January’s Empties

The products I used up in January and what I thought of them – aka ‘Quickie Reviews’

In this blog: Hair, Skin & Body Care products: Used, tried, tested, and now – reviewed!

Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Care, Hand Care And Oral Health Products that I used up in January.
I got through quite a few products in January!

What’s happened to ‘Shopped My Stash’?

Do you get a sense of pride when you empty a product, or is that just me? When January ended I was left with a mahoosive pile of empties from my stash, 16 of which I am reviewing in this blog. The empties that haven’t made it into this blog were either repeats from previous blogs in my Empties series, were samples or minis (ie insufficient product to really ‘try/test’ and/or give an objective opinion) or they were products I’d already featured in one of my Shopped My Stash series here on Entirely Beauty.

And talking of Shopped My Stash, I’ve received quite a few messages asking why I haven’t posted any blogs in this series recently. Firstly, I’m glad you like and enjoy Shopped My Stash and secondly, whilst the answer is neither jaw dropping or even exciting, I’ll explain: I made a conscious decision to use up any nearly empty, almost expired and samples in my collection during December and January. As part of my ‘waste not want not’ resolve I did a collection de-clutter and passed on, donated and discarded quite a few products. I also ended up with a basket full of either half used or almost empty products that I really didn’t want to waste, plus some samples that I wanted to try out, so I set about ‘working on’ these rather than Shopping my Stash. Fear not – now I have consciously used everything up, Shopped my Stash will be returning really soon!

Anyone who can finish a bottle of shampoo and conditioner at the same time is to be admired – right?
WELL – I DID IT! And I am, understandably, and unashamedly pretty pleased with my achievement.

Hair Care Empties

  • Lacura Natural Hold Hairspray – available from Aldi: Not only is this uber cheap, but it has a micro-diffusing mist for even sprays, is nourished with pro vitamin B5, gives UV protection to your hair, holds well, brushes out easily and is non sticky. Brilliant!
  • Avon Advanced TECHniques Supreme Oils Shampoo: luxuriously nourished with Nutri 5 Complex (a fusion of five oils) this shampoo cleans without weighing your hair down. The shampoo smells lush and so will your hair after using it. Loved it!
  • Avon Advance TECHniques Supreme Oils Conditioner: Also has that five oil fusion thing going on, which softens your hair, whilst leaving it super nourished, shiny and smelling great. Loved this too!
Four of my Skin Care empties takes from the Snail Slime to the ridiculous!
Snail Slime, a £98 night cream, a Beauty Pie Day Cream plus an
old favourite – a varied bunch of empties to say the least!

Skin Care Empties #1

  • Snail Essence Hydrating Mask By Bisutang: I wouldn’t suggest grabbing a snail from your garden and rubbing the poor bugger on your face, but, although this snail slime mask was an impulse, interwebs buy, bourne out of intrigue, it turned out to be an inexpensive hit! My skin felt super hydrated, soft and moisturised after using this sheet mask and, for snail slime, it smelt quite nice too. Weirdest thing I’ve had on my face? Probably, but hey, it was worth it!
  • Avant Shea Butter Hyaluronic Vitamin B3 Seawater Sweet Almond Delux Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream: At £98 for 50ml, this night cream is vereee boujee. I got this in a sub box (Look Fantastic – pre blog) so I didn’t pay the boujee price. It IS a lovely night cream: it refreshes your complexion, is anti-aging and targets imperfections as it penetrates your skin. Yes, the benefits are noticeable but OhMGee that price tag! There are other, comparable moisturisers that are many coins less.
  • Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti-aging Cream: I’ve had and used this off and on for a while, and whilst its plant bioactives and hyaluronic acid claims to lift, firm and plump, I didn’t rate it highly, but enjoyed using it. Smells good, felt good but shan’t be re-purchasing.
  • Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser 50ml: I do lurve the Sukin range, their products are great, affordable and are regulars in sub boxes such as The Vegan Kind plus I recently bought more in a mini haul from Look Fantastic. This natural, Aussie, skincare suits my skin, leaves it feeling cared for, brighter and softer and I’ll no doubt be buying from the range again in the future! Did I mention that I lurve it? (So much that I also emptied an entire 125ml bottle too, hence it appearing in my next photo)
Avant's boujee theme continues with an £89 Facial Serum!
Sukin Signature -so good I used it twice – plus more boujee products!

Skin Care Empties #2

  • Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser 125ml: Ok, ok, maybe I’m a bit obsessed with this fab range from a land down under, but I used this second bottle up too and it’s worth mentioning twice. You should consider giving it a go!!
  • Dr. Karabelnik Vitamin C Booster 30ml: This normally retails for around £20, but I got mine from TK Max for just £6.99. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for this Beauty Booster (serum type product) as I didn’t see any noticeable improvements or changes in my skin. It did smell good, but the pipette didn’t dispense from the get go, which meant I wasted a lot of the booster as I couldn’t get it out the bottle – it’s very thick in consistency. It solidified around the neck of the bottle shortly after opening and made my skin feel tight! Sorry Doc, it’s a no from me.
  • Avant Hyaluronic Algin Retinyl Palmitate Ubiquinone Ribo Nucleic Eight Hour Retexturing and Anti-Oxidising Facial Serum 30ml: And the award for a big ass, unpronouncable name for a serum goes to Avant! Maybe Avant work like solicitors and charge per word? Anyhoo, boujee – you betcha, great to use – abso-tutely, worth the coin – jury’s still out! I liked it, it was lovely, both to use and on the skin but £89? Again, I was lucky enough to receive this in a sub box. It does last a long time as you only need a little, it feels lush, but does all that equate to £89 worth of coin – not on my beauty budget it doesn’t.
  • Temple Spa Toning Essence 150ml: I’ve bought and tried several Temple Spa products and have loved most of them, this toner included. The ingredient list sounds more like a Mediterranean Meal – Ginger, Lime, Manderin, Basil, Rosemary, Melon, Orange, Lemon and Tomato – than a toning essence, but it does the job! Actually, it does more than tone, it can also be used to refresh your skin throughout the day/night too. This dual use, together with how radiantly healthy it leaves your skin, plus how cooling it is as a spritz (great in summer) means it gets a thumbs up & a probable re-buy from me.
Lavender & chamomile, Sea Buckthorn & Orange Oil and Cool Mint - primary ingredients in these body care products!
Body Care plus Oral Health

Body Care Empties #1

  • Avon Naturals Dreamy Lavender & Camomile Spray Perfume Spritz: You probably don’t want to smell like your granny, so I suggest using this as I did – as a pillow spray! And it works (pardon the pun) like a dream. Spritz a little on your pillows and bedding, climb into your now heavenly scented bed, relax and drift off into a lovely slumber! A great and inexpensive dupe for those more costly pillow sprays. Love it!
  • Organii Natural Care Hand Cream for Hands & Nails: If you want soft hands and strong nails from a certified natural product, then this hand cream with it’s deliciously scented mix of sea buckthorn and zesty orange oil will deliver. A none greasy, easily absorbed winner!
  • Colgate Plax Zero Alcohol Cool Mint Mouth Wash: Whilst it promises 24/7 protection against plaque and being effective against bacteria, this mouthwash supposedly gives you “a pleasurable cooling sensation”. Now, unless Colgate are into some sort of weird, oral hygiene, S & M, I would argue that their description is a little misleading. For ‘pleasurable’ read ‘almost painful in places you didnt know existed in your mouth’ and ‘cooling’ translates to ‘you are going to experience a rumbling thunderstorm in your mouth’. I think this was a little too concentrated for me, not gonna lie, I diluted it with water to lessen the impact. Not for me – I deserve a medal for weathering Colgate’s storm and finishing the bottle, or maybe I’m just a glutton for ‘punishment‘?
Well oiled skin, fresh pits and clean hands!
And finally, Body Oil, Anti-perspirant and hand sanitiser.

Body Care Empties #2

  • Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray: I get through a few of these as I use this product as part of my Body Care Routine because it is sooo moisturising and easy to use. When first applied it has a hint of a chemical fragrance, but this quickly disappears as it not only moisturises but leaves your skin smelling really nice too. Will I re-buy? You betcha! I have yet to discover something that is as easy to use or that works as well as this lovely dry oil spray!
  • Nivea Anti-Perspirant Pearl and Beauty Quick Dry 150ml: This actually contains pearl extract, to soften and smooth your underarm AND offers 48 hour protection from odour, whilst caring for the skin. Sometimes, however, it’s the little things that make a product your favourite – I just love the fact that this has a lockable spray nozzle, to prevent accidental sprays in your bag etc. Nice one!
  • Cussons Carex Complete Defence Original Hand Gel: This is great for on the go as it does what it says ‘on the tin’ and this little 50ml bottle easily fits in your handbag or pocket. Brilliant!
Quite a mixed bag of empties this month.
That’s All Folks!

So, there you have it: A very mixed bag of empties, both in product type and reactions. As always, thanks for reading, I do appreciate you spending time with me and I hope you found this blog’s quickie reviews useful. If you have any questions about any of these products, please don’t hesitate to contact me: my social media is linked below or you can drop me a comment here in the blogosphere. Until next time, take care.

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NONE of the above links to companies are affiliated and I purchased all products with my own money. All reviews, thoughts and views are my own, honest and objective opinions.

My thoughts On Multi-Level Marketing Companies

With regard to both Avon and Temple Spa, I’m aware that these are MLM companies and that some people view these types of companies as ‘un-ethical’ and/or believe that the companies extort those at the lower levels. However, I spoke to both the representatives (ie those whom I purchased the products from) and they were quite candid in their responses.

Yes, they are at the supposed ‘lower levels’, yet both told me that they really enjoy being part of the respective companies they sell for and that is apparent from my involvement with them both as a customer and as their friend. What’s more each told me that they makes a decent income from their endeavours and they love and believe in the products they sell (and that really shows too). Both ‘reps’ explained that they’ve been involved with the companies for a considerable time, have enjoyed/received a number of non-monetary perks/rewards on top of monies earned and currently have no desire to ‘go to the next level’ or leave. Neither felt they were being used and both defended their right and choice to work for Avon and Temple Spa.

Perhaps high horses are ridden by people who THINK they know both the horse and the course, rather than looking to, and considering the experience of, those who are actually in the saddle?

Soapscription from Bubble T + FREEBIE!

New ‘Essentials’ Subscription Boxes are now coming on to The Beauty Scene – designed to make sure we don’t run out of those beauty necessities!

Bubble T now offer a SOAPSCRIPTION

Soapscription delivers two NEW Bubble T bath & shower gels to your door every month, let’s see if it’s worth ‘soapscribing’?

