Who Made Me Buy What? – The Fab four!

Discover which creators are responsible for me ‘bashing my bank account’ 😘

I watch many Beauty YouTubers and read a lot of Beauty Blogs. Sometimes (OK, quite often 😉) I’ll buy stuff on the back of what the tubers and bloggers use, mention or recommend in their videos or blogs. Often it’s the actual, featured item, but occasionally I’m inspired to try something similar. I recently bought a few things because of four lovely ladies’ content on YouTube I’m going to share what I bought, so I can thank ‘The Fab Four’ who made me buy them and I get to introduce you to some of my favourite influencers too! I will leave all the links relating to this blog below. If you check the links out and/or buy the products, please let me know. And, who knows, you might find a new, favourite influencer to watch too.

Shower & Bath Sub box from Bubble T

I have been enjoying ‘Diary of a Beauty Geek’ for a long time and I am really grateful to Claire for introducing me to the wonderful world of subscription boxes. Claire is an enthusiastic, honest reviewer who, whilst focusing on fabulous Beauty Box Unboxings, also does testing videos and tutorials. If you haven’t discovered the beautiful Claire yet, she’s really nice, fun, informative & well worth watching. Why not pop over to her channel? Oh, and please tell her Entirely Beauty said ‘Hi’.

Claire ‘made me’ subscribe to the new Bubble T ‘Soapscrption box’. After seeing her brilliant unboxing of the NEW Soapscription box, I thought ‘that’s a cool idea’ & duly signed up. This box delivers exclusive bath and shower gels to your door. The starter box is FREE (there is a £1 p&p charge) and contains two bottles of Bath & Shower Gel; I chose the Vanilla Chai Tea and Coconut fragrance option, but if that’s not your vibe you can select Avocado & Kiwi and Pink Lemonade instead. Once you’ve ‘soapscribed’ you can choose from more fragrances each month, and, after receiving the first full sized box (mine is winging it’s way to me as I write at a cost of £6.99) you can also choose when and where you want your box delivered. I’ll be reviewing Bubble T’s Soapscription Service and the bath/shower gels in more detail, as part of my Spotlight on Beauty Subscription Boxes series when I’ve had a couple boxes from them.

Thanks to Claire for the heads up on this NEW, and slightly different, box and for all the great content on Diary Of A Beauty Geek ☺

Meet Donna, a relatively new content creator.

Donna is a really funny, loveable and canny lass from Newcastle who, like me, only recently entered the Beauty Community as a content creator. Donna is, also like me, a beauty fanatic, and she makes great videos about the many and varied products she tries – hence the name ‘Donna Tries’. I have watched her from the beginning, about six months ago, and from that first video I was hooked. When I watch her it feels like I’m face-timing a mate: Donna is hilarious, she has a very unique style and is very truthful about the products she tries. Please show her some love, let Donna know what you think of her channel & videos in her comments section – she always replies – and please give her my love while you’re there too.

Donna has a bit of a passion for the Aldi Beauty Range, Lacura, who offer lots of affordable dupes of higher end products. Recently she purchased a Visage Facial Cleanser/Massager from her local Aldi, which was only £12.99 (she does love a beauty bargain, but then who doesn’t??) and, on first impressions, rated it quite highly. So, off I trotted to my local store to snag myself the same product. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available 😭 so I figured it must’ve sold out and I couldn’t help wondering if that was down to Donna’s enthusiasm. Me, being the impatient beauty addict I am, scoped out Amazon and found a similar facial cleanser for just £7.99, ordered it and it arrived last weekend. Yesterday, however, whilst checking out prices and links for this blog, I found the Visage in stock on the Aldi app, together with the four pack of hot cleansers which Donna also recomended in the same video. So Donna has ‘made me buy’ not one but TWO facial cleansers AND the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleansers. I now plan to pit the two facial cleansers against each other for my Gadgets, Gizmos, Blenders and Brushes series. I’m also looking forward to trying the four Hot Cloth Cleansers (£7.99) and will get back to you with my opinions on all four.

I would like to thank Donna for the hat trick hit to my bank balance, am sure the ‘face off’ between the two facial massagers will prove interesting and the resulting reviews will be fun to write. I also thank her for making me laugh and smile, for showcasing stuff I wouldn’t know about were it not for Donna’s channel AND, finally, for being so much fun to watch!

Mikhila, aka Miss Budget Beauty, is chatty, friendly and offers a variety of brilliant, watchable content on YouTube

Mikhila has 99.3k subscribers on her channel and, given the variety of content, I am not surprised! On her channel you’ll find videos covering

  • Empties
  • Beauty Shopping
  • Hair Product Reviews
  • Wear & Compare
  • GRWMs
  • And so much more!

I have been subscribed to MissBudgetBeauty for over a year now and just love her chatty, easy going and varied content. Mikhila’s channel, as the name suggests, concentrates on all things beauty on a budget, and there are some great budget beauty products out there, which Mikhila will help you find if you watch her videos. She talked about Jade Rollers in her ‘Eco Beauty Swaps’ video, which was posted about four months ago. When a jade roller popped up as a ‘people also bought …’ recommendation on my Amazon, I immediately remembered Mikhila’s video, how much she was enjoying hers, the benefits she’d talked about and yes, you’ve guessed it, MissBudgetBeauty ‘made me buy’ a Jade roller. What’s really impressive here though is the fact that I still remembered Mikhila’s comments 4 months after she posted that video. Testament, methinks, to her easy product/tools explanations, no nonsense approach, the resulting second-to-none content and that her channel and videos are well worth taking a look at.

