Palette Wars: Round One

How THIS happened: From weird thoughts to blog.

I was looking over (and by that I mean lovingly admiring) my eyeshadow palette collection and I realised that I’ve got too many shadow palettes. (Just kiddin’ – ‘too many’ are words that DO NOT feature in a Beauty lover’s vocab – right? πŸ˜‰) Of the eyeshadow palettes I own, there’s a lot of Revolution and quite a few of those are influencer x Revolution collabs.

πŸ€”Thoughts only a beauty addict could haveπŸ€”

This got me to thinking and a-wondering which of the collab palettes, in my collection, would come out on top, to reign supreme over the Kingdom of Entirely Beauty if there was a War of the Palettes. That, my friends is, in a nutshell, what brings me and this blog post to you. (And also has me questioning what the fraggle makes my mind have such random thoughts πŸ€”)

The ring is roped off and I’ll referee; the first two influencers will step into the ring, clutching their beloved collab palettes in their boxing gloved hands and the journey to discover which Revolution collabin’ creator will emerge from the ring to take the title of King or Queen of the collab palettes starts right here.

This journey will take us through a series of beauty battle knockouts, in which the two selected palettes will be pitted against each other in a fight to the DEATH!

Palette War has been declared!

Well, OK, not to the death – that’s a bit over dramatic! But Palette Wars will part the makeup wheat from the eyeshadow chaff, round one’s surviving collaboratorative palette will live to fight another day, in a later round and battle against a different, equally worthy opponent.

Round One of Palette Wars and the opponents are Soph and Emily and their respective palettes.
Round One of Palette Wars: Extra Spice V The Needs. Photo/Imagery Entirely Beauty.

I’ll review of each palette for you, I’ve used them both (a lot) in readiness for this Battle of Blogsworth, so I’m able to answer the questions you’ll probably have, including: Which palette has the best packaging and which represents good value for money? Is there any fallout or kick back? Are the shades pigmented? Does the colour story make sense? Are they ‘look’ inspiring palettes? And so on.

If I don’t answer YOUR question here, drop your question(s) in the comments and I’ll respond as quick as I can. 😁 Also, as this is Round One of the ‘Collaborators x Revolution Palette Wars’ I’ll include some background on Revolution, for those who may not be familiar with the brand. In each round, starting with this one, we’ll learn (X-factor stylee) the back story of each new opponent together, I’ll include their palette launch videos, the usual useful links, together with application tips and ideas on how to use the palettes.

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Collaborators Ready? Palettes Ready?

Are YOU ready?

Entering the ring first is a makeup guru, influencer, YouTuber and collaborator, in the red corner, all the way from the U S of A – weighing in with almost 13 years of tubing experience and lots of solid makeup knowledge it’s …


Emily's ready for Entirely Beauty'sPalette Wars, are you?

Emily is in her 30s, married to Tyler (since 2006) and they have three children: Bella, Eve and Rhett.

Prior to becoming a full time tuber, Emily was a news anchor. She is a complete make up nerd, genuine, wholesome, fun & great to watch.

Next to step into the ring is a UK influencer and YouTuber who weighs in with many brands collabs and 6 years of tubing experience under her belt – heeeeere’s . . .

SOPH (Does Life)

Emily's worthy opponent is Soph, which of these tubers will be victorious in Entirely Beauty's Palette Wars?

Soph (her last name is a mystery!) is 23 years old and began doing nail art vids on Instagram before finding further fame and followers when she started her YouTube Channel in 2014, concentrating on makeup tutorials, hauls and declutters etc.

Soph made it into The Telegraph’s ‘30 Most Famous YouTube & Insta Stars’ list! and has had a lot of sponsorship & brand deals, including collabs.

Soph has just bought her first house (congrats Soph!) and moved in with her boyfriend, James.

They are the REVOLUTION!

If you’re in the market for great drug store beauty products look no further than Revolution London: they’re a popular brand, well known among MUAs, beauty enthusiasts and the wider beauty community, for their quality products at low prices. Revolution’s range of eyeshadows, for example, are pigmented, easy to apply, blendable and brilliant value. Both Emily’s and Soph’s palettes are great ambassadors of the Revolution Brand. If you’re in the market for a new eye palette & are new to Revolution you can’t really go wrong with either The Needs (Emily’s Palette) or Extra Spice (Soph’s Palette).