If you’ve read any of my Spotlight on Subscription Boxes series here on Entirely Beauty then you’ll know that I do love to receive a Sub Beauty Box or two! Following on from my previous blog – Non-subscription Beauty Boxes, it occurred to me there is another ‘sub category’ of ‘beauty box’ that is emerging, those that deliver your beauty & self care essentials.

Period boxes have been around for a while with companies such as Flux and Callaly whose boxes make your periods a little easier to handle, and now other companies are picking up on this theme, delivering a host of necessary self & personal care, ‘beauty’ related products so that you always have those essentials on hand when you need them. Bubble T recently joined the ‘essentials box’ party, with their aptly named & NEW Soapscription. Bubble T’s Soapscription service aims to ensures that you’ll never run out of Bath and Shower Gel again, as they deliver their bath and shower gels straight to your door each month.

How to get your first Soapscription Box and a FREE trial box from Bubble T!

Your first box with Bubble T’s Soapscription is a trial box and It’s FREE (Yes, you did read that right, it is FREE). You do have to pay £1 for postage and packing, but the actual box (which contains 2 x 100ml of product) is entirely FREE. This provides you with a great opportunity to try Bubble T’s Bath & Shower Gels, whilst also introducing you to Bubble T and their Soapscription service.

A lush FREEBIE from Bubble T

As you can see from the above photograph, in my FREE trial box I received 1 Vanilla Chai Tea Bath and Shower Gel and 1 Coconut Bath and Shower Gel. I thought the coconut would be my clear favourite as I do love all things coconutty scented (and flavoured!) and whilst it smelt good enough to eat (or drink), left my skin subtly scented and very smooth to the touch. I did like them both; the Bubble T Bath and Shower Gel formula is lovely, but I actually preferred the Vanilla Chai Tea fragrance. The level of vanilla scent was spot on and the overall fragrance was just divine!

With Bubble T there is a choice of 3 boxes every month, so you can bath or shower with either one of that month’s exclusive fragrances or select a ‘mixed’ box

You will, if you decide to soapscribe to Bubble T, be offered a choice of Vanilla Chai Tea and Coconut (Sweet) OR Avocado & Kiwi and Pink Lemonade (Fruity) for your FREE trial box. You will then be asked to select your choices for your full-sized box. At time of writing the choices for February’s box are either 2 x 200ml Strawberry Macaroon (yum, yum!) OR 2 x 200ml Rhubarb & Custard (also sounds scrummy) OR you can (as I have this month, because I couldn’t favour one ‘flavour’) opt for the Mixed Fragrance Box, so I’ll receive 1 x 200ml of each in my February box – can’t wait!

Once you have selected your choices for your trial and full size box, you will be asked a few questions about your bath and shower habits and how many people use your bathroom. Your answers to these quick questions will determine how many shower gels you’ll receive and how often. A box of two shower and bath gels, delivered each month is £4.99 (with post and packaging the grand total is £6.99). You can also add extras to your box, such as a Bath bomb, Lolly fizzes and/or Bath Salts. I am still using up an array of bath & shower oils, bombs etc., that I received for Christmas, so I haven’t added any extra products to my monthly boxes as yet.

January's Soapscription Box from Bubble T
Fabulous ‘flavours’

In January’s Bubble T Soapscription Box I opted for Blueberry & Lime and Pomegrante & Green Tea. I was super pleased with my choices. Up to now I have only chosen mixed boxes for my Soapscription, because variety is the scent of life, right? However, I do think having that “either fragrance or combo of both” is a great idea as, because if you know for sure you don’t like a specific scent, you can opt for two of the one you do like – no dramas! If, however, you want to spice up your bath and/or shower with a little variety, then you can!

The Pomegrante and Green Tea fragrance is clean, fruity and uplifting, and I do love it, but the winner from the January Soapscrition box was, without doubt, the blueberry and lime. It smells like a summer cocktail, the lime gives the gel a wonderful and fresh citrus scent, which is very pleasant, and to this pleasure party the blueberry adds another dimension – one of sweetness. Both of these gels left my skin feeling silky, lightly fragranced, super clean and I enjoyed using all the gels I’ve received so far.

The gels foam and bubble up nicely during use, and the fragrance that wafts around you as you use them makes either a bath or shower a more pleasant, aromatheraputic experience and depending on the scent will either uplift you or make you feel relaxed. I’ve used the gels in both the bath and shower, with just my hands, a flannel, a bath scrunchie, a sponge and with an ‘electronic’ body brush (As part of my Body Care Routine) The gels worked and performed well with all these methods; I got the best bubbles with the scrunchie and sponge, but felt the cleanest by combining the gel with body brush. Whatever method I used the fragrance on my skin was ‘light but noticable’ and in all these scenarios my skin felt soft and smooth afterwards, AND, of course, clean!

Would I recommend Bubble T Soapscription?

Would I recommend Bubble T Soapscription – is it worth the money?

The short answer is YES! The reasons behind my short & positive recommendation are as follows.

  • Exploring new fragrances of bath and shower gels every month is FUN!
  • The fact that those fragrances are exclusive to Soapscription makes it greater!
  • Bubble T’s gel formula is a lush, cleansing, pleasant one
  • Given the formula, the cleansing properties and fragrances, Soapscription is good value for money
  • Soapscription is convenient, no more running out of shower or bath gel

You can cancel at any time via email (although I doubt you’ll want to cancel). However, if you cancel before receiving your first full sized box you will not receive your FREE trial box.

Now you have all the facts, my honest opinions and review of Soapscription, I’d love to know what you think? Is this a box you’d be interested in? Have you already subscribed or tried Bubble T products? Do you know of other ‘essentials’ style boxes, I’m always on the look out for new boxes to try out. Let me know your thoughts in the comments here or get chatty with me on Social Media (the links are down below).

As always, thanks for reading see you next time, until then, take care.

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The Links You Need…

Non-Subscription Beauty Boxes: A new trend?

Find out what was included in January’s Next Beauty Box – worth the money?

Explore a range of non-subscription beauty boxes from Latest In Beauty, Feel Unique, Asos and Cult Beauty, plus my get my take on each one

And go Behind the ‘trend’ – to uncover why non-subscription boxes are becoming popular

Hey, hi and hello, hope you’re ok. If you’re new here, welcome to Entirely Beauty, if you’ve been here before – thanks for coming back. The idea for today’s blog came about after I bought a Beauty Box from Next. Unfortunately, the box sold out before I had chance to write a review, so I had a rethink and decided to share the contents of, & info about, the Next Beauty Box anyway, but look at some other non-subscription beauty boxes that might interest you too. I am also going to take you on a journey behind this relatively new trend to uncover why non-subscription beauty boxes are becoming increasingly popular.

How I discovered Non Subscription Beauty Boxes

I recently kicked two of my Beauty Subscription Boxes to the kerb, not because I didn’t like them or had issues with the companies, NO, I cancelled my subscriptions because my beauty buys have to stay within my beauty budget, AND, I wanted to explore what other boxes were available, experience something new and, obvs, share my views and thoughts with you. As I’d been receiving Look Fantastic and The Vegan Kind the longest I’ve bid them a fond farewell (for now). My subscriptions to Roccabox and FabFitFun will remain ‘live’ for the foreseeable future. If you read my Spotlight on Subscription Boxes series (click the links above) you’ll realise I do love a good subscription box.

I was aware of a couple of Non-Subscription beauty ‘boxes’ already (Non Sub Beauty Boxes come in various guises, as you will see, but for ease of reference here I call them all ‘boxes’.) I’ve already bought and tried two of the Look Fantastic ‘Discovery Bags’ (see my Look Fantastic Mini Haul blog for more details of these Non-Sub Beauty Boxes) so I won’t be featuring them here. However, when I began searching for new Beauty Subscription Boxes, I found some Non-Sub boxes that were new to me, some that are new to the beauty companies now offering them and, along with those I already knew about, it became apparent that Non Sub Boxes are a new and burgeoning trend as more of them are becoming available. To begin to understand why non-sub beauty boxes are on the up, let’s unbox January’s edit of The Next Beauty Box

Next Please!

The Next Beauty Box - a non subscription box that appears on Next's Website - usually around the start of each month.
Dipping my toes in the Non-Sub Beauty Box Waters –
unfamiliar territory ahead!

I had known about The Next Beauty Box for a while, and had been keeping my eye on them for a few months, previous boxes just weren’t my jam. But, when I went to the Next website to check out January’s Box I was buzzing. This box contained something I wanted to test and review for my Gadgets, Gizmos, Blenders and Brushes Series here on Entirely Beauty. Whilst the other products were a bonus and will get used, I did buy the Next Beauty Box to save money on that one product!

What was in the Next January box…

  • Sarah Chapman (London) Skinesis: The Facialift (Full Size)
  • Oh K: Purifying Pink Clay Sheet Mask (Full Size)
  • Elizabeth Arden: Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules – Radiance Renewal Serum (Sample Size 7 Capsules)
  • Philip Kingsley: Elasticizer Therapies Balancing Rose & Lychee – Deep Conditioning Treatment (Delux Mini 40ml)
  • Dermalogica: Daily Microfoliant (Full Size)
  • Origins: High Potency Night-A-Mins Resurfacing Cream (Sample 15ml)
  • Glamglow: Supermud Clearing Treatment (Sample 7g)
  • Aveda: Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion (Delux Mini 40ml)
The Facialift was my inspo for buying January's Next Beauty Box!
As the box cost £15 and the coveted faciallift was included – snapping up the box was a no-brainer!

The Sarah Chapman Facialift is THAT product. I’d had my eye on this wanted to buy and test, but was a bit put off by the price, so this beauty gizmo was the thing that turned my head – I couldn’t resist buying the box and trying to ‘face tune’ in real life! Testing has begun so expect an Entirely Beauty in-depth, no holes barred, review pretty soon.

Oh, you can't beat K Beauty. Pink clay? Oh yes please!
Do you like a good face mask? If so, you’ll love this!

I’ve used a few Oh K masks, and they are more than OK, they really do have a positive impact on your skin, so I was stoked that this Oh K Pink Clay Mask was included in the box.

A 'new to me' product, I'm intrigued by these Elizabeth Arden Vit C Capsules
Elizabeth Arden is a brand I had heard of but not had the chance to try, until now

I do like it when a box introduces me to a product I haven’t previously tried. I’m familiar with Elizabeth Arden, obvs, but I (wrongly??) associate this brand with a more mature beauty addict, so I haven’t tried any EA products. This sample gives you a seven day trial of capsules, and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

There's a Fabulous range of hair care products by Philip Kingsley!
Philip Kingsley has never failed to impress, so I have high hopes for this!

A little Philip Kingsley goes a long way, so this delux sample will last for a few applications. I know and trust this brand so, yeah, happy to see it in The Next Beauty Box.

