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Five Popular Perfumes: Reviewed, Rated and Ranked!

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Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! I’ve written about most things that fall under the umbrella of BEAUTY here in my blog (check my archives), today however – having hit a major blog milestone, I’ve decided to mark this special occasion by reviewing, rating and then ranking a beauty product I haven’t covered here before – Perfume. Not just one perfume, oh no, I’ve got five of the most popular ones. That’s works out to one fragrance for every 10 followers I now have. 😎 fifty followers – wow! Believe me, I was soooo excited to learn that my lovely, new EB family now has members numbering fifty and I want to take this opportunity to say…

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Heaven Scent? Let’s find out!

Perfumes ain’t the easiest thing to blog about, (it’s not like I can include a photo to show you what they smell like) but I do love a challenge, so here is my first ever perfume review. I’m gonna give you ‘the facts and figures’ of each fragrance, including the cost of each per 10ml (for price comparison purposes), what the makers say about their fragrance and what I think these perfumes actually smell like. So you can expect a fair few adjectives and colourful metaphors! I also clocked the ‘wear times’ of each to give you an idea of how long the fragrance lasts and, obvs, I’ll be sharing my honest opinions of each perfume too. Finally, I’ll reveal which one, of the five fragrances deserves the title Number #1 Perfume and, perhaps, your coin.


Tommy Now Girl by Tommy Hilfiger


By Tommy Hilfiger

£21 for 30ml

(=£7 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

Out the gate, this is the cheapest of the fragrances I’m reviewing. The box is pretty standard, with the Hilfiger navy/red/white stripes and the products name. The bottle is minimalistic too with the stripes on the lid assuring you that this is Tommy. The promo blurb declares that this EDT was created for ‘the modern women’ and details it having fruity attributes. Uh huh. Personally I think any women could rock this, I do however, concur with the fruitiness. Whilst Mr Hilfiger suggests manderin, I’d say grapefruit, either way the citrus notes are both apparent and obvious. When first applied Tommy Now Girl is bloody overpowering: I only applied two quick sprays to each wrist but for the first 15 or so minutes of wear it was literally ALL I could smell, even outside!

Once it had ‘bedded in’ however, the perfume mellowed nicely – (Colourful Metaphor Alert) think of a summer meadow resplendent with wild flowers after a brief shower of warm rain. It’s really pleasant in this ‘relaxed state’, however after just two hours it had relaxed to the point of fade out and I could no longer smell it. Obviously your own nose does become accustomed to your fragrance, so I asked for a second opinion – they couldn’t smell it either. So if you’re looking for a long lasting perfume, despite it being a lovely, fresh fragrance, this probably wouldn’t be a good choice. You’d need to re-apply often and that decreases Tommy Now Girl’s value for money.


Olympēa Intense by Paco Rabanne


By Paco Rabanne

£52 for 30ml

(= £17.33 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

This has the second highest price tag of my perfume selection, is it worth high coin? Well, according to Paco Rabanne, Olympea Intense is a bold, fierce EDP for dynamic and empowered women (so, that’s ALL women then – right?), and is an infusion of vanilla, orange and white pepper. (Are we supposed to eat it or wear it?) The cardboard carton, in pretty peachy tones with rose gold and black lettering, is a visual ‘sneak peek’ of this perfume’s oriental amber fragrance, whilst the wings suggest its wearer to be a high flyer. The wing theme continues on each side of the sleek, stylish bottle, whilst the plastic cap has been fashioned to resemble a dark, highly polished piece of semi-precious amber.

Olympea Intense has that wonderful womanly duality: a soft, gentle, innocent touch coupled with a strong, unashamed and intoxicating vivaciousness. It’s sexy AF, heady, intense, sensual, with an almost contradictory and, therefore, unexpected sweetness, all of which lasts from daytime into the excitement of the night! If you want to express your feminine complexities and subtle nuances through a fragrance, wear Olympea Intense like a gold medal and be proud.

FEVER – Reviewed

Fever by Jimmy Choo


By Jimmy Choo

£33.99 for 40ml

(£8.50 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

Now for a mid-range priced, long lasting EDP from the famous shoe and fashion designer Jimmy Choo, that’s heralded as an addictive floral and gourmand fragrance for women who are extroverts and have a sense of fun. OK, let’s break it down: A ‘gourmand’ fragrance is one that smells ‘edible’ (or has elements that are) and is a longstanding trend that has been, and still is, very apparent in many beauty products. Personally, however, I can’t detect any foody notes in Fever – sorry Mr Choo.

What you will find though, in abundance, is a bouquet of floral notes, but not in the usual fresh, clean, florist fragrance way, no, no! Fever is a very apt name for this EDP cos the floralarity of Fever is HOT. Damn hot – think sexy, playful, a little dangerous and totally glamourous! If these adjectives were scent elements and you mixed ’em together you’d have Fever – and so would every guy near you!

