to use, if not fool proof (which is handy for me! πŸ˜†). I like the look of it and how it warms the skin during use. I’m going to properly road test my reVive Light Therapy, starting in April, for a month: my post-trial thoughts and results roundup will become part of my Gadgets Gizmos Brushes and Blenders series.

Body Lotion and Straws. One of the things I love about Fab Fit Fun is the often random, surprising box contents.
There’s not much I can really write about straws to be honest, but I do like the sound of sleeping in a cocoon!

This Works: Deep Sleep Body Cocoon Lotion | 100ml | $40 / Β£32.39 | AND | Chic & Tonic: Silicone Straws x 4 with Brush Cleaner & Case | $15 / Β£12.16 |

This Works is a brand I’m familiar with, I’ve had some of their products before (via various sub boxes) and I’ve used a product similar to this one too, Temple Spa’s ‘Duvet’, although Duvet has a thicker consistency. Both products’ fragrances are, unsurprisingly, very similar, because they both contain lavender – which I’m not mad about, cos I love the scent and find lavender very relaxing.

And that is exactly what this two in one lotion aims to do, relax you whilst also nourishing your skin. The ingredients also include Shea Butter, Crambe, Vevivert and Camomile and these all combine to create a dreamy fragrance in a lotion that is easily absorbed and softens your skin.

I’ve literally just massaged some of this into the back of my hand and now my key tapping is now a somewhat ‘fermata’ as I keep putting my hand to my nose and inhaling deeply (I’d make a crap pianist) to relish the fragrance: it smells of ‘relaxation and sleep’! I think I’m going to love using this product – again very pleased, especially as this was FFF’s choice.

OK, they are NBR (Not Beauty Related) but again FFF have done a cracking job selecting these for me, cos I am super pleased with them. The Chic & Tonic Silicone Straws are one of those items you didn’t know you needed til you got them! I do tend to use straws when I’m out because I don’t want to put a glass to my lips that has had hundreds of other people’s mouths on them, and I won’t drink straight from cans or bottles either because you just don’t know where they’ve been and have you ever seen a bar person clean a bottle top or can before giving it to you – nope, didn’t think so. πŸ€”

Also since most places have now switched from plastic to paper straws (round of applause for eco-friendly common sense) I’ve found that some paper straws can get a bit soggy and bits of paper straw can wind up in your drink. These silicone straws solve that problem and are reusable, washable (either by hand or in the dishwasher), don’t have an odd taste or coating, are portable (they have their own carry case) and haven’t been sat on a bar top collecting dust prior to use. 😬

In short, these straws are brilliant! And, well, would ya look at that, I CAN write more about straws than I thought πŸ€— although I have probably given you nightmares about straws and glasses now. Sorry.πŸ˜™

The Tarteist Pro Glow Palette from Tarte looks the business, but is it?
Makeup time! Not just any makeup either – it’s Tarte!

Tarte: Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette | x 6 pans (1 cream, 5 powders) | $45 / Β£36.68 |

This is another product I was able to choose in customisation. I love a good highlight and knowing Tarte’s quality and formulations this selection was a no-brainer. The black and gold packaging, wardrobe style doors (with two mirrors on the inside) magnetic closure and a subtle gold sparkle is to die for, but what about the products and shades?

  • LIT is a biscuit coloured powder highlightwith a fine glitter running through it. It has a soft formula, feels slightly crumbly, isn’t over pigmented, can be sheered out to be less obvious and is very pretty.
  • STROBE is a banging champagne powder highlight that is buttery and smooth, again it has micro particals of glitter, but it’s more subtle than Lit. This has a wet look, is more pigmented, but can also be blended out. Beautiful.
  • FIRE is a glossy, gold highlighter with micro glitter (somewhere between STROBE and LIT) and rose hues. It is buttery and yet crumbles a little too. On my fair skin this shade leaves a slight cast, but I might consider using this as a blush topper. Glowing.
  • STUNNER is a truly apt name for what is my favourite powder highlight in this palette. A smooth, bright and blinding, buttery gold, sans glitter, this is indeed stunning! Obsessed.
  • SHADE is a very creamy, cream contour that looks like milk chocolate in the pan, but blends out to be defined or sheer according to preference. Mmm chocolate!
  • SCULPT is a cocoa coloured powder contour which is so buttery I actually thought it was a cream product at first. This, I think, would work quite well for me as a bronzer. Lush.