Looking forward to giving this Dermalogica a go as I've not tried any of their products before!
A Microfoliant from dermalogica

Another in the ‘Brands I’ve Heard About, But Am Yet To try’ category – glad to add Dermalogica to my collection!

Origins - I love your play on words - Night-A-Mins - good one!
Origin’s Resurfacing Cream – a new brand and product, that I’m excited to give a go!

Hadn’t previously heard of this brand, Origins – so that’s another new intro, thanks Next.

All the way from Hollywood, California - Glam Glow sounds like it could be right up my boulevard
Hooray for Hollywood! Glam Glow might not make me a star, but it’s
‘lights, camera, action’ and let’s see what makes the mud ‘Super’

A little sample is a good way of trying something new without dropping coins for a full size product you might not actually like. Can’t help wondering if Glam Glow will actually live up to it’s name!

Aveda is a well known brand, but I haven't encountered this particular product before.
A little something from Aveda – do you rate the hydrate?

I love anything that promises to hydrate my skin, so the Aveda lotion should prove to be a winner!

The Next Beauty Box – my initial thoughts, useful info & links to this month’s boxes.

I was very impressed with the contents of this box: clearly a skin care edit (which makes the hair product from Philip Kingsley a bit random, but hey ho!). There’s sufficient products and variety to introduce a new regime and test it for a week: at least, that’s where I’m going with it! The PK Conditioning Treatment aside, some real thought has gone into the selection of products for this box, but the cherry on this skinlicious non-sub box cake has to be The Facialift. What a saving!

To be honest the value of a box (sub or non sub) for me isn’t really about how much each item is worth, my main considerations are:

  • Have I previously thought about buying any of the products?
  • Will I actually use all, or most, of what’s in the box?
  • Is there a good selection in both products & sizes?
  • Are there any ‘New To Me’ products?
  • How much the box costs including any postage and packing?

That said, after receiving the box and during my research for this blog, I discovered what fantastic value for money The Next Beauty Box (Jan) actually was. Having independently price checked everything I can reveal the contents are worth a whoopin’, jaw-droppin’, £84.07. Impressive eh? Over £80 of products for £18.99 (inc., £3.99 postage and packing) IS great value and represents a ‘saving’ of £65.08!

The Next Beauty Box is very popular: The Jan box sold out – twice! (I managed to get it on the re-stock.) at time of writing the (Feb) Next Beauty Box – Male Grooming Edit, IS still available to buy, just click the above link. It costs £12 (+P&P) and would make a lovely and different Valentine’s gift. However, disappointingly but unsurprisingly, the Valentine’s Edit Beauty Box is out of stock. I’ve included the link anyway, just in case Next do a re-stock. With 15 fab products for £18 (+P&P) I have my fingers tightly crossed it will come back in stock as I really fancy this one too! What about you? Are you tempted by Next Beauty Boxes?

Do you want the Latest In Beauty?

Latest in Beauty is a sub box service but they also offer monthly Non Sub ‘Collections’ Beauty Boxes and, at the moment, both the 2020 Resolution Collection and The Holland and Barrett Vegan Edit Collection Boxes are available to buy. (Click the link for more info). I’ve previously tried a LIB Collection Beauty Box, last year (pre-blog) – it was the Sainsbury’s Awards one and I loved it. The products were great, a good range and I made use of them all. I do like the look of the H & B Vegan Collection, but it remains to be seen whether I give into temptation!

The H&B box costs £30 for 19 products, all of them vegan and 11 are full size, which is quite impressive. According to the LiB website their first ever totally vegan beauty box is worth £120, and as it includes skincare, hair care, body care and even oral health care, this box could best be summed up as a wellness box – there are no makeup products in this one.

If you want to invest in yourself at a cost of £28 for a non-sub box of ‘right choice’ products worth £152 (according to LiB) then the Beauty Resolutions 2020 might be the one for you? There are 14 products in this Collections edit and seven of them are full size. With indulgences from Top Brands such as Kiehls, Patchology, Murad, Ashanti & Feather and Down, to name drop a few, this box will leave you feeling pampered and pretty.

The postage and packing on the collections is Free (Standard Delivery) and they do usually represent good value so it’s definitely worth checking their website regularly to see if any NEW non-sub beauty boxes have been added. If you try (or have already bought a Collection from LiB) please let me (and everyone else) know what you think/thought of your box in the comments below.

ASOS (Feb) The Date Night (Non-Sub) Beauty Box

ASOS do a monthly Non Subscription Beauty Box which vary in cost from around £12 up to £18 for Collab boxes.
The ASOS Beauty Box – 5 items £15

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this month’s ASOS Non-Sub Beauty Box has a Date Night theme, contains 5 products (various sizes) including make up, a face mask and a hair mask – all of which will cost you £15 (+P & P). I have been checking out these boxes for a couple of months (they usually appear at the beginning of each month) but I’ve yet to spot one that really appeals to me. If the Date Night tickles your beauty pickle though, you can get all the relevant info on the ASOS website.

A word about postage on this one: If you spend over £30 on ASOS postage is FREE, if all you want is the box standard delivery is £4, but if you order from ASOS on the regular or think the beauty box is something you might indulge in each month there is an option to purchase Premium Postage for £9.99 for a whole year and this entitles you to ‘Free’ next day delivery on all your orders and/or specified delivery. Specified delivery is a great option if you work as you can have your box, or other parcels delivered on a day/time to suit you.

I will continue to keep checking out these boxes, I know they did collabs with Pixie and Revolution previously, both of which I would’ve bought, but these collabs happened before I knew about their non-sub boxes. Typical eh?

We all want to Feel Unique!

This is a NEW non-sub service offered by Feel Unique and as well as your 'picks' you'll receive a smart beauty pouch too.
The NEW kit on the block

Arguably one of the best ways to find out if you like products, or if they work for you is to get your hands on samples, minis and travel sizes and see how you get on. With this in mind Feel Unique have, no doubt spurred on by the popularity of their existing Pick and Mix Service, recently introduced their Non Sub Beauty Kit. For £12 (plus £3.95 p & p) you get to choose 5 samples (of various products in differing sizes) from the wide range available on the site. Your ‘picks’ will come to you in a smart, beauty pouch (included in the price) and the £3.95 postage is refunded by way of a voucher that you can use against future purchases. If you take the pouch as the sixth product, each item will cost you £2 – which is worth remembering when choosing your items.

Feel Unique's NEW Beauty Kit offers a great way to try lots of products to see if you like them and whether they perform.
A small selection of the wide range available

As you can see from the above photograph, the range of samples is varied and there are four or five pages of mini products for you to select your 5 choices from. I’m very interested in the Feel Unique Non-Sub Beauty Kit: I have seen a couple of favourable reviews and those who have purchased seem thrilled with what they picked. For a Beauty addict like me (and you too presumably, given that you’re here in my blogosphere) this does seem like a cost effective way of finding and trying new products. Of all the Non Subs I have discovered and detailed for you here, this is the one I am most likely to succumb to.

Cult Beauty’s NEW Starter Kit

6 Cult products for £30 with the Cult Beauty Starter Kit.
Another NEW Non Sub Beauty Box

Again, I’m tempted by this: the force is strong with that Huda Beauty Palette! There is a good range of products in this box, which has been curated to introduce you to some of the brands in the Cult Beauty stable. There is a nice mix of skin care and makeup, in both full and mini/travel sizes, it costs £30 and you get 6 products for your coin.

This is a relatively new addition to the Cult Beauty Range, and judging by the enthusiastic welcome it has received so far, it’s gaining in popularity and given the contents of the Cult Beauty Starter Kit, that’s hardly surprising. (Have ya seen that Huda Palette??)

Aside from THAT palette, there’s products from Cult brands such as The Ordinary and Nars (as I said, very tempting!) and according to Cult Beauty the six products in the Starter Kit are valued at over £79, which represents a huge £40 saving on the products that are included in the box. I really hope Cult Beauty curate other ‘Starter Kits’ because whilst I do think it’s a bit pricey (Compared to the Next Beauty Box which gives a comparable monetary value for half the actual cost) I think, given the premium nature of the products, different Starter Kits would prove popular, especially with those who want to try the Cult type products that would be included.

What’s behind the trend?

  • We all know a commitment-phobe right? Some people just dont want to be locked into a subscription box
  • Non Sub Boxes are great if you prefer to know what you are getting for your coin
  • Not being tied in to a subscription means you can try a wider variety of differing boxes over a few months rather than experiencing just one box
  • Non Sub Boxes are a great and less expensive way to try higher end products
  • As the boxes are one-offs, often limited editions, the companies offering non sub boxes seem to have more pulling power with beauty companies – judging by the contents of the boxes included in this over view.
  • Because they are curated to promote the companies who offer these boxes and ultimately aim to draw you in to buy full size or repurchases from the companies too (ie loyalty building) they do tend to be higher in value than the subscription boxes.
  • Subscription Boxes are already very popular, undoubtedly the Non Subs are trying to cash in on this popularity too

Given the above points it is easy to see why new non sub boxes are popping up on the regular, whilst it’s been a hot minute since a new subscription box came to light. I think us beauty addicts can only benefit from the variety and value of non-sub beauty boxes, so I personally hope they increase in number, value and variety.

Well, that’s it from me. Thanks as always for reading, it means a lot, hope you enjoyed this blog, if you did please smash the like button and subscribe so you don’t miss any future blogs. Until next time, take care

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Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers: First Impressions

Aldi Budget Beauty Range

Dupes for Sand & Sky, Rodial, Liz Earle and REN?

Pink Clay, Vitamin C, Original and Rose Cleanser Pack

Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers 4 x 75ml pack for only £7.99
Aldi keep coming up with the goods!

Hey and hello, hope you’re feeling good: if you’re new here welcome to my blog, if you’ve been here before – thanks for coming back. In a previous blog – Who Made Me Buy What – I explained how one of my fave Tubers, Donna Tries, ‘convinced’ me to buy the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser Pack from Aldi. Now I’ve had time to try out each of the four of the cleansers (more than once) I’m going to share my first impressions of these products: To find out exactly what I make of the budget beauty cleansers, how they perform, whether the cleansers might be something you’d benefit from and some tips on using them, read on.

How To Use Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers

  • Apply a small amount to DRY skin and massage onto both face and neck using circular motions
  • Wet the muslin cloth hand-held water, wring and apply the now damp, warm cloth over your face (to open the pores)
  • Gently ‘polish’ off the cleanser using the cloth
  • Rinse the cloth during cleansing
  • Splash cool water onto your face to close the pores
  • Pat your face dry with a towel
  • Finally, rinse/wash the cloth and allow to dry naturally

All four Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers are used in the same way but each benefits your skin differently. The cleansers are suitable for ALL skin types (including sensitive), are vegetarian and vegan friendly and also carry the leaping bunny logo. Each Cleanser in this gift set is 75ml, which means you’re getting 300ml of product, in total. At just £7.99 for the set of four (plus the cloth), that’s less than £2 per cleanser! For more product info and/or to buy the cleansers go to Aldi On Line.

