March Empties

The beauty stuff I used up during March

This does not include any of my Project Pan (Shopped My Stash) picks for March – I’ll be covering my March makeup, hair and skincare SMS selections separately very soon!

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My very eclectic mix of empties from March
Sheet Masks to Bath Bombs, Serums to Health Drinks – I got through an eclectic mix of stuff in March!
Photo: Entirely Beauty

Hey, hi and hello! If you’re new – welcome to my beauty blog and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! I hope you’re all doing ok and staying safe. With so many of us on lockdown right now, I thought I’d share links to my previous ‘pamper’ posts (at the bottom of the page) cos I think we all need a bit of pampering right now, not to mention a time consuming distraction or two! I’ll also pop all product links in here too so you can get some more info – these links are not affiliated, this is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are, of course, my own and honest.

Today I’m going to be sharing my basket of general empties for March, and there are, surprisingly, quite a few of them, including the smallest product I’ve ever received in a subscription box, a perfume and a health drink. So, get yourself a beverage, a snack and get comfy and we’ll dive into my selection of empties from last month.

BioEffect EGF Serum

Introducing BioEffect EGF Serum: This tiny 3ml bottle of product was worth a staggering £30 (approx) Is it worth the coin?
This expensive little chap is supposed to improve the appearance of your skin
Image: Entirely Beauty

I recieved this in a sub box (I think it was Look Fantastic) and I had tried it, but hadn’t used it all up. Having found it again (yes, I lost it, but hey, when a bottle is smaller than your thumb, that’s not difficult!!) I decided to re-introduce to my skin and use it up. Despite it containing a growth factor, Hyaluronic acid and Icelandic water (???), it costing £50 for a 5ml Trial Size and BioEffect making some pretty big claims (see for more) I can honestly say if I’d paid for this I wouldn’t have been happy as I didn’t see any improvement in my skin. To be fair, however, BioEffect do state on their website that in trials it was used consistently for 2 months, but (and despite only needing 3 or 4 drops per application) I lacked sufficient product to trial it for that long. For me, not worth the coin.

Bumble & Zest Camomile Lavender Spirulina

A shot packed with super foods!
Wanna do shots?

Strictly speaking this isn’t a beauty product, but it was included in my Roccabox for March, it’s a shot packed full of super foods and it’s empty so I thought I’d include it anyway. As it contains half a lemon and Himalayan salt, I was expecting it to taste like snozcumber and to geurn BFG stylee after drinking it. Fortunately I was wrong, it actually tasted lovely – probably thanks to the Camomile and Lavender. This flavour is for calm and comfort, but there’s a range of flavours to choose from, each offering different benefits (for their full range visit the Bumblezest web site) and 20 x 60ml Bottles will cost £39.95. (about £1.99 a shot). They can also be diluted in 250ml water for a longer health promoting drink. Will I buy more – probably, the shot are a handy way of both drinking more water and injesting a number of superfoods too!

Bubble T Shower Gels

I lathered my way through both of these lush Bubble T bath and shower gels last month and there’s about two showers worth left in the one I’m using at the moment, but that’s ok cos my lovely jubbly bubbly buddies have already delivered my subscription for April. I love these gels! The Strawberry Macaroon had a deliciously sweet strawberry scent, that lingered beyond the bathroom and the Blueberry & Lime was fruitily sharp and refreshing. I highly recommend Bubble T lush products and the fantastic sub service too.

Sugarbearhair Hair Vitamin Gummies

Bear shaped, berry tasting vita in supplements.
It was great to receive these in my Roccabox Sub Box, it gave me a chance to try them out!
Image: Entirely Beauty

It’s been a hot minute since I took any kind of supplement and I gotta admit that I’m sceptical of the growing trend for expensive, gimmicky and supposedly ‘targeted’ supplements. Some are supposed to make your nails grow quicker and stronger, others claim to improve your skin from within, whilst these little blue bears are supposed to increase your hair’s growth and generally improve it’s strength. The dosage is two per day, which you chew (they do taste pretty good), the bottle contains 60 bears (1 months supply) and costs $29.99 (around £24). For more info visit Sugarbearhair

I took them, as directed, throughout March as I was truly intrigued to see whether there would be any noticeable difference in my hair. There was some improvement: My hair became less dry and brittle, and grew quite nicely. But therein lies the problem. Knowing that my hair had become dryer and more brittle, that those pesky spilt ends had returned/increased and because it wasn’t looking its best, I, as most folks would, have been taking extra care of it via shampoos, conditioners, masks & other ‘topical’ products throughout the winter months; I’ve also avoided using heat on my hair wherever possible. So, I can’t actually say it was the gummies that have helped.

Would I buy/take them on the regular? That’d be a big NO – they are too expensive, I didn’t experience any conclusive results and I doubt they do any more for hair than regular (much more affordable) vitamin supplements. I know some people swear by Sugarbearhair, but on the bear front, I think I’ll stick with my teddy.

Danielle Creations Lifting Face Sheet Mask

K-beauty is fabulous and this face mask was no exception
A Korean Beauty Facial Sheet Mask

This face mask was fabulous! I used it as part of a ‘coating routine’ (I’m planning to do a blog on ‘coating’ this really soon – everyone needs to try it – so look out for that one!) and it made my skin look and feel bloody fantastic! I love K-Beauty and I’m an avid sheet mask fan too, so this was right up my street. This is an easy to use, serum laden, peptide mask, that works wonders and is affordable (£2.50 each). I’ll definately be rebuying and there’s a range of Danielle masks to choose from (they can be purchased direct from Danielle Creations) so I’ll probably try some others too, hopefully they’re as good as this peptide, lifting one.