My jade anti-aging facial massage roller was delivered last Saturday: A Gua Sha Scrapping Tool, which is designed to rejuvenate the face, came with it, as did instructions on how to use both tools plus a handy, soft, cloth case to keep them both in. What’s more, and despite the very reasonable price of just £12.95, it’s certified real jade. I shall, of course, be testing both tools over the coming weeks and give you guys my opinions in the Gadgets, Gizmos, Blenders and Brushes series just as soon as I have thoroughly tested it.

Thanks to Mikhila for her great channel and content: I’ve watched all her uploads since I subscribed and have enjoyed every one. Don’t forget to drop a big HELLO from Entirely Beauty in the comments section if you venture over to Mikhila’s channel. Which, FYI, you should!

And last, but in no way least, the beautiful Amy-Rose Walker, THE Powder Puff Girl!

As covered on Entirely Beauty’s NEW page – EB News – last week, Tati Westbrook revealed the second product from her NEW company, Tati Beauty – The Blendiful. A soft, material, blending tool that can be used to apply and blend a multitude of face makeup products. A few days after it launched, when I was catching up on a bit of Tube Time, I watched Amy’s latest video and learnt that she uses a powder puff to apply her face makeup, in a manner not dissimilar to the way in which The Blendiful ‘works’. A bit of a lightbulb moment occurred and Amy ‘made me’ drop a pack of 12 powder puffs into my Amazon basket.

If you visit Amy’s channel (why wouldn’t you?) & watch any of her videos, look at her perfectly applied foundation, contour, highlight etc and you’ll see why my buying the puffs was a real no-brainer:

  • Amy’s makeup is like so damn flawless!
  • The Blendifuls are $18 (£13.80)for a pack of two(one large, one small) plus £10 shipping, which from the states is going to take a while.
  • 12 (mid-price-range) Powder Puffs on Amazon are only £5.99 (that’s like 50p each) with FREE next day delivery (I have prime)
  • If the beautiful Amy’s makeup is anything to go by, applying makeup with the humble powder puff should result in a fabulous look, à la Tati’s Blendiful, for a fraction of the price!
  • Did I mention how beautiful Amy’s foundation products look???
  • A 12 pack of powder puffs allows each puff to be used once, then it can be washed and has time to dry thoroughly before it’ll be reused.
  • A clean applicator each time you apply makeup means bye-bye bacteria and hellllooo improved skin.

Thanks to Amy the penny dropped and I’ll be embarking on a new application journey, and of course, reporting back as to how this experiment goes. Apart from helping me to connect the dots 😉 Amy makes videos about hauls (makeup, fashion and home wares) she does tutorials, full glam GRWMs and skincare videos, in fact there’s so much Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion content on her channel you really should go and explore it for yourself! I’m sure you’ll find something you love and, like me, you’ll want to be Amy’s BFF – apart from giving me face-product-application-and-finish envy, she really is lovely.

So there you have it: the Fab Four who ‘Made me buy’ stuff. But, thats one of the great things about watching beauty Tubers and reading beauty blogs: finding those personal recommendations for products you didn’t know you needed or wanted in your beauty routine, until you saw them in a vid or read about them in a blog. The same can be said of beauty content creators, my Fab Four may be the influencers you didn’t know you needed in your life, until now. Have you been influenced by a channel or blog and bought something? Who are you current favourite Tubers and/or Bloggers? Please let me know in the comments – I am always on the look out for new blogs to read and new content to watch!

Thanks, as always, for reading: keep an eye out for my full, and honest, opinions of all the products I was made to buy 😉 and until next time, take care.

💋Entirely Beauty 💋

Here, as promised, are the links you need to expand your beauty viewing and reading, plus all the products mentioned- enjoy

Behind the Blog: Adulting & Decluttering

Clearing the ‘dead wood’ from my beauty collection is a job I don’t really like. In fact I have to force myself to tackle it. Saturday morning, instead of cracking on with my stash declutter, I dithered around shredding old paperwork, filing, brandishing cleaning products and making like Freddie Mercury with the vacuum. All whilst convincing myself I was adulting, that the paperwork couldn’t wait, that there was dust everywhere and that my vocals were on a par with Freddie’s. I wasn’t, it could, there wasn’t and HELL NO!

I was, however, avoiding the job at the top of my to-do list, namely decluttering my beauty collection

You might get more than you bargained for!

I wasn’t doing ‘anything other than’ because my stash was a huge mess, quite the opposite, as I’m a bit OCD when it comes to my collection. Everything has it’s place. I have lots of compartmentalized, storage trays and lipstick holders etc., in the drawers where I keep my makeup and skin care to facilitate the separated storage of everything according to product categories. In the cupboard I have a big storage box full of hair care products, it (logically) sits next to an identical box that I keep my electric hair tools in. Another holds all my self tanning paraphernalia, yet another, next to the tan box, contains my body products (because they are used in conjunction with each other). My nail ‘stuff’ is kept in portable storage so I can mani and pedi anywhere in the house. The beauty gadgets, gizmos, brushes and blenders all have their own purpose-purchased containers too, I even have coat hanger type bags for hair extensions and pieces.

Ok, maybe I’m more than a “little bit OCD?!”

Given the delightfully logical, sorted and stored nature of my much loved beauty collection, you might be wondering if a declutter was actually necessary, and, if it was needed, why I was avoiding it?