The Palettes

Emily's beautiful palette, The Needs, has more than meets the eye!
Emily’s Collab with Revolution resulted in The Needs and The Wants Palettes. Photo/Imagery : Entirely Beauty

Revolution The Emily Edit – The Needs

Emily’s The Needs is a Face Palette encased in pale pink, plastic packaging with gold writing. Inside there is a handy, large mirror and 10 pans. Whilst there’s four ‘face products’ and six ‘eyeshadows’, the palette is very versatile, and all the powders can be used in different ways to switch up your look.

The Colour Story of The Needs

  • Courage: A pigmented, but buildable and blendable, bronzer (or contour) with a slight red & warm undertone, that is silky soft. There is a little kick back in the pan, but nothing major. Makes a good crease or lid colour.
  • Joy: A warm, earthy, terracotta, soft and quite ‘creamy’, powder blush that can also double as an eye shade. Feels light on the skin and gives a healthy glow to the cheeks.
  • Gratitude: A slightly marbled, champagne coloured, matte highlighter, that can give you either a subtle sheen or be built up for more of a glow. There’s no kick back, it’s smooth & looks great on the skin. I use a little of this to set my eye primer down and it works well as a corner and brow highlight too.
  • Kindness: A super versatile, brightening, slightly luminous, cream coloured, silky textured, matte powder that can be used to set under eye concealer, eye primer or foundation. Mixed with Joy it’ll give a lighter shade blusher, and it can be used as a shadow too.
  • Honesty: A more orangey toned, terracotta, soft (but slightly dry feeling) eyeshadow with a sheen that’s guaranteed to make blue eyes pop! (I also use it as a blush as it enhances my tan) Great to sweep over the eyelid with a little Gratitude on the brow bone for a ‘ready in an instant’ summer look.
  • Passion: This is a bit of a cameleon shade. From a distance it almost looks like a soft black, close up it’s more of dark purple/plum and whilst it’s basically a matte shade it has soft red, glitter reflects – all of which makes for a truly lush, universally wearable eyeshadow.
  • Peace: This light-sand coloured, matte shadow is soft and creamy to the touch, makes for a good lid colour (as it does a good job of evening out the skin tone), works well as a blending shade and can be used with the other shadows to give added brightness and a little warmth.
  • Faith: This is a soft, warm brown, matte shadow with a bit of a sheen that can be used as a bronzer (on tanned or darker skin tones). Another ‘one and done’ eyeshadow, just apply to the lid, make it darker in the crease and then blend upward to give a soft gradient for an easy eye look.
  • Hope: A lovely, soft textured, milk choc, matte brown, that glides on and blends out wonderfully. Great for neutral eye look or to deepen a more dramatic eye.
  • Love: Slightly darker than kindness, this shadow has that creamy formula, and works well as an eye base colour, but (and dependant on skin colour) can be used as an alternative to Gratitude as a matte highlight.
The swatches show how put together Emily's The Needs palette really is - these colours we're meant to be together! Nice work Revolution.
Swatches photographed outside to show how they look in natural daylight. Photo Entirely Beauty

I have used The Needs a shed ton since buying, as it really does have everything you need in one palette, the shades are wonderful, they lock in place and the colour story is as ‘together’ as it is workable. You can get a lot of different looks with this one, from fresh ‘no-makeup’ vibes to beautiful every day looks, with night time & glam possibilities thrown in for good measure!

The formula of all the shades is super, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less from a revolution palette with Emily’s name on it, cos she knows her stuff. The Needs is currently ONLY Β£6 online at revolution & having done a wear test, I can tell ya that all the shades have staying power – after twelve hour wear test my look was (unlike me πŸ˜…) remarkably fresh, the shadows didn’t fade or budge and the face products all held up great too. So, for the money, The Needs is fantastic value! One other thing I think is worth a mention, and for some this is a biggie, The Needs is an ideal palette for beginners cos the colours co-ordinate and compliment each other perfectly, you’d have no problem putting together a ‘put together’ look, while more experienced makeupers will adore this palette as it provides lots of opportunities for creative, on point looks.

