Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: Latest in Beauty

Everything you need to know about Latest In Beauty, plus the unboxing, my first impressions of the products and a review of the service.

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The 'Latest In Beauty' subscription box - an example of what could be in the box.
To discover what was in my first box read on …
Image: Entirely Beauty

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! As promised in my last Spotlight on Subscription Boxes, I have another ‘NEW to me’ beauty sub box to share with you. Before I get into the unboxing and first impressions of the products in my first box, I’ll give you all the info you need to help decide if this box fits your needs and budget. This will be followed by the individual product information and, as always, I’ll include relevant links. So, ladles and jellyspoons, without further ado, let me introduce you to Latest in Beauty, a monthly subscription service with a difference!

With Latest in Beauty the choice is yours!

What sets LiB apart from other beauty sub boxes is CHOICE! Not only can you choose ALL the products you’ll receive in your box from the LiB curated selection of beauty treats, but you can also opt for a 3 product (£9 per month), 6 product (£15 per month) or 9 product (£18 per month) subscription all with FREE delivery. You can cancel your subscription at anytime and can change your subscription too: if, for example, you choose the six product option but the following month you want to drop to 3 products you can. You can also buy a ‘one off’ box of 3 (£16), 6 (£22) or 9 (£25) products, as a try out without subscribing, but you do pay p & p on ‘one offs’.

The LiB/brand collab – collection boxes

As well as the monthly subscription box LiB also offer the ‘Collection Boxes’: these are the result of LiB collabs with various and well known beauty brands: they’re one off boxes, usually good value, but you don’t get to choose the contents, they are pre-selected and the same for all customers. The prices of these collection boxes varies but they start from around £20. You’re not, even as an LiB subscriber, under any obligation to buy these collection boxes, that choice is also yours.

My Latest In Beauty Inside Track

  • My Subscription: 9 Products – £18
  • Order Date: 13th March
  • Box Recieved: 19th March
  • March Box: The Glow Down Edit
  • FREE GIFT: Large, zippered, black, fabric makeup bag with the Latest In Beauty logo
  • Voucher: £10 Off any booking over £35 made with Spabreaks using code LIB-CJRCK

Given the extensive choice there isn’t a card, leaflet or magazine in the box giving product information or detailing what each item is worth. There are brief product descriptions of each available product on the LiB website, but no indications of prices there either. I have price checked each item, included them and the total value of my box.

What’s In The Box

Pixi Glow Tonic

100 ml

The Lib Haul of Fame Product for March

Worth £10

I’ve been wanting to try Pixi Glow Tonic for a while so I was thrilled to discover it was available from LiB. Pixi bill it as being a miracle working toner that’ll brighten and give a healthy glow – sounds wonderful, looking forward to getting my glow on!

Klorane Dry Shampoo

with Oat Milk


Worth £8

I don’t know about you, but I get through a shed ton of dry shampoo and I hadn’t come across this brand before so I’m excited to give Klorane Dry Shampoo a go. It apparently extends the life of your blow dry, restores freshness and volumised.

Skin Chemist London

Rose Quartz Youth Defence Lip Plump


Worth £19.99

I have to level with you here: I am yet to find a lip plumper that actually works, so the Rose Quartz Lip Plump is my ‘Devil’s Advocate’ choice! Can be used alone or under lipstick, tingles slightly and has the usual menthol, minty fragrance that is synonymous with lip plumpers

NKD SKN Gradual Glow 50ml (Sample Size) Worth £2

I’ve used this before and had great results, so this was a ‘re-purchase’ pick. I thought this NKD SKN Gradual Glow was full size, my bad; there is enough product here for a couple or three uses, so I’m pleased I added it to my LiB box.

Mum & You Hand Cream 75ml Worth £8.99

This was my ‘basic needs’ pick: I like to have a few handcreams to (oh dear) erm . . .hand. As we have all (hopefully) increased the frequency of hand washing, no doubt the sale of hand creams will have gone up. Mum & You handcream is rich, conditioning and helps protect against both washing and the elements!

Sport FX

Detangling Hair Brush

Worth £4.99

I selected the Sport FX Detangling Brush to replace my Tangle Teaser which I unfortunately lost. This can be used on both wet and dry hair and has a user friendly ergonomic design and is compact too.

Sport FX

Body Build Dry Shampoo



Worth £2.99

This will be sooo useful when (and if) the weather warms up, as Sports FX Dry Shampoo it removes any sweat, cleans, freshness and volumised too – a great all rounder then, hopefully.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company

Duo Pencil Sharpener

Worth £4.99

Can we take a moment to admire the pretty packaging of this Vintage Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener. The packaging drew me to this pink polka dot sharpener. It keeps the shavings safe, accommodates jumbo pencils and also includes a little cleaning stick. One downpoint, there is a code on the reverse of the packaging to receive a free pair of tweezers when you spend £10 on line, sounds fab – right? Unfortunately, that offer ended on the 31st January 2017 – which is hardly the LATEST in Beauty, is it?

Oh K

3 Step Anti-Polution Marine Algae Sheet Mask

(With Cleanser and Serum)

Worth £7

I can’t resist a good face mask and I’ve yet to find an Oh K! Mask I haven’t totally loved, so this was an easy to choose addition to my box! This one locks in moisture to neutralise the effects of pollution and can be used daily.

TOTAL BOX VALUE: 🌟 £68.95 🌟

Am I impressed with my first Latest in Beauty Box? OMG YES! To be honest (as always) I hadn’t actually thought about the value of my box until I researched the prices whilst writing this review. I was, as a beauty bargain lover, surprised and pleased to learn that I managed to select nearly £70 Worth of products for just £18!

I love being able to choose my own products and alter my subscription, I also like the options afforded by the monthly collections. I didn’t, however, buy this month’s Sunday Times Award collection as when I got to the website all the ‘good stuff’ I wanted had already gone – it was obviously a popular edit!

I’m looking forward to putting my April Edit together and judging by what’s currently available I will be staying with the 9 product option. Overall, a great Sub box that puts the choice fully in your hands and offers the chance to really save some money too.

I love my Edit from LiB – what do you think of these products?
All Images: Entirely Beauty

Is the Latest In Beauty Box tempting you?

Thanks, as always, for reading, I hope this insight into Latest In Beauty helps you to decide whether or not it’s a box for you – please let me know if you are tempted, I love reading everyone’s comments and always reply. If you do succumb, please come back and share your selections!

Until next time, please stay safe

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March Empties

The beauty stuff I used up during March

This does not include any of my Project Pan (Shopped My Stash) picks for March – I’ll be covering my March makeup, hair and skincare SMS selections separately very soon!

NEW content is added to Entirely Beauty every Wednesday And Saturday

My very eclectic mix of empties from March
Sheet Masks to Bath Bombs, Serums to Health Drinks – I got through an eclectic mix of stuff in March!
Photo: Entirely Beauty

Hey, hi and hello! If you’re new – welcome to my beauty blog and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! I hope you’re all doing ok and staying safe. With so many of us on lockdown right now, I thought I’d share links to my previous ‘pamper’ posts (at the bottom of the page) cos I think we all need a bit of pampering right now, not to mention a time consuming distraction or two! I’ll also pop all product links in here too so you can get some more info – these links are not affiliated, this is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are, of course, my own and honest.

Today I’m going to be sharing my basket of general empties for March, and there are, surprisingly, quite a few of them, including the smallest product I’ve ever received in a subscription box, a perfume and a health drink. So, get yourself a beverage, a snack and get comfy and we’ll dive into my selection of empties from last month.

BioEffect EGF Serum

Introducing BioEffect EGF Serum: This tiny 3ml bottle of product was worth a staggering £30 (approx) Is it worth the coin?
This expensive little chap is supposed to improve the appearance of your skin
Image: Entirely Beauty

I recieved this in a sub box (I think it was Look Fantastic) and I had tried it, but hadn’t used it all up. Having found it again (yes, I lost it, but hey, when a bottle is smaller than your thumb, that’s not difficult!!) I decided to re-introduce to my skin and use it up. Despite it containing a growth factor, Hyaluronic acid and Icelandic water (???), it costing £50 for a 5ml Trial Size and BioEffect making some pretty big claims (see bioeffect.co.uk for more) I can honestly say if I’d paid for this I wouldn’t have been happy as I didn’t see any improvement in my skin. To be fair, however, BioEffect do state on their website that in trials it was used consistently for 2 months, but (and despite only needing 3 or 4 drops per application) I lacked sufficient product to trial it for that long. For me, not worth the coin.

Bumble & Zest Camomile Lavender Spirulina

A shot packed with super foods!
Wanna do shots?

Strictly speaking this isn’t a beauty product, but it was included in my Roccabox for March, it’s a shot packed full of super foods and it’s empty so I thought I’d include it anyway. As it contains half a lemon and Himalayan salt, I was expecting it to taste like snozcumber and to geurn BFG stylee after drinking it. Fortunately I was wrong, it actually tasted lovely – probably thanks to the Camomile and Lavender. This flavour is for calm and comfort, but there’s a range of flavours to choose from, each offering different benefits (for their full range visit the Bumblezest web site) and 20 x 60ml Bottles will cost £39.95. (about £1.99 a shot). They can also be diluted in 250ml water for a longer health promoting drink. Will I buy more – probably, the shot are a handy way of both drinking more water and injesting a number of superfoods too!

Bubble T Shower Gels

I lathered my way through both of these lush Bubble T bath and shower gels last month and there’s about two showers worth left in the one I’m using at the moment, but that’s ok cos my lovely jubbly bubbly buddies have already delivered my subscription for April. I love these gels! The Strawberry Macaroon had a deliciously sweet strawberry scent, that lingered beyond the bathroom and the Blueberry & Lime was fruitily sharp and refreshing. I highly recommend Bubble T lush products and the fantastic sub service too.

Sugarbearhair Hair Vitamin Gummies

Bear shaped, berry tasting vita in supplements.
It was great to receive these in my Roccabox Sub Box, it gave me a chance to try them out!
Image: Entirely Beauty

It’s been a hot minute since I took any kind of supplement and I gotta admit that I’m sceptical of the growing trend for expensive, gimmicky and supposedly ‘targeted’ supplements. Some are supposed to make your nails grow quicker and stronger, others claim to improve your skin from within, whilst these little blue bears are supposed to increase your hair’s growth and generally improve it’s strength. The dosage is two per day, which you chew (they do taste pretty good), the bottle contains 60 bears (1 months supply) and costs $29.99 (around £24). For more info visit Sugarbearhair

I took them, as directed, throughout March as I was truly intrigued to see whether there would be any noticeable difference in my hair. There was some improvement: My hair became less dry and brittle, and grew quite nicely. But therein lies the problem. Knowing that my hair had become dryer and more brittle, that those pesky spilt ends had returned/increased and because it wasn’t looking its best, I, as most folks would, have been taking extra care of it via shampoos, conditioners, masks & other ‘topical’ products throughout the winter months; I’ve also avoided using heat on my hair wherever possible. So, I can’t actually say it was the gummies that have helped.

Would I buy/take them on the regular? That’d be a big NO – they are too expensive, I didn’t experience any conclusive results and I doubt they do any more for hair than regular (much more affordable) vitamin supplements. I know some people swear by Sugarbearhair, but on the bear front, I think I’ll stick with my teddy.

Danielle Creations Lifting Face Sheet Mask

K-beauty is fabulous and this face mask was no exception
A Korean Beauty Facial Sheet Mask

This face mask was fabulous! I used it as part of a ‘coating routine’ (I’m planning to do a blog on ‘coating’ this really soon – everyone needs to try it – so look out for that one!) and it made my skin look and feel bloody fantastic! I love K-Beauty and I’m an avid sheet mask fan too, so this was right up my street. This is an easy to use, serum laden, peptide mask, that works wonders and is affordable (£2.50 each). I’ll definately be rebuying and there’s a range of Danielle masks to choose from (they can be purchased direct from Danielle Creations) so I’ll probably try some others too, hopefully they’re as good as this peptide, lifting one.