About Aldi and Lacura

If you’re not familiar with Aldi, they are a supermarket chain who have over 10,000 stores worldwide, including the UK, Europe and the US, and are known for their general affordability. Aldi are also something of a hot topic in the beauty community due to their inexpensive Lacura beauty range which includes skin care, body care, hair care and makeup. Lacura beauty products consists almost entirely of unmistakable, and cheeky, dupes of other well known beauty products and brands. You Magazine produced a great article detailing some of the Lacura Beauty Products and what each is a dupe for, if you want to be in the KNOW, the article is well worth reading!

Back to the cleansers …

Each of these Lacura cleansers needs to be explored individually because of the differing ingredients, what each claims to do and how they make your skin feel. What’s more, as each of the Lacura Cleansers is a dupe of other higher priced, popular cleansers from a range of well known brands, knowing what each is a dupe for, gives an insight as to what you can expect and the opportunity for price comparisons.

Lacura ORIGINAL Hot Cloth Cleanser

Very similar ingredients to The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser but a fraction of the price!
A Liz Earle Dupe?

Let’s start with the Lacura Original. This may be so called because it’s a dupe of the ‘original’ Hot Cloth Cleanser by Liz Earle. Lacura’s Original even has the same coloured text as the Liz Earle packaging,shares many of the same ingredients & the directions are very similar too. However, 100ml of the Liz Earle Cleanser (with two cotton cloths) retails for £17.00 so the saving is huge.

The Lacura Original Cleanser contains cocoa butter, eucalyptus oil, chamomile, rosemary and white tea, and claims to gently cleanse and exfoliate (or ‘polish’) your skin to leave it smooth and soft. It definitely has a refreshing smell, mainly of eucalyptus, and feels good on the skin. The cleanser is quite thick in consistency, very creamy and easily removes both makeup and cleanses away the your day or night. My skin WAS noticeably softer and smoother after use, and I liked the fresh and revived feeling it gave.

Lacura Pink Clay is very similar to the higher end, A-beauty brand's original by Sand and Sky
What ‘A-beauty’ Started , Lacura Continues

Undoubtedly a dupe for Sand and Sky’s Austrailian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliator, Lacura’s Pink Clay Hot Cloth Cleanser claims to reveal naturally healthy looking skin, claims shared by Sand and Sky’s original Pink Clay cleanser. Again the ingredients list for both products are so similar they could be ‘twins’ and the text colour on the Lacura product cheekily mimicks the colour its Australian inspiration’s packaging. The Sand and Sky original retails for around £35, so again there’s a massive difference in price point between the products.

Added to Lacura’s mainstay ingredient of cocoa butter are kakadu plum, bamboo, macadamia, mangosteen and Pomegrante and, of course, pink clay. The resulting light pink coloured cleanser has a pleasant, clean smell and feels good on the skin, it removed all my makeup at night, woke my skin up in the morning and left my face and neck feeling loved and cared for, super smooth, soft and, yes, it looked healthier too.

Lacura's fruity smelling Vit C cleanser is comparable to Rodial Vit C brightening cleanser.
The brightening benefits of Vit C have been raved about by skin care lovers and brands alike.

There are various Vit C cleansers available from the higher end Rodial Cleanser (£39) to a drug store version by Superdrug (£4.99) and again they and the Lacura Vitamin C Cleanser have many ingredients in common, share similar product claims and, colour co-ordinating packaging. Lacura wins out again on price though, and then some.

My favourite thing about the Lacura Vit C cleanser is the fragrance, which, whilst not being overpowering, is decidedly citrus – think top notes of grapefruit and base notes of oranges – and I love it! This rich cleansing cream cleanses and exfoliate to leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed. Not quite as softening and smoothing as it’s ‘original’ and ‘Pink Clay’ sisters, but a real pleasure to use, lovely scent and a great product!

The Lacura Rose Hot Cloth Cleanser is similar to one that REN skincare off but at a fraction of the cost

And last but not least we have the Rose hot cloth Cleanser from Lacura, which claims to clarify and purify your skin, and bears an uncanny resemblance to the ingredients and claims of REN’s Rose Cleanser which retails for around £15. I’m not a huge fan of rose fragrances, this one is not unpleasant, but for this reason this Lacura cleanser is my least favourite of the four.

That said, it feels nice on the skin, is gentle and yet still manages to remove all traces of make-up to leave the skin feeling very soft, smooth, clarified and generally feeling great. I used it both morning and night and it seems to be very calming on the skin too.

Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers Hot Tips:

  • Assess your skin before use and decide what ‘finish’ you want or what your skin looks like it needs to get the most from each cleanser’s ingredients
  • I found that the Lacura Original Hot Cloth Cleanser provided a good soothing, after ‘treatment’ following dermaplaning
  • Applied more thickly to cleansed skin, each of the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers double up as great face masks! Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes then remove with your hot cloth as normal.
  • I also discovered, that the cleansers can be used as hand masks as part of your manicure routine. Simply apply a small amount and rub into your hands, using circular motions, then pop on some latex gloves and then either place your gloved hands into two warm and damp mitts ( I used inexpensive tanning mitts) or wrap in warm, damp face cloths (It’s easier to do one hand at a time, unless you have a friend to help you put the mitts on or do the wrapping). Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse under running warm water. Follow with your favourite hand cream for super clean, super soft, hands.
  • Much of Lacura’s beauty range appear as special buys so it’s worth checking either in store or on line regularly so you don’t miss out.
  • Alternatively download the Aldi App and get the inside scope of up coming special beauty buys!

So, there you have it four great alternatives to much more costly Hot Cloth Cleansers, that do, in my opinion, as good a job, if not a better one, than the products each is a dupe for. I hope you’ve found this useful and have enjoyed your visit to my blogosphere – if so please share wi5h your beauty fam n friends! Thanks, as always, for reading; as I post blogs every other day, I’ll be back again on Friday with another Entirely Beautiful Blog for you. In the meantime take care.

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Special thanks to Donna Tries who’s fabulous review made me buy the cleansers and, therfore, inspired this blog. If you haven’t already done so, check out Donna’s YouTube Channel, show her some thumbs up love and say hi from me while you’re there! Thank you Donna.

The Bad and The Boring: A Beauty Tag

10 Beauty Tag Questions and Answers

Tags to a few beauty bloggers whose answers I’d love to read!

Link to another Beauty Tag and My Answers

Hey and hello, how are you today? I thought, with it being Monday (and Mondays can, and often do, SUCK!) that we might all benefit from a light hearted, cheer us up, tongue firmly in cheek – Beauty Tag Blog. I wasn’t tagged, but the invitation was right there, at the end of The Newbury Girl’s Blog and, me being me, I couldn’t resist! I hope you enjoy my answers, I appologise right now if I inadvertently diss one (or more) of your favourite (or worse still, Holy Grail) products. Please don’t take it to heart – we are all different & have varied opinions on products. But, that’s what makes these Beauty Tag Blogs (and Beauty Tag Videos) fun & entertaining, no two bloggers or tubers will give the same responses, we each have our likes, and in this case, dislikes.

Many THANKS to The Newbury Girl -the lovely blogger who brought this tag to my attention, I really enjoyed reading her answers and if you’d like to read The Newbury Girl’s answers too, simply click the above link. Right, lets get into it, shall we?

1 A foundation finish you don’t like?

I don’t like the sublime or the ridiculous! A very matte foundation can be very unforgiving and feels like it is sucking the moisture right out of my skin (YUK). At the other end of the scale some supposedly ‘dewy’ foundations can be too ‘wet’ and feel as though it’s sliding in a southerly direction. Give me some good, solid middle ground and I’m happy!

2  The worst mascara you have ever tried? 

Seriously Bad

Without doubt – Kevyn Aucoin’s Expert Lash (there’s a misnomer, if I ever saw one)gets the award for the worst mascara I have ever tried! I was so disappointed -given the name, the brand & the hype, I expected it to give me lush lashes, but the formula was awful and what is with that weird wand?? (Check out a previous review of various Kevyn Aucoin products HERE)

3 One thing you tried once and then thrown away? 

A Younique Lip BonBon ; if you’re not familiar (lucky you) this is a kind of lip balm with a tint. Firstly, it smelt really weird, a vom-inducing-kinda-solidified-grease smell. Secondly, tint my ass, it was way too gaudy for a balm and last (but not sodding least) I 👉 stupidly 👈 parted with £19 to discover this products’ abundantly bad qualities. Yay me!!! (Not that I’m bitter 😉)

4 The most boring eyeshadow palette you own? 

‘Boring’ and ‘eyeshadow palette’ are not words I’m used to seeing/hearing/reading in the same sentence – is there such a thing as a boring eyeshadow palette???? This is a trick question, right? 😁 Next!

5  A makeup trend you think is boring and want to go away? 

I’ll be there for you

Not a makeup trend as such, but a trend among those who use makeup professionally. There seems to be an increasing trend in the beauty community for drama. The whole James Charles/Tati thing last year, aka Dramageddon, baked my noodle. (See My Hot Take on Mr Charles) The latest ‘carry on’ between Tina and Marlena is now churning ma butter!

Gurus, Tubers, Influencers lend me your ears! Drama for dramas’ sake is BORING, Makeup should be FUN! Can we have more OG fun content & less drama please?

6 The worst liquid lipstick you have tried?

Out of sheer curiosity I ordered a set of four, mini ‘Huda Beauty’ liquid lipsticks from Amazon for the bargain price of £4.99! (Yeah, I know, as if, right). Obvs they were rip offs (how do they get away with that?) but I wanted to try them. Man, they were dryer than a desert, but they did have staying power. Lesson learnt – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!

7  What color do you think is the most boring one? 

I’m not a fan of black, I wouldn’t say it’s boring but it’s just not my jam makeup wise. I don’t mind it for tight lining, water line or mascara, but other than that I tend to steer clear.

8 What brand do you think is coming out with the most boring things? 

Don’t you think a lot of brands have boring releases from time to time? Arguably it’s down to ‘duping’. A high end brand releases, say, a palette and suddenly everyone jumps on the dupe band wagon. Then the makeup counters & websites, regardless of brand, start to all look the same. We need more originality in new releases, in both packaging and product.

9  Which step in your makeup routine is the most boring one? 

Wow, that’s a toughie cos I genuinely love EVERYTHING about makeup. I guess, if I have to narrow it down, I would say my brows, only because I’m not good at brows, I struggle to get them ‘on point’ & feel like I have yet to master that step.

