Perfect YOUR Pedicure

Get your feet ready for summer with my simple, speedy, budget beauty pedi routine

Get beautiful beach feet AND save time and money with my easy DIY pedi routine.
This little piggy went to market
This little piggy bought a file
This little piggy got foot scrubbing
This piggy rubbed in cream for a while
And these little piggies said ” don’t you just love our summer pedi re-style?

Hi, hey and hello beauty enthusiasts 🤗 If you’re new, welcome to my blog, if you’ve been here before, it’s lovely of you to stop by again. Hope you’re ok and having a fab day. I’ve been enjoying the Spring weather today; the sun was actually shining, the sky a beautiful blue and it all reminded me that summer’s not that far away. With that in mind I thought I’d share my easy summer-ready-pedi.

Your feet work hard for you and deserve a little love and care. But most of us have busy lives and our feet are usually buried in warm socks and boots at this time of year, so it’s easy overlook your feet due to lack of time, or forget to include them in your beauty routine. Before we know it summer WILL be here (promise), so I’m going to give you my low-cost, quick and easy step by step solution for beach beautiful feet.

A professional pedi can cost a pretty penny! My budget beauty DIY pedi routine is a cheap alternative that’ll save you time AND give you great results.

You don't need to spend a fortune on pedicure products
Many of the products and tools you’ll need you probably already have!

What you need for my ‘get ready’ pedi

  • Exfoliating Scrub: I use Primark Body Scrub, it’s only £3 for a huge (475ml) tub, it smells wonderful, isn’t too ‘gritty’ but it will cleanse, soften and smooth your feet.
  • Pedi Tools: I bought my ‘multi-tool’ (see above photo) from Primark too: it cost just £1 and has a brush, pumice, and two skin files, including one for very hard skin. Alternatively, if you don’t already have pumice and foot files, you can buy them separately, they are readily and cheaply available. I just prefer this multi one as it takes up less space and is convenient.
  • Nail File: Toe nails are, by nature, thicker and harder then your finger nails, so you’ll need a nail file that can cope. As a good rule of toe, a coarser than normal file is great and these can be picked up for pennies.
  • Cotton Wool Pads
  • Foot Cream: You can buy a proprietary foot or pedicure cream (although these tend to cost more) OR use a rich body butter. I’ve been using Soaper Duper for a while (see February’s Empties) and it does a fantastic job. As it’s for very dry skin it is mega moisturising, comes in a large sized tub (which lasts ages) and costs £9.99.
  • Thick socks: Yes, socks! Trust me, these are integral to my pedi. Buy cheap ones, if you don’t already have some to hand. I have a couple of pairs I picked up in a discount store for £3.
  • Nail Varnish: This is optional, if you decide you want to go the whole hog, grab your favourite brand/shade.
  • Manicure Set: This should include nail clippers and mini-scissors, but will probably also include a cuticle tool, file, orange stick and a ‘scraper’ for cleaning under the nails. I picked up a new, very glam, sequined cased, set last week from Poundland.
  • Nail Varnish Remover: The need for this will depend on whether you currently have nail varnish on your tooties, or intend to have. The one I am currently using (see photo below)cost 89p from a discount store.
  • A Towel: drying your feet properly is very important to prevent fungal and other infections
Foot File Tool - Primark £1
Circle Bracelet - Wish £2
Rings - Pretty Little Thing £5 (set of three)
Photo -
Grab your pumice and foot file and get ready to pedi!

My quick and easy pedicure steps

This pedi requires little (remove any old, chipped, nail varnish using the remover and cotton pads) or no preparation and there are only 10 simple steps

Use your favourite remover to take off nail varnish/polish before you start your pedi.
Cheap Nail Polish can be drying, but as this pedi includes heavy duty moisturising the cheap stuff is fine.
  1. Have a bath: This’ll save you time, your feet are soaking while you wash/read your book/enjoy a drink – or whatever else you normally do in the bath.
Body scrub is a great way to exfoliate, cleanse and soften your feet.
For feet as sweet as sugar!

2. Get Scrubbing: Once your feet have soaked for at least 5 minutes (ie while you’ve been washing/reading/drinking) scoop a good dollop of the scrub from the tub and rub-a-dub that scrub all over your foot, paying particular attention to any hard skin. Leave the scrub on your foot for a minute before popping back into the bath water and allowing it to soak off. Repeat on the your other foot.

3. The Brush Off: Use the brush on your pedi tool to make sure there is no scrub left on your feet.

4. The Footsie Filing System: a) Use the pumice all over the soles your feet b)use the ‘cheese grater’ style file to remove/soften hard skin c)finally use the finer file on the heel and balls of your feet

A four in one pedicure pal
An amazing and affordable choice for a fast pedi way

5. Dry your feet thoroughly

6. Trim Time: Your nails will be softer after a bath, so if they need cutting now is the best time to do it. Use nail clippers and cut straight across the nail tip (this discourages ingrown nails). Then file the nails with your coarse nail file to smooth the edges.

7. The Dream Cream: Take a good amount of the body butter and smooth liberally and lightly all over the feet, including the top of the foot and the ankles. Smooth on enough body bitter to cover the feet (like buttering bread), don’t over rub, you’re not looking for it all to absorb, leave some body butter on the foot.

8. Sock it to ’em: Pop your socks over your buttered feet. This is why you need thick socks, they’ll keep the body butter from escaping, so it soaks into the skin!

9. Sock Soak: Leave the socks on for at least two hours or, and preferably overnight.

10. The Next Day: All the butter will have soaked into your feet and they’ll be much softer and smoother. Now you can complete your sweet feet by adding a coat of your favourite Nail Polish colour. This step is optional, but good practice for when your feet are on show. I’m loving nude and soft pink tones at the moment, as they make the toe nails look neat, ‘clean & healthy’ and more like you’ve had a professional pedi. But I do love twinkling tootsies too, so often applying a thin layer of glitter packed top coat over my colour. Do what makes you and your feet happy!

Keep your pretty pedi products to hand.

If you follow these 10 steps and repeat the pedi 2-3 times a week by the time summer arrives your feet will be soooo beach, poolside and flip flop ready you’ll forget you actually own warm socks and boots.

Hope you find this 10 step, quick, easy and affordable DIY pedicure useful. Thanks, as always, for reading, I appreciate it and hope you’ll be back – because there’s lots more beauty content to come, both here and on my social media (links below). Until next time, take care.

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