Soph x Revolution – Extra Spice

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice will spice up your makeup collection, but has it got what it takes to WIN in Entirely Beauty's Palette Wars?
An exciting colour story

Soph’s Extra Spice palette has a rose gold lid, with a cream bottom and bares Soph’s ‘signature’. The metallic finish is boujee and glam, looks great on a vanity, but needs a regular wipe to get the fingerprints off and show the palette in its glory. Inside the lid you’ll find a large mirror and the palette houses 18 pans of beautiful, technicolor shadows including mattes and shimmers.

The Colour Story

  • Everyday: Similar to a highlighter (and I have used it as such) this champagne, butter soft shadow is glitter free but shines bright.
  • Running Late: A light-orange-terracotta, earthy, matte shade that’s blendable and warm
  • Infinity: A white-hot silver with a mirror shine finish that feels smooth and buttery, use a damp brush or fingertip for increased intensity, or blend for a more subtle sheen.
  • Cheese Cake: Another earthy toned, matte shadow, this one is a red/brown clay colour, not as pigmented as some of the other shades, but blends and wears well.
  • Cookie Dough: A cooler toned, satin, light, creamy brown (think demerara sugar less the texture) worked for me as a contour, as well as a shadow, but the pan size makes it difficult to get your countour brush in the pan.
  • Dreams: A bronzed, gold shimmer with tiny reflects of glitter. There’s a bit of kick back and fallout, but it’s a luscious shade that’ll flatter a lot of skin shades.
  • Vitamin C: A mustard yellow and unfortunately, slightly dry (but still workable) shadow with a fair amount of kick back, but no fallout. Blends nicely and can be built up for a bolder look.
  • Sweet n Sour: The name of this shadow is definitely fitting, think Chinese takeaway sauce on pork balls and you got it. A good buildable shade and a fab contrast for blue eyes.
  • Twenty One: A deep red which, coupled with Sweet n sour and Vitamin C makes for a dreamy ‘sunset eye’. Also adds a new dimension to the claret, plums and neutrals in this palette.*
  • Romance: In the pan this is a stunning crimson wine colour, the payoff, however, is more like a metalic, sunset pink, which is a bit disappointing, bit still pretty and it has some glitter reflects too.
  • Enchanted: The matte version of Romance in the pan, in reality a claret colour, with quite a bit of kick back, despite its soft, creamy texture.
  • Lakes: A muddy brown, flat matte, my least fave shadow in the Extra Spice palette, this shade just doesn’t sit right with the rest of the shades. It has a shed ton of a kick back and fall out too (and I tried it with several different primers and on its own), it picks up on any texture and has a strange, almost blue/grey hue to it.
  • Brownies: The darkest brown in this colour story, a bit on the dry side, but it is workable. Think Bournville Chocolate and you can picture this matte shade.
  • Chocolate Orange: Is what is says on the tin – a delish chocolate orange coloured, matte shadow that compliments the other earthy tones in this palette fabulously.
  • Mulled Wine: A dark, wine colour in the pan but again the pay off is more pink than wine, that said it can be built up to a more true wine shade.
  • LA Sun: Is a gorgeous yellow gold, soft, almost wet looking, gold shimmer when applied and is a perfect inner corner, brow bone or mid-lid highlighting shadow.
  • Aurora: Another fabulous shade, a grey/green, wet look, duo chrome shimmer with lush gold reflects.
  • Reputation: A soft, matte black that can be built up for intensity or blended out to a grey hue. Great for a smuged, smokey liner too.*

*NB-Twenty One and Reputation stain the areas where you lay them down. This is usual for deeply pigmented reds and blacks.

I love using Soph’s Extra Spice, and have created lots of glam night and day looks with it. I’ve also used it for more neutral, day time makeup, however, as there are no face products it’s not as versatile as The Needs. I also feel that while the palette has inspired me to try different looks, I have experience to fall back on. I think someone new to, or less experienced with, makeup might be a bit overwhelmed by the array of colour and unsure what to use with what. That said, this is a brilliant palette, I do love it, and it’s one of my go tos. I just believe it’s better suited to a more experienced beauty addict.