The Body Shop – White Musk EDT

I was really upset when I used this up, it’s hard to say farewell to an old friend, and White Musk has long been my fave fragrance. White Musk is The Body Shop‘s iconic fragrance, I usually buy the 100ml size (£24) but it’s also available in 30ml (£13) and 60ml (£18) sizes. It’s musk notes are sexy but not overbearingly so, it’s a light and long lasting fragrance, very feminine, flowery and perfect for everyday and special occassions alike. Currently I have a lot of perfumes in my collection, so as much as I love White Musk, I can’t, as much as I really want to, justify buying another right now, I need to work through the others first. Rest assured when I’ve emptied a few others White Musk will be making a much welcomed return to my fragrance fold.

Elysium Bath Bombs – Vanilla Sugar 3pk

Cheap and cheerful Bath Bombs, but they are great for relaxing!
Not the most expensive bath bombs in the world, but they offer a world of relaxation and fragrance.
Image: Entirely Beauty

I picked these up in a discount shop and I think they cost me a £1 (you can get them on line for around that too). Elysium Bath Bombs are available in a variety of fragrances, I got Vanilla Sugar, and the level of fragrance was spot on. The bombs fizzled nicely in the water, and made for a lovely, ‘soft’ and comfortable bath. In fact, for a cheap and cheerful product, they were the BOMB. (Sorry, that’s awful, sometimes I just can’t help myself.) If I see them when out shopping I’ll definitely grab another pack.

Oskia London – Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Is it a gel, is it an oil, is it a cleanser - no, it's Oskia and it's all three!
A beautiful cleansing gel for all skin types

I had the 35ml size of this lush cleanser, which retails for around £15, but it’s also available in a 100ml size for £35 (that’s great value for money and would last a while too) direct from Oskia London. I really enjoyed using this cleanser; it made my skin feel deeply cleansed, removed make up easily (yes, even stubborn waterproof mascara) and left my skin feeling fresh, smooth and super nourished.

The sweet and clean smelling pink gel is applied to dry skin, then it melts into a colourless oil. You then add water to emulsify the oil before removing it (together with all dirt and makeup) with warm water or a damp muslin cloth. I’d forgotten how good this cleanser was, and once I’ve used some of the other cleansers in my stash I will be buying this again. Love it!

Pretty Smooth – Wrinkle Care Sheet Masks

Two affordable sheet masks from Pretty Smooth in one handy pack!
A pack of two non-woven fabric sheet masks
Image: Entirely Beauty

Ok, these are not made of the same specially woven fabric as the other sheet mask in my March Empties, so they won’t hug the countours of your face in the way the Danielle Mask will, BUT they are cheaper (on Fab Finds they are currently only £1.20) and still do a good job. I’ve used these a few times; they are packed with Vitamin E and patchouli oil, which together work to reduce wrinkles and leave your skin moisturised and soft. These are great for an affordable midweek pamper and can be left on for up to 30 minutes.

Sukin Super Greens – detoxifying facial scrub

If you follow my blog (if not, what are you waiting for? 😁) or have been here before, you’ll know that Sukin products have featured a few times on Entirely Beauty and that I’m a bit fond of this wonderful A-beauty range. (For more details of the Sukin range and this Detoxifying Facial Scrub check out my November Shopped My Stash post).

The Sukin Austrialian skincare range is natural and affordable, they don’t contain any nasties, such as synthetic fragrance or silicones, they are cruelty free, vegan & carbon neutral, in fact it’s arguably A-Beauty at its best! This detox scrub is gentle enough to be used on the regular and will brighten and improve texture and is suitable for normal to dry skin. If you haven’t tried any of the Sukin range, I think you’re missing a trick – check out what A-Beauty products they have available by visiting Sukin on-line, you’ll be spoiled for choice and, given the quality, pleasantly surprised by their affordable prices!

Imperial Leather – Foam Burst Golden Amber & Coconut Oil Ultimate Moisture

I’m fairly sure this sample sized product (75ml) came as a free gift with Superdrug’s ‘Dare’ Quarterly Magazine (£3.50 – usually includes 5 freebies). The full size (200ml) is available from Boots for £4.33(the usual price is £6.49). Imperial leather claims that Foam Burst will give you 3 days of moisurisation and instantly softer smoother skin. Does it do what it says on the tin?

Well, I’m not too sure about the former, but it definitely delivers the latter! And it ain’t called ‘Foam Burst’for nothing either; you only need to dispense a little cos it grows (like that yellow expanding foam that builders use, only much nicer). The perfume of this one (there are others including a ‘No Drama Lama’ fragrance, don’t know why but that made me giggle) is super lush, not overly coconutty, but fresh and fragrant. Overall, I really liked it and even though it was only 75ml it lasted ages too.

Well, that’s my round up of empties for March, hope you enjoyed it, I’ve put the empties basket back in the corner ready to collect April’s empty product pots, bottles and sachets. As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot and please feel free to let me know what you thought of the products I’ve used up in the comments below. Have you used any of them, what did you think? Are you tempted to try any of the products or are they a pass for you? I’d love to know what you think. I hope you are staying positive and keeping well.

Until next time, take care.

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Fragrance Reviews

Five Popular Perfumes: Reviewed, Rated and Ranked!

NEW content is added to Entirely Beauty every Wednesday And Saturday

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! I’ve written about most things that fall under the umbrella of BEAUTY here in my blog (check my archives), today however – having hit a major blog milestone, I’ve decided to mark this special occasion by reviewing, rating and then ranking a beauty product I haven’t covered here before – Perfume. Not just one perfume, oh no, I’ve got five of the most popular ones. That’s works out to one fragrance for every 10 followers I now have. 😎 fifty followers – wow! Believe me, I was soooo excited to learn that my lovely, new EB family now has members numbering fifty and I want to take this opportunity to say…

A huge


to each & every one of you!

Thanks to all my followers!
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Heaven Scent? Let’s find out!

Perfumes ain’t the easiest thing to blog about, (it’s not like I can include a photo to show you what they smell like) but I do love a challenge, so here is my first ever perfume review. I’m gonna give you ‘the facts and figures’ of each fragrance, including the cost of each per 10ml (for price comparison purposes), what the makers say about their fragrance and what I think these perfumes actually smell like. So you can expect a fair few adjectives and colourful metaphors! I also clocked the ‘wear times’ of each to give you an idea of how long the fragrance lasts and, obvs, I’ll be sharing my honest opinions of each perfume too. Finally, I’ll reveal which one, of the five fragrances deserves the title Number #1 Perfume and, perhaps, your coin.


Tommy Now Girl by Tommy Hilfiger


By Tommy Hilfiger

£21 for 30ml

(=£7 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

Out the gate, this is the cheapest of the fragrances I’m reviewing. The box is pretty standard, with the Hilfiger navy/red/white stripes and the products name. The bottle is minimalistic too with the stripes on the lid assuring you that this is Tommy. The promo blurb declares that this EDT was created for ‘the modern women’ and details it having fruity attributes. Uh huh. Personally I think any women could rock this, I do however, concur with the fruitiness. Whilst Mr Hilfiger suggests manderin, I’d say grapefruit, either way the citrus notes are both apparent and obvious. When first applied Tommy Now Girl is bloody overpowering: I only applied two quick sprays to each wrist but for the first 15 or so minutes of wear it was literally ALL I could smell, even outside!

Once it had ‘bedded in’ however, the perfume mellowed nicely – (Colourful Metaphor Alert) think of a summer meadow resplendent with wild flowers after a brief shower of warm rain. It’s really pleasant in this ‘relaxed state’, however after just two hours it had relaxed to the point of fade out and I could no longer smell it. Obviously your own nose does become accustomed to your fragrance, so I asked for a second opinion – they couldn’t smell it either. So if you’re looking for a long lasting perfume, despite it being a lovely, fresh fragrance, this probably wouldn’t be a good choice. You’d need to re-apply often and that decreases Tommy Now Girl’s value for money.


Olympēa Intense by Paco Rabanne


By Paco Rabanne

£52 for 30ml

(= £17.33 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

This has the second highest price tag of my perfume selection, is it worth high coin? Well, according to Paco Rabanne, Olympea Intense is a bold, fierce EDP for dynamic and empowered women (so, that’s ALL women then – right?), and is an infusion of vanilla, orange and white pepper. (Are we supposed to eat it or wear it?) The cardboard carton, in pretty peachy tones with rose gold and black lettering, is a visual ‘sneak peek’ of this perfume’s oriental amber fragrance, whilst the wings suggest its wearer to be a high flyer. The wing theme continues on each side of the sleek, stylish bottle, whilst the plastic cap has been fashioned to resemble a dark, highly polished piece of semi-precious amber.

Olympea Intense has that wonderful womanly duality: a soft, gentle, innocent touch coupled with a strong, unashamed and intoxicating vivaciousness. It’s sexy AF, heady, intense, sensual, with an almost contradictory and, therefore, unexpected sweetness, all of which lasts from daytime into the excitement of the night! If you want to express your feminine complexities and subtle nuances through a fragrance, wear Olympea Intense like a gold medal and be proud.

FEVER – Reviewed

Fever by Jimmy Choo


By Jimmy Choo

£33.99 for 40ml

(£8.50 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

Now for a mid-range priced, long lasting EDP from the famous shoe and fashion designer Jimmy Choo, that’s heralded as an addictive floral and gourmand fragrance for women who are extroverts and have a sense of fun. OK, let’s break it down: A ‘gourmand’ fragrance is one that smells ‘edible’ (or has elements that are) and is a longstanding trend that has been, and still is, very apparent in many beauty products. Personally, however, I can’t detect any foody notes in Fever – sorry Mr Choo.

What you will find though, in abundance, is a bouquet of floral notes, but not in the usual fresh, clean, florist fragrance way, no, no! Fever is a very apt name for this EDP cos the floralarity of Fever is HOT. Damn hot – think sexy, playful, a little dangerous and totally glamourous! If these adjectives were scent elements and you mixed ’em together you’d have Fever – and so would every guy near you!

THE ONLY ONE – Reviewed

The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana


By Dolce & Gabbana

£57 for 30ml

(£19 per 10ml)

Image: Entirely Beauty

You were probably expecting The Only One to be the most expensive of my five perfume picks, given that it comes from Dolce and Gabbana (or as I fondly call them – Doggie and Banana), who proclaim that their EDP has encapsulated the essence of femininity in an hypnotic and sophisticated fragrance. The packaging IS very D&G – timeless and stylish, not unlike the perfume itself. The Only One is a “what you spray is what you get” fragrance; on application it smells as it will after hours of wearing it, and simply put its fragrance is totes delectable!

The Only One is a sensual scent that holds a seductive secret and provocative promise. With violet, vanilla, patchouli and iris at it’s heart this scent is sweet, so whilst the surprising inclusion of coffee does tame that sweetness a little, if you are not a fan of sweet fragrances then you might want to give this D&G perfume masterpiece a miss. Make no mistake this is a masterpiece, playing, as it does, a sublimely orchestrated selection of juxtaposed and juicy notes for your senses.


Raw Instinct by Crabtree & Evelyn


By Crabtree & Evelyn

£71.50 for 95ml

(£7.53 per 10ml)

Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Last, but not least, we move to a slightly different genre of fragrance as Raw Instinct by Crabtree and Evelyn is a UNISEX fragrance -the only one in my collection. I was intrigued by as to whether this C&E made to share fragrance would live up to it’s hyped unisexness, and if it was as unforgettable, uplifting and unique as C&E claim it to be. If you wanna smell like bae, this could be the answer to your ‘share as a pair’ perfume prayer. As anyone can wear this fragrance you don’t need a bae in order to enjoy it, it can be a self indulgence.

This is your sugar and spice fragrance: it combines a zesty zing, with smouldering smoke. It’s sweet and floral, but it’s also earthy and woody so whilst it can (and does) make you feel clean and fresh it has a sensual sexiness too. Somedays it can smell more masculine, on others more feminine, but I do kinda like that element of surprise that Raw Instinct gives. The biggest sized perfume of my picks, and whilst it does require a larger investment, when you break it down, it is actually one of the more affordable scents.

The Fragrant Five – rated out of 10 and ranked from 5 to the top No #1 Spot

Entirely Beauty’s Fab Five Fragrances

>>> 5 Tommy Now Girl this perfume is way too heady on application and yet the ‘fade factor’ is rapid, between those two stages, however this is a great fragrance. The packaging is a bit ‘masculine’ and lacks vanity unit appeal. Therefore, despite this fresh, fruity fragrance being wonderful I rate it at 6.75 (out of 10) and give it 5th place.