10 If you had to choose between: – A good base and a bad eye look or – A bad base and good eye look which one would you chose? 

Definitely a good base & a bad eye look, cos if anyone asked me what was going on with my eye look I’d simply tell ’em that it’s the latest trend, and that they need to perfect the look as everyone who’s anyone will be wearing this kinda look soon! Said with an air of confidence I reckon I’d get away with that.

So, there you go, that’s my version of this tag done. Again, a huge thank you to The Newbury Girl for sharing her answers to this tag, I’ve enjoyed answering the questions. If anyone wants to have a go at this tag, feel free, the more the merrier. I nominate the following bloggers (and recommend you having a look at their blogs too 👍)

TAG – YOU’RE IT 😁 Enjoy, lovely ladies 😘

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of your Monday evening, I’ll be back here Wednesday (5.30pm GMT) with another blog – till then take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

Easy, Moisturising, Body Care Routine: Taking Moisture to the Max!

Body Moisturising FAQs Answered How to help your body stay hydrated Simple 8 Step Body Care Routine Addressing your skin’s needs PLUS – ‘Moisture to the Max’ hints and tips

Hey, hello and welcome, hope you’re having a sassy Saturday! Let’s get personal – how’s your skin doing? Not so good? Don’t worry, you’re not alone; most of us need a little extra help when it comes to keeping our bodies moisturised, especially at this time of year. The weather is colder and unforgiving. The central heating provides much needed warmth but unwanted dryness. And it’s just too easy to forget to give your skin some ‘moisture love’ when your body is covered up a lot of the time to protect you from the elements. If your skin is having a mid-winter crisis, or you just want to try a different moisturising body care routine, you’ve dropped into the right blog!

Moisturise  your body from head to toe - your skin will thank you!
Moisturise and glow!

Wanna FACE time?

In November last year I published my easy ‘at home’ 10 step facial: I’ll link to this (and include other useful links) at the end of this blog. If you check it out, you’ll be able to combine the two, tried & tested routines, and ensure your body is moisturised to the max from head to toe!

👉 Before slapping on the lotion, here’s an important notion! 👈

Take some time to assess your body’s needs, then you can adapt the Body Care Routine below to meet YOUR body’s requirements. The two important factors you’ll need to consider, that’ll help you get the most from the routine, are:

  • Knowing your skin type: If you don’t know or want to check – take this Quick Quiz or use the links below. Remember, your face and body skin types can differ, and you need to know your BODY skin type for this routine.
  • Using products that solve any skin issues YOU have: The products I’ve featured in my Body Care Routine resolve MY skin issues. YOU need products that will work for you, so switch up products for each step as necessary.

OK, you know your body’s skin type and what it needs, but you might still be wondering if/why you need a Moisturising Body Care Routine. To help you decide if you want to invest the time and get yourself some YOU-specific products, here’s some ‘positives’ (there aren’t any negatives 😁) that might persuade you to give my Moisturising Body Care Routine a go.

The FIVE Body Moisturising 'Super Powers' - make for positive changes!
Amp up the positives – your skin deserves it!

The Five Body Moisturising Positives

  1. A moisturising body routine will help slow down the signs of aging
  2. Moisturising your body protects the skin from the damaging effects of pollution and the weather. As a bonus, if you choose a moisturizer with SPF that’ll safeguard your skin from sun damage too.
  3. For all the dry skin types, body moisturising not only helps to prevent dry skin, but can offer relief.
  4. For those with sensitive skin moisturising offers protection and reduces the risk of irritation too.
  5. Because my moisturising body care routine will help to keep the body’s natural moisture and oils ‘locked in’, your skin will become, softer, smoother and silky to the touch.

In case you’re still procrastinating (??!!🤔!!??), in a recent interterview (Good Housekeeping Magazine 2019) about the benefits of using body products Paula Begoun (American Author, Talk Radio Host & Founder of the beauty brand ‘Paula Choice’) had this to say:

“Having beautiful skin from the neck down requires using well formulated body care products loaded with beneficial ingredients … if you don’t take steps to protect it and help (your skin) repair itself from the assault of sun damage, pollution and certain skin disorders … they will all take their toll.”

My Eight Step ~ ‘Moisture to the Max’ ~ Body Care Routine

Warnings, Precautions & Good Practice:

  • Always do a patch test before using any new products
  • In-shower and in-bath products can make surfaces slippery
  • Hot water can be drying so keep the temperature of the water ‘comfortable’
  • Allow each product to be absorbed, or to dry, before moving on to the next step.

The Prep Step: Dry Brushing Your Body

Dry brushing your body for just a couple of minutes, will slough the dead skin cells and ‘prime’ your skin ready to drink in the moisture you’re about to give it. Dry brushing not only helps to soften and tone your skin, but your body will deal with any toxins more efficiently, it’ll reduce water retention, help correct cellulite and promote your lymph. All of these benefits clearly justify this prep step. I use my Visage Facial Cleanser with the body brush attatchment, but I have used a ‘manual’ body brush too! Either will get the job done and leave your skin prepped and ready for the routine.

Oil and water DO mix and a few drops of Bath and Shower Oil moisturises and softens the skin.
Oil Can Help

Step One: Start as you mean to go on

Either run a warm bath and add your favourite Bath and Shower Oil to the water or, in the shower, massage the oil directly onto your skin and rinse. Recently I have been using Moroccan Romance from Avon’s Planet Spa Range – I love it’s light fragrance and how lush it feels on the skin.

A dream clean is great for prepping your body for moisture!
Give yourself the brush off and say taa-tar to those dead skin cells

Step Two: Cleanse, Exfoliate and Invigorate

Time to grab your beloved bath and shower gel, a brush (bath scrunchy or loofah) and lather up! Do this gently (Obvs! You’re cleaning and smoothing your skin. You are not a burnt saucepan, no need for the Brillo Pad approach!). Luxuriate in the lather, let the scent soothe you and say bye bye to any remaining dead cells. (May they rest in peace). As I recently subbed to, and am testing, Bubble T’s Soapscription, I’m currently utilising their Bath and Shower Gels for this step, (Review coming soon!) together with the Body Brush attachment that came with my Visage Facial Cleanser. But you can switch up the products and method in this step to suit you and your skin by using what you have and/or prefer.

The Livivo Mulit Attachment Cleanser

Step Three: Make like Mumble and get Happy Feet

It’s never too soon to start getting your tootsies ready for summer. My Livivo multi-head cleanser came with a pumice attachment, so I use this with a little bath and shower gel, to help rid my feet of any hard or flakey skin, and make them smoother. It also preps the feet for Steps Four and Eight and ensures that when the flip-flop and strappy sandal weather returns your feet’ll be looking beautiful. If you want a (much) cheaper, manual alternative to the Livivo, Primark sell a multi-surface pedicure tool for just a pound!

A sugar, body scrub makes for a great foot scrub too!

Step Four: Foot Massage and Polish

If you follow my beauty blog, you’ll know that I often use products for things other than their intended use, because I like to experiment and get ‘extra benefits’ from the stuff I buy. This step is an example of that, although not a ground-breaking move, it’s a good one! After dead-skinning my feet I like to massage them, to relax and improve circulation, with a body scrub! At the moment I’m working my way through a huge tub of Vanilla & Brown Sugar Scrub from Primark, because it smells so tasty and does a cracking job of softening and polishing the feet. The sugar works as a great foot exfoliant, melting as it’s massaged in (use circular motions) and once these two steps are completed you WILL notice the difference it makes to your feet. Again use a Body scrub you know and love and/or invest in a proprietary foot scrub.

A fantastic and quick all over body moisturising spray oil just can't be beaten!
In the Spring and Summer amp up the body moisturising with a buildable, sun kissed glow!

Step Five: Spray on Moisture and Glow Up

Step Five differs according to season, but are both easy and simple to use AND deliver a great moisture boost. In Autumn/Winter, after getting out the bath/shower and patting my skin ‘dry’, I spray my still damp skin with SSS Original Body Oil from Avon. As the product soaks into your skin it locks in the addition moisture from your damp skin. I switched up to a spray oil because it’s a quick, access all areas, water lock-in, pleasantly perfumed and moisture boosting product and am loving the results. In Spring/Summer I switch over to the Enhance and Glow version, which not only moisturises but builds a sunless tan too. The Enhance and Glow is, however, applied to DRY skin and smoothed in with your hands (or tan mitt). As with all the other steps utilise a Body Oil you have or one that you would like to try – but do consider a spray as it makes the ‘application’ of moisture so effortless!

Word of warning DO NOT use either of these Avon Spray Oils after shaving – they’ll sting like a swarm of giant, angry wasps and could cause irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Specific Products to target YOUR specific concerns are a must in any good, moisturising Body Care Routine.

Step Six: Time for a Fix!

You know your skin type and those areas you are concerned about, it’s at this point in the Body Care Routine that you address these concerns. If you have cellulite, for example, invest in and use a targeted product for that as YOUR step six. Whatever YOUR problem area(s) is (are) there’s a variety of ‘products for purpose’ (from drug store to high end) for you to choose from. If you are already using a trusted and loved targeted product, continue to use it and implement during this step. If you have more than one problem or concern regarding your skin, use different, specially formulated products for each: just ensure you ‘apply and allow to dry’ before moving onto the next product/step. At the moment I am testing Mio Skin Tight – a body serum that promises to do what it says on the tin – ‘tone, smooth and tighten’ the skin. I’ll let you know the results in a couple of weeks.

It's worth finding a product that works wonders when it comes to this step, because it's the final moisture wrap for your body in this Body Care Routine
Wrap yourself up in a moisture duvet!

Step Seven: Moisture Heaven

Of all the steps, this one is my favourite, due (in no small part) to Rituals Cream On. I love this product and have been using it for a few months. It’s a rich, nourishing, body cream that I swear I can feel moisturising my skin both as I apply it and afterwards too. The fragrance is just heavenly, it absorbs easily, is non-greasy and works like a dream. As an added bonus it’s inexpensive and suitable for all skin types. Using this cream is like enveloping your whole body in a soft, comforting, freshly laundered duvet, and it leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft, smooth, moisturised, nourished and lightly fragranced. If you havent tried it I would highly recommend it, if, however, you already have a body moisturising cream that you are as crazy about as I am about Rituals, then stay with it cos Holy Grail products are insanely hard to find.

Start getting your feet 'beach ready' NOW - you'll thank me in summer - feet need moisture too!
Always read the instructions –
even if you don’t follow them!