I love this palette and can see me using all the powders on my eyes as well as cheeks and I like that kind of versatility. The palette feels substantial, the products have a slight chocolatey fragrance that is vaguely reminiscent of Two Faced’s Cocoa Contour and I’m once again very pleased with this customisation choice.

To sleep, perchance to dream.
A little help in the rock-a-bye department?

Gravity Weighted Sleeping Mask | $39.99 / Β£32.59

Another one that fits well under the Gadgets and Gizmos heading is this sleep mask, designed to give you a quality sleep. It’s weighted to block out light and distribute an even, light touch across your key pressure point. The sleep mask fastens at the back of your head , with Velcro, to ensure a good, snug fit. It’s comfortable to wear, feels good and it seems to soothe tired eyes too. My only complaint would be that the mask wriggles off during the night, but I have a feeling that’s because I fidget a fair deal in my sleep and not due to a design fault. I love using my sleep mask, find it relaxing and it’s a customisation pick that just keeps giving, cos I have lots of fun, every morning, trying to find it so it’s ready for me to use again at night!

Oils well, that ends well!
Shame this didn’t arrive with a handsome masseuse to apply it for me – I imagine the shipping cost would go through the roof if it did though! BUT the customisation of said masseuse would’ve been fun times. πŸ˜‰

Jaboneria Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil | 118ml | $68 / Β£55.42 |

This rosewood and litsea cubeba body oil is a delightful experience for your sense of smell, wellbeing and skin. The slightly citrus, sweet, fragrance is divine and the cold pressed 100% pure oils and vitamin infusion feels lux on the skin. It has an Anti-Ageing, restorative, moisturising formula with a youthful, glowing finish.

It’s an undeniably lovely product, a new discovery and once again FFF did a stirling job of choosing this for me. I can’t wait to use it on the regular to see if it delivers the healthy glow it promises. I also cant help but wonder if it could be used as a hair oil too – no doubt I’ll end up testing that theory in the coming weeks!

This is very a-peeling πŸ˜‰
It’s peel and polish time

Purlisse Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel | 70ml | $35 / Β£28.52 |

As the name suggests this polishing peel is infused with watermelon, but also contains lychee together with glycolic acid. Suitable for all skin types, it can be used on the daily and promises to gently resurface, smooth skin and boost radiance. This polishing peel is a ‘fair foundation’ colour, with a light ‘gritty’ texture and it smells deliciously fruity.

How to use Purlisse Polishing Peel

  • Cleanse the face and leave wet
  • Smooth the product over the face
  • Leave for 2 minutes
  • Rinse off with warm water and pat the skin dry
Fast Food for your hair!
This Fast Food is so much more beneficial than a burger and fries!

AG Hair Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner

Another ‘selected for me’ product and of the other items available I would have chosen this hair conditioner, so that’s more brownie points for FFF. The conditioner contains humecants together with Abyssinian oil to help moisturise and smooth spilt ends, calm those frizzies and add a conditioning shine without weighing the hair down.

This conditioner has a light, but creamy, consistency and a fragrance that is slightly fruity, fresh and clean smelling. Apply a small amount to clean, damp hair, work through to the ends (do not rinse out) and simply let it work its magic.

What I picked up in the Fab Fit Fun sale
Here’s my additional choice and add-ons from Fab Fit Fun

An additional choice purchase and my Fab Fit Fun Add-Ons from the Add-Ons Sales

Additional Choice: Amber Sceats Double Coin Necklace | $50 / Β£40 | I paid $10 / Β£8.15 |

  • When customising your Fab Fit Fun Box you are offered some additional choices in each category for a reduced price (based on value). I chose one such additional choice this time round
  • The Amber Sceats Double Coin Necklace had taken my fancy, but I really wanted the sleep mask too, so I was thrilled when, having selected the mask, the necklace was offered as an additional choice and snapped it up.
  • The Necklace is gorgeous, on trend, weighty and I know I’ll get lots of wear from it. For comparison purposes the quality is way above the costume jewellery I’ve purchased from Primark, similar to my recent jewellery additions (mentioned in my latest Payday Haul Post) from Pretty Little Thing, but I do feel the quality of the Amber Sceats is slightly better than those items too.