Regular declutters are absolutely necessary because:

  • Products have a ‘shelf life’.
  • Using ‘expired’ products can be detrimental to skin, body and hair.
  • En vogue colours, trends, practices and products will and do fall from grace
  • Space has to be made for . . . erm . . . well . . . new products!
  • Stuff gets used up or forgotten
  • Decluttering can help (re) familiarise the beauty addict with their collection
  • A replacement/to-buy list can be made for products that are expired or (almost) used up
  • Stuff can leak and need cleaning

You see, totally necessary and I do it regularly! Knowing this, having put it ‘declutter stash’ at the top of my to-do list, why was I so hesitant? I pondered this whilst purging my products.

Declutter and release your inner beauty

I try to avoid acknowledging how much beauty stuff I actually have. Because when others see, or hear about, the extent of my collection, especially those who either don’t wear makeup or who keep the few beauty products they do own in a small makeup bag, their reactions are often incredulous, and can be negative. Yet, my stash is no different to a bibliophile’s book collection or a fitness enthusiast’s gym membership: it’s my passion and pastime.

The size of my stash could be seen as my having a tendancy for ‘conspicuous consumption’ and/or ‘flexing’. In reality however, I’m not trying to keep up with anyone – I buy products because I fall in love with them and they provide an outlet for my creativity, both by using them and/or making content for my blog space. If I wanted to flex, I wouldn’t have elected to be an anonymous creator. I would have chosen ‘Vlogging over Blogging’ route and I definitely wouldn’t have a self-imposed beauty budget/limit.

I sometimes struggle actually parting with product – even when I dont like it“Maybe I could make this work though?”, it doesnt like me or isnt my shade“Maybe I could make this work though?” or it’s used up. “Oooh, it’s empty, but ooh look at that packaging!!!”. Sometimes it’s hard to let go. OK.

When I do finally ‘let go’ and gift discarded items to my friends and family, their comments, whilst funny, demonstrates that they dont get ‘IT’, or me, for that matter. “Why are you getting rid of this lipstick? “Because I have a gazzilion lip products” “Why on earth do you need so many lipsticks – you only have one mouth?” “Because no two lipsticks are the same, Sandra, and I love experimenting.

I’m reminded of how much coin I have dropped in the process of curating my collection (and housing it). But, I have no reasons to feel guilty: it’s my money, I’ve earned it, I have no dependants and I’ll damn well spend it how I want! Obviously, if any of these things change then I would definitely have a rethink. The guilt creeps in because my purchases are seen as ‘frivolous’ by many. Makeup and beauty might not be everyone’s jam, but it is mine. Ergo it’s not frivolous.

Get the feel good factor

When I had finish my de-clutter this is what I had cleared out and what I did with the products.

  • 1 box of unused and sealed/hardly-used products – local women’s refuge
  • A selection of unused/hardly used products plus samples – gifted to friends and family
  • A leaking bottle of foundation – I tried to fix it but failed. So emptied the product and re-cycled the component.
  • 1 small box of ‘expired’ products – all product removed & disposed of and packaging broken down, where necessary, and recycled.
  • A selection of almost used up products that looked a bit dodgy. For safety and hygiene reasons this was disposed as above
  • Two hardened/thickened nail varnishes. Bottles/product washed out with nail varnish remover and bottles recycled.
  • 1 mascara that had been used, but had hidden itself behind the storage tray. As I wasn’t sure how long it had been there it was discarded. I kept and cleaned the wand though as it was a good shape for eyebrows.
  • My mind & all remnants of guilt. Decluttering really is good for the mind and soul. It doesn’t matter what others think or that they don’t understand my obsession, it’s my hobby and I love each varied aspect of it!

From reluctance to reward in a couple of hours. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, how did you spend yours? Do you declutter your collection, if so how often? Also, I’m intrigued – do any of you suffer from guilt etc relating to your stash, please let me know.

I have included a couple of links below to some very helpful ‘decluttering your stash’ blogs/articles if you fancy having a go. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you next time, take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

Useful links:

A step by step guide to decluttering and organising your beauty collection – a solid beginner’s guide for new declutterers.

In case you missed it – a Chatty GRWM 😁

Tips to minimise and declutter your beauty stash – great if you’re short of space.

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Spotlight on Beauty Subscription Boxes -Roccabox

Trying Beauty Subscription Boxes is a little like speed dating: you ‘meet’ a lot of new products, get to know them and find out if they are for you, all without making a long term commitment. What’s more you don’t know what products you’ll encounter until they arrive. If you’re considering a subscription box stay tuned and discover more about Roccabox, and, if you missed it, check out my previous Spotlight on Sub Boxes.

The pretty, pink Roccabox usually contains 5 products

Roccabox is a monthly subscription box giving “exclusive access to the latest, hottest and best beauty products available”. They offer a monthly (£10), quarterly (£30), half-yearly (£57/£9.50pm) & yearly (£108/£9pm) subscription options, each with a p&p of £3.95 per box. Your box will usually be delivered at the beginning of each month and you can cancel anytime if you decide Roccabox isn’t for you.

To help you decide whether Roccabox IS the box you want, I’ll share my three months’ boxes, detail what was in them, the value of each and my thoughts on Roccabox overall. I’m NEW to Roccabox, am a monthly subscriber and I joined on Black Friday, receiving a very welcome £5 discount off my first box.