Step Eight: The Grande Foot Finale

As I said earlier I do like to experiment with products and a few months back, having ran out of Foot Moisturiser (it was the start of winter boots and warm socks season so I forgot to re-purchase) I grabbed a tub of Soaper Duper’s ‘Very Dry Skin Formula Body Butter’ from my stash and thought, this might, given it’s formula work well on my feet. Long story short – it did and I have been using it ever since. I apply a fairly thick layer to the soles/heels and a lighter layer to the tops of my feet and my ankles. I give it a while to absorb (you could read another one of my blogs while you wait) and then put on a pair of comfy socks to prevent the butter getting on the carpet, etc, and aid absorption. Then simply leave ya socks on until all the butter has been thoroughly absorbed. The result – fragrant, fresh, soft and happy feet!

And finally


Top Tips For Helping Your Body To Stay Hydrated

  • Limit your bath/shower to a maximum of 15 minutes: Not only will this help your body to absorb the products you choose to moisturise with , but not languishing in a bath or shower for too long (however tempting it is) will also help safeguard against the loss of your body’s natural oils
  • Drink Plenty Of Water: Yes, I know it’s an obvious (and somewhat boring) tip, but drinking water will hydrate your body from the inside out!
  • Invest in a humidifier: Humidity will ‘assist’ your moisturising products to do their job AND, like drinking water, also helps retain your body’s natural moisture levels.

I hope you found all this useful and informative, and that, if you adopt my Body Care Routine you see (and feel) the benefits. Thanks, as always for reading, I do appreciate it, and look forward to hanging out with you again on Monday (5.30pm GMT) in the Blogosphere. If you enjoyed this blog please give it a thumbs up and, if you really want to make my day, subscribe and follow me. Until next time, take care.

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Testing Falsies – Which Nails NAILED it?

Hi, hey and hello! Hope you’re having a thoroughly fab Thursday – whatcha got planned for the weekend? I’ll be mostly dealing with domestics, spending time with the fam and having a good ‘un. And, speaking of ‘good uns’, over the last few months I’ve been trying and testing various, budget, FALSE NAILS. Today I’m going to reveal whether any of them ‘nailed it’, compare them in the wearability, comfort and value stakes, share the pros and cons and, of course, announce which of the budget falsies I tried came out on top. Enjoy!

Pre-Glued, Ready to Wear or Plain – which came out on top?

A trip to the salon to get yourself a gleaming set of Gels or Acrylics is an on-going and, therefore costly, investment of time and money. Maybe getting your nails done is your ‘you time’, and so, you’re happy to commit, afterall the results should be on point cos they’re professionals. Salon nails should last until infill time (approx 1 month) and, thanks to new innovations and techniques, even really close up, they look real.

But, what if you don’t want to commit? Maybe the ‘permanence’ of salon nails is not a practical or affordable option for you, but there are times when you want to glam up your hands; fortunately, there are alternatives and as I’ve road tested three of them for you, the results will, hopefully, help you decide if you want to give them a go and which of these alternative falsies will work for you and to make it even easier I’ll pop all the necessary links below. If you are a seasoned DIY falsie Queen or King, you might find the tips & thoughts, included for each category of nail I tested, useful.

A quick fix – did they stick around?

The Pre-Glued Press Ons: Intro, Pros, Cons, Tips and Thoughts

Pre-Glued Press On Nails are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours & designs so you should be able find a set that you like I picked up a set of press ons from B & M Bargains (a UK retail chain) and they cost £4. That coin got me 20 of each of the four different colours/finishes – that’s 80 Nails in total and at just 5p per nail, these are the most inexpensive of those I tested.


  • Uber affordable
  • Easy, quick, clean, fuss-free, no-skill-required application which makes them great for falsie first-timers or nails in a rush
  • Temporary – fab for special occasions & shorter wear times
  • Lightweight – the most comfortable falsies of those I road tested
  • True ‘Ready to Wear’ falsies – just open the pack and pop them on
  • Easy, pain free, no damage to your real nails, removal


  • Bit of a pain to store – they have to stay in their trays due to the glue, otherwise they WILL stick together
  • On (close) inspection their falsie-ness may be apparent
  • 4 days maximum wear time (Began losing nails seven hours after application)
  • Nail widths can be a bit random – but I did manage to find my fits
  • Some designs fade and/or chip


If you need to file the pre-glued nails do it AFTER you’ve applied them, and be very gently. If you file before sticking them on the false nail dust will get into the glue and they won’t adhere to your natural nails properly. Giving your natural nails a LIGHT file (on the surface of the nail) and brushing off the ‘dust’ will give your pre-glued falsies a better base to stick to. I like the pre-glued nails for the speed and ease of application, and, for a fast, passable ‘mani’ look for a night out, these are a good choice. Plus there was no damage to my natural nails from either the short-wear time or removing them , which is a bonus.

After testing, I would recommend these for newcomers to falsies, for last minute nights out & special occasions. I now keep a couple of sets of pre-glued falsies in my beauty stash for these ‘social emergencies’.

Good to go – good to stay?

The Ready to Wear, Glue Ons – Intro, Pros, Cons, Tips and Thoughts

There are various brands of Ready to Wear Glue On Nails available both on the High Street and Online and most are very affordable. I tried and tested Primark’s (UK retail chain) PS brand RTWs but I have used others too. The PS nails vary in price according to style and finish: the least expensive ones I tried were £1.50 (almost 6p per nail) whilst the most expensive were £3.50 (14p per nail) and a set of PS RTWs usually contains 24 nails. There’s a huge selection of nails available, so finding your faves and fits shouldn’t be too difficult.


  • Fairly easy to apply – but some skill is required
  • Very wide range of shapes, lengths, styles, designs and colours
  • Inexpensive – the more elaborate the more coin you’ll need
  • They have that ‘real’ look and if applied correctly they can easily pass for Salon talons!
  • Durable – they don’t tend to chip, fade or break
  • Longevity – usually stay put for 7-10 days, but can last much longer
  • Comfortable, medium weighted nails
  • Easy to file and cut, if necessary, either before (to assist fit) or after application
  • Glue is usually included


  • RTWs take longer to apply
  • Can be messy to apply (I’ve stuck my fingers togther, more than once, and glued nails to my makeup station/dining table too – so be careful).
  • Application requires some skill, but gets easier with practice
  • If the nails ‘ping off’ it can be painful!!!
  • Removal takes time and isn’t very kind to your natural nails as the acetone nail varnish remover needed is quite drying
  • The glue included can be a bit hit and miss
  • Because of the longevity, dirt can collect behind the tips, or, occasionally work its way between the falsies and your natural nail


As with pre-glued nails, give the glue something to hold on to by LIGHTLY filing the surface area of your natural nails. Take some time finding your fits, because once they’re on, they’ll be on for a while, so it’s worth taking your time at the application stage. Keep any spare RTWs, you can use them to create some very individual, extra looks by choosing different designs (of the same shape and length) and wearing them together. If you like a design but the nail is too long for you, you can cut them down (before application) to make the nails more practical. Cut the falsies at the BASE, using either nail clippers or specialised falsie cutters, file to smooth away any jagged edges, then apply as normal.

If your chosen falsies have embellishments (such as gems etc) you can reduce the likelihood of losing any decorative decals by applying a couple of THIN coats of either clear varnish or a good top coat over the entire falsies once they’re on and the glue has dried. Use the glue sparingly to reduce the chance of the falsies ‘lifting’ and I prefer, having experimented, to apply the glue to the falsie, then waiting about 30 seconds before applying the falsies to my own nail.

Overall, if you want staying power, to play and be a bit creative but have limited mani skills and/or just want to apply and go, RTWs are a great choice. These falsies give you some creative scope, together with convenience and provide a fab opportunity to build on your nail tech and creative skills. I love Primark’s PS range of falsies, given the value and choice, I dont think they can be beaten!

Plain sailing?

The Plain, Glue On False Nails – Intro, Pros, Cons, Tips and Thoughts

This type of full cover, Plain, Glue On False Nails are widely available, in stores and online, usually in packs of 100 or more. Different brands offer differing lengths, nail shapes and ‘colours’ although the contents of each pack will contain nails that are uniform. Colour wise the choices include ‘white’, ‘clear’ (ie completely see-through), ‘French’ (from full-on bright white tips to a less obvious and mimicking ‘real nail’ colour), ‘cream’ or ‘almond’ off white options, and some that are labled ‘natural’. Some are more curved (across the width and down the length) than others, my preference is a less curved width. Despite the variety and the brands’ ‘descriptive’ names I simply call them plain.

The prices of these packs, like the number of falsies included in the box, varies a lot! I’ve seen packs of 50 plain nails for 99p, but – to give you a better dea – packs of 100 decent, usable, plain nails cost anywhere between approximately £2 to over £20. When buying these I generally go mid-range price wise. The plain falsies I tested for this blog (pictured) cost me £7.99 for a pack of 100,(almost 8p per nail) including glue, are white and were ordered off the interwebs. With plain falsies it really is a case of ‘you pays your money and takes your choice’ as far as price goes, the colour and type you choose is, obvs, down to your personal preference.


  • Fairly easy to apply – some skills needed
  • More likely to find your exact fits due to the number and various sizes in the packs
  • Allows for creative and artistic freedom and experimentation
  • Utilise your faves from your nail varnish/polish collection
  • Embellishments can be added
  • Plain nails can be a stepping stone to ‘at home’ Gel and Acrylic Nails
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Widely available
  • They have durability and staying power
  • If the application and finish are good plain falsies can look like salon talons


  • Can be an expensive mistake if you buy a large quantity pack only to find you don’t like the style, shape, or length etc.
  • Extra steps are needed to complete the nails
  • Application/finishing can be time consuming, especially if you get all nail arty
  • Removal can take time too and the use of acetone may dry your natural nails
  • If one of your plains pings off it could be ouchy!


As with the other nails mentioned, file your natural nails for an improved glue base. Don’t be tempted to keep the full length if they are very long: I think super long nails look false, regardless of how good the application and paint job is – plus length is not only often impractical, but can cause stress and damage to your nail bed/natural nails. You can trim either the bottom ( to reduce length) or the top edge (to change the shape if you are more proficient) of plain nails. If you get bored with a particular style, but still have quite a few nails in your pack, ask another ‘nail queen or king’ friend if they want to swap? (You could also swap/borrow/nail varnishes with them to mix your looks up – without spending any coin). Alternatively purchase different styles of plains together (this often saves on postage and packing) so that you have different styles, colours and lengths, in your falsie stash to suit your mood.

With regard to finishes, you can go as crazy as your imagination allows. You can buy nail art kits or utilise other things for decorative purposes: news, tissue, tracing and other types of paper make for great mosaic nail designs. Re – use beads, jewels and chain links from broken jewelery to create nails that would give Jeffree Star a run for his money! Then there’s special effect polishes, stamps, transfers and if you are not sure how to use any of these nail art products, there’s loads of tutorials on YouTube to help you out. My advice is two-fold – 1. Experiment, play & try different things, and 2. Enjoy it & don’t give up if something doesn’t work, just keep playing.