>>> 4 Raw Instinct ScentI love the universal nature of this perfume and the fact that C&E doesn’t ‘TELL’ the wearer what kinda person they are or will become if they wear this fragrance is a big plus. This lost points for the ‘Gin’ like, almost nondescript nature of the packaging/bottle – I get that it’s unisex but c’mon, give it a modern ‘see how unique I am’ bottle/carton look that matches the dynamic of the fragrance. Rating 7.75 Ranked 4th

>>> 3 The Only OneThe fragrance is heavenly, the packaging and bottle is understated yet stylish, the wearability is good and long lasting but that price tag is a little above and beyond. Yes, it’s a designer perfume, but so are many, more affordable equally stunning (if not more so) fragrances. £19 per 10ml might give you clout and a chance to flex, however, and as much as love wearing this, the price point would benefit from an amendment. Rating 8.0 Ranked 3rd

>>> 2 FeverThe penultimate spot has to go Mr Choo’s Fever, which I have ranked above the other 3 cos I bloody love the fragrance and due to the aesthetics: I’m obsessed by the packaging and bottle. It looks & smells like a designer fragrance, time and thought has gone into the scent and the packaging and of the five bottles this is by far the most majestic, pleasing and vanity placement worthy. It’s marked down, however, and despite it being a fabulous fragrance regardless, for failing to deliver the promised gourmand notes. Rating 8.25 Ranked 2nd

The highest rated perfume of the 5 fragrances reviewed & RANKED No #1 in EB’s Fragrance Review is….

🌟Olympēa by Paco Rabanne Ranked No #1🌟


Arguably this sexy fragrance is Paco Robanne’s magnum opus and justly deserves being awarded the top spot on the perfume pick podium.

Whilst the packaging would benefit from a little more glam befitting the Olympic references, the actual fragrance more than compensates for this!

What’s not to love. This fragrance has strength, is sexy in a non-obvious way and yet it has an underlying sweetness. It’s sultry combination of notes last from morning to night, making it a great signature scent and good value for money.

Rating 8.75 & ranked NUMBER ONE

Thanks, as always for reading, I hope you enjoyed this NEW and different review and that if you were in the market for a new fragrance this has helped you out. Have you tried any of these perfumes, if so let me know which ones and what you think in the comments below. If you already follow me, thanks again, I appreciate each one of you; if you don’t – please feel free to join EB’s growing family of beauty enthusiasts and addicts. Until next time, please stay home, stay safe and take care

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Skincare 101: Six Simple Steps AM Routine

How to fit a simple, do-able, AM skincare regime into YOUR busy morning schedule

Time to go to skincare school?
If you struggle to find time to look after your skin read on
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Hi, hey and hello beauty lovers 🤗 If you’re new, welcome to my blog, if you’ve been here before, it’s lovely of you to stop by again. I hope you’re ok, keeping safe and staying positive despite the difficult times we are all experiencing. When I started blogging things were a little different; people worked, socialised, pursued hobbies and kids were in school. Things have now changed dramatically, but we are in this together. We all need distractions from the worries and difficulties, so, trivial as it may seem to some, I will to continue to blog about beauty and escape the new ‘reality’ we’ve had thrust upon us. You’re welcome to come and escape with me, it’d be lovely to have your company.

The idea behind ‘Skincare 101’ follows a chat I had with some of my gal pals, a while back, about various skincare routines and products. Their concensus was that there were so many products and so much (often contradictory) info that they felt a bit lost. When I shared my current regime, they then asked how the heck (actually ‘heck’ wasn’t the word they used 😉) I managed to find the time. When I told them how, they were surprised it was so ‘do-able’ easy, quick and ‘made sense’. So with my BFFs’ encouragement, I’m gonna share my regime. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful, if you don’t -please blame my friends!

NB: This AM regime focusses on the steps that’ll benefit your skin and how you could fit them into your general morning routine. I’m not going to suggest specific products, (the products in my photos are for illustrative purposes) you’ll obviously need skincare suitable for your skin type and can use the skincare you already have. Then simply adopt the time saving practices I suggest in the tips below. Or use them as your starting point and adjust the steps/tips to suit your time frame, routine and skin needs.

Start the simple six step skincare routine with a Konjac sponge for a fast cleanse!
Step One: The Konjac Sponge
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Step One: Wake up and grab a wet sponge

I’m a bit OG when it comes to my AM cleansing: My face needs water in the morning (to wake me up). A Konjac sponge is a quick, easy and benificial beauty tool to use in the mornings because you only need to wake your skin up and remove any night products that haven’t been absorbed. As a bonus the dual purpose Konjac also exfoliates as it cleanses, leaving your skin clean, glowing and smooth.

  • TOP TIPS: If you start the day with a shower, a Konjac sponge can be your shower buddy! You can cleanse and exfoliate your whole body with this beauty tool too – more time saving skin benefits.
Got time for another cleanse? Of course you have!
Step Two: The double cleanse
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Two: Cleanse again!

What are the benefits of a double cleanse? Well it’ll basically super deep clean your skin. The Konjac will have removed sweat, dead skin and bacteria from your face, but going in with another round of cleansing will shift impurities by going deeper into your pores. A liquid cleanser is quicker, and we are looking to save time here, but you can use a cream cleanser if you prefer.

  • TOP TIPS: I apply/remove my cleanser (I prefer liquid cleansers) with a powder puff (these are washable, re-useable and better for the environment than cotton pads). This method does leave the skin a little ‘product damp’, but as many cleansers have brightening ingredients I don’t mind giving them time to absorb – while that happens I make my bed.
Don't take that TONE with me!
Step Three: Tone it up!
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Three: Time to Tone

Using a facial toner helps to calm your skin, balance it’s pH and that, in turn, can assist in making your skin less prone to oiliness and infection. The other important function your toner performs is to prep your skin for the steps that follow. So, it’s important not to skip this step in order to save more time. Also, like cleansers, many toners are a dual act now too, with extra and beneficial ingredients.

  • TOP TIPS: I also apply my toner with a powder puff, and again leave any excess toner to absorb as I hand wash my powder puffs and set them aside to dry so they are ready to re-use for my nightime routine.
Favourite serum at the ready...
Step Four: Warm it up and press on
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Four: Using a serum

Serums can help solve a number of skin care concerns as they contain high concentrations of various nutrients, and because of their consistency (gel like/liquid), they can penetrate the skin and work wonders. Simply choose a serum that is specific to your skin concerns, such as those that have anti-oxidants, vitamins and hydrating ingredients. I apply a serum by ‘warming’ a few drops between my fingers, ‘pressing’ it onto my skin and then I give it a chance to ‘sink in’.

  • TOP TIPS: Always do a patch test before introducing a new serum into your routine, the ingredients are potent and may cause irritation. The pressing method allows you to target certain areas, helps to prevents pilling and is a less wasteful way to apply than simply dripping the serum straight onto your skin from the pipette. When you have applied your serum to your face, massage any excess into your hands. I get dressed while the serum gets to work on my skin and is absorbed.
Moisturiser is a fundamental part of any skincare routine
Step Five: Treat your skin to some moisture
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Five: Your skin needs moisture!

A good moisturiser, when used daily, can help fight the signs of aging, a moisturiser with Vitamin A can encourage cell renewal. You should use a moisturiser for your skin type and one that addresses you skin’s needs. Moisturisers make a varity of claims, so choose/use one which, like your serum, will actually address your skin concerns. Try applying your moisturiser using the pressing method, in the same way as you applied your serum and allow your moisturiser time to absorb.

  • TOP TIPS: With moisturiser, pressing the product onto your skin will help prevent pilling and ensure even coverage. As with the serum, massage any left over product into your hands. Again, I like to leave time for the moisturiser to ‘settle in’, I use this time to do my hairanother necessary step towards being ‘ready’!
Are you on the lookout for a good eye-cream?
Step Six: Keep your eyes looking good
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Step Six: And finally … eyes right!

With all the rest completed, it’s time for the final step – the one that looks after the more delicate skin around your eyes. If you’re not already using an eyecream, you should seriously consider it. Studies show that many won’t start using eyecream till they hit their 30s, and see the start of wrinkles, when really it’s a case of the earlier the better. Using eyecream will help prevent and/or smooth out wrinkles. Some creams brighten the undereye too, which means you’ll need less concealer (saving you more time). Apply your eyecream by lightly tapping the cream, with your ring finger, under the eye, on the lid and all around the orbital bone.

TOP TIPS: Tapping, rather than rubbing/massaging, is more beneficial as it gets the eyecream where it is needed without dragging the skin. Doing this with your ring finger (which has the lightest touch) ensures a gentle application. If your current eye cream isn’t a brightening one try adding a small amount of liquid highlighter to the cream as you apply it, to give the area a light and bright boost.

I’ve followed the six skincare steps, what now?

When I’ve completed all six steps I have a cuppa and give everything time to settle in before applying make-up. Whether your wearing makeup or not, try spritzing with a hydrating/glowing setting spray to lock all that good moisture into your skin and add a little extra. And, again regardless of whether you’re wearing make up, you can spritz with setting spray as the day goes on, as this will refresh your skin.


  • Make sure you wash your hands before starting your skin routine, to minimise then risk of spreading germs with your products.
  • To prevent bacteria getting into your products (especially jars of products) use a product spatula to ‘grab’ the cream out the jar (as opposed to your fingers). These are sometimes included with products, or can be bought separately, and should be washed after use.
  • Keep your go-to skincare together so that you’re not hunting for them.

Thanks, as always, for reading; I hope you found this six step skin routine useful. There’s some more skincare information available by clicking the links I’ve included. Feel free to add your own skincare tips and hints, or just chat with me, in the comments below or on social media. Please stay safe and beautiful, and until next time, take care.

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Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: A NEW Box on the blog

Introducing LOVE LULA – A monthly, natural beauty subscription box (March 2020 Edit)

A new beauty subscription box to my blog - these are the natural beauty products in the March Edit from Love Lula
The products in March’s LOVE LULA Beauty Box
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Hey, hi and hello; if you’re new here welcome to my beauty blog and if you’re a regular visitor – well, it’s lovely to see you again and thanks for coming back! To encourage everyone to make return visits, I regularly introduce new content; having deciding that my Spotlight On Subscription Boxes Series needed an injection of ‘Newness’, I did a little research, explored some possibilities, found and ordered two very different beauty sub boxes. One is LOVE LULA – which I’m unboxing and reviewing for you here and I’ll be giving the blog space spotlight to the other NEW beauty box soon. There’s a couple more sub boxes I have my eye on at the moment: I’ll no doubt sucumb to them in due course. As a beauty addict, I can resist almost everything except beauty products and the temptations offered by Beauty Boxes!

About Love Lula and how this subscription works

The Love Lula website is simple to navigate and guides you through the subscription process.
The Love Lula box offers an affordable way to try a variety of natural beauty products and brands
Photo Credit: Images Love Lula. Montage by Entirely Beauty

Love Lula offers a wide selection of natural beauty brands and products, via their website, (see above photo montage) and the ethos behind that selection of products is as follows:

Love Lula’s “beauty for life philosophy”

Their brands are “…hand picked and tested…created using the highest percentage of high grade, ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients … they must be effective, luxurious and guilt free….” Love Lula also “…insists on NO parabens …SLSs [and] no animal testing.

Source: Love Lula

The Love Lula monthly subscription beauty box contents takes inspiration from their wide selection of brands and products, so their boxes include goodies that are available from Love Lula on-line. This is obviously great for us subscribers cos if we discover a new holy grail item (oh happy dayz!) among the ‘products-that-are-good-for-you-and-the-planet’ included in the boxes we already know where to go to re-purchase – yeah, that’s right – Love Lula.