YES the red and black shades stain, nothing new there. 😁 Quite a bit of kick back with some of the shadows, bit less in the fall out department but these minor things can be easily dealt with. The formulas, overall, are crackin, good pigmentation, bendable shadows, what more could a creative makeup lover want? Another good point – this is a heck of a good autumnal colour story too!

Why I purchased Emily’s The Needs and Soph’s Extra Spice

I’ve followed both Emily and Soph on Youtube for a long time now and love them & their palettes

Emily and The Needs

Emily’s total enthusiasm for her job, love of makeup and pretty much limitless product knowledge has me glued to the screen every time she uploads a new video. I like her; she’s relatable and damn good at what she does, I’d love to chat to her over coffee!

Emily's The Needs palette, in collaboration with Revolution is pretty, pink and practical!

Given this ‘gal crush’ πŸ˜‰ I felt The Need(s) to support Emily in her first ever collab. Her launch video (see below) was so emotional, open and honest. I like the fact that she has upheld her integrity and declined many sponsorship/ brand deals, because she wanted to remain in control of her channel and to give her audience her real opinions. The colour story and practicality of The Needs really appealed to me, Revolution are one of my favourite brands, and the palette was versatile and affordable too!

Throwback to 22nd August 2018 & Emily’s big reveal: The Emily Edit. This video recieved 466,276 views.

Sophie and Extra Spice

Soph is lovely; a fab creator of both makeup looks and beauty content, ridiculously pretty, full of fun, enthusiasm, friendliness and a natural in front of the camera too, all of which makes for great viewing as you can see from her Launch Video below. Soph do got some make up skills for sure, and she often makes me laugh too. Wouldn’t mind partaying with Soph or chatting about all things beauty – yep, I’ll accept either invitation!

Soph's glitzy and glam golden palette - Extra Spice adds a dash of boujeeness and a splash of colour to your beauty collection.

Buying Extra Spice was my way of showing gratitude for hours of viewing pleasure, plus when I saw the palette I fell in love with the colour story, particularly the orange shades (my favourite eyeshadow colour!)

From first glimpse I knew there were pretty much endless looks in the palette, that I’d enjoy experimenting with it and get lots of use out of it! All of this has proved to be true. What’s more at Β£10 I considered it a bit of a bargain too! Soph’s palette is available from Revolution online and Superdrug (UK).

On 5th June 2018 Soph uploaded her second Revolution Collab palette – Extra Spice

πŸ€”The Ref’s DecisionπŸ€”

Obviously I love both Emily and Soph AND their respective palettes, but there has to be a winner, so one of them will be out for a count of ten.

Both palettes offer the opportunity for good make up days, the formulas are (cos Revolution, Emily and Soph know their makeup) similar in texture, quality, colour pay-off and useability. Where they differ is with regard to colour stories, number of pans and, of course, one has face as well as eye products. Both are excellent value for money, are still a relevant part of my beauty collection two years after they launched.

Re-watching the above launch videos has made me WANT ‘The Wants’ and EVERYTHING in the ‘Soph x Revolution’ range! 😁 Not just so we can have a Soph/Emily Palette Wars re-match, (I’d be well up for that, tho) but because they are ALL fab, affordable products, by two of my favourite YouTubers in collab with a brand I love AND they would be right at home in my collection!

Soph and Emily's super powers are their collab palettes with Revolution, being fab influencers, and now, thanks to Entirely Beauty, they've got their boxing gloves on and are ready for Palette Wars.

It’s been a good clean fight, but one YouTuber’s palette has ‘out punched’ the other and the results are in. It was a damn close call, but the ref’s made her decision – it gives me great pleasure to announce that THE WINNER of Round One of Palette Wars is…

(Tension building pause …)


Congratulations to the winner – Emily

Commiserations to the runner up, Soph!

Do you have either or both of these palettes? Do you agree with the outcome? What are your thoughts on influencer collabs, Revolution and this new series here on Entirely Beauty? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading and until next time, take care.

πŸ’‹ Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

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