🍁November’s Roccabox🍁

  • B.Tan It’s Love Gradual Body Tan Moisturiser Full Size – £12.99
  • Vitamasque Cranberry & Apple Sheet Mask Full Size – £4.99
  • Love Beauty & Planet Moisture Shower Gel Travel Size – £5.99
  • STYLondon Hypnotic Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Full Size – £9.99
  • Unicorn Cosmetics The Dirty B*tch Cleaner Full Size – £5
  • Systane Dry Eye Relief Drops Full Size – £15.49

With 5 out of the 6 products being full size, receiving a bonus product and paying only £8.95 (inc p&p) for £54.45 worth of products, I was super impressed. November’s box was a fantastic bargain, full of lovely and varied products, all of which I would, and/or have, used. Brilliant! 😁

🎅December’s Roccabox🎅

  • Phillip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo 60ml – £7.80
  • Dr. Botanicals Pomegrante Regenerating Sleep Mask 30ml – £12
  • Bowe Organics Lash Oil 10ml (Full Size) – £19.99
  • Steve Laurent ‘Cafe’ Lip Gloss Full Size – £18.87
  • Luna by Luna Gold Eyeshadow Full Size – £12.86
  • Surprise Bonus: Hangover Tablets Sample Size – no price available

WOW! Roccabox delivered a Merry Christmas (and then some) with the December box. I paid full price (£13.95 inc p&p) but the products inside came to a staggering £71.52!!! That represents a saving of just over £57.00, all of which is incredible value for money! Again I loved the variety of products and was beyond thrilled with this box. Amazing!

❄January’s Roccabox❄

  • Dirty Little Secret ‘Exposed’ Jelly Blush Full Size – £12
  • St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Water Face Mist 14ml Travel Size – £5
  • Bang Beauty Blush Brush Full Size £13.93
  • Daily Concepts Mother of Pearl Sponge Full Size – £6.95
  • BeautyPro Brightening Collagen Sheet Mask Full Size – £4.95

This Roccabox was the first I’d received with the standard 5 product items, but again I was pleased with this edit, the variety of products and the fact that I’ll make use of everything included in the box! The total rrp of January’s box was £42. 83 which, whilst being the lowest ‘box total’ of my subscription so far, is still great value for money. Definitely a happy start to the New Year. Wonderful!

I have been pleasantly suprised by Roccabox: I know, having subbed to a few Beauty Boxes, that contents, variety and value can vary greatly from month to month. Roccabox have, so far, been consistent and delivered three fantastic edits. Their edits seem, overall, to be the result of careful consideration regarding what products they include.

In November’s edit the moisturising shower gel is a great pre-amble to the self tan. The Vitamasque and Eye Drops provide care for your face and eyes prior to applying the eyeshadows and the brush cleaner can a) be used as a dry brush cleaner to enable you to switch between colours during application and b) to thoroughly wash your brushes afterwards. Roccabox seem to have the contents formula on point as the products work ‘together’.

December’s box had a restorative, wellness feel to it, with some festive makeup also included to help enhance the glow and gloss the non-makeup products provide. The value of it did, quite honestly, blow me away! Of all the boxes I have received so far, December’s is my favourite, not because of the value (although I do love a beauty bargain and this box certainly proved to be one) but due to the products themselves. Whilst January’s box confirmed Roccabox’s ‘thought behind the box’ ethos with a much needed brightening and glow up edit.

This ‘speed dating’ experience has proved to be a positive one, full of surprises and very gratifying and, although Roccabox and I have only been together for three months, I’m ready to make a long term commitment!

Thanks, as always, for reading, see you next time

💋Entirely Beauty💋

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Chatty GRWM

Hi and happy Thursday 😁 I hope you’re having a great day. In this GRWM we’ll ponder how to actually choose a magazine that meets your interests, what we should look for and how to avoid ‘school girl errors’ like the one I made when buying GRAZIA. Magazines can be costly and I doubt you want to waste your money, I know I don’t! So, I’ll be reviewing Grazia, specifically the beauty content, but will touch on other features too. I’m also going to include some useful links, cos I’m nice like that. So, without further ado lets slip between the covers…

Unlike the majority of magazines for women such as Cosmopolitan (which featured in my previous GRWM), Vogue or Red, Grazia is a Celebrity/Fashion/Beauty/News/Trend focussed womens’ magazine that is published weekly. With a demographic of 25-45 year old women, Grazia was first published in the UK in 2005, inspired by Italian Grazia and cost a staggering £16 million to launch! For more background information about Grazia click here and access a Guardian article from 2007. Yes, it’s old copy, but worth a read, as it gives an insight into the ‘office life’ and ethos of Grazia in its formative years.

GRAZIA (meaning ‘Grace’) cost £2.75, for 100 pages, with, surprisingly, much less advertising than the monthly glossy mags. I purchased a physical copy, but there is an online version too, that has a sizable chunk of beauty articles. Which is more than be said of the actual magazine.

And therein lies a problem. When selecting a magazine for this GRWM I was going in blind – I don’t do any research until I sit down to write. When I buy a magazine, I make my choice based on the front cover and a quick look at the contents page. I doubt people thumb through copies in a newsagents or supermarket as that goes against magazine etiquette and would probably result in irrate staff running such ‘thumbers’ off the premises. So, having spotted ’60 Second Beauty Shortcuts’ on the cover, glanced at the contents and noted a seemingly substantial BEAUTY section, I took Grazia to the check out and paid my money, having made my choice.

