How to REALLY achieve younger looking skin!

Your guide to smoother, plumper, super-moisturised, revitalised, texture and fine line reduced, silky soft and younger looking skin.

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Cher Turned Back Time in her song and, reportedly, via a little surgery. Marty McFly also got help from a Doc to travel back in time, and let’s be honest here, we’d all love to turn our skin-o-metres back a few clicks and enjoy younger looking, smoother skin! Unfortunately, I aint Simon Cowell, so I aint gonna make you star! Sans flux capacitor I can’t catapult you back to that glorious time when you loved your skin. BUT, I have developed and perfected a two stage combo of treatments that’ll improve your skin, give fantastic and immediate results and you can do it at home!

I call this combo my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE FACIAL! In this post we’re prepping our skin with stage one which includes:

  1. šŸ‘‰ The complete STAGE ONE ‘how to guide’
  2. šŸ‘‰ Product recommendations and links
  3. šŸ‘‰ Further and related reading
  4. šŸ‘‰ Further and related viewing
  5. šŸ‘‰ Other useful links
  6. šŸ‘‰ Links to my Social Media Platforms

My ultimate two stage facial is completely adaptable: either replicate it ‘as is’ or switch out my product recommendations and replace them with products you know will work on YOUR skin. Stage two is hot on the heels of this post: Subscribe to my blog to make sure you don’t miss it and, as a thank you for your support, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my monthly beauty newsletter – šŸ“° EB Xtra šŸ“° that (as the name suggests) has extra beauty tips, hints and features for you to enjoy!

Thanks for subscribing šŸ‘ your FREE copy of EB Xtra will be with you soon! Now, are you ready to be SHOOK? Ok, let’s get into the background and PREP STEPS of my NEW, ULTIMATE two stage facial and get you on the way to that younger looking skin I promised you!

Smoother, softer, less fine lines and wrinkles, plumped, silky skin can be yours if you follow my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE spa-esque FACIAL.
Top & Centre: STAGE ONE requirements. PLUS a SNEAK PEAK of products and gizmos we’ll be using in STAGE TWO
Photo: Entirely Beauty

STAGE ONE: The Prep Steps

DERMAPLANING – do it like a dude!

Yup – you read that right.


Trust me, this bit of advice is a dermaplaning game changer!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the removal of facial peach fuzz, dead skin cells and any other facial hair to reveal super smooth skin that not only absorbs skin care products much more readily (as fuzz, dead skin cells and facial hair all act as product barriers) but you’ll notice that your makeup will look so much better on your dermaplaned skin too.

Take a LšŸ‘€K at


take on


These two, key benefits are the reasons why dermaplaning became popular in salons and spa’s, videos exploded on YouTube, beauty features about dermaplaning popped in magazines, and it continues to be increasingly popular with the world and her wife.

If you haven’t watched any of Sam’s beauty content videos you really should! She’s incredibly talented, inspirational, dedicated and fun to watch. Here she’s dermaplaning and providing a few giggles too!

During a Salon/Spa dermaplane treatment a surgical grade blade is gently scraped across every area of your clean and dry face, to plane (shave) the dermis (skin) – hence the name dermaplane. Prices for this vary in salons geographically and sometimes include another treatment.

A professional In-Salon Dermaplane Treatment costs

šŸ’· Ā£60 šŸ’·

Based on average of researched & regional, UK price comparisons

However, it’s relatively easy, (but slightly scary, after all you are taking a blade to your face) to DIY DERMAPLANE, with the aid of an eyebrow razor, so many do go for the at home option.

I’ve used the ‘eyebrow razor’ method many times and loved the eventual results but I’m so over it! Its a bit harsh even for my normal skin type: At best it caused areas of redness on my skin, at worst I suffered irritation and/or inflammation of the skin for a day or so after each session and there’s that risk of cutting or nicking the skin too.

Dermaplaning has many benefits if you 'do it like a dude'.
You only have one face – if you want to REALLY care for your skin, and who doesn’t, ditch the eyebrow razor!

A word of warning

This traditional DIY dermaplane may result in the need for post-planing ‘down time’ as your skin can become super-sensitive to products such as cleanser and toner. This means that you have to wait for your skin to calm down after dermaplaning with an eyebrow razor, before using your skin care products. So, having acheived smooth, soft skin that’s capable of drinking in products, you’re unable to apply them right away, which is kinda frustrating-right?

It was these frustrating issues with dermaplaning that led to my quest for a kinder way of achieving that dolphin smoothness

After trying various tools and differing methods, I finally found a way to dermaplane that won’t irritate your skin, doesn’t cause redness, is safer, easier AND allows skin care to be applied immediately, which is a huge bonus for your skin. In my search for the perfect dermaplane method I found The Holy Grail, and it’s simply to “do it like a dude!

Top Tip: Invest in a good razor and shaving products, then shave your way to a smoother, barrier-free face!