The Love Lula Box Lowdown:

  • Subscription costs are £14.95 (inc p&p) monthly within the UK and £52.50 (for a three month sub) international. (See table above)
  • Boxes are sent out around the 10th of each month
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation for your subscription
  • You’ll need an account to subscribe – simple go to the web site (link below) and follow the easy instructions to get an account/subscribe
  • You can buy a subscription as a gift
  • Your box can be delivered to any address (e.g. work).
  • Previous boxes can be seen on the website (again, link below – if nothing else I’m generous! 😉)

What’s In This Month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Natural skin, body and hair care products make up Love Lula's March box.
There are five natural beauty products in this month’s box
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

With this being my first box, I’m gonna have to presume that the number of products it contains is an indication of the number of products you can expect to receive each month. There are five products in total including hair, skin and body care. Inside the box There’s also postcard with brief, very basic product info. It doesn’t include individual product prices (I have though), just the total value of the box. There’s also a 25% off ‘The Brands in the Box’ code, which I’ll include below in case you fancy getting any of the products yourself, and that’s valid until 10th April. There’s also an invitation to join the Love Lula Natural Beauty Club (a Facebook community – again link below) which offers special promos, Love Lula news, info about new product launches and on line chat with fellow, natural beauty enthusiasts/boxers. The box itself is smaller than most other sub boxes, (though it’s NOT letterbox friendly) plain white, recyclable cardboard and everything arrived safe, sound and well packaged!

Fom London | Anti-Polution Glo Serum | 10ml Sample | Worth £17 | Full Size Price £52 / 30ml |

Get your glow on with this serum from Fom London
Fom London’s Anti-Polution Glow Serum with Antioxsilk – Sample Size
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

With it’s iridescent, micro-sparkling, milky coloured, light, clean, fresh spa-esque fragranced, easily absorbed, hydrating formula – this Glow Serum from Fom London gives dull skin a healthy looking glow. It also claims to plump and even the skin, whilst refining pores and blemishes that are caused by pollutants. So this seems to be a miracle, try-me sample. I chose this product out first because it’s a sizable, very useable sample (just two drops is more than ample to ‘cover’ your face and neck) and this one wee sample is worth £2 MORE than the actual cost of your Love Lula box. So, from here on in, we’re ‘in profit’ guys!

Fom’s serum does leave a subtle ‘sparkle’ on the skin, so if you don’t like this kind of reflective glow this might not be for you, but – it is very, very subtle and definitely adds to the overall effect. Continued use promises to strengthen the skin’s ability to cope with pollution and, as we all know, pollution contributes to various visable signs of ageing. (And we’d all like to avoid them -right?) Based on first impressions, I’m really pleased to have discovered this product via the box and can’t wait to use it on the regular to see how it performs.

Biovène Barcelona | Clear Protect Solid Shampoo AND Conditioner Bars | 40g (Full Size) | €6.95 / £6.51 |

Bars of solid shampoo and conditioner are becoming increasingly available and popular - have you tried them?
Biovène Clear Protect Solid Shampoo and Conditioner – no bottles, no waste.
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

The Shampoo Bar: packed full of incredible ingredients including natural beeswax, shea butter, minerals and essential oils, the shampoo moisturises and cleanses hair to leave it soft, smooth and revitalised.

The Conditioner Bar: has the same ingredients as it’s shampoo partner plus the added benefit of macadamia oil, this conditioner is ultra hydrating to condition dry and frazzled hair.

To receive two products that are meant to go together in a Beauty Box is fabulous! Having both gives you a chance to really try them out, as intended, so that’s another plus point for Love Lula. (Well done Love Lula you’re racking ’em up!) Gotta be honest, on opening the box I thought the shampoo and conditioner were sample size, seeing that they’re both small packages. As a result my inner beauty enthusiast was a bit disappointed, for about two seconds. Turns out the bars are full size, almost the same size as their boxes which makes ’em the perfect size to fit in your hand during use. (Cue a sigh of relief & smile).

Neither the shampoo or conditioning bars contain any nasties, they’ll bring out any natural highlights in your hair, help your hair’s natural moisture balance and make it stronger too. Not only are these Biovène bars zero waste (which we love, yeah?) but each bar can last as long as one and a half bottles of conventional shampoo or conditioner. Having never used solid products on my hair before, there’s a fair chance these’ll find their way into next month’s Shopped My Stash Haircare.

Kathleen Great Britain | Sensual Rose Body and Massage Oil | 100ml (Full Size) | £34 |

A sense boosting, Rose body and massage oil by Kathleen Great Britain.
Make time to indulge your body and mind
Photo credit: Entirely Beauty

Are you ready to get sexy, steamy and sensual? That’s not a chat up line, it’s the frame of mind you’ll need when experiencing this Sensual Rose Body and Massage Oil. This is an indulgence and a luxurious one at that; Love Lula are romancing us with this product and generously so, given the price.

Obviously this oil smells like roses, but there is so much more happening here . The sensual rose is partnered by a citrus note of orange, which balances out the rose fragrance, compliments it and prevents the oil from being too sweet or flowery. There’s also a hint of nutmeg, subtle but earthy, these all combine to lift the spirit and evoke sensuality and relaxation for your body and mind.

To moisturise your body take a few drops into the palms of your hands and gently massage onto wet skin after your bath or shower to lock moisture in. The orange essential oil’ll revitalise, the rose oil’ll tone your skin because it has astringent properties and nutmeg is a natural antibacterial so your skin will be healthier too.

I’m both impressed by, and super pleased that, this oil was included in the box as I use oil in my body care routine. I would, however, struggle to justify spending over £30 on a body oil without having tried it. But that’s one of the bonuses of a good beauty sub box, being introduced to, and having the chance to try, new products.

MÁDARA organic skincare | Purifying Foam | Soothing Yarrow | All Skin Types | 100ml | Value £12.35

MÁDARA purifying foam for gentle, facial cleansing
A foaming way to cleanse your from MÁDARA
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

NB: Whilst researching for this blog I discovered that this purifying foam is now sold as a 150ml size and in a slightly differently designed component (ie updated) from that shown in my photo above. The price given is, therefore, worked out from the rrp of the 150ml size (£18.50). Also the purifying foam is currently on offer at a lower price both MÁDARA direct and Love Lula

This is another new brand to me, however MÁDARA produce a lot of skincare products, including this Purifying Foam with soothing yarrow, which removes makeup, (and is safe for use in the eye area) cleanses and purifies the skin, soothes any dry areas on the face, regulates oily zones and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

The product is dispensed in foam form (unlike, for example Temple Spa foaming cleanser which is a liquid that foams on contact with skin and water) rather like hair mouse, but with a much less dense consistency. Staying with consistency the product descriptors tend to favour the word ‘rich’, which implies it is denser than it actually is, I would say it’s a light foam, it ‘holds’ quite a lot of air.

MÁDARA purifying foam has barely any fragrance, what little there is being fresh and clean. It’s easy to use, you simply apply to wet skin and rinse away thoroughly to reveal cleansed face. I’m OG when it comes to cleanser, I like to ‘wash’ my face, so I’m looking forward to introducing this into my skincare routine.

Total value of the Products in the Love Lula (March 2020) Beauty Subscription Box

All five products from the Love Lula Beauty Box for March 2020
Is this edit good value for money?
Photo Credit: Entirely Beauty

The value of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box, as stated on the accompanying product information ‘postcard’, is £75! Which is pretty damn good value; by my reckoning it’s actually £76.37, which is even better and gives a saving of £61.42 on this edit of products.

Not gonna lie folks, that IS fantastic value especially as the box contains mid to higher end goodies. And I do know (and love) a good sub box when I see one as I have subscribed to quite a few (see list below) and this is a good ‘un! Not only in respect of the contents and value, but also because all the products are natural, good for you and for the environment too. I’m glad I found this box and it’ll be interesting to see what I receive in future boxes from Love Lula.

As always, thanks for taking time out of your day to read my beauty meanderings, I do appreciate it. Obviously, during this difficult and troubling time, all things beauty may not figure highly on your list of priorities, but then again, maybe ‘beauty’ is giving you as much of a sense of ‘normality’, and a much needed distraction, as it is me. Writing and researching togther with testing and trying products is helping to fill the time and keep myself sane. I hope this has given you some enjoyment, cos I think we all really need a bit of that right now. Until next time, stay safe and please take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

Further reading, list of subscription boxes, money saving code and useful links

Subscription boxes I am, or have been, subscribed to:

THE VEGAN KIND: A bi-monthly sub box for vegans or those who prefer vegan products (no longer subscribed)

FAB FIT FUN: A seasonal subscription box from the US. Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 boxes

ROCCABOX: A monthly sub box with varied beauty content. Boxes for Nov, Dec, Jan , Feb and March

SOAPSCRIPTION: A monthly Shower and Bath & Shower Gel subscription box from Bubble T- Soapscription for March

FRICTION FREE SHAVING: A monthly Shaving subscription box specifically for women

LOOK FANTASTIC: A monthly beauty subscription box (no longer subscribed)

NON-SUBSCRIPTION BEAUTY BOXES: My guide to some options and reviews

FEEL UNIQUE BEAUTY KIT: Trying out a NEW Non-Sub service

And look out for another NEW subscription box review coming soon to Enitrely Beauty’s Spotlight On Subscription Boxes Series!

Love Lula Code and Links

  • Code – MARBB20 – 25% OFF the products I’ve reviewed above. Valid until 10th April 2020 (This is NOT an affiliate code, I simply included it to save you guys some coin)
  • Love Lula Website – to get an account, shop and/or subscribe.
  • Love Lula Natural Beauty Club – an active community of natural and organic beauty enthusiasts. Enjoy special offers, new product launches and promotions.

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Perfect YOUR Pedicure

Get your feet ready for summer with my simple, speedy, budget beauty pedi routine

Get beautiful beach feet AND save time and money with my easy DIY pedi routine.
This little piggy went to market
This little piggy bought a file
This little piggy got foot scrubbing
This piggy rubbed in cream for a while
And these little piggies said ” don’t you just love our summer pedi re-style?

Hi, hey and hello beauty enthusiasts 🤗 If you’re new, welcome to my blog, if you’ve been here before, it’s lovely of you to stop by again. Hope you’re ok and having a fab day. I’ve been enjoying the Spring weather today; the sun was actually shining, the sky a beautiful blue and it all reminded me that summer’s not that far away. With that in mind I thought I’d share my easy summer-ready-pedi.

Your feet work hard for you and deserve a little love and care. But most of us have busy lives and our feet are usually buried in warm socks and boots at this time of year, so it’s easy overlook your feet due to lack of time, or forget to include them in your beauty routine. Before we know it summer WILL be here (promise), so I’m going to give you my low-cost, quick and easy step by step solution for beach beautiful feet.

A professional pedi can cost a pretty penny! My budget beauty DIY pedi routine is a cheap alternative that’ll save you time AND give you great results.

You don't need to spend a fortune on pedicure products
Many of the products and tools you’ll need you probably already have!

What you need for my ‘get ready’ pedi

  • Exfoliating Scrub: I use Primark Body Scrub, it’s only £3 for a huge (475ml) tub, it smells wonderful, isn’t too ‘gritty’ but it will cleanse, soften and smooth your feet.
  • Pedi Tools: I bought my ‘multi-tool’ (see above photo) from Primark too: it cost just £1 and has a brush, pumice, and two skin files, including one for very hard skin. Alternatively, if you don’t already have pumice and foot files, you can buy them separately, they are readily and cheaply available. I just prefer this multi one as it takes up less space and is convenient.
  • Nail File: Toe nails are, by nature, thicker and harder then your finger nails, so you’ll need a nail file that can cope. As a good rule of toe, a coarser than normal file is great and these can be picked up for pennies.
  • Cotton Wool Pads
  • Foot Cream: You can buy a proprietary foot or pedicure cream (although these tend to cost more) OR use a rich body butter. I’ve been using Soaper Duper for a while (see February’s Empties) and it does a fantastic job. As it’s for very dry skin it is mega moisturising, comes in a large sized tub (which lasts ages) and costs £9.99.
  • Thick socks: Yes, socks! Trust me, these are integral to my pedi. Buy cheap ones, if you don’t already have some to hand. I have a couple of pairs I picked up in a discount store for £3.
  • Nail Varnish: This is optional, if you decide you want to go the whole hog, grab your favourite brand/shade.
  • Manicure Set: This should include nail clippers and mini-scissors, but will probably also include a cuticle tool, file, orange stick and a ‘scraper’ for cleaning under the nails. I picked up a new, very glam, sequined cased, set last week from Poundland.
  • Nail Varnish Remover: The need for this will depend on whether you currently have nail varnish on your tooties, or intend to have. The one I am currently using (see photo below)cost 89p from a discount store.
  • A Towel: drying your feet properly is very important to prevent fungal and other infections
Foot File Tool - Primark £1
Circle Bracelet - Wish £2
Rings - Pretty Little Thing £5 (set of three)
Photo - entirely-beauty.com
Grab your pumice and foot file and get ready to pedi!

