Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: A NEW Box on the blog

Introducing LOVE LULA – A monthly, natural beauty subscription box (March 2020 Edit)

A new beauty subscription box to my blog - these are the natural beauty products in the March Edit from Love Lula
The products in March’s LOVE LULA Beauty Box
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Hey, hi and hello; if you’re new here welcome to my beauty blog and if you’re a regular visitor – well, it’s lovely to see you again and thanks for coming back! To encourage everyone to make return visits, I regularly introduce new content; having deciding that my Spotlight On Subscription Boxes Series needed an injection of ‘Newness’, I did a little research, explored some possibilities, found and ordered two very different beauty sub boxes. One is LOVE LULA – which I’m unboxing and reviewing for you here and I’ll be giving the blog space spotlight to the other NEW beauty box soon. There’s a couple more sub boxes I have my eye on at the moment: I’ll no doubt sucumb to them in due course. As a beauty addict, I can resist almost everything except beauty products and the temptations offered by Beauty Boxes!

About Love Lula and how this subscription works

The Love Lula website is simple to navigate and guides you through the subscription process.
The Love Lula box offers an affordable way to try a variety of natural beauty products and brands
Photo Credit: Images Love Lula. Montage by Entirely Beauty

Love Lula offers a wide selection of natural beauty brands and products, via their website, (see above photo montage) and the ethos behind that selection of products is as follows:

Love Lula’s “beauty for life philosophy”

Their brands are “…hand picked and tested…created using the highest percentage of high grade, ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients … they must be effective, luxurious and guilt free….” Love Lula also “…insists on NO parabens …SLSs [and] no animal testing.

Source: Love Lula

The Love Lula monthly subscription beauty box contents takes inspiration from their wide selection of brands and products, so their boxes include goodies that are available from Love Lula on-line. This is obviously great for us subscribers cos if we discover a new holy grail item (oh happy dayz!) among the ‘products-that-are-good-for-you-and-the-planet’ included in the boxes we already know where to go to re-purchase – yeah, that’s right – Love Lula.

The Love Lula Box Lowdown:

  • Subscription costs are £14.95 (inc p&p) monthly within the UK and £52.50 (for a three month sub) international. (See table above)
  • Boxes are sent out around the 10th of each month
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation for your subscription
  • You’ll need an account to subscribe – simple go to the web site (link below) and follow the easy instructions to get an account/subscribe
  • You can buy a subscription as a gift
  • Your box can be delivered to any address (e.g. work).
  • Previous boxes can be seen on the website (again, link below – if nothing else I’m generous! 😉)

What’s In This Month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Natural skin, body and hair care products make up Love Lula's March box.
There are five natural beauty products in this month’s box
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

With this being my first box, I’m gonna have to presume that the number of products it contains is an indication of the number of products you can expect to receive each month. There are five products in total including hair, skin and body care. Inside the box There’s also postcard with brief, very basic product info. It doesn’t include individual product prices (I have though), just the total value of the box. There’s also a 25% off ‘The Brands in the Box’ code, which I’ll include below in case you fancy getting any of the products yourself, and that’s valid until 10th April. There’s also an invitation to join the Love Lula Natural Beauty Club (a Facebook community – again link below) which offers special promos, Love Lula news, info about new product launches and on line chat with fellow, natural beauty enthusiasts/boxers. The box itself is smaller than most other sub boxes, (though it’s NOT letterbox friendly) plain white, recyclable cardboard and everything arrived safe, sound and well packaged!

Fom London | Anti-Polution Glo Serum | 10ml Sample | Worth £17 | Full Size Price £52 / 30ml |

Get your glow on with this serum from Fom London
Fom London’s Anti-Polution Glow Serum with Antioxsilk – Sample Size
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

With it’s iridescent, micro-sparkling, milky coloured, light, clean, fresh spa-esque fragranced, easily absorbed, hydrating formula – this Glow Serum from Fom London gives dull skin a healthy looking glow. It also claims to plump and even the skin, whilst refining pores and blemishes that are caused by pollutants. So this seems to be a miracle, try-me sample. I chose this product out first because it’s a sizable, very useable sample (just two drops is more than ample to ‘cover’ your face and neck) and this one wee sample is worth £2 MORE than the actual cost of your Love Lula box. So, from here on in, we’re ‘in profit’ guys!