The Body Shop – White Musk EDT

I was really upset when I used this up, it’s hard to say farewell to an old friend, and White Musk has long been my fave fragrance. White Musk is The Body Shop‘s iconic fragrance, I usually buy the 100ml size (£24) but it’s also available in 30ml (£13) and 60ml (£18) sizes. It’s musk notes are sexy but not overbearingly so, it’s a light and long lasting fragrance, very feminine, flowery and perfect for everyday and special occassions alike. Currently I have a lot of perfumes in my collection, so as much as I love White Musk, I can’t, as much as I really want to, justify buying another right now, I need to work through the others first. Rest assured when I’ve emptied a few others White Musk will be making a much welcomed return to my fragrance fold.

Elysium Bath Bombs – Vanilla Sugar 3pk

Cheap and cheerful Bath Bombs, but they are great for relaxing!
Not the most expensive bath bombs in the world, but they offer a world of relaxation and fragrance.
Image: Entirely Beauty

I picked these up in a discount shop and I think they cost me a £1 (you can get them on line for around that too). Elysium Bath Bombs are available in a variety of fragrances, I got Vanilla Sugar, and the level of fragrance was spot on. The bombs fizzled nicely in the water, and made for a lovely, ‘soft’ and comfortable bath. In fact, for a cheap and cheerful product, they were the BOMB. (Sorry, that’s awful, sometimes I just can’t help myself.) If I see them when out shopping I’ll definitely grab another pack.

Oskia London – Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Is it a gel, is it an oil, is it a cleanser - no, it's Oskia and it's all three!
A beautiful cleansing gel for all skin types

I had the 35ml size of this lush cleanser, which retails for around £15, but it’s also available in a 100ml size for £35 (that’s great value for money and would last a while too) direct from Oskia London. I really enjoyed using this cleanser; it made my skin feel deeply cleansed, removed make up easily (yes, even stubborn waterproof mascara) and left my skin feeling fresh, smooth and super nourished.

The sweet and clean smelling pink gel is applied to dry skin, then it melts into a colourless oil. You then add water to emulsify the oil before removing it (together with all dirt and makeup) with warm water or a damp muslin cloth. I’d forgotten how good this cleanser was, and once I’ve used some of the other cleansers in my stash I will be buying this again. Love it!

Pretty Smooth – Wrinkle Care Sheet Masks

Two affordable sheet masks from Pretty Smooth in one handy pack!
A pack of two non-woven fabric sheet masks
Image: Entirely Beauty

Ok, these are not made of the same specially woven fabric as the other sheet mask in my March Empties, so they won’t hug the countours of your face in the way the Danielle Mask will, BUT they are cheaper (on Fab Finds they are currently only £1.20) and still do a good job. I’ve used these a few times; they are packed with Vitamin E and patchouli oil, which together work to reduce wrinkles and leave your skin moisturised and soft. These are great for an affordable midweek pamper and can be left on for up to 30 minutes.

Sukin Super Greens – detoxifying facial scrub

If you follow my blog (if not, what are you waiting for? 😁) or have been here before, you’ll know that Sukin products have featured a few times on Entirely Beauty and that I’m a bit fond of this wonderful A-beauty range. (For more details of the Sukin range and this Detoxifying Facial Scrub check out my November Shopped My Stash post).

The Sukin Austrialian skincare range is natural and affordable, they don’t contain any nasties, such as synthetic fragrance or silicones, they are cruelty free, vegan & carbon neutral, in fact it’s arguably A-Beauty at its best! This detox scrub is gentle enough to be used on the regular and will brighten and improve texture and is suitable for normal to dry skin. If you haven’t tried any of the Sukin range, I think you’re missing a trick – check out what A-Beauty products they have available by visiting Sukin on-line, you’ll be spoiled for choice and, given the quality, pleasantly surprised by their affordable prices!

Imperial Leather – Foam Burst Golden Amber & Coconut Oil Ultimate Moisture

I’m fairly sure this sample sized product (75ml) came as a free gift with Superdrug’s ‘Dare’ Quarterly Magazine (£3.50 – usually includes 5 freebies). The full size (200ml) is available from Boots for £4.33(the usual price is £6.49). Imperial leather claims that Foam Burst will give you 3 days of moisurisation and instantly softer smoother skin. Does it do what it says on the tin?

Well, I’m not too sure about the former, but it definitely delivers the latter! And it ain’t called ‘Foam Burst’for nothing either; you only need to dispense a little cos it grows (like that yellow expanding foam that builders use, only much nicer). The perfume of this one (there are others including a ‘No Drama Lama’ fragrance, don’t know why but that made me giggle) is super lush, not overly coconutty, but fresh and fragrant. Overall, I really liked it and even though it was only 75ml it lasted ages too.

Well, that’s my round up of empties for March, hope you enjoyed it, I’ve put the empties basket back in the corner ready to collect April’s empty product pots, bottles and sachets. As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot and please feel free to let me know what you thought of the products I’ve used up in the comments below. Have you used any of them, what did you think? Are you tempted to try any of the products or are they a pass for you? I’d love to know what you think. I hope you are staying positive and keeping well.

Until next time, take care.

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