My quick and easy pedicure steps

This pedi requires little (remove any old, chipped, nail varnish using the remover and cotton pads) or no preparation and there are only 10 simple steps

Use your favourite remover to take off nail varnish/polish before you start your pedi.
Cheap Nail Polish can be drying, but as this pedi includes heavy duty moisturising the cheap stuff is fine.
  1. Have a bath: This’ll save you time, your feet are soaking while you wash/read your book/enjoy a drink – or whatever else you normally do in the bath.
Body scrub is a great way to exfoliate, cleanse and soften your feet.
For feet as sweet as sugar!

2. Get Scrubbing: Once your feet have soaked for at least 5 minutes (ie while you’ve been washing/reading/drinking) scoop a good dollop of the scrub from the tub and rub-a-dub that scrub all over your foot, paying particular attention to any hard skin. Leave the scrub on your foot for a minute before popping back into the bath water and allowing it to soak off. Repeat on the your other foot.

3. The Brush Off: Use the brush on your pedi tool to make sure there is no scrub left on your feet.

4. The Footsie Filing System: a) Use the pumice all over the soles your feet b)use the ‘cheese grater’ style file to remove/soften hard skin c)finally use the finer file on the heel and balls of your feet

A four in one pedicure pal
An amazing and affordable choice for a fast pedi way

5. Dry your feet thoroughly

6. Trim Time: Your nails will be softer after a bath, so if they need cutting now is the best time to do it. Use nail clippers and cut straight across the nail tip (this discourages ingrown nails). Then file the nails with your coarse nail file to smooth the edges.

7. The Dream Cream: Take a good amount of the body butter and smooth liberally and lightly all over the feet, including the top of the foot and the ankles. Smooth on enough body bitter to cover the feet (like buttering bread), don’t over rub, you’re not looking for it all to absorb, leave some body butter on the foot.

8. Sock it to ’em: Pop your socks over your buttered feet. This is why you need thick socks, they’ll keep the body butter from escaping, so it soaks into the skin!

9. Sock Soak: Leave the socks on for at least two hours or, and preferably overnight.

10. The Next Day: All the butter will have soaked into your feet and they’ll be much softer and smoother. Now you can complete your sweet feet by adding a coat of your favourite Nail Polish colour. This step is optional, but good practice for when your feet are on show. I’m loving nude and soft pink tones at the moment, as they make the toe nails look neat, ‘clean & healthy’ and more like you’ve had a professional pedi. But I do love twinkling tootsies too, so often applying a thin layer of glitter packed top coat over my colour. Do what makes you and your feet happy!

Keep your pretty pedi products to hand.

If you follow these 10 steps and repeat the pedi 2-3 times a week by the time summer arrives your feet will be soooo beach, poolside and flip flop ready you’ll forget you actually own warm socks and boots.

Hope you find this 10 step, quick, easy and affordable DIY pedicure useful. Thanks, as always, for reading, I appreciate it and hope you’ll be back – because there’s lots more beauty content to come, both here and on my social media (links below). Until next time, take care.

💋Entirely Beauty 💋

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Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: Fab Fit Fun Spring 20

My Fab Fit Fun Spring box has landed! If ya wanna know what’s inside this season’s box & which add-ons I chose keep reading.

The inside and outside of the Fab Fit Fun Spring 2020 box.
As usual the box itself is a knockout. This one was designed by the Mexican-American designer and illustrator Marisol Ortega. With nature as her main influence and bold colours as her preference, the resulting box is beautiful.

I’m focusing on the products in the box in this review. If you’re not familiar with FFF then my “Fab Fit Fun Facts Winter Box” post will tell you everything you need to know and has useful tips to help you get then most from your subscription – check it out.

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great that you’ve come back! I’m not going to open by saying that I’m a hug fan of sub boxes (😂) or that I subscribe to quite a few of them, (😂😂) no, instead I’ll just mention that I’ve got quite a bit of experience where beauty boxes are concerned. 😇 As usual, after I’ve given you a guided tour of the products inside this season’s FFF box and my thoughts on each, I’ll include all the relevant links below so you can explore some more. Now, shall we jump into it? I think we should – hold hands then 👋 ok after 3 1 …2…3…JUMP 😉

The reVive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle And Anti-Ageing Light Device
Getting that GLOW on! For my product ‘backdrops’ in my photographs I utilised the pages of the FFF magazine that came in the box, to give you a feel for its content

reVive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle & Anti-Ageing Light Device | Value $68 / £54.42 |

I’ve never come across anything like this before, so I’ve done a little research. Off the bat, if you’re going to use the device you should test your skin for light sensitivity. To do this simply hold the switched on device on your forearm for 3 minutes: if your skin turns red and that redness lasts for more than two hours then your skin IS light sensitive and you SHOULD NOT USE the device.

reVive Light Therapy Features and Explanations

  • Includes batteries and user manual
  • A light emitting diode (LED) unit/device for dermatological use
  • Treatment: fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing
  • Recommended areas for treatment: Forehead, crow’s feet, above the bridge of the nose and smile lines.
  • How it works: The deep red, red and amber spectrums this device emits are proven to reduce and/or reverse fine lines & wrinkles, improve skin’s texture and tone and develop a more youthful appearance
  • Infrared light -stimulates both collegen and elastin
  • Red light – improves circulation
  • Amber light – reduces redness, swelling and inflammation
  • The device is automatic and pre-set, so no user adjustments are necessary AND it switches itself off after the prescribed three minutes of treatment

How to use the reVive Light Therapy

  • Wash and dry your face
  • Switch the reVive Light Therapy on
  • Put the device directly onto the skin/treatment area (do not move the device around during treatment) for three minutes. (The device will automatically turn off after this time) Switch the device on again and move to the next area to be treated. Continue until all required areas have been treated.

Tips for using reVive Light Therapy

  • Use daily to obtain the best results
  • Can be used with your favourite serums etc to achieve even better results (always test patch first)

I’m pleased I picked this gizmo in customisation, am excited to see if it actually performs as stated and whether I get any results. It is really easy to use, if not fool proof (which is handy for me! 😆). I like the look of it and how it warms the skin during use. I’m going to properly road test my reVive Light Therapy, starting in April, for a month: my post-trial thoughts and results roundup will become part of my Gadgets Gizmos Brushes and Blenders series.

Body Lotion and Straws. One of the things I love about Fab Fit Fun is the often random, surprising box contents.
There’s not much I can really write about straws to be honest, but I do like the sound of sleeping in a cocoon!

This Works: Deep Sleep Body Cocoon Lotion | 100ml | $40 / £32.39 | AND | Chic & Tonic: Silicone Straws x 4 with Brush Cleaner & Case | $15 / £12.16 |

This Works is a brand I’m familiar with, I’ve had some of their products before (via various sub boxes) and I’ve used a product similar to this one too, Temple Spa’s ‘Duvet’, although Duvet has a thicker consistency. Both products’ fragrances are, unsurprisingly, very similar, because they both contain lavender – which I’m not mad about, cos I love the scent and find lavender very relaxing.

And that is exactly what this two in one lotion aims to do, relax you whilst also nourishing your skin. The ingredients also include Shea Butter, Crambe, Vevivert and Camomile and these all combine to create a dreamy fragrance in a lotion that is easily absorbed and softens your skin.

I’ve literally just massaged some of this into the back of my hand and now my key tapping is now a somewhat ‘fermata’ as I keep putting my hand to my nose and inhaling deeply (I’d make a crap pianist) to relish the fragrance: it smells of ‘relaxation and sleep’! I think I’m going to love using this product – again very pleased, especially as this was FFF’s choice.

OK, they are NBR (Not Beauty Related) but again FFF have done a cracking job selecting these for me, cos I am super pleased with them. The Chic & Tonic Silicone Straws are one of those items you didn’t know you needed til you got them! I do tend to use straws when I’m out because I don’t want to put a glass to my lips that has had hundreds of other people’s mouths on them, and I won’t drink straight from cans or bottles either because you just don’t know where they’ve been and have you ever seen a bar person clean a bottle top or can before giving it to you – nope, didn’t think so. 🤔

Also since most places have now switched from plastic to paper straws (round of applause for eco-friendly common sense) I’ve found that some paper straws can get a bit soggy and bits of paper straw can wind up in your drink. These silicone straws solve that problem and are reusable, washable (either by hand or in the dishwasher), don’t have an odd taste or coating, are portable (they have their own carry case) and haven’t been sat on a bar top collecting dust prior to use. 😬

In short, these straws are brilliant! And, well, would ya look at that, I CAN write more about straws than I thought 🤗 although I have probably given you nightmares about straws and glasses now. Sorry.😙

The Tarteist Pro Glow Palette from Tarte looks the business, but is it?
Makeup time! Not just any makeup either – it’s Tarte!

Tarte: Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette | x 6 pans (1 cream, 5 powders) | $45 / £36.68 |

This is another product I was able to choose in customisation. I love a good highlight and knowing Tarte’s quality and formulations this selection was a no-brainer. The black and gold packaging, wardrobe style doors (with two mirrors on the inside) magnetic closure and a subtle gold sparkle is to die for, but what about the products and shades?

  • LIT is a biscuit coloured powder highlightwith a fine glitter running through it. It has a soft formula, feels slightly crumbly, isn’t over pigmented, can be sheered out to be less obvious and is very pretty.
  • STROBE is a banging champagne powder highlight that is buttery and smooth, again it has micro particals of glitter, but it’s more subtle than Lit. This has a wet look, is more pigmented, but can also be blended out. Beautiful.
  • FIRE is a glossy, gold highlighter with micro glitter (somewhere between STROBE and LIT) and rose hues. It is buttery and yet crumbles a little too. On my fair skin this shade leaves a slight cast, but I might consider using this as a blush topper. Glowing.
  • STUNNER is a truly apt name for what is my favourite powder highlight in this palette. A smooth, bright and blinding, buttery gold, sans glitter, this is indeed stunning! Obsessed.
  • SHADE is a very creamy, cream contour that looks like milk chocolate in the pan, but blends out to be defined or sheer according to preference. Mmm chocolate!
  • SCULPT is a cocoa coloured powder contour which is so buttery I actually thought it was a cream product at first. This, I think, would work quite well for me as a bronzer. Lush.

I love this palette and can see me using all the powders on my eyes as well as cheeks and I like that kind of versatility. The palette feels substantial, the products have a slight chocolatey fragrance that is vaguely reminiscent of Two Faced’s Cocoa Contour and I’m once again very pleased with this customisation choice.

To sleep, perchance to dream.
A little help in the rock-a-bye department?

Gravity Weighted Sleeping Mask | $39.99 / £32.59

Another one that fits well under the Gadgets and Gizmos heading is this sleep mask, designed to give you a quality sleep. It’s weighted to block out light and distribute an even, light touch across your key pressure point. The sleep mask fastens at the back of your head , with Velcro, to ensure a good, snug fit. It’s comfortable to wear, feels good and it seems to soothe tired eyes too. My only complaint would be that the mask wriggles off during the night, but I have a feeling that’s because I fidget a fair deal in my sleep and not due to a design fault. I love using my sleep mask, find it relaxing and it’s a customisation pick that just keeps giving, cos I have lots of fun, every morning, trying to find it so it’s ready for me to use again at night!

Oils well, that ends well!
Shame this didn’t arrive with a handsome masseuse to apply it for me – I imagine the shipping cost would go through the roof if it did though! BUT the customisation of said masseuse would’ve been fun times. 😉

Jaboneria Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil | 118ml | $68 / £55.42 |

This rosewood and litsea cubeba body oil is a delightful experience for your sense of smell, wellbeing and skin. The slightly citrus, sweet, fragrance is divine and the cold pressed 100% pure oils and vitamin infusion feels lux on the skin. It has an Anti-Ageing, restorative, moisturising formula with a youthful, glowing finish.

It’s an undeniably lovely product, a new discovery and once again FFF did a stirling job of choosing this for me. I can’t wait to use it on the regular to see if it delivers the healthy glow it promises. I also cant help but wonder if it could be used as a hair oil too – no doubt I’ll end up testing that theory in the coming weeks!