Final thoughts and revealing which nails I prefer and would recommend

I’m not one for sitting on the fence, but . . . I think there’s a place for all of these nails in your stash if, like me, you don’t want wear falsies all the time. Also if you have the kind of job or lifestyle where falsies are not a practical, full-time accessory then any of these nails are servicable, depending your nail skills level and how quickly you need to remove them – simply remember my pros, cons, tips and thoughts when deciding which ones to go for.

If, however, we were playing the ‘If I could only keep one’ tag in relation to false nails then I would, without hesitation, choose to keep Primark PS RTW Nails, cos I often suffer from artistic laziness, lack time to be creative and just love them as a value for money product, and would be happy to recommend them too.

I’m sorry there is no clear ‘winner’, too tough and close to call, but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I have writing this, and have found it useful.

As always, thanks for joining me on this slightly damp, cold Thursday evening, I really do appreciate it. I will be back on Saturday with, and at the risk of sounding like the intro to Monty Python, “something completely different” – My Easy Everyday Body Care Routine. It’d be great if you were here too, in the blogosphere, at, shall we say 3.30pm?Oooh and it’s payday tomorrow, so you can expect a bit of a haul in the quite close future. Until next time, take care

💋Entirely Beauty💋

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EB Spills The Tea!

Hey, how are you? Ready for me to spill a little ‘Treat on Tuesday’ tea? I enjoyed my week off, but happily returned the ‘Dolly Partons’ (working nine to five) yesterday. As I’m back, and balancing the blogosphere, the nine to five and pushing the envelope marked ‘time management’, this blog will be shorter than the last (almost encyclopedic, Fab Fit Fun Facts) but I’m sure you’ll find it beau-TEA-fully useful!

It’s no storm in a TEA cup!

OK, let’s get to the TEA. So, when I get home, after a hard day of earning my beauty tokens, I reward myself with a nice relaxing bath. A candles lit, hair up, face mask on, watching the Tube or listening to some tunes or reading (sometimes a combo of the latter two), tea infused kinda bath. . . Wait . . . a what in the who now? Tea? A tea infused bath??? Tea . . .in the BATH! That can’t be a thing, can it? Oh yes it can (is it still panto season?). It can be a thing, it IS a thing and a very good and pleasurable thing it is too!

(I’d now like to appologise if you think my title is a little ‘click bait-ish’, or misleading, BUT, I AM ‘spilling the tea’, about tea, well, bath tea bags to be precise.) 😉

Tea bags? Bags of tea, for the BATH???

I’ve long believed that “everything is better with tea”. (Or wine or gin.) Does that (the tea thing) still hold true if a teabag is popped (along with running water, obvs) into your bath? My answer to that would have to be a resounding YEAH! I hadn’t heard of Bath Tea Bags until I got a box of them as a Christmas present, but, and in a relatively short space of time, the humble tea bag has now been heroised, placed on the bath treat pedestal and I can’t see it being ‘depedestalised’ for some time.

Not only do Bath Tea Bags come in a range of blended fragrances, but each offers a different, ‘aromatheraputic’ and ‘Zen like’ bathtime experience that can be matched to your needs, mood or simply your aroma preferences. In the Tea Party Bath Tea Bag Collection box I received there were five different, lavish, and gorgeously sented bath tea bags:

  • Mandarin, Bergamont and Orange Blossom – to uplift & energise
  • Raspberry Cream Tea – to warm and comfort
  • Rose, Geranium and Green Tea – for harmony and balance
  • Lemon, May Chang & Green Tea – to refresh and clarify
  • Lavender, Patchouli & White Tea – to relax and unwind

There are many other fragrances available, to give you some idea, these include Sea Spray, Driftwood & Silvertips | Lime, Himalyan Cedar Wood & Green Tea | Sandlewood & Earl Grey Tea | Marshmallow Rose, Mango & Green Tea |Clementine & Prosecco | Seaweed and many more. On the packaging you’ll find an explanation as to what kind of bath experience you can expect from each of the fragrances or blends, which makes deciding which to use a little easier. Along with the essential oils and salts in each bag (which soften both the skin and the bath water AND smell heavenly) are herbs, leaves and petals to compliment the scent of each bag.

If you want to give Bath Tea Bags a try for yourself, and I highly recommend them, the brand I tried (and love) are available either as a boxed set of five bags from Prezzy Box for £9.99 and/or individually from Funky Skincare for the less expensive price of £1.75 per bag. (Links below)

Gift and Storage Ideas

Boxed, the Bath Tea Bags make for a lovely and different gift, to give or keep, but if you purchase the individual bags you can curate your own collection. If you want to give some individual bags as a gift, or display them in your bathroom, they look lovely in a basket with some dried fruits and/or flowers. Or pop the bags inside a Tea Pot to store or gift them. A Tea Caddy or Cup and Saucer, to store/hold the Bath Tea Bags would also make for a lovely, fun gift.

A beautiful and different gift, for yourself or someone special

How to use your Bath Tea Bags

Bath Tea Bags are easy to use. JUST drop one bag into your bath whilst the water is running, the salts will melt into the water, the oils will infuse and release their fragrance, whilst the herbs, leaves and petals will further add to the scent and experience. Alternatively you can sprinkle the contents of the bag directly into the bath so that the herbs, leaves and petals float around you in the water, whilst you lie back, relax and enjoy the pleasant perfume. (Or in my case, giggle, the first time you do this cos you think you look like the main ingredient in a stock pot!!) Either way works equally well, but, you’ll have to clean the ‘bits’ out of your bath afterwards if you choose the second option.

I’ve also used the bags as room freshners – simply tie ribbon or rustic twine around the top, hang the bag up and enjoy a pleasantly scented room.

And on that fragrant note, and with a few ideas now hopefully floating in your head, I’m going to go and put the kettle on, all this tea-talk has made me thirsty.

As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot. If you try, or have already tried Bath Tea Bags please let me know what you think of them. I hope you found the gift & storage ideas I included useful – if you did, and would like to see some more similar hints and tips, drop a comment below or on my social media. Whatever you’re up to, have a lovely Tuesday evening and I’ll hopefully see you back here to hang out together in the blogosphere again on Thursday (5.30pm London Time). Until then, take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

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Spotlight on Beauty Subscription Boxes – Fab Fit Fun Facts and Winter Box

Hello there, how’s things with you today? Happy Sunday, I hope you are having a lush one. I have been squeezing the last few drops of my ‘off-work break’ out of today as I’m back tomorrow. I like to be a bit self indulgent on Sundays, so I’ve lavishly pampered with my 10 Step Facial (link below if you want that ‘at home’, ‘facial spa’ feeling too), caught up on some beauty vids, read a little, and, of course done a little writing.

The box designs are lovely and make for great storage!

Well . . . a lot of writing, actually! I have hand written notes from my research for this blog, and it may be a longish one as I’m going to include ALL THE INFO I wish I’d had before, when and since I signed up to FFF! BUT, I’ll include subject headings throughout so you can scroll and find any specific details you need and skip over stuff you already know. So although this blog is aimed at newcomers to FFF, (cos it’s a full on ‘everything you need to know’) you should still read this if you’re a member, because FFF can take a while to get to grips with. A lot of interwebs space is taken up with FFF unboxings (which I’m going to include here too), but there’s a distinct lack of blogs/reviews etc that actually give the ins and outs of all things FFF. So, my aim is to introduce FFF, simplify those important ‘ins and outs’, look at costs and savings, and help you get the most from your prospective or existing subscription!

Dollars to Pounds Conversions:

I have included these for ease of reference. Please note however, they are approximate conversions as exchange rates can and do vary/fluctuate.

What is Fab Fit Fun?

Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal (quarterly) subscription box that delivers a box of full-sized, on trend, premium, products to your door and costs $49.99 including shipping per box. (£38 – shipping costs are extra to the UK). Each box helps you discover new brands as it contains the very latest in skincare, makeup, home, fitness, wellness and fashion and the total value of each box is over $200 (£150), which represents quite a saving! FFF’s Headquarters are in LA, California in the US, its founders are Michael Broukhim, Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens (who is also the editor in chief of FabFitFun Magazine – which comes in each box) and Daniel Broukhim and the company has been operating since 2010. FFF began shipping to the UK in 2019, where it has proved very popular.

A good box?

The Unboxing: The products I received in my FFF Winter box

This was my second box from FFF: for my first box I ‘customised’ some of the items in my box, for my Winter box, as I was curious as to what I’d get, I ignored the customisation options, so the contents, featured below, were a complete surprise. I currently have a seasonal membership, and overall, I am impressed with both the boxes and the service I have received, to the extent that I am considering upgrading to Select Membership. Here’s what what was in my box. . .

I haven’t tried this yet; it’s made with lactose from goat’s milk, jojoba and avocado. This moisturising cream can be used am and pm. It claims to absorb easily into the skin to give the skin a healthy glow! I’ll be trying this soon, so expect a review when I have. RRP $65 (£49)

I have this lined up for a show down with another similar product, so watch this space. According to LashesMD our brows and lashes deserve some TLC and this product promises to deliver. The formulation rejuvenates and moisturises and the ingredients include amino acids, peptides and vitamins. RRP $69 (£52)

The gloves are off! Actually they should be ON as these Masque gloves have a special blend of plant extracts, shea butter and vitamin E which will instantly smooth, soften and wake up that skin you know “like the back of your hand”. You probably won’t recognise your own hands after using this lush, NailsInc Thirsty Hand duo, because they are super hydrating! RRP $16 (£12)

Prep Rally is a lightweight dectangler that is rich in biolin, vitamins B and C and seaberry oil all of which will help to protect hair from heat during styling and has the added benefit of leaving your locks feeling super soft and conditioned. RRP $23 (£17.50)

This is currently being rigorously tested along side other similar products by yours truly. Basically the Eraser is a large pink (lovely and soft) cloth that claims to remove every trace of make up, from waterproof mascara to bronzer using only water! It’s reusable, which makes this makeup remover Eco friendly too. RRP $20 (£15)

Unusually, as it’s not a beauty product, I think this is probably one of my fave items from the Winter box! I now use it to keep track of what I’m doing, write my to-do lists in it, make notes for my blogs and other things to keep me organised. A lovely design, a pleasure to use. It’s pretty and has both monthly and weekly views. RRP $27.95 (£21)

On to ‘my least liked, but I’ll still use it’, product from this box. There is nothing wrong with these lashes, in fact, they’re lovely, dramatic and provide length and volume for up to 25 uses. I’m just not very good with falsies! Maybe these ones will be easy to apply? (Glue included) RRP $32 (£24)

This is a great tool, I already have two by different brands, but welcomed this one. The Colour Switch Solo allows you to reduce the number of brushes you use during makeup application, as it instantly removes product from your brush – no water or liquids required – so you can switch between shades with ease. A straight forward, no nonsense brush cleaner, that every beauty addict needs! RRP $16.99 (£13)

I will use all these products, so, even though I didn’t customise and the items were all a surprise, this was still a good box for me. The value of my Winter Box totalled $270.89/£206.47, that’s way over the promised $200/£152, which makes me a very happy bunny!!!