The add-ons:

  • Beauty Bakerie Cocoa Bronzer Palette | Sale Price $19 / Β£15.48
  • 4 large pans in cardboard, choc and coffee inspired print packaging
  • I hadn’t got a Beauty Bakery product in my collection, had heard of the brand and really liked the look of the shades (from light biscuit through bronzed gold, shimmering chocolate and a deep apricot) so I had to snap up this bargain.
  • Beautiful, workable, bendable and pigmented I can’t wait to dive in and affect a summer glow!
  • Pixi Beauty Glow Mist Super Size | Sale Price $9 / Β£7.33 | 160 ml |
  • Being familiar with Pixi Products when I saw this I had to pop it into my basket as I haven’t yet tried the mist that influencers have given a lot of air time and blog space to.
  • Am excited to achieve this products glowing, luminous and smooth complexion
  • Kosas Cream Colour & Lights Palette | Shade 8th Muse | Sale Price $17 / Β£13.85 |
  • My wild card choice – never heard of Kosas, not a huge fan/user of cream blush – but I do like to push the beauty envelope now and then, try something different and challenge myself πŸ˜‰
  • Two Shades: A deep rose pink and a light apricot
  • Nice formula, easy to blend out, can be built up or played down.
  • Slight chemical smell – which I don’t like, but am willing to overlook if it has staying power
  • Quite pigmented, especially for cream blushers

My thoughts on the Spring Fab Fit Fun Box and Add Ons: Third Time Very Lucky!

If you havent already picked up on this – I am seriously impressed by this box, totes in love with the items I received and have a new found respect for Fab Fit Fun’s ability to hit the nail on the proverbial head when selecting items for my box.

This is my third Fab Fit Fun Box and is undoubtedly my favourite so far: The quality of the everything I received was great, there was a nice and acceptable mix of beauty and non-beauty items (I don’t like too many non beauty products) and a fab selection of both familiar and new-to-me brands too. Plus I loved all my add ons too, so YES, overall, love, love love this box.

Total Values in Comparison to what I actually paid

The TOTAL COST of my spring Fab Fit Fun goodies, including my Spring Box, Postage, VAT, Additional Choice & Add Ons comes to:

$137.99 / Β£112.46

The TOTAL VALUE of the box contents including the additional choice but NOT the add-ons is:

$384.99 / Β£313.77

The TOTAL COST of the three Add-On products:

$45 / Β£36.67

The TOTAL VALUE of those Add-On Products:

$107.98 / Β£88.00

Given that I saved Β£289.31 on all the items I received, it’s easy to see why I’m so happy with my Fab Fit Fun subscription. What do you think of that saving? Are any of the items I received on your ‘wish list’ Is this a box that interests you? If you already subscribe to FFF, let me know what you received. I’d love to know what you think and if you have any questions about my experience with Fab Fit Fun don’t hesitate to ask – simply leave me your comments below. If you, like me, love beauty subscription boxes click the links below for more reviews of the other various subscription boxes I’ve received this month.

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2020

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate you checking out my blog and/or following me. I hope you enjoyed this guided tour through the FFF Spring box and add-ons and that you’ll come back for my next post. Until then, take care.

πŸ’‹Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

Useful Links and Further Reading

From Entirely Beauty:
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The humble POWDER PUFF – why you NEED them in your beauty arsenal
The ORIGINAL MAGIC ERASER – rapid review!

And from Fab Fit Fun
FABFITFUN – info and how to subscribe.

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9 thoughts on “Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: Fab Fit Fun Spring 20

  1. ooo i think i will need to give Fab Fit Fun a try sometime – I love the diversity of the items in the box and the mix of fashion/lifestyle/beauty products. The add-ons you selected seem amazing – the necklace is super pretty and I just picked up some KOSAS duos on sale!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the diversity too, the necklace IS lovely, have received a few compliments whilst wearing it. I’d not heard of Kosas before tbh, but I do like a gamble 😁
      You should give FFF a try, they are definitely one of my favourites!


    1. Am so pleased that you found my blog post helpful. Please let me know what you received and how your membership is going. I missed out on the Edit Sale this time, with Covid-19 happening I completely forgot. Did you get anything from the sale?


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