This is very a-peeling 😉
It’s peel and polish time

Purlisse Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel | 70ml | $35 / £28.52 |

As the name suggests this polishing peel is infused with watermelon, but also contains lychee together with glycolic acid. Suitable for all skin types, it can be used on the daily and promises to gently resurface, smooth skin and boost radiance. This polishing peel is a ‘fair foundation’ colour, with a light ‘gritty’ texture and it smells deliciously fruity.

How to use Purlisse Polishing Peel

  • Cleanse the face and leave wet
  • Smooth the product over the face
  • Leave for 2 minutes
  • Rinse off with warm water and pat the skin dry
Fast Food for your hair!
This Fast Food is so much more beneficial than a burger and fries!

AG Hair Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner

Another ‘selected for me’ product and of the other items available I would have chosen this hair conditioner, so that’s more brownie points for FFF. The conditioner contains humecants together with Abyssinian oil to help moisturise and smooth spilt ends, calm those frizzies and add a conditioning shine without weighing the hair down.

This conditioner has a light, but creamy, consistency and a fragrance that is slightly fruity, fresh and clean smelling. Apply a small amount to clean, damp hair, work through to the ends (do not rinse out) and simply let it work its magic.

What I picked up in the Fab Fit Fun sale
Here’s my additional choice and add-ons from Fab Fit Fun

An additional choice purchase and my Fab Fit Fun Add-Ons from the Add-Ons Sales

Additional Choice: Amber Sceats Double Coin Necklace | $50 / £40 | I paid $10 / £8.15 |

  • When customising your Fab Fit Fun Box you are offered some additional choices in each category for a reduced price (based on value). I chose one such additional choice this time round
  • The Amber Sceats Double Coin Necklace had taken my fancy, but I really wanted the sleep mask too, so I was thrilled when, having selected the mask, the necklace was offered as an additional choice and snapped it up.
  • The Necklace is gorgeous, on trend, weighty and I know I’ll get lots of wear from it. For comparison purposes the quality is way above the costume jewellery I’ve purchased from Primark, similar to my recent jewellery additions (mentioned in my latest Payday Haul Post) from Pretty Little Thing, but I do feel the quality of the Amber Sceats is slightly better than those items too.

The add-ons:

  • Beauty Bakerie Cocoa Bronzer Palette | Sale Price $19 / £15.48
  • 4 large pans in cardboard, choc and coffee inspired print packaging
  • I hadn’t got a Beauty Bakery product in my collection, had heard of the brand and really liked the look of the shades (from light biscuit through bronzed gold, shimmering chocolate and a deep apricot) so I had to snap up this bargain.
  • Beautiful, workable, bendable and pigmented I can’t wait to dive in and affect a summer glow!
  • Pixi Beauty Glow Mist Super Size | Sale Price $9 / £7.33 | 160 ml |
  • Being familiar with Pixi Products when I saw this I had to pop it into my basket as I haven’t yet tried the mist that influencers have given a lot of air time and blog space to.
  • Am excited to achieve this products glowing, luminous and smooth complexion
  • Kosas Cream Colour & Lights Palette | Shade 8th Muse | Sale Price $17 / £13.85 |
  • My wild card choice – never heard of Kosas, not a huge fan/user of cream blush – but I do like to push the beauty envelope now and then, try something different and challenge myself 😉
  • Two Shades: A deep rose pink and a light apricot
  • Nice formula, easy to blend out, can be built up or played down.
  • Slight chemical smell – which I don’t like, but am willing to overlook if it has staying power
  • Quite pigmented, especially for cream blushers

My thoughts on the Spring Fab Fit Fun Box and Add Ons: Third Time Very Lucky!

If you havent already picked up on this – I am seriously impressed by this box, totes in love with the items I received and have a new found respect for Fab Fit Fun’s ability to hit the nail on the proverbial head when selecting items for my box.

This is my third Fab Fit Fun Box and is undoubtedly my favourite so far: The quality of the everything I received was great, there was a nice and acceptable mix of beauty and non-beauty items (I don’t like too many non beauty products) and a fab selection of both familiar and new-to-me brands too. Plus I loved all my add ons too, so YES, overall, love, love love this box.

Total Values in Comparison to what I actually paid

The TOTAL COST of my spring Fab Fit Fun goodies, including my Spring Box, Postage, VAT, Additional Choice & Add Ons comes to:

$137.99 / £112.46

The TOTAL VALUE of the box contents including the additional choice but NOT the add-ons is:

$384.99 / £313.77

The TOTAL COST of the three Add-On products:

$45 / £36.67

The TOTAL VALUE of those Add-On Products:

$107.98 / £88.00

Given that I saved £289.31 on all the items I received, it’s easy to see why I’m so happy with my Fab Fit Fun subscription. What do you think of that saving? Are any of the items I received on your ‘wish list’ Is this a box that interests you? If you already subscribe to FFF, let me know what you received. I’d love to know what you think and if you have any questions about my experience with Fab Fit Fun don’t hesitate to ask – simply leave me your comments below. If you, like me, love beauty subscription boxes click the links below for more reviews of the other various subscription boxes I’ve received this month.

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2020

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate you checking out my blog and/or following me. I hope you enjoyed this guided tour through the FFF Spring box and add-ons and that you’ll come back for my next post. Until then, take care.

💋Entirely Beauty 💋

Useful Links and Further Reading

From Entirely Beauty:
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Bubble T SOAPSCRIPTION March – Beauty Subscription Box. Shower and bath gel plus FREEBIE
Feel Unique BEAUTY KIT – Non Subscription Sample Service: 1st impressions plus product guide, review and tips.
The humble POWDER PUFF – why you NEED them in your beauty arsenal
The ORIGINAL MAGIC ERASER – rapid review!

And from Fab Fit Fun
FABFITFUN – info and how to subscribe.

Payday Beauty Haul

The beauty products I hauled (off my wish & repurchase lists) from Pretty Little Thing, Aldi, Deciem and Soaper Duper

Payday Beauty Haul
Loved doing my haul, but I’m not sharing this for ‘bragging rights’, there are lessons to be learnt and changes in direction – all of which I hope you find informative, useful and entertaining!

A new skin care regime, individual false lashes, eyebrow pencil, hair rollers, concealer, 10 in 1 miracle spray, body butters, loose setting powder, 100% natural hand & nail cream and a box of stones!

(Yep, a box of stones 🤔 Good thing I don’t live in a glasshouse!)

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! So, the start of March brought with it some better weather, (albeit short lived) the promise of spring (ditto) and the much awaited payday. As a self confessed beauty addict payday means it’s time to get my monthly beauty fix, either by going to the shops or hitting the interwebz – this month I chose the latter. Yes, this IS a haul blog, BUT there’ll be some top tips along the way, useful retail, product and social media links, plus a HOT Entirely Beauty Revelation and a word of WARNING, as well as the usual hauled beauty products ‘Show and Tell’.

Re-purchased products from Soaper Duper

My previous blog post (February’s Empties) featured Soaper Duper’s Body Butter as I had finally used it up, mostly on my feet, where, as I also mention in that post, it’s done a cracking job of helping to get my feet Summer Sandal Ready (It’ll be THAT TIME before we know it!). So, my first stop on the interwebz highway was Soaper Duper’s website (link to website below).

My Soaper Duper Purchases:

Super Soaper Duper
Tried, tested and loved formula – new fragrance
  • Deluxe Shea Butter BODY BUTTER | For very dry skin | £10.99 | 300ml tub | with macadamia oil, vanilla pods & tahitian monoi oil | 97% natural | cruelty free | vegan |
  • Deluxe Coconut & Shea Butter BODY BUTTER | For very dry skin | £10.99 | 300ml tub | with macadamia oil, vanilla pods & tahitian monoi oil | 97% natural | cruelty free | vegan |

Also available in Sicilian Lemon and Pure Happiness fragrances. The Shea Butter and Sicilian Lemon can be purchased as a ‘Mini’ (50ml) for £3.50 each – a perfect ‘Try Me’ price and size.

TOP TIP: If you spend over £19 at Soaper Duper then your order will be delivered for FREE!

I doubled up on my Body Butters order to get the FREE delivery, which was OK cos I knew I’d use them and it meant I could try out a couple of NEW fragrances. The fragrance I had used is now discontinued, but, having tried the Shea Butter already, I can tell you that the fabulous formula is the same – rich, thick and creamy and both the Shea Butter and Coconut & Shea Butter smell so totes delish I wanna spread it on toast and eat it! I also have to award BONUS HAUL POINTS to Soaper Duper for their packaging. My order was delivered in a handy, cardboard, recyclable, Bathroom Recycling Bin! What a brilliant idea – I wish more companies were so forward thinking with their packaging!

Aldi Mini Haul. (PS Aldi – I love your affordability, cheeky dupes and randomness!)

I’m still enjoying using all my Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers and facial massager (see Who Made Me Buy What) in fact, I’ve yet to buy a beauty product from Aldi that I haven’t loved! I’ve been wanting to try their loose powder for a hot minute and knew they had released a new vegan range of products too, so Aldi Online was my next stop & shop! (Link included below)

My Aldi Payday Purchases:

Everyone loves a beauty bargain and the Aldi beauty range, Lacura, offers an abundance of 'em!
Hot Stones from Aldi – who’d have thought it? Alternative Therapies available at the local supermarket
  • Lacura Natural Hand & Nail Cream | New | £2.99 | 50ml Tube | Vegan | Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil
  • Lacura Loose Setting Powder | Laura Mercier Dupe | £4.99 | 25g Pot | Absorbs Excess Oils | Finely Milled | Light, Natural Coverage
  • Hinkler Hot Stone Massage Kit | 8 Basalt Stones Plus Full Instructions | £4.99 | Stress Relieving | Losens Stiff Muscles | Improves Circulation | Promotes Deep Tissue Healing

TOP TIPS: Download the Aldi App and subscribe to the email marketing so you don’t miss any new bargains. You can select the categories you wish to receive notifications for too – e.g. Health and Beauty. Delivery is FREE on orders over £20.

I was alerted to the launch of the NEW Vegan range via Email (see it is worth subscribing to receive these mails) I wanted to try at least one of these new products to review for you guys and am running low (!) on hand cream, so that’s what I choose from the range. The loose powder is well-known in the beauty community for being a dupe of the much higher priced Laura Mercier – so I’m curious to see if it lives up to the hype! As for the Hot Stones, not gonna lie, this was a full on impulse buy! I’m hosting a ‘Girls’ Night In’ this weekend, so I’m going to try the Stones (and a few other products) on the unsuspecting invitees and get back to you with a full review.

At this point I took a break from shopping to look for a NEW subscription box to trial and . . . found one!

As you probably know I do love my Beauty Sub Boxes (that’s an understatement and a repeated one at that!) this NEW one looks great and I’m excitedly (and not very patiently) awaiting it’s delivery so I can add a review of it to my Spotlight On Subscription Boxes Series. My next FabFitFun Box (Spring 2020) is due any day, so look out for that review too. (For my detailed thoughts on the FabFitFun Box, including how the subscription works, click here). March’s Roccabox has already landed and I’m liking the mix of products I’ve received in the five months I’ve been subscribed. November, December and January’s products are gradually finding their way into my rotation and I’m currently testing the hair vitamins from February’s Roccabox.

After that tantalizing tangent, let’s get back to the purpose of this post!

The Main Event: Pretty Little Thing £100+ Haul!

I was a PLT virgin until this haul. Prior to pay day I visited their site, bookmarked it (link below) signed up for their marketing emails, wrote an extensive ‘wish list’ in my head and, having familiarised myself with PLT, I waited for payday to arrive.

