Skincare 101: Six Simple Steps AM Routine

How to fit a simple, do-able, AM skincare regime into YOUR busy morning schedule

Time to go to skincare school?
If you struggle to find time to look after your skin read on
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Hi, hey and hello beauty lovers 🤗 If you’re new, welcome to my blog, if you’ve been here before, it’s lovely of you to stop by again. I hope you’re ok, keeping safe and staying positive despite the difficult times we are all experiencing. When I started blogging things were a little different; people worked, socialised, pursued hobbies and kids were in school. Things have now changed dramatically, but we are in this together. We all need distractions from the worries and difficulties, so, trivial as it may seem to some, I will to continue to blog about beauty and escape the new ‘reality’ we’ve had thrust upon us. You’re welcome to come and escape with me, it’d be lovely to have your company.

The idea behind ‘Skincare 101’ follows a chat I had with some of my gal pals, a while back, about various skincare routines and products. Their concensus was that there were so many products and so much (often contradictory) info that they felt a bit lost. When I shared my current regime, they then asked how the heck (actually ‘heck’ wasn’t the word they used 😉) I managed to find the time. When I told them how, they were surprised it was so ‘do-able’ easy, quick and ‘made sense’. So with my BFFs’ encouragement, I’m gonna share my regime. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful, if you don’t -please blame my friends!

NB: This AM regime focusses on the steps that’ll benefit your skin and how you could fit them into your general morning routine. I’m not going to suggest specific products, (the products in my photos are for illustrative purposes) you’ll obviously need skincare suitable for your skin type and can use the skincare you already have. Then simply adopt the time saving practices I suggest in the tips below. Or use them as your starting point and adjust the steps/tips to suit your time frame, routine and skin needs.

Start the simple six step skincare routine with a Konjac sponge for a fast cleanse!
Step One: The Konjac Sponge
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Step One: Wake up and grab a wet sponge

I’m a bit OG when it comes to my AM cleansing: My face needs water in the morning (to wake me up). A Konjac sponge is a quick, easy and benificial beauty tool to use in the mornings because you only need to wake your skin up and remove any night products that haven’t been absorbed. As a bonus the dual purpose Konjac also exfoliates as it cleanses, leaving your skin clean, glowing and smooth.

  • TOP TIPS: If you start the day with a shower, a Konjac sponge can be your shower buddy! You can cleanse and exfoliate your whole body with this beauty tool too – more time saving skin benefits.
Got time for another cleanse? Of course you have!
Step Two: The double cleanse
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Two: Cleanse again!

What are the benefits of a double cleanse? Well it’ll basically super deep clean your skin. The Konjac will have removed sweat, dead skin and bacteria from your face, but going in with another round of cleansing will shift impurities by going deeper into your pores. A liquid cleanser is quicker, and we are looking to save time here, but you can use a cream cleanser if you prefer.

  • TOP TIPS: I apply/remove my cleanser (I prefer liquid cleansers) with a powder puff (these are washable, re-useable and better for the environment than cotton pads). This method does leave the skin a little ‘product damp’, but as many cleansers have brightening ingredients I don’t mind giving them time to absorb – while that happens I make my bed.
Don't take that TONE with me!
Step Three: Tone it up!
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Three: Time to Tone

Using a facial toner helps to calm your skin, balance it’s pH and that, in turn, can assist in making your skin less prone to oiliness and infection. The other important function your toner performs is to prep your skin for the steps that follow. So, it’s important not to skip this step in order to save more time. Also, like cleansers, many toners are a dual act now too, with extra and beneficial ingredients.

  • TOP TIPS: I also apply my toner with a powder puff, and again leave any excess toner to absorb as I hand wash my powder puffs and set them aside to dry so they are ready to re-use for my nightime routine.
Favourite serum at the ready...
Step Four: Warm it up and press on
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Four: Using a serum

Serums can help solve a number of skin care concerns as they contain high concentrations of various nutrients, and because of their consistency (gel like/liquid), they can penetrate the skin and work wonders. Simply choose a serum that is specific to your skin concerns, such as those that have anti-oxidants, vitamins and hydrating ingredients. I apply a serum by ‘warming’ a few drops between my fingers, ‘pressing’ it onto my skin and then I give it a chance to ‘sink in’.

  • TOP TIPS: Always do a patch test before introducing a new serum into your routine, the ingredients are potent and may cause irritation. The pressing method allows you to target certain areas, helps to prevents pilling and is a less wasteful way to apply than simply dripping the serum straight onto your skin from the pipette. When you have applied your serum to your face, massage any excess into your hands. I get dressed while the serum gets to work on my skin and is absorbed.
Moisturiser is a fundamental part of any skincare routine
Step Five: Treat your skin to some moisture
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Five: Your skin needs moisture!

A good moisturiser, when used daily, can help fight the signs of aging, a moisturiser with Vitamin A can encourage cell renewal. You should use a moisturiser for your skin type and one that addresses you skin’s needs. Moisturisers make a varity of claims, so choose/use one which, like your serum, will actually address your skin concerns. Try applying your moisturiser using the pressing method, in the same way as you applied your serum and allow your moisturiser time to absorb.

  • TOP TIPS: With moisturiser, pressing the product onto your skin will help prevent pilling and ensure even coverage. As with the serum, massage any left over product into your hands. Again, I like to leave time for the moisturiser to ‘settle in’, I use this time to do my hairanother necessary step towards being ‘ready’!
Are you on the lookout for a good eye-cream?
Step Six: Keep your eyes looking good
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Six: And finally … eyes right!

With all the rest completed, it’s time for the final step – the one that looks after the more delicate skin around your eyes. If you’re not already using an eyecream, you should seriously consider it. Studies show that many won’t start using eyecream till they hit their 30s, and see the start of wrinkles, when really it’s a case of the earlier the better. Using eyecream will help prevent and/or smooth out wrinkles. Some creams brighten the undereye too, which means you’ll need less concealer (saving you more time). Apply your eyecream by lightly tapping the cream, with your ring finger, under the eye, on the lid and all around the orbital bone.

TOP TIPS: Tapping, rather than rubbing/massaging, is more beneficial as it gets the eyecream where it is needed without dragging the skin. Doing this with your ring finger (which has the lightest touch) ensures a gentle application. If your current eye cream isn’t a brightening one try adding a small amount of liquid highlighter to the cream as you apply it, to give the area a light and bright boost.

I’ve followed the six skincare steps, what now?

When I’ve completed all six steps I have a cuppa and give everything time to settle in before applying make-up. Whether your wearing makeup or not, try spritzing with a hydrating/glowing setting spray to lock all that good moisture into your skin and add a little extra. And, again regardless of whether you’re wearing make up, you can spritz with setting spray as the day goes on, as this will refresh your skin.


  • Make sure you wash your hands before starting your skin routine, to minimise then risk of spreading germs with your products.
  • To prevent bacteria getting into your products (especially jars of products) use a product spatula to ‘grab’ the cream out the jar (as opposed to your fingers). These are sometimes included with products, or can be bought separately, and should be washed after use.
  • Keep your go-to skincare together so that you’re not hunting for them.

Thanks, as always, for reading; I hope you found this six step skin routine useful. There’s some more skincare information available by clicking the links I’ve included. Feel free to add your own skincare tips and hints, or just chat with me, in the comments below or on social media. Please stay safe and beautiful, and until next time, take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

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