Fom’s serum does leave a subtle ‘sparkle’ on the skin, so if you don’t like this kind of reflective glow this might not be for you, but – it is very, very subtle and definitely adds to the overall effect. Continued use promises to strengthen the skin’s ability to cope with pollution and, as we all know, pollution contributes to various visable signs of ageing. (And we’d all like to avoid them -right?) Based on first impressions, I’m really pleased to have discovered this product via the box and can’t wait to use it on the regular to see how it performs.

Biovène Barcelona | Clear Protect Solid Shampoo AND Conditioner Bars | 40g (Full Size) | €6.95 / £6.51 |

Bars of solid shampoo and conditioner are becoming increasingly available and popular - have you tried them?
Biovène Clear Protect Solid Shampoo and Conditioner – no bottles, no waste.
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

The Shampoo Bar: packed full of incredible ingredients including natural beeswax, shea butter, minerals and essential oils, the shampoo moisturises and cleanses hair to leave it soft, smooth and revitalised.

The Conditioner Bar: has the same ingredients as it’s shampoo partner plus the added benefit of macadamia oil, this conditioner is ultra hydrating to condition dry and frazzled hair.

To receive two products that are meant to go together in a Beauty Box is fabulous! Having both gives you a chance to really try them out, as intended, so that’s another plus point for Love Lula. (Well done Love Lula you’re racking ’em up!) Gotta be honest, on opening the box I thought the shampoo and conditioner were sample size, seeing that they’re both small packages. As a result my inner beauty enthusiast was a bit disappointed, for about two seconds. Turns out the bars are full size, almost the same size as their boxes which makes ’em the perfect size to fit in your hand during use. (Cue a sigh of relief & smile).

Neither the shampoo or conditioning bars contain any nasties, they’ll bring out any natural highlights in your hair, help your hair’s natural moisture balance and make it stronger too. Not only are these Biovène bars zero waste (which we love, yeah?) but each bar can last as long as one and a half bottles of conventional shampoo or conditioner. Having never used solid products on my hair before, there’s a fair chance these’ll find their way into next month’s Shopped My Stash Haircare.

Kathleen Great Britain | Sensual Rose Body and Massage Oil | 100ml (Full Size) | £34 |

A sense boosting, Rose body and massage oil by Kathleen Great Britain.
Make time to indulge your body and mind
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Are you ready to get sexy, steamy and sensual? That’s not a chat up line, it’s the frame of mind you’ll need when experiencing this Sensual Rose Body and Massage Oil. This is an indulgence and a luxurious one at that; Love Lula are romancing us with this product and generously so, given the price.

Obviously this oil smells like roses, but there is so much more happening here . The sensual rose is partnered by a citrus note of orange, which balances out the rose fragrance, compliments it and prevents the oil from being too sweet or flowery. There’s also a hint of nutmeg, subtle but earthy, these all combine to lift the spirit and evoke sensuality and relaxation for your body and mind.

To moisturise your body take a few drops into the palms of your hands and gently massage onto wet skin after your bath or shower to lock moisture in. The orange essential oil’ll revitalise, the rose oil’ll tone your skin because it has astringent properties and nutmeg is a natural antibacterial so your skin will be healthier too.

I’m both impressed by, and super pleased that, this oil was included in the box as I use oil in my body care routine. I would, however, struggle to justify spending over £30 on a body oil without having tried it. But that’s one of the bonuses of a good beauty sub box, being introduced to, and having the chance to try, new products.

MÁDARA organic skincare | Purifying Foam | Soothing Yarrow | All Skin Types | 100ml | Value £12.35

MÁDARA purifying foam for gentle, facial cleansing
A foaming way to cleanse your from MÁDARA
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

NB: Whilst researching for this blog I discovered that this purifying foam is now sold as a 150ml size and in a slightly differently designed component (ie updated) from that shown in my photo above. The price given is, therefore, worked out from the rrp of the 150ml size (£18.50). Also the purifying foam is currently on offer at a lower price both MÁDARA direct and Love Lula

This is another new brand to me, however MÁDARA produce a lot of skincare products, including this Purifying Foam with soothing yarrow, which removes makeup, (and is safe for use in the eye area) cleanses and purifies the skin, soothes any dry areas on the face, regulates oily zones and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

The product is dispensed in foam form (unlike, for example Temple Spa foaming cleanser which is a liquid that foams on contact with skin and water) rather like hair mouse, but with a much less dense consistency. Staying with consistency the product descriptors tend to favour the word ‘rich’, which implies it is denser than it actually is, I would say it’s a light foam, it ‘holds’ quite a lot of air.