My Pretty Big Pretty Little Thing Purchases:

The beauty stuff I hauled from Pretty Little Thing.
Skin Care and some random beauty additions for my Beauty Collection from PLT
  • The Ordinary The Daily Set | Squalane Cleanser 50ml | Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 30ml| Natural Moisturising Factors 30ml | Boxed| Skincare Essentials | £15 |
  • The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%| £4.90 | 30ml | Effective Antioxidant| Skin Brightener|
  • The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density| £15.80 | 60ml | Support for Hair Health | Leave In/On Treatment | For fuller, denser and healthier hair|
  • The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution | £6.80 | 240ml | Mild Exfoliant | Improves Skin Texture, Radiance and Clarity
  • The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer| £3.90 | 30ml | Matte Finish | Blurs Pores and Imperfections | Hydrates |
  • The Ordinary Coverage Foundation | 1.2P Light | £5.90 | 30ml | Full Coverage | Contains Free Acids | Smooth Finish | Lightweight | Non Oily |
  • Maybeline Eraser Eye Concealer | £9 | Anti-Age | Semi matte Finish | Covers Dark Circles, Redness & Fine Lines
  • Primalash Natural Individual Cluster Lashes | £4 | Flared | Bulb Free | Blends with Natural Lashes |
  • Beauty Works 10 in 1 Miracle Spray | £12 | 250ml | Multi Tasking | Heat Protection |
  • Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil | Ash Brown | £3 | Triangular Shaped Pencil | With Spoolie| Small Strokes & Definition| Rub Resistant |
  • Bendy Hair Rollers | 2 lengths | 8 Pack (4 each Length) | £2 |

TOP TIPS: There is NO Free Delivery Option so a bulk buy (like I made) gives the best value for the £3.99 delivery charge. PLT do offer a ‘Delivery subscription’ for £9.99 a year, so if you are likely to make several purchases this would be a better option.

With regard to The Ordinary products I would advise reading the product information BEFORE purchasing to ensure what you buy is suitable for YOUR skin and it’s needs.

An Important Heads Up Regarding Pretty Little Thing Discount Codes

Prior to placing my order with PLT I received a lengthy promo email from them with a 30% Off Everything Discount Code ‘Banner’ emblazoned across the top of the mail. When I went online to place my order there was another 30% Off Everything Discount Code (New 30) prominently displayed on the site. Knowing I was going to be placing a large order, (as listed above plus several items of jewellery) my reaction to this was “Wow, that’s fantastic.”

I was, obviously, expecting a 30% discount on my £100+ Pretty Little Thing order (ie: a £30 saving) the discount I actually received was just £1.50!

What does EVERYTHING mean to you?
This is a composite of the marketing email I received offering 30% off, part of my order confirmation showing the applied discount and order total plus the PLT ‘small print’ buried at the end of the lengthy marketing mail that, arguably, negates the offer and the definition of the word EVERYTHING!

Where’s The Discount?

First can I say I am not honing in on this just to throw shade or spill PLTea, but as consumers shouldn’t we expect a level of transparency that helps us to be savvy shoppers, whilst fostering our respect and loyalty with retailers?

That said, let’s break it down:

The ‘OFFER’ clearly states 30% OFF, there is an asterisk (*) after the word EVERYTHING however the small print (and it is just that) to which this asterisk alludes, was buried at the end of an email that contained not only the ‘OFFER’ but several photos, information and inviting ‘click here’ buttons.

The chances of ANY recipient (myself included) actually reading that mail to the end (and discovering that small print) is minimal – aint nobody got time for that, right? We want to shop and take advantage of that ‘OFFER’. Besides, the mail is arguably put together to discourage reading to the end, instead it is meant to lure you to PLT PDQ.

Once read, it becomes apparent in the small print that EVERYTHING is NOT actually EVERYTHING: There are exclusions: SALE products is understandable, BEAUTY Purchases not so much? This, together with the other STATED exclusions, denotes that EVERYTHING is NOT as it should be

There are NO written exclusions regarding JEWELLERY- yet, having bought FIVE items of JEWELLERY in total, I recieved discount (£1.50/30% as per the offer) on just ONE item. This makes no sense to me – does it to you?

It seems that Pretty Little Thing’s not only re-written the definition of the word EVERYTHING, but, and despite, their exclusions disclaimer, the actual application of any discount is then applied by PLT without rhyme or reason!

Will I shop with Pretty Little Thing Again?

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

And it is a real shame that Pretty Little Thing weren’t more transparent! Because, to remain both honest and objective here, despite feeling fooled and lured in, their site is easy to navigate, has lots of great, helpful, product information & clear photographs. Delivery was quick, everything arrived safely packaged and I do love the fact that I could indulge my love of beauty with other purchases in one place AND the jewellery I ordered is beautiful – in fact I was impressed and pleased with all my purchases, BUT, nobody likes to made a fool of.

And finally … More of The Ordinary direct from Deciem

Having ordered my The Ordinary products from PLT I popped over to the Deciem site (link below) to check prices and product info. Once there 3 more products took my fancy,so I ordered them too. At time of writing, having missed two attempted deliveries, my parcel has, understandably, been returned to sender. I have contacted Deciem and hopefully these products will reach me soon!

The last of The Ordinary – what I ordered:

  • The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil | £8.10 | 30ml | Antioxidant Rich | For Hair & Skin | Hydrating|
  • The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil | 30ml | £5.90 |For Hair and Skin| Unrefined| Reduces Flaking | Adds Strength to Hair|
  • The Ordinary Buffet | 30ml | £12.70 | Multi-Technology Peptide Serum | Targets Signs of Aging | Can be used AM and PM |

TOP TIP: It’s worth looking at this site as it has detailed info about all The Ordinary products plus usage directions. My delivery was FREE, because I spent over £20, usually it would cost £4.99, so waiting until you want to spend over £20 would be cost efficient.

If you read my previous post – Behind The Blog (If not, why not? 😁) then this is old news, but worth reiterating, I have joined Project Pan, having realised that my beauty spend is in danger of getting out of control, but more because I have amassed a large beauty collection over time, each item deserves some love and currently very few items are receiving my love. This is obvs, quite wasteful. If you saw my Empties write ups for January AND February (again, if not, why not?? 😅) you will have, hopefully, realised that I have been making a real effort to use stuff up! Inspired by this effort, Youtuber Mikhila McDaid and the fact that I blog (and have a responsibility to my readers) I decided that I could do better, much better in fact, and Project Pan seemed to be the way to go.

I have a lot of make up that hardly sees the light of day, so I’ve Shopped My Stash for Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Care and have expanded my NEW ‘less wasteful’, ‘use it up’, ‘spend less’ mantra to include and focus on panning more makeup products!

So, Hauls such as this one will become less in spends and frequency. I’m not doing a no-buy, but I am doing a buy-less. I’m not suggesting that everyone should adopt my new policies, nor am I encouraging everyone to join Project Pan. I’m doing this for me, for my collection, and as a new twist in a hobby I am truly passionate about. I will share this new chapter with you, simply because I am a beauty blogger and that is what I do. 😊

Thanks, as always, for reading, it means so much and I do appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed this haul, that you’ll read more of my stuff and come back for the next one. I upload new content every Wednesday (6pm) and Saturday (8pm) and look forward to welcoming you back. Dont forget to check out the (unaffiliated) links below, and drop me a comment with your thoughts on my haul, project pan or anything else beauty related – I love reading them, replying and getting connected with you all. Until next time, take care and please wish me luck with Project Pan.

Being a spendy beauty addict I think I'm going to need some luck in the panning department.
See You Soon

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February’s Empties

The beauty products I used up in February and what I thought of them

Discover which products finally made it to the dustbin!

Used up skin care, body & bath products goners and one lonely hair care empty

February’s Empties Group Photo

Not only emptied but tried, tested, and now – reviewed!

Hi, hey and hello, if you’re new welcome to my blogosphere, if you’ve been here before, it’s great to have you back. Hope you’re all ok, are having an awesome and beautiful day, and that you enjoy the following ‘mini reviews’ of the beauty products I used up during February.

Again, no makeup in this month’s Empties Blog, but as I mentioned previously (Behind The Blog) I jumped on the Project Pan express at the start of March, I Shopped My Stash for for hair, skin and makeup products to use (up) during this month. My first Project Pan Progress Report, (at the beginning of April) will hopefully include makeup products I’ve panned!. I’ll publish a monthly Empties, that’ll be a review-round-up of the products I HAVEN’T shopped out, but have used up anyway. The Shopped My Stash blog will include my reviews of the products I haven’t hit pan with and that’ll be published at the beginning of April. In the Project Pan Progress Report I’ll give you my opinions and thoughts on those products I have actually panned/emptied during March!

Bath & Body Product Empties

I used up a total of 8 Bath & Body Products during February.

As I recently took out a ‘Soapscription’ with Bubble T, which means I receive two NEW bubbletastic bottles of Bath and Shower Gel each month, I have made a real effort to work through my bath and shower products during January and February. Have to say this has gone pretty good, I’ve used up the half empties I had, some samples I received in subscription beauty boxes and some products that were crying out to me for some love. So, without further ado, here’s my Bath & Body empties products review!

  • Noble Isle Bath & Shower Gel: I absolutely bloody love this, the fragrance (Fireside) is sublime and sensual, it foams up nicely and leaves you feeling all soft and warm! This is firmly on my wish list.
  • Avon Planet Spa Moroccan Romance Bath and Shower Oil: This is a dual purpose oil that can either be added to your bath water or smoothed onto the skin in the shower. Not only does this oil moisturise your skin but the rose, jasmine and peony fragrance transports you to a far off land.
  • Radox Lemongrass & Mandarin Shower Gel: Another fantastic product but this is a reviving and awakening experience, which makes it an excellent wake up call for those mornings when you are struggling to start the day!
  • Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash: Sea Buckthorn seems to be a popular ingredient in beauty products at the moment as I have seen/experienced it in quite of few brands. Sea Buckthorn has a fresh, fruity scent and is, supposedly, good for the skin. I’m not a huge fan of this though: I can take or leave the fragrance, the formula is nothing outstanding and, although I felt clean after using it, my skin didn’t feel very hydrated or soft either. Bit of a let down!
  • Nivea Luxurious Shower Silk Mouse: I had this in rhubarb and raspberry fragrance, and I really like this scent. You only need to dispense a small amount of this mousse as it impressively doubles (if not trebles) in size. It does feel lux on the skin and the fragrance whilst using it is wonderful. Unfortunately, the fragrance doesn’t last on the skin after use, but the silky softness does. I’m on the fence with this one – loved using it, liked the smell, shame it didn’t last.
  • Molton Brown Orange & Bergamont Bath and Shower Gel: Smells delish (and the fragrance lasts well on the skin too), great formula, leathers well, leaves skin clean, refreshed, fragranced and soft – would definitely recommend.
  • Bubble T Pomegranate & Green Tea Bath and shower Gel: According to the packaging legend has it that green tea was first tasted by accident in 2737 BC when Chinese Emperor Shennong drank water that had a tea leaf boiled in it. Personally, to drink I like Tetley or PG tea, I have tried green tea but it made me pull a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. However, I don’t mind it in beauty products. Still loving Bubble T’s products, this wasn’t my favourite to date, but still a nice product!
  • Love Beauty And Planet Shower Gel: I received this in a Subscription Box, not my favourite shower gel to be honest, but I’m glad to have discovered this via a sub rather than having paid for it. The formula is ok, it makes a good, soapy lather, it’s the scent of this that put me off it though – I don’t dislike either Shea Butter or Sandlewood Oil, but together (as they are in this gel) the result is way to sweet, to the point of sickliness. It’s a no from me.
  • Soaper Duper Body Butter Very Dry Skin Formula: I also got this in a sub box, ages & ages ago, which is how long it’s taken me to use it up cos this comes in a big 300ml pot. I loved the Yuzufruit and Fig fragrance, but Soaper Duper no longer offer it. I have used the majority of this product on my feet, where it has worked wonders. My feet are super soft, uber smooth & very moisturised. Works well on knees and elbows too, and, of course, all over your body. But I do tend to use it mainly as a foot softener and moisturiser, where I can’t fault it! Highly recommend anyone giving this a try-I’ve already repurchased two tubs, one in Shea and the other in Shea and Coconut – both of which smell sooo lush – love, love, love this Body Butter!

Skin Care Empties

Did my skin benefit from these now empty treats?

In do love good skin care products, using face products and discovering new ones, testing them out and doing my routine twice a day are a few of my favourite things. During February I managed to use up 5 skin care products, although two of them were sample sizes sent to me in sub boxes, here’s my thoughts on them all.

