Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: Beguile Beauty Box

In case it's not already apparent I am a total beauty junkie and this text image, with the help of Mr Wilde, sums me up! Beauty is my  passion and that's what drives my blog.

I made myself a promise, at the beginning of this year, that I would try a variety of different Beauty Subscription Boxes so I could give you a heads up on what’s out there and help you decide which boxes are worth your coin.

I love unboxing my sub boxes, trying everything and giving you guys the lowdown. As well as my lowdown, I’m gonna include all the relevant info about this ‘New to Me’ Box and review the products, then you’ll hopefully know if this is a box you wanna sub to. I’ll also throw in some ‘about’ stuff and any relevant links. ENJOY!

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The Beguile Beauty Box

Introducing a ‘NEW to EB’ Subscription Box

Ya know how it is, one minute you’re innocently scrolling through Instagram and the next you’re signing up to a subscription box. (Or is that just me???) Anyhoo, that’s how and where I discovered Beguile Beauty Box, I hopped over to their lovely, easy to navigate website, was suitably impressed by everything and signed up. My first box (May 2020) duly arrived shortly after.

Beguile Beauty Box Unboxing, review & info at

The Beguile Beauty Box ‘Box’

When my Beguile Beauty Box arrived I felt that usual rush of anticipation: would it be as good as I hoped it would? You can tell a lot about a new beauty subscription from the actual box and packaging. A beauty box should be an eye pleaser – afterall it (hopefully) contains things of beauty! The box should either be a ‘keeper’ – one that looks good and can be repurposed OR recycled. Even though the Beguile Box has a lovely aesthetic, with an on-brand pink, white and black design, for me, not a keeper, but I’ve recycled the box and packaging.

Who are Beguile Beauty?
Are you ready for a luxurious beauty subscription box?

About Beguile Beauty

Beguile Beauty are a luxury, monthly, beauty box subscription service offering a variety of ‘plans’ and they deliver a specially curated, suprise edit of products to your door each month. I didn’t see any spoilers either so the contents were a complete suprise and that, my beauty friends, makes for a fun unboxing!

♡ Beguile Beauty boxes are only shipped within the UK but postage and packaging is FREE.

♡Currently you can receive 20% OFF your first subscription box by joining their mailing list and taking out a 3 month subscription. Obviously you’ll also receive the Beguile Beauty Box Newsletters once you’re on the list.

Beguile Beauty Past Boxes

There’s a year’s worth of past boxes to view on the Beguile Beauty Website and I’d definitely recommend having a look at them.

The past boxes were THE DEAL MAKER for me – here’s why:

  • VALUEthe boxes’ value ranged from £65 – £121!
  • BRANDS Ciaté, Dior, Benefit, Mac, Tarte, Jeffree Star – THUD! (That’s the sound of some serious beauty brand name dropping!) Surface scratched: There’s been a shed ton more big named products in the past boxes!
  • PRODUCTS – past examples include eyeshadow palettes, lip products, nail polish, eyelashes, eye & lip pencils, skin care and brushes.
  • USEABILITYI checked out ALL the past boxes and couldn’t find a single product or brand that I wouldn’t be excited to receive by or be able to use!!

Did someone say ‘Full Sized Products’?

The contents of the Beguile Beauty Box for May 2020 - full review at
All the products in the Beguile Beauty Box are FULL SIZED! Photos/image: Entirely Beauty

The Beguile Beauty Box contains FIVE FULL SIZED PRODUCTS each month and it’s the absence of ‘sample’, ‘deluxe minis’ & ‘travel’ sizes, together with those big beauty brand names that, for me, makes Beguile Beauty Box a LUXURY subscription!

Beguile Beauty Box Comparisons & Info Recap

Is a blog even a blog without an infograph?

The price of the box DOES reflect the fact that you get full sizes and well known, reputable brands.

£35 is double what you’d pay for some other beauty boxes, such as Look Fantastic or Latest In Beauty. However, most boxes (these two examples included) have samples and minis, whereas Beguile Beauty Box doesn’tit’s full size all the way, baby.

Beguile Beauty Box is around £20 less than the more comparable Fab Fit Fun. FFF boxes contain 7-8 full sized products, but includes ‘lifestyle’ products, whereas Beguile Beauty Box is all Beauty!

Food for thought – hopefully that’ll help you decide if Beguile Beauty Box is good fit for YOU!

Beguile Beauty Box – Inside The Box (May 2020)

Based on my research for this blog post, the surprise element, contents, product use and my first impressions of my first Beguile Beauty Box, this IS a good fit for me! And talking of the products – let’s get into those all important beauty goodies!

Oh K Clay Cleansing Beads - reviewed by

Oh K! Chok Chok Cleansing Clay Beads

These are different, look like a jar of sweeties 😉 and I was excited to try them cos Oh K! do some cracking skin care products!

These beads claim to purify and clarify the complexion by deep cleaning the skin with just one bead!

Yes, they do look a bit gimmicky, but I loved my deep clean AND could see and feel a difference after use. My skin did actually look clearer, felt clean and super soft to the touch, and YES, you do only need one bead!

Morphe Lip Crayon reviewed by

Morphe Lip Crayon

I got my Morpe Crayon in the shade Lylas which is a gorgeous pinky, brown colour. The formula is rich, matt, but creamy and I found its staying power was great! I’m going to get me some more of these crayons in different shades! Thanks for the intro Beguile.