MÁDARA purifying foam has barely any fragrance, what little there is being fresh and clean. It’s easy to use, you simply apply to wet skin and rinse away thoroughly to reveal cleansed face. I’m OG when it comes to cleanser, I like to ‘wash’ my face, so I’m looking forward to introducing this into my skincare routine.

Total value of the Products in the Love Lula (March 2020) Beauty Subscription Box

All five products from the Love Lula Beauty Box for March 2020
Is this edit good value for money?
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

The value of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box, as stated on the accompanying product information ‘postcard’, is £75! Which is pretty damn good value; by my reckoning it’s actually £76.37, which is even better and gives a saving of £61.42 on this edit of products.

Not gonna lie folks, that IS fantastic value especially as the box contains mid to higher end goodies. And I do know (and love) a good sub box when I see one as I have subscribed to quite a few (see list below) and this is a good ‘un! Not only in respect of the contents and value, but also because all the products are natural, good for you and for the environment too. I’m glad I found this box and it’ll be interesting to see what I receive in future boxes from Love Lula.

As always, thanks for taking time out of your day to read my beauty meanderings, I do appreciate it. Obviously, during this difficult and troubling time, all things beauty may not figure highly on your list of priorities, but then again, maybe ‘beauty’ is giving you as much of a sense of ‘normality’, and a much needed distraction, as it is me. Writing and researching togther with testing and trying products is helping to fill the time and keep myself sane. I hope this has given you some enjoyment, cos I think we all really need a bit of that right now. Until next time, stay safe and please take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

Further reading, list of subscription boxes, money saving code and useful links

Subscription boxes I am, or have been, subscribed to:

THE VEGAN KIND: A bi-monthly sub box for vegans or those who prefer vegan products (no longer subscribed)

FAB FIT FUN: A seasonal subscription box from the US. Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 boxes

ROCCABOX: A monthly sub box with varied beauty content. Boxes for Nov, Dec, Jan , Feb and March

SOAPSCRIPTION: A monthly Shower and Bath & Shower Gel subscription box from Bubble T- Soapscription for March

FRICTION FREE SHAVING: A monthly Shaving subscription box specifically for women

LOOK FANTASTIC: A monthly beauty subscription box (no longer subscribed)

NON-SUBSCRIPTION BEAUTY BOXES: My guide to some options and reviews

FEEL UNIQUE BEAUTY KIT: Trying out a NEW Non-Sub service

And look out for another NEW subscription box review coming soon to Enitrely Beauty’s Spotlight On Subscription Boxes Series!

Love Lula Code and Links

  • Code – MARBB20 – 25% OFF the products I’ve reviewed above. Valid until 10th April 2020 (This is NOT an affiliate code, I simply included it to save you guys some coin)
  • Love Lula Website – to get an account, shop and/or subscribe.
  • Love Lula Natural Beauty Club – an active community of natural and organic beauty enthusiasts. Enjoy special offers, new product launches and promotions.

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5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: A NEW Box on the blog

  1. I enjoyed your review of this box – I get it too and like the way that you can try out some new products that haven’t shown up in a bunch of other boxes. I’ve had a couple of Madara products from Lovelula now and really like the brand. I wish the oil had a pipette, but that’s just me being fussy lol. It is definitely excellent value.

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    1. Have you had any makeup products in the box? I do love my skin, hair & body care but I was wondering if I could expect any cosmetics – that would give it an edge for me.
      Glad you enjoyed the blog & took time out to comment, thank you


  2. I’ll have to wait and see what Love Lula sends me then 😊 but those anticipation and suprise elements are one of the things I love about beauty sub boxes. I’ll be posting another NEW sub box ‘unboxing’ tomorrow, would love to get your thoughts on that too. Hope you’re well and remaining positive. ❤


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