When I got home and began making notes for this blog I had another look at the contents and noting that pages 67 to 81 were all under the heading of BEAUTY, I made a cuppa, got comfy and turned, with eager anticipation to page 67. (Please go with me here, I do have a point to make – honest!)

On page 67 I found a photo of a pipette, a smear of white cream and a short paragraph about Olay’s Regenerist night serum, under the title ‘It’s New – We Want It’. Then, above this I noticed a bold proclamation that this was the HEALTH & beauty content. ‘Hold the phone,’ thought I, ‘HEALTH??? I didn’t come here for that’. I returned to the content page, where there was NO mention of HEALTH, just beauty. I’m a monogamous addict, a blinkered enthusiast, my interest is buried deep in beauty, no ‘ands’ and definitely no ‘health’. Moral of this story my fellow addicts – become ‘thumbers’: treat your preferred magazine stockists as though they were a library, read BEFORE you purchase and risk being chased and barred for your thorough consumerism. But at least you’ll know what fix you’ll get for your habit. (Point made, exit stage left, muttering “Health??? Bah Humbug!!)

Moving on from the uninspiring p67, p68 invited me to ‘Find my Tribe’ and then went on for Six pages (SIX pages!) about fitness cults. Nope, definitely NOT beauty. Page 74 looked like an improvement as it promised ‘Smart Beauty Resolutions’. This was a good article that took me from supplements, through spot squeezing & breast examination to hydration. “Hang on”, thought I, again, “this is health, dressed up as beauty!”. Will magazine editors please note that ‘Health’ already has a partner – FITNESS – and she’s going to be pretty pissed off to discover that Health is being constantly re-coupled, Love Island stylee, with Beauty in many magazines!

Moving to page 77 here was the first true beauty content and it was spot on. Literally. A six product round up of ‘savvy spot solutions’: with varying price points and good product info this was more up my Beauty obsessed ally. However, it was on page 78 where Grazia finally served up some beauty haute cuisine.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture. Yes you read that right. This trend had somehow passed me by, despite the 17,000 #facialacupunture posts on Instagram. Here I learned something new, and am honestly thinking of giving it a go too. I have had acupuncture several times, I hold a lot of store by it, I believe it works, though I don’t fully understand how and it is an enjoyably, relaxing experience. So, yes I can see the benefits of using it for a facial and according to Joely Walker (Grazia Beauty Director) who tested out this treatment, it worked for her.

The final page in HEALTH and Beauty (??) is a piece about veganism. Tucked into this non-beauty article, however, was a side order of Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Blend: obviously it’s good for the skin as the product, which is part of Ms Brown’s NEW Evolution_18 range, contains over 30 fruits and vegetables. A slightly tenuous segway for it’s being amongst the vegan stuff. I would’ve appreciated more info on this product rather than veganism.

So, that was the (Un) official Beauty content, focussed though it was on health, in this week’s Grazia. Whilst I feel slightly mislead by the content list and front cover, there were a couple of beauty bonuses: The relatively new VBL (Victoria Beckham Ltd) makeup line gets a mention in ’10 hot stories’ and in the feature ‘At the end of the day… ‘ makeup royalty, Bobbi Brown discusses her evening and night time routine.

Despite feeling misled Grazia is a good, easy read as magazines go. Obviously, I would have liked more beauty, makeup, skin care and cosmetics news and features among those 100 pages. Being a weekly magazine I do feel that Grazia are missing a trick as they could be delivering more up to date beauty news and the latest product info than their monthly counterparts.

Despite the bah-humbugs I would probably buy Grazia again as it’s content is friendly and chatty, but informed. (Bit like this GRWM 😉) Reading this magazine is a bit like chatting to a bff you havent seen in a while, and catching up on a wide variety of topics. I shall definitely be visiting their on line daily too.

As always, thanks for reading: hope you found this useful and entertaining. Are you a Grazia reader – if so what do you think of it? What magazines are among your favourites? Do your prefer physical or online publications? Please let me know in the comments below. Until next time, take care.

💋 Entirely Beauty 💋

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Too Faced Haul & First Impressions

The TOO FACED products that made it into my haul.

If you’ve read my Fairest of the Mall blog, then you’ll already know that I bought all the Too Faced products in this haul from from Cult Beauty. My haul was my first ever purchase of Too Faced cosmetics AND it was my first time shopping with Cult Beauty too. This is my first impression of each of the products, and I head over heels, indifferent or somewhere inbetween? Let’s jump into what I selected, what each product promises, whether they deliver and find out!

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

The Hangover Primer has coconut water, pro-biotic based ingredient & skin revivers, and bills itself as being proactive, silicone free and nourishing. Mine is a travel size tube with a handy pump dispenser, which makes for clean application. The white coloured cream smooths on easily, is absorbed quickly and has a slight tightening sensation as it ‘dries down. It remains ‘grippy’ (all the better to adhere your makeup to your face m’dear) but isn’t overly tacky. It also blurs a little and gives the skin a soft ‘lit from within’ appearance. Smelling lightly of coconut, this primer was a pleasure to use and gave my makeup brilliant staying power! Word of advice, don’t apply too much or too vigorously as this will cause the primer to ‘pill’.