THE ONLY ONE – Reviewed

The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana


By Dolce & Gabbana

£57 for 30ml

(£19 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

You were probably expecting The Only One to be the most expensive of my five perfume picks, given that it comes from Dolce and Gabbana (or as I fondly call them – Doggie and Banana), who proclaim that their EDP has encapsulated the essence of femininity in an hypnotic and sophisticated fragrance. The packaging IS very D&G – timeless and stylish, not unlike the perfume itself. The Only One is a “what you spray is what you get” fragrance; on application it smells as it will after hours of wearing it, and simply put its fragrance is totes delectable!

The Only One is a sensual scent that holds a seductive secret and provocative promise. With violet, vanilla, patchouli and iris at it’s heart this scent is sweet, so whilst the surprising inclusion of coffee does tame that sweetness a little, if you are not a fan of sweet fragrances then you might want to give this D&G perfume masterpiece a miss. Make no mistake this is a masterpiece, playing, as it does, a sublimely orchestrated selection of juxtaposed and juicy notes for your senses.


Raw Instinct by Crabtree & Evelyn


By Crabtree & Evelyn

£71.50 for 95ml

(£7.53 per 10ml)

Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Last, but not least, we move to a slightly different genre of fragrance as Raw Instinct by Crabtree and Evelyn is a UNISEX fragrance -the only one in my collection. I was intrigued by as to whether this C&E made to share fragrance would live up to it’s hyped unisexness, and if it was as unforgettable, uplifting and unique as C&E claim it to be. If you wanna smell like bae, this could be the answer to your ‘share as a pair’ perfume prayer. As anyone can wear this fragrance you don’t need a bae in order to enjoy it, it can be a self indulgence.

This is your sugar and spice fragrance: it combines a zesty zing, with smouldering smoke. It’s sweet and floral, but it’s also earthy and woody so whilst it can (and does) make you feel clean and fresh it has a sensual sexiness too. Somedays it can smell more masculine, on others more feminine, but I do kinda like that element of surprise that Raw Instinct gives. The biggest sized perfume of my picks, and whilst it does require a larger investment, when you break it down, it is actually one of the more affordable scents.

The Fragrant Five – rated out of 10 and ranked from 5 to the top No #1 Spot

Entirely Beauty’s Fab Five Fragrances

>>> 5 Tommy Now Girl this perfume is way too heady on application and yet the ‘fade factor’ is rapid, between those two stages, however this is a great fragrance. The packaging is a bit ‘masculine’ and lacks vanity unit appeal. Therefore, despite this fresh, fruity fragrance being wonderful I rate it at 6.75 (out of 10) and give it 5th place.

>>> 4 Raw Instinct ScentI love the universal nature of this perfume and the fact that C&E doesn’t ‘TELL’ the wearer what kinda person they are or will become if they wear this fragrance is a big plus. This lost points for the ‘Gin’ like, almost nondescript nature of the packaging/bottle – I get that it’s unisex but c’mon, give it a modern ‘see how unique I am’ bottle/carton look that matches the dynamic of the fragrance. Rating 7.75 Ranked 4th

>>> 3 The Only OneThe fragrance is heavenly, the packaging and bottle is understated yet stylish, the wearability is good and long lasting but that price tag is a little above and beyond. Yes, it’s a designer perfume, but so are many, more affordable equally stunning (if not more so) fragrances. £19 per 10ml might give you clout and a chance to flex, however, and as much as love wearing this, the price point would benefit from an amendment. Rating 8.0 Ranked 3rd

>>> 2 FeverThe penultimate spot has to go Mr Choo’s Fever, which I have ranked above the other 3 cos I bloody love the fragrance and due to the aesthetics: I’m obsessed by the packaging and bottle. It looks & smells like a designer fragrance, time and thought has gone into the scent and the packaging and of the five bottles this is by far the most majestic, pleasing and vanity placement worthy. It’s marked down, however, and despite it being a fabulous fragrance regardless, for failing to deliver the promised gourmand notes. Rating 8.25 Ranked 2nd

The highest rated perfume of the 5 fragrances reviewed & RANKED No #1 in EB’s Fragrance Review is….

🌟Olympēa by Paco Rabanne Ranked No #1🌟


Arguably this sexy fragrance is Paco Robanne’s magnum opus and justly deserves being awarded the top spot on the perfume pick podium.

Whilst the packaging would benefit from a little more glam befitting the Olympic references, the actual fragrance more than compensates for this!

What’s not to love. This fragrance has strength, is sexy in a non-obvious way and yet it has an underlying sweetness. It’s sultry combination of notes last from morning to night, making it a great signature scent and good value for money.

Rating 8.75 & ranked NUMBER ONE

Thanks, as always for reading, I hope you enjoyed this NEW and different review and that if you were in the market for a new fragrance this has helped you out. Have you tried any of these perfumes, if so let me know which ones and what you think in the comments below. If you already follow me, thanks again, I appreciate each one of you; if you don’t – please feel free to join EB’s growing family of beauty enthusiasts and addicts. Until next time, please stay home, stay safe and take care

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