The Real Techniques 424 adjustable blushers brush reviewed by

Real Techniques Blusher Brush (424)

Not only is the RT424 brush retractable, but it’s adjustable too, with 3 different settings that allow you to switch your application up or down. I’ve used it, I love it and also discovered it makes for a good bronzing & contour brush as well!

Skinny Tan Instant Tenner reviewed by

Skinny Tan Instant Tanner

Gotta say the old panic levels went up a bit when I first looked at this Instant Tanner cos it’s very dark and I’m naturally fair.

BUT, it actually gives the skin a gorgeous, natural, bronzed effect, smells like coconut and my skin felt silky too.

The Balm Eyeshadow Stick reviewed by

The Balm Eyeshadow Stick

The Balm Eyeshadow in slugger is a very buttery, slightly iridescent, soft, dark plum, cream shadow.

It applies like a dream, is bendable, stays in place and is great both as a full eye look (with other shadows), a quick one and done, or as a soft look liner.

Is Beguile Beauty Box worth the £££?

I do feel the cost of this box is justified. The prices given here were taken from the Beguile Beauty Box website, BUT I did a price check for each product and the RRPs given by Beguile were spot on, which is reassuring.

I feel that some thought went into this edit: There’s a great (and unusual) cleanser to help prep your skin for the other goodies. The lip pencil and shadow stick compliment each other wonderfully. The brush deals with more than blusher and it’s adjustable precision allows for faster application (like the lip pencil and shadow stick) and if you ARE really in a hurry, you can even have an instant, healthy bronze tan, without the bother of waiting for it to develop, with the Skinny Tan.

And in other Beguile Beauty Box ‘News

☆ A L👀K BTS ☆

After receiving my box and trying everything, I did my research for this post and found a couple of really negative YouTube videos about the Beguile Beauty Box. To be honest I’m glad I didn’t see them before I subbed, because those videos would’ve definately put me off!

This is one of the reasons I don’t watch or read reviews BEFORE subbing to boxes (or buying products*) that way I’m an unbiased consumer, my reactions and reviews are authentic and my resulting content gives you guys my HONEST take.

Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinions and subscription box contents ain’t gonna please everyone all the time! That said I believe that bloggers and tubers shouldn’t be overtly negative and subjective as that doesn’t actually help those who are reading or viewing. Those two negative, subjective, videos being a point in case!

That’s not to say if I have a negative response or service I wouldn’t be honest about it, because I would! BUT, I would be objective and put things into context, because to do otherwise would be doing you guys a disservice. In fact, in my next post, (I did me a haul!) something wasn’t PERFECT, but I’m not gonna throw shade, call the company out for ‘calling out’ purposes or spill supposed tea. I’ll be honest, give the problem context and tell you how it was resolved.

Had I seen those videos first I would have missed out on what I’ve honestly found, based on my first box, to be a great subscription with products I’m really excited and pleased to have received.

The Beguile Beauty Box, for me, represents great value for money. The products inside the box, all five full size of them, total £65.99, and yet, the subscription only costs £35. The maths is a no brainer.

Beguile Beauty Box review by
Is the Beguile Beauty Box worth the £35 sub price? Phtot/Image Entirely Beauty

My final thoughts.

They warned me I would be. And I totally am – Beguilled that is! I genuinely love everything I received in my first box, am already looking forward to my next Beguile Beauty Box and I’m excited to use and experiment with these products some more too.

Unboxing Beguile was a great experience as everything was a real suprise and not knowing what’s in the box – well it’s like receiving a gift (from me to me with love from Beguile), fun times!

Obviously, the REAL value of a beauty subscription is not necessarily about how much it costs, or how much you save. It comes down to whether the subscription box rings your beauty bell, if YOU can use the products (would they work for you, are they the right shade etc.) and there’s also that necessary element of being introduced to brands and products you might otherwise not get around to trying.

If you haven’t already guessed – My bell is well and truly rung. 🔔

My only complaint – Beguile also offer self care boxes, as a one off purchase, that contain 15 fab products, with a value of £150, for £50. I would have loved to have tried and reviewed this for you too, because it looks bloody marvellous and right up my street! Unfortunately for me (and you guys), they’re sold out!! (If ya listen carefully you can hear my tears of disappointment dripping like rain in a puddle). 😢

Anyhoo, has Beguile Beauty Box, my review and the box’s contents rung your bell too? I’d love to know your thoughts! Is this a subscription box you want to try? Are you already subbed to Beguile Beauty Box – if so what do you think? IS Beguiled Beauty Box a luxury box that’s worth the coin? Did any of you get your hands on the self care box? Whatever you’re thinking, drop your thoughts and/or questions in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, box clever, take care and click my way again soon!

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

For more information about The Beguile Beauty Box and/or to subscribe go to ➡️➡️➡️ The Beguile Beauty Box Website ⬅️⬅️⬅️

* I do buy products that I’ve seen other influencers use in their videos, or that content creators have highlighted on Insta etc., and obviously know about these products before I get my hands on them, but that doesn’t stop me being objective or giving you my own, honest thoughts and opinions.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and all opinions expressed herein are my own. NONE of the links included in this post are affiliate links. All information derived from outside sources/research was correct at time of publication.

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