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Spray

The Hangover 3 in 1 spray claims to prime, set, refresh AND keep skin hydrated too. This travel sized spray contains coconut water, pro-biotic based ingredient and skin revivers, but is silcone, alcohol & oil free. The coconut fragrance is more noticeable in this fine mist spray, but it does smell lovely. As a primer it’s more tacky than the cream version when dried down, doesn’t pill and gives the skin a soft focus sheen. When used as a setting spray it ‘melts’ powders etc into the skin, producing a more natural finish, and feels very hydrating too, as it does if applied as a refreshing mist. I prefer the cream to prime and saved this to set and refresh. In a wear test my makeup held up for a good 12 hours, and I refreshed twice. A lovely product that did what it claimed!

Too Faced Born This Way Undectable Medium to Full Coverage Foundation in the shade Almond

This buildable (but I seriously doubt you’ll need to build it up) foundation has no noticable fragrance, is easily applied with fingertips or a beauty sponge, hides imperfections, doesn’t sink into fine lines, is light weight with great coverage, isn’t cakey, makes skin look uber healthy, feels soft to the touch, provides an excellent base and actually IS undectable! I didn’t need concealer and used it as a base for my eyeshadows! I just love this product and hereby (and very happily, cos it’s been a long, hard search) proclaim ‘Born This Way’ to be my holy grail foundation! It has set a very high standard, one to which all other foundations will now be measured . Definitely worth a punt, can’t recommend it highly enough.

Too Faced Multi-Use Complexion Powder in the shade Almond

A fragrance free, soft-as-silk powder that sets foundation, works great in the under eye area, is non-drying, doesn’t sink into fine lines or highlight texture and only a light dusting is needed which makes this good value despite the high-end price tag. Feels lovely on the skin, wears wonderfully and seems to blur pores too. Another fave from my haul that left me wondering why it has taken me so long to get round to trying Too Faced!

Too Faced Cocoa Contour

I know you can’t wear the packaging, but the Cocoa Contour palette is a real head turner, with it’s lush, choc coloured, matte, gold embossed lid, and highly mirrored, gold coloured base with a heart shaped clasp – it’s very ‘extra’. There are 6 pans in total, comprising of 3 highlight and 3 contour shades each in light, medium and deep, and they all compliment each other perfectly. The highlights are not sparkly, they give a subtle (and more natural looking)sheen type glow. I used the light shade to brighten the under eye, the medium as actual highlight and the deep highlighter as a blush. The medium contour was on point for my skin colour, whilst a mix of light and deep contour made for a fabulous ‘bronzer’. This palette has a look of versatility about it: I can see possibilities for eyes, brows, décolletage and shoulders in the shades and look forward to experimenting with it. The large pans are pressed to resemble chocolate and easily accommodate larger face, blush and contour brushes. These powders are smooth,silky and there is no kickback. Included in the outer packaging is a fantastic little ‘How-to Glamour Guide’ with mini tutorials, pictures and artistry tips. It has a large mirror in the lid, which is very handy and if all that wasn’t enough, it smells bloody delicious, like chocolate. A luxurious, impressive and very wearable palette encased in packaging that is the clear winner out of my hauled products.

Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette

Talking of packaging the Gingerbread Extra Spicy palette runs a close second in the packaging stakes, it is really cute and very Christmassy, and like the contour palette, the Gingerbread Extra Spicy palette smells super incredible too – this one has a gingerbread cookies aroma!

An abundance of warm, lush shades:
10 marvellous mattes
4 soft & creamy sheens
1 matte infused with sparkle
3 full on glitter shades.
Beautifully wearable all year round!

The formula of these shadows is as rich as the shades, and the 18 pans provide pretty much endless possibilities with regards to eye looks. Apart from being a lush shadow, Cookie Cutter makes for a banging, see it from the moon highlighter or if you want something a bit less ‘extra’ sweep a little Vanilla Wafer on your cheek bones as well as using it for your inner corner highlight. Cookie Call would make for a great smouldering eyeliner, and I used Drizzle It as a lip colour for my daytime look and amped it up with the lip gloss in the evening. I think some of the matte shades would work well as blushers too, so again Too Faced have delivered a multi-purpose palette. This palette is everything and more, I really love it, and experimenting is going to be lots of fun, but if you need some guidance a ‘ How-to Glamour Guide’ is included with this palette.

Some of the many eye looks you can achieve with Gingerbread Extra Spicy

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

With it’s pretty pink packaging, embossed lettering and hour glass wand, this is the Marilyn Monroe of Mascaras. It does have a (barely noticeable) ‘chemical’ smell to it and the brush can come out a little clogged with product, especially the tip, BUT it certainly va-va-vooms and delivers voluptous lashes – which is obviously why it is heralded as being “better than sex”. Overall a really good mascara that lengthens and thickens, but I do prefer a cleaner wand/less clumpy product.

Too Faced ‘Sunset Crush’ High Shine Sparkling Lip Gloss

Again, very cute pink packaging that contains a super-sparkly, pink based lip gloss that is totes glamourous, infused, as it is with lots (& lots) of micro particles of glitter! It certainly delivers a high shine and when I wore it it was a conduit for compliments (I also received lovely comments on my overall look). I loved this, the colour was not overpowering, it was the shine and glitz that got the attention. Being the product it is I did have to reapply as it transfers when drinking etc, but it isn’t sticky or gloopy as some rich, super shine glosses have a tendancy to be, plus it feels moisturizing on the lips too. I used an invisable lip liner to ensure it didn’t ‘travel’ and used the gloss sparingly too – with this much glam there is no need to over do it.