  • Dr Botanicals Lm Rescue Butter: This 50ml Lemongrass Superfood, balm like product cost around £15 to buy, which make it kinda expensive so you expect results – right? Erm, nope. This formula is for dry skin and as it’s winter here in the UK and my face is dryer than normal I thought I’d give it a go as a moisturiser (it state on the tube it can be used as a facial moisturiser). I’m not sure I’m a face balm kinda gal, as I didn’t enjoy using this product. Firstly, it smells like a prescription cream for eczema (I suffered with eczema a bit as a kid, so I know what those creams smell like). Secondly, it feels very silicone like in texture with a super thick consistency. It’s difficult to massage in and once you achieve this it actually feels like you are wearing an thin mask on your face – neither a pleasant or comfortable experience to be honest. I persevered however, determined to use it up and hoping to see results. The former was the only success! I’ve used other products from this brand and got on really well with them, but I’d give this one a wide berth!
  • Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks: These eye masks claim to brighten, hydrate and reduce dark circles. They are nice to use and have the advantage of not moving around your face like most eye masks do. I can’t say as I noticed it really achieving the results I was promised though, but they did cool my eyes and made them feel less tired, so not all bad – would I buy them again? No, I don’t think I would.
  • Omorovicza Cleansing Foam: Despite it’s odd scent (which I can’t describe any other way than ‘vaguely minty’) the pale blue (yes, blue! BLUE?) colour of this thick gel to foam cleanser, it actually made my face feel really, really clean and prepped for the remainder of my skin routine. An odd looking and weird smelling cleanser, it ended up working ok, but I won’t repurchase.
  • The Green People Age defy: This product is testament to the fact that organic and natural products don’t always ‘perform’ as you expect them too. This Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator’s ‘fragrance’ reminds me of decorating, a sort of yucky mixture of paint and brush cleaner. Not nice to be honest, what’s worse however, is that it did nothing for my skin. I would neither ‘recommend or buy this again. Definitely not a skincare product I want to use again.
  • Vitamasques Cranberry & Apple Sheet Mask: Wow, this Korean inspired, moisturising mask has triple layer technology, a beautiful, hunger-panging-fruity-smell, feels great, both during and after use, includes ample serum (which allows you spread what’s left in the packet over your neck and décolatage) and has visibly great effcts too. Loved it, recommend it, will be getting more of it. Brilliant.

Hair Care Empties

I have a lot of hair care products in my stash, so it was a bit of a disappointment to only get through one of them during February, but here’s my review of the lonely empty in this category.

  • Noughty To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo: A great shampoo for this time of year, cos this is when most folks need a bit of extra moisture, and this shampoo delivers it in abundance. Formulated for frizzy and or damaged hair, if your tresses are a trial, this makes a great remedy! Would I buy this again – absolutely – once I’ve used up the myriad of shampoos I have waiting in the wings. The conditioner from this brand/range is marvelous too, and the combination of the two left my hair feeling like I’d been to an expensive salon. Definately recommend giving this a go, I rate it highly.

Final Thoughts

I’m pleased with the amount of empties I accumulated during February and feel like I have laid good foundations for my journey into Project Pan, as I have already declutterer my beauty collection of quite a few products, from various categories – I’ll have to make a more considered effort in the makeup category though if I am to fully embrace the ethos behind ‘panning’

There were some ‘good uns’ amongst the products that made their final journey to the recycling bin last month, but there were some damn awful ones too. Hopefully, my opinions’ll come in handy for you if you wanted to know about those I have featured here.

Thanks, as always, for reading, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit my blog, and I hope you’ll come back soon. Don’t forget my regular blog uploads are every Wednesday evening at 6pm and Saturday afternoons at 3pm – if you follow and/or subscribe to my blog you’ll be notified when my blogs go live and won’t miss a thing. Until next time, take care

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NONE of the links I give to companies are affiliated and I purchased every product mentioned with my own money. All reviews, thoughts and views are my own, honest and objective opinions.

Behind The Blog (March 2020)

Shopping my stash, using Social Media more, a haul, new cleansing ‘tools’ series and a new blogging schedule: There’s a lot happening at entirely-beauty.com so let’s have a chatty catch up!

Another 'behind the scenes' peek to uncover future plans to ensure you guys are entertained and know what's what!
What’s going on behind the scenes at Entirely Beauty?

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! As we’re saying hello March and farewell to February (and, hopefully, those crazy storms and awful floods), I thought I’d let you know what’s ‘going down’ behind the entirely-beauty.com blog.

Obviously Entirely Beauty, blogging & my ‘addiction’ to all things beauty is my (much loved) hobby; I would write and play with products all the time, if I could, however I have been trying to strike a ‘balance’.

Regulars here at Entirely Beauty will also know that I pack alot into my blogs, which means they take a while to put together. Initially, being new to blogging, I thought I could knock out a new, detailed, informative and hopefully entertaining beauty blog EVERYDAY. (L-O-flippin-L!) Talk about rookie mistakes – I had no idea how long you have to bash the keys or the time involved in editing pics etc, in order to produce something worth publishing.

Obviously I want to keep you guys up to date with the latest Entirely Beauty developments and plans, so come with me as we go behind the blog to find out when I’m going to be blogging, how I’m going to use Social Media for EXTRA beauty content and my plans for upcoming blogs.

Have YOU joined the EB social media set yet?

Blogging Schedule & Social Media Plans

NEW Entirely Beauty blogs will go live every Wednesday evening at 6pm and on Saturday afternoons at 3pm (All times are GMT).

■ EB blogs will still be info packed, detailed, include useful links, be written with passion, include my honest opinions and hopefully keep y’all entertained too

Less in-depth (and shorter) stuff will be added to my Entirely Beauty Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn (almost) on the daily.

If you’re not already, you might wanna like, follow, connect and all that other good stuff available on Social Media so you’re in the loop and neatly side-step that dreaded FOMO in the process!! (Fear Of Missin Out is worse than man-flu and ain’t nobody got time for that!)

To give you an idea of what you can expect from me on Social Media- click these links and catch up with some of my posts from last week…

Facebook: Roccabox (Feb 2020) Rapid Review
Instagram: NEW Cleansing Tools Series – #1 The Konjac Sponge Tried & Tested
Twitter: What do YOU do?
LinkedIn: Get thee to Area 51!
Have you read my Roccabox Rapid Review on the EB Facebook Page?

Lacking a ‘smoothly-does-it-segway’ to my next bit of news, we’re going to have a bit of beauty-bloggy-oke! It’s like karaoke, but no-one can hear you, (unless you’re actually in public right now) no-one’s gonna judge (unless you’re actually in public right now, espesh if Simon Cowell is in the crowd) and singing is good for you (unless you’re actually in public right now – in which case it might not be, depending on how good a voice you have). Are you ready, altogether now …


all my troubles seemed so far away

did a haul and I can’t wait to play

Oh I believe it’s gonna slay


there’s not half the coin there used to be

Consumerism’s hanging over me

Oh, I’ve a new philosophy

Did ya sing along? 😁 I bet you did! 😂 Anyhoo, yeah, I did a haul; mainly beauty stuff (though I did treat myself to some new jewelery as well) it was was a bitter sweet experience, because that’ll be my last major splurge for some time, (for reasons I’ll get to in a tick-tock) but I want to let you know I will be writing a Haul blog when my goodies land.

And now the reason why my last haul will be THE last haul for some time!

I think it was in January’s Empties that I spoke about not having done Shopped My Stash for a hot minute, because I was using up some odds and ends from my collection. Well . . . I’ve ‘shopped’ skincare, haircare AND makeup out of my collection and into rotation in readiness for use and testing during March. Not only that but I’m actually gonna try and USE UP a load of products from my beauty collection during 2020. Yes, I am a little late to the PROJECT PAN PARTY, but as YouTuber MissBudgetBeauty (aka Mikhila McDaid) pointed out in her recent video ‘Joining Project Pan’ it’s NOT too late!

So, that’s why my last haul will be the last for a while, because yours truly is doing PROJECT PAN 2020: a decision partly brought on by the sense of achievement I got from using up some of the half empty, soon to expire, stuff from my collection during January and February. Yeah, I know, that sounds completely bonkers, right, but Project Pan makes sense to me. I work hard for the money I’ve spent building up my collection and I want a good return on my investment. The easiest, most salient way to achieve a ‘good return’ is to actually enjoy the products I have and use them up!

Yes, as a beauty blogger, content creator and self confessed ‘addict’ there IS that temptation to buy all the new beauty releases and review them for YOU, but in so doing I migh turn you on to those products. That’s not sharing a love of all things beauty, that’s encouraging you to indulge in the ‘conspicuous consumption of cosmetics’ too.

Mikhila’s Project Pan Rules are different to my own, but the ethos behind both of us doing this is the same!

Project Pan 2020: How it’ll work

My Aims

1. To ‘organically’ de-clutter my collection through actual use rather than disposal and share the experience with you
2. To ‘hit pan’, use up and/or finish as many skincare, haircare and makeup products as I can before 2020’s up, and post Project Pan Progress Updates
3. To use ‘Shopped My Stash’ alongside Project Pan. At the end of each month I’ll add a blog detailing the products used, their performance and wearability etc., I’ll also use Social Media for some Shopped My Stash / project pan news -including
a) Sharing my hair care picks for the month on TWITTER
b) Revealing each month’s skincare selection on INSTAGRAM
c) The month’s makeup products will be posted on FACEBOOK PAGE
(To give you all a sneak peak of what products to expect in my upcoming reviews)
d) To review the Shopped My Stash products here on entirely-beauty.com

4. To improve the condition of my skin and hair AND improve my makeup artistry skills by using up products for Project Pan
5. To foster good habits, going forward, ie: being less consumeristic and wastefull, spending within my NEW beauty budget, using up what I already have and controlling my collection. (and ‘addiction’ 😉)

My Rules

1. At the beginning of each month I’m going to Shop My Stash for skincare, haircare and skincare products, instead of buying more products and creating waste.
2. The Shopped My Stash items will become my go-to products for the whole month
3. I’ll use these products consistently, throughout the month, as this’ll give me time to really test them out and give you guys much better reviews.
4. If I don’t use a product up (or fail to hit pan) in a month, that product(s) will be shopped out again later in the year, to use it up, see if seasonality affects a product’s performance and whether my opinions of a product changes.
5. I’ll still buy some beauty products, but my beauty budget is now drastically reduced (£50 per month) and I’m going to try to focus on ‘need’ rather than ‘want’ (eg to replace products I’ve hit pan on). I’ll also keep my beauty box subscriptions going and they will be separate from my budget.

I’m under no illusions here, I know Project Pan is going to be a tough nut for me to crack, because I can’t remember the last time I actually ‘hit pan’ on a makeup product. In fact, and I’m telling you this to be transparent and honest, I have such a lot of makeup in my collection that most of it is only lightly used and some of it is ‘virgin’ makeup & has yet to be touched. I’m ashamed of how damn wastefull that is.

I’m also embarrassed by the amount of my previous beauty budget: prior to my ‘realisations and rethink’ I was spending between £100 to £150 a month on beauty products (not including sub boxes), and again, being honest, sometimes it exceeded that, especially if I bought high end products. I have but one face to give to my hobby, so spending that much, coupled with hardly (if ever) using some the items in my collection, is pretty bloody stupid.

I’m sure I’m not the only one ‘guilty’ of overspending and under using where beauty is concerned, that’s why I have chosen to be open about it in my blog AND do something about! I hope you find my journey into Project Pan, using more, spending less, actively rather than passively decluttering and sharing the highs and lows (yes I expect there’ll be a few of those) with you, both here and on Social Media, useful, but entertaining too.

Are you taking part in Project Pan 2020, I’d love to hear from you if you are – maybe we could support each other in our endeavours? Have you undertaken Project Pan in previous years (it started, I believe, back in 2016), Did you succeed or struggle? Let me know in the comments below or chat with me on my social media platforms. And finally if anyone has any tips/ideas on anything related to Project Pan 2020, please share them with me, I’d be grateful for your input.

What do you think – do you feel that there is a pressure to buy the latest releases and trends? What do you consider before buying an item to add to your collection. Do you have a beauty budget, if so how much is it?

Well, that about wraps it up, except to say,as always, thanks for reading, hope you found this blog interesting and fun too. I look forward to reading your comments and continuing getting to know you. Look forward to welcoming you back soon. Until then, take care.

💋Entirely Beauty 💋

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