My Dermaplane ‘Do’ List:

  • Do remove ALL traces of makeup/skincare before hand.
  • Do a pre-dermaplane wet cleanse; Dr. Botanicals Pomegrante (Po) Superfood Regenerating Cleansing Bar is excellent for this. Use like a soap, rub the creamy lather all over your wet face, rinse and you’ll find it’ll leave your skin squeaky clean and feeling moisturised too.
  • Do use a pre-shave scrub! A good, pre-shave scrub will prep the peach fuzz and any facial hair, making it so much easier to remove. I use Friction Free Pre-Shave Scrub; it smells unbelievable, your skin feels lush and it definitely makes for easier shaving. Simply massage a small amount onto wet skin, all over your face and neck (avoid your eyes!), then rinse clean with warm water.
  • Do use a shaving cream. A shaving cream is much kinder to the skin than soap, hair conditioner or bae’s shaving foam. Because they work better in unison and it’s brilliant, I use Friction Free Shave Cream: It’ll make your shave is as smooth as glass whilst conditioning and caring for your skin. Work a small amount over wet skin, all over your face, including don’t your forehead and neck.
  • Do use a GOOD QUALITY razor and change theblade reguarly! You’ll achieve a super-close shave and your dermaplaning is much less likely to end in a nicked/cut distaster! What’s more a good razor will glide without dragging the skin, and will remove everything in its path!
  • Do start on the neck and shave upward in one continuous stroke, where possible, toward the orbital bone. Take each stroke slowly, be gentle and hold the skin slightly taut with your free hand to enable a smoother, closer shave. Once you have completed the upward strokes, all over your neck, jaw and cheek area, shave your forehead by making side to side stokes. Next focus on the upper lip and nose using a downward glide.
  • Do rinse the razor after each stroke to remove the cream and any debris/hairs/fuzz. Feel your skin with your fingertips, again stroking upward, if you’ve missed a spot you’ll feel it. Finally rinse your face with warm water and appreciate the glass smoothness you’ve now achieved.
  • Do pat the skin dry as opposed to rubbing, you don’t want to towel-burn your now beautifully smooth, dolphinesque skin!
  • Do apply a post-shave balm all over the face, as this prevents any inflamtion occurring by soothing the skin. As a bonus a balm will nourish, protect and soften your skin too. I’m obsessed with Friction Free Post Shave balm; it’s lush, lightweight and does a great job. Contrary to the instructions, however, I massage it all over my face, leave it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.
A NEW way to dermaplane your way to smooth, soft skin, easily and safely at home, that's also better for the environment!
I’ve yet to find a closer, kinder or more effective way to dermaplane: FFS products are, in my opinion, the bomb!
Image: Entirely Beauty

My Dermaplane ‘Don’t’ list:

  • Don’t be scared! Seriously, try a wet dermaplane with products, if you’ve tried the ‘eyebrow razor method’ you’ll notice a huge difference.
  • Don’t be tempted to use a plastic, disposable razor on your face – they’re not kind to your skin or the environment – See link.
  • Don’t try skipping steps; the results will not be as good.
  • Don’t forget to change your blade regularly; if you use an old blade it could be harbouring bacteria, be more likely to cut or nick the skin and won’t give you that dolphin smoothness! A good rule of thumb is to change the blade after 2 to 3 dermaplane sessions.
  • Don’t overdo the dermaplaning; Unlike Salon dermaplaning (which is recommended as a once every four to six weeks treatment) I’ve found that my skin can handle my ultimate two stage facial once a week (Yes, I am obsessed šŸ¤£). How often you do this will depend on your skin, try once every two weeks to begin with.
  • Don’t use bae’s razor or products; they’re designed specifically for men and their skin’s needs. Besides, guys tend to be as territorial about their shaving products as us girls are about our makeup! šŸ˜‰
  • Don’t forget to share this post on your social media. And/or reblog it – your gal pals will thank you! šŸ˜˜

The final step for Stage One:

For added smoothness, brightness and that feel good factor gently exfoliate your face with a good scrub.

I recommend Nip & Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix.

It gives the skin an extra polish and boost, smells wonderful and is affordable too!

Simply apply a small amount of this wonderful Glycolic Scrub Fix to your damp skin and massage away, avoiding the eye area, rinse with warm water and pat dry.

You’re now ready for the next and last stage of my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE FACIAL!

Just lightly run a finger tip over your face at this stage and relish that smoothness. Check your complexion in the mirror – Hot Damn! You can see the difference – right? Notice how great your skin feels having completed stage one. Believe me it’ll feel even more fantastic, it’ll improve further when we feed and nourish your silky, barrier-free skin in STAGE TWO. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, so you don’t miss THAT upload and to receive your FREE copy of šŸ“° EB Extra šŸ“° too!

Image: Entirely Beauty

Obviously, Stages One and Two compliment and enhance each other, and are meant to be done together as one complete treatment. So in STAGE TWO I’ll introduce you to a fairly new, Korean skincare technique that has, so far, slipped under the beauty radar. I’ll be giving you a step by step guide to my simplified take on this, so you can experience its phenomenal benefits at home, complete my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE FACIAL and enjoy younger and fresher looking skin!

TOP TIP: If you can’t wait for Stage Two of my Ultimate Two Stage Facial, then go ahead and try Stage One, but please use a good sunscreen, with a high SPF, after the final step to prevent your naked skin from becoming sun damaged.

And that brings us to the end of this post; if you enjoyed it please hit the like button as this helps me decide what to write and upload for you in the future.

Have you tried dermaplaning? If so, did you go the DIY route or visit a salon? What are your experiences of dermaplaning? Are you excited to give stage one of my ultimate two stage facial a try right now? Or are you going to (perhaps not so patiently) wait to stage two? Whatever your thoughts and experiences please share them in the comments below, thank you.

Thanks also for reading, I hope you found this post to be a helpful introduction and practical guide to achieving super, glass-like skin by dermaplaning like a dude, and that you’re looking forward to taking your skin to the next level, the next time.

Until then, take care.

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4 thoughts on “How to REALLY achieve younger looking skin!

    1. It IS a fascinating technique and I am a bit addicted to how soft and smooth my skin feels after dermaplaning and mask coating, it’s really improved my skin.
      Obviously I’m no skin expert, I just test out tons of stuff and sometimes hit the jackpot šŸ˜†
      It can cause irritation, for sure, which is why I started thinking about other ways to do the treatment.
      Thanks for your comment šŸ’‹


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