So, I popped my Too Faced cherry on over £160 worth of products, tried everything, received lots of compliments and found my Holy Grail Foundation. Have to say that, whilst my bank balance is still recovering, I really believe that the Too Faced products in my haul ARE worth the coin. Apart from performing really well in the application, wearability and ‘delivering on promises’ departments, and this is going to sound a bit extra, but these products actually bring me pleasure – both in the way they look and as makeup items, ergo I have, quite frankly, a little bit of a crush on my Too Faced stash. 😍 I would, with the exception of the mascara, buy all the products again and enthusiastically recommend them too. I know I am going to get lots of wear and different looks, and feel that the quality (and, with regards to the palettes, versatility) of each product really does make them excellent value for money.

Have you tried any Too Faced products? If so I would love to know which ones, how you got on with them and/or if you have any recommendations. I look forward to reading what YOU think. As always thanks for reading and I hope to see you next time.

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🎅Thank You Santa🎅

Did you find any beauty gifts or gadgets under your tree this Christmas? I was lucky enough to receive a few (my family and friends know me well 😁), in this episode of Gadgets, Gizmos, Brushes and Blenders I review one of those gifts. To discover what that gift was, whether I rate it and if it actually works, read on…

I got a new beauty gadget!

Read my previous blog in the G.G.B.B. series

Gadgets, Gizmos, Brushes & Blenders

Reviewing the Bright & Homely Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

I was thrilled to get a makeup brush cleaner and dryer for Christmas: I had been looking to get one, because, as any beauty addict knows, cleaning brushes can be a laborious, time consuming and messy chore, which is why most of us probably don’t wash them as often as we should! On top of which brushes can take an age to dry, often up to 24 hours, rendering them unusable until dry. Also if you are not careful, water can get in to the ferrule, the (often) metal component of the brush that holds bristles in place, and this can ruin the brush.

What was included in the box?

My brush cleaner and dryer set included:

  • A Brush Spinner (Battery Operated)
  • The Attachment Spindle
  • Brush Spinner Bowl
  • Splash Guard with Silicone Seal
  • 8 Brush Collars (in various sizes)

The information/instruction leaflet was simple to follow and gave an assurance that the device is suitable for most makeup brush types (synthetic and natural) which was great as I have a mixture of both! It also claimed to clean and dry brushes in just 30 seconds!

How easy or difficult is it to put together and use?

It was easy to assemble, I popped two batteries into the compartment, selected one of the ‘rubber’ brush collars – these fit onto the handle of the brush, then connected the collar to the spindle and the spindle to the brush spinner.

Next I added water to the spinner bowl: obviously you can use a proprietary brush cleaning fluid (not included in my set), but I just added a little hand wash, one that I knew wouldn’t make too much foam/bubbles. You have to be careful not to over fill the bowl as the Splash Guard is precisely that: it prevents splashing bit it won’t stop a Tsunami!

Once everything is ready, I placed the head (bristles) of my dirty brush into the liquid, them simply held down the operation button and allowed the brush head to spin in the water/cleanser mix until clean. I found this step took between 10 to 15 seconds depending how dirty each of my brushes was.

The next step is the drying – to do this I simply raised the brush head above the liquid, but still in the bowl and below the splash guard, and pressed the button again to enable the brush to ‘spin dry’.

Was the brush cleaner efficient?

That all seems (and was) very easy – but DID IT WORK???

OMG – yes! To be honest I was totally surprised (not to mention really pleased) at how thoroughly and quickly the set cleaned the brushes. Obviously, you can tell by the water in the bowl that any makeup has come away from the brush and I would recommend changing the water every 10 or so brushes, depending on the size of the brushes being cleaned and what product is on them. For my bigger, face powder and foundation brushes I reduced this to 5 and got excellent results. I have also found that working from larger brushes to smaller ones made the process easier.

Even my big, fluffy face powder brushes were dry and ready to use straight away, which I was amazed and majorly impressed by, as this eliminated the ‘lie them all out on a towel to dry’ and the ‘damn, now I have nothing to put my makeup on with for 24 hours’ phases of a manual wash and dry routine. The spin dry took between 5 to 10 seconds depending on the density of the brush. When brushes were super clean, dry, soft and smelt wonderful. Needless to say I am totally delighted with the results, the set and how easy it is to use. What’s more, I would add that is you don’t have this Beauty Gadget already you sooo need to get one, it WILL save you time, and doubtless extend the life of your brushes! There wasn’t a brush in my collection (I have over 70) that I couldn’t wash using this brush cleaner, the brush collars accommodated all of them and the brush spinner, whilst being relatively light weight, dealt with a variety of brush weights too.

Once I had finished cleaning all my brushes (which from start to finish took about half an hour – I watched TV whilst I did it) I simply disassembled the parts: there is a stand to keep all the brush collars safe, which sits on top of the bowl and splash guard and houses the spinner too, so it takes up minimal room and everything is to hand when you want to use it.

🌟The Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer gets a big 👍from me!🌟

Thanks for reading, hope you found this as useful as I found the Brush Cleaner and Dryer (and I l❤ve that!!) and until my next blog, take care.

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What’s Coming in January 2020

Hi, welcome back if you have been here before, if you are new here – congrats, you’ve found a NEW Beauty blog, written by a beauty addict and enthusiast, who hopes you’ll subscribe and return (often 😉). I also hope you had a wonderful Christmas, that Santa slipped some beauty gifts under your tree and that you’ll have a happy, healthy, prosperous and beautiful 2020!