The FabFitFun Facts

FFF Membership Explained

Now you know about FFF and have seen an example of the variety, quality and value of a box, you might want to become a member. (Links below) But first you’ll need to choose your subscription plan – there are three types of FFF membership and they are:

  • Seasonal Membership$49.99/£38 payable each season, which is every three months (ie FOUR times a year). As a seasonal member you get to customise or choose some of the products that you’ll recieve in your box, you can also utilise all the features on the FFF website (including the community pages, exclusive offers and FFF TV), PLUS you get access to Add-ons and Edit Sales. Within the states membership includes shipping, outside the US it does not. Shipping to the UK costs around £17 per box.
  • Select Membership – $179.99/£137 payable in full when you subscribe or upgrade from seasonal, this gives you the four seasonal boxes (a year’s worth) at a slightly reduced cost (compared to seasonal membership). Select members receive all the benefits of seasonal members but also get earlier customisation options and more of them, PLUS early access to both the Add-ons and Edit sales. All of these ‘Early Benefits’ means you are more likely going to get what you select. Your box is also prioritised and is shipped earlier than Seasonal Members’ boxes . Again the US costs include shipping, shipping elsewhere is not included in the membership fee.
  • Digital Membership – $79.99/£60 payable in full when you sign up and, whilst you do not receive a box with a digital subscription (unless you order and pay for one during the sales), you do get access to all the features on the FFFweb site, special offers, plus the Add-ons and Edit sales for a whole year. Obviously, shipping is payable and will be added to billing if you make any purchases.
The benefits & limitations of seasonal v select membership

NB: FFF do not charge cancellation fees – so you can cancel altogether, skip a box, or pause your subscription, at any time.

Your Bank may charge you for your purchases!

Additional Costs for UK Members

Aside from the extra cost for shipping, you may incur further charges from your bank for shopping outside the UK. These additional costs are in respect of Non GBP Purchase Fees AND Non GBP Transfer Fees. Not all banks charge these fees but the majority do, so I suggest asking your bank. These two fees are to cover the costs of the exchange rate adjustment and actually paying for your goods. The purchase fee is usually a flat rate charge (irrespective of your total purchase) and typically ranges from 50p to £1.25. The transaction fee will normally be between 2.75% and 2.99% of your TOTAL transaction, although rates may vary.

The REAL cost!

What my FFF subscription currently costs in pounds sterling:

To give you a better idea of the costs involved, here’s a breakdown. Please note this breakdown does not include Add-Ons.

  • Seasonal Membership £38.11
  • Shipping Costs £17.37
  • Purchase Fee (Bank) £00.50 Flat fee
  • Transfer Fee (Bank) £01.65 @ 2.99%
  • GRAND TOTAL £57.63

Given that my box value this time was £206.40 and despite the additional costs, I still ‘saved’ £148.77 off the products’ total RRPs.

The Add-Ons Explained . . .

The Add-on sales usually open a week or so before your billing date and offer you the chance to ADD bargain purchases to your box. There are lots (and lots and lots) of items available from all the FFF product categories and they are hugely discounted – often with 30% to 70% OFF the normal price. These hugely reduced bargains include past boxes, single items, bundles and *mystery bundles. Members receive emails notifying them of when the Add-ons ‘go live’, you then log into your account, browse and select your choices. No checkout is required at time of selection which means you can keep adding or removing products to/from your cart until the Add-Ons close. Once the sale has closed you will be billed for any add-ons in your cart and they will arrive with your seasonal box. There is only one restriction with regard to Add-Ons – members may buy a maximum of three of any one particular product. But, before you go crazy selecting Add-ons UK Members should remember that additional shipping may be payable and any purchases in the sales will increase your transaction total which means an increase in the Non GBP Transfer Fees. That said, given the amount you can save the additional costs are worth it!

*Mystery Bundles contain a surprise selection of goodies with a value of over £100!

The Edit Sales Explained . . .

Similar to Seasonal Add-ons Sales, Edit sales offers a range of products at discounted prices (30-70%) but the items you select usually ship within 2 weeks of successful billing, NOT with your seasonal box. This means you’ll have shipping costs to pay and UK customers will also have to pay purchase and transfer fees on Edit Sales purchases too. Members receive email notifications regarding the dates of Edit sales.

Get connected and stay ahead of the game!

FFF Social Media

As well as emails relating to Add-ons, Customisation, Edit Sales and Offers, FFF often post spoilers, alerts, sneak peaks, FFF News and other important information on their Social Media, so it’s worth following them. You’ll find FFF on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. (You’ll find Entirely Beauty on those platforms too 😉)

Spring Billing and Shipping:

  • Select Members will be billed on 7th Feb and their box will ship by 7th March 2020
  • Seasonal Members’ billing date is 20th Feb and their box will ship by 20th March 2020
  • Seasonal Members who have no Add-Ons or additions will be billed on 27th Feb and their box will ship by 27th March 2020.

At time of writing further information regarding the billing/shipping schedule for the other seasons in 2020 were not available.

That was a journey and a half!

I think that covers all the important stuff you need to know, but if there’s anything I missed, there’s links to other useful stuff below too. Wow, we made it to the end of this info-packed blog, a pat on the back for both you and me is in order, methinks. As always, thanks so much for reading, I really hope you’ve found all these Fab Fit Fun Facts useful and that, if you subscribe, or are already a member, you’ll now get the more out of your subscription.

As I add new content every other day, my next appearance will be on Tuesday (and the blog’ll be much shorter!!) SPOILER ALERT – I’ll be spilling a little TEA, taking the plunge and sharing some more beauty related fun. I hope you’ll join me for that, at 6pm London time. Until then, relax, it’s Sunday, and take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

What’s The Tea – Find Out Tuesday at 6pm GMT

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Behind The Blog-Testing and Trying

Blimey, my desk looks quite organised there

Oh hello, how you doing? Well, we made it . . . Friday at last. Not that it makes much difference to me – I’m off work for a week, to recharge after Christmas. My usual nine to five has become ‘whenever to whenever’ and my working week has been replaced by ‘holiday indulgences’ such as extra time with family and friends, reading books, research, testing, shopping, watching YouTube videos, reading magazines, cooking, a bit of pampering and, of course blogging . Have you had a good week? I really hope so! Mine’s been great, although it’s been ‘trying’ at times.

I had several beauty ‘things’ I wanted to try out and write about, so I ‘saved’ them for this week. Sans work, I’ve had the time to really test stuff out. I wrote me a plan and followed it to get through everything. And, yeah – it’s been a pretty interesting week…

Some of the ‘stuff’ on the Entirely Beauty Trial, Test & Try list:

  • Pre-glued Press On Nails
  • Konjac Sponges – two types/brands
  • Glov Moon Pads (facial cleansing pads)
  • Glov Mitt (again for facial cleansing)
  • Two (multi head attachment) Facial Cleansers*
  • Magic Eraser facial cleansing cloth
  • Powder Puffs*
  • Washing Machine Bags (For ‘delicates’)
  • Hand & Machine washing beauty blenders, cleansing pads, powder puffs, mitt & cloths
  • Cleanser infused sponge
  • Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers x 4 varieties*
  • Bubble T Bath and Shower Gel*
  • Jade Roller*

(*These products featured in my ‘Who Made Me Buy What?’ blog.)

Apart from being a blogger-turned-product-consumer-tester, when I broke up from work I completed a pre-planned, organised, on line shop of a quite a few Beauty related items because:

a) I’m an all-things-beauty addict,

b) I’m a dedicated blogger

c) I have ideas & plans for content

d) I’d be at home to actually accept deliveries.

🛍 💄 💅 🛍 💄 💅 🛍

I’m not saying I ordered a lot of stuff, but I think my long suffering postie will be glad when I go back to work next week, whilst me and the Hermes and Amazon delivery guys are now on first name terms! However, the Post Office staff and my neighbours (ie where my parcels usually end up cos I’m at work) probably think I’ve been abducted & no longer able to shop.

Talking of shopping, as of today I’ve got a self-imposed ban in place where hair care and lip products are concerned as I have, despite my recent Adulting and Decluttering ‘purge’, sufficient in both these beauty categories. (OK, voice of reason, quit yelling – yes, I [probably] have way [a bit] too much in those departments). Says I, having ordered two Ciaté Glitter Flip Lippies on Tuesday! But, I’ve wanted them since they were first released & broke the interwebs so finally getting round to snagging them, AND during a flash sale, totes made my day.

Something else that’s made me happy this week is that I’ve set myself a ‘try-to-take-better-product-photos’ challenge and above are some results. I’m not saying these are particularly good, I’m not a photographer, I don’t have an all singing, all dancing, gadgety camera, I took them on my phone, but I do have a few editing apps and a dash of creativity. So, we’ll see how it goes. I just wanted to share them with you today and get your feedback – what do you think? I want to improve my content, as I’m climbing up (and clinging onto) that sharp and steep learning curve, I’d really appreciate knowing what you think.

One of the best things about being on my hollibobs this week is that I’ve had time & space to immerse myself in the two things I am besotted by, (and addicted to) playing with makeup and writing. I have played a lot, with a variety of high end and drug store makeup and created a lot of different looks. I’m no MUA but I’ve enjoyed the creativity, products and results and received a few compliments into the bargain. That, and just having fun with makeup, is what my hobby (addiction 😉) is all about!

As for writing, I have several blogs in the ‘Let ’em rest and then revise if necessary’ and ‘work in progress’ folders, together with a few ‘ready to goes’ and a shed ton of notes. Blogging isn’t rocket science, for me it’s about sharing my passion, showcaseing the products and services I love, being objective about those that don’t float my beauty boat, being myself and setting time aside each day to create content for you. I’m really excited for the future of Entirely Beauty, I hope that comes across in my blogs, and that it’s infectious.

My week off has given me the opportunity to rethink and regroup as well as recharge. I hope your week has been equally beneficial. If it has, that’s bloody brilliant! If it hasn’t – that really sucks … BUT … it’s the weekend – take some time out, hit the ground runnin’ on Monday and make the next seven days YOUR week!

And on that beautifully positive note – thanks for joining me and reading this, muchly appreciated. I’ll be back on Sunday afternoon and it’d be great if you were too. In the meantime, feel free to explore my social media (links below) and maybe gimme a like, follow and subscribe, t.i.a and take care.

💋Entirely Beauty💋

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