I thought I’d share what’s in store for you here on entirely-beauty.com AND on Entirely Beauty’s social media throughout January, so that if you’ve missed any of my uploads, posts or pictures you’ve got chance to catch up!

Entirely Beauty is on Instagram!!!

Firstly, over on my Instagram, you can join in the #JanuaryReset, we are currently in #ReflectionWeek with daily questions which encourage you to look back at 2019 in preparation for moving forward in this new decade. To join the “Reset Set” check out Day One, get reflecting and leave your answers to the daily questions/challenges in the comments – I can’t wait to read them! Oh and follow me to make sure you don’t miss any of the January Reset challenges or questions.

On my Facebook Page the first post for 2020 was the Beauty News Awards Tag, click here to discover what products I chose for each category! Please give the page a like whilst you’re there AND take a look at my diary-style-posts detailing my Diet and Detox – another challenge I set my self as part of my January Reset series. I over-indulged a little over the festive period – gained a couple of pounds (who hasn’t?) my skin, nails and hair are not as lovely as they were, plus I feel a bit sluggish, so it’s time to take action. Fingers crossed that healthier eating and a bit of a detox will improve things. 😁

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I’ve added a couple of new boards to the Entirely Beauty Pintrest collection – one is called Just For Fun where I’m be pinning meme type stuff, of my own creation, that is nothing to do with beauty and another entitled More Than Just Makeup, which is beauty themed but also aimed at tickling ya funny bone. Enjoy 😁

I’m happy to have made a some new connections on LinkedIn, but there’s always room for more! 😉 Go see what I get up to on LinkedIn and if you are using it too why not connect with me? I’m always up for a natter via message or in the comments. (You can also chat with me in the comments below. Hint. Hint. ) 🙄

Oh, nearly forgot, I have a quick question for you – not here, but on Entirely Beauty’s Twitter! To find out what that question is together with my response, click the link. Again, looking forward to reading your answer!

Talking of looking forward, here on entirely-beauty.com in January I shall be reviewing a trilogy of Beauty Subscription Boxes that are new to me! I received November and December’s boxes and am waiting for January’s box to land, before delving into the review. I also have my first impressions of the Too Faced products I hauled just before Christmas. I shall be doing another GRWM, I enjoyed the last one and hope you did too, plus there’ll be uploads to Entirely Beauty’s existing series together with some brand new content.

I’m really excited about my plans for entirely-beauty.com in 2020, to growing and improving my blog and delivering what you, as readers and beauty enthusiasts, want me to cover. So, please do let me know what content you’d like to see.

What’s got you excited as we take our first steps into this new decade? What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Thanks for reading, see you again soon, either here, on my social media or, even better, BOTH! 😎

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Previous Blog: December Empties

Coming Soon: You NEED this!


Some of the beauty products I’ve used up (or couldn’t use up so I’m discarding them) this month. What I think of them, a top tip or two, news of what is coming soon to Entirely Beauty, an intro to one of my favourite YouTubers plus links to other Entirely Beautiful Stuff!

To those of you who celebrate it, hope you had a lovely Christmas. For those of you who don’t, I hope you’re having a fabulous day! As we are in that blurry time between Christmas and New Years – when nobody seems to know what day it is – I decided to take a break from festivities, get togethers and parties to share my Beauty Empties for December with you. Thanks for joining me 💋

A mix of fixing sprays, sugar cubes, hair products & an over-priced sheet mask! Enjoy.
  • Avon Vanilla Caramel Bubble Bath – not my favourite from this range, it has a sweet, but almost ‘burnt’ fragrance in the bottle, fortunately the strange burnt smell doesn’t transfer to the tub, but, as always, the formula foams up nicely. Disappointed with this, overall.
  • VO5 Voluptous Waves Shape My Style Creation Hairspray – on the can VO5 state they are the “UK’s No1 styling brand” and this spray is supposed to help you style waves and curls into your hair and then hold your creation all day, but easily brush out too. I wouldn’t know – the actual spray nozzle didn’t spray. At first the hairspray trickled out and after a few seconds stopped altogether. Complete waste of money and huge inconvenience as I had to dash out to the shops, mid party preperations, to buy another hairspray.
  • Anotomicals No One Gets Flirty With The Dirty Pick Me Up Body Cleanser – That has to be the longest ever name for a shower and bath gel! 😁 This clear, light and clean fragranced gel is lovely and only a little is needed to lather the whole body. Loved this, worth buying – if only to read the fun info on the tube.
  • Revolution Hyaluronic Fix – Holds makeup until you take it off, can be used to refresh too. It plumps, hydrates and makeup looks ‘natural’ with a flawless finish. The best setting spray I have used, definitely recommend and will be re-purchasing!
  • Original Source Hydrating Water Infusions Raspberry & Rose Water Shower – what is with these super long names for shower gels??? 😂 Fragrant, sweet and fruity but not too much! Soaped up well and this vitamin & antioxidant blend contains, according to the packaging, 3x moisturisers. My skin did feel soft, clean and hydrated after use, but it was the fragrance that sold this to me!
  • The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream – another product that will be returning to my stash due to it moisturising powers, lush fragrance and ease of absorption. A great hand cream to pop in your handbag and use on the daily.
  • (TOP TIP ALERT!) Obsession Lightening Glow Illuminating Fixing Spray – as a makeup setting spray this is a little too illuminating (aka shimmery) for me, but I like to experiment (please don’t judge me) and I discovered (by accident) that this product seems to increases the longevity of FAKE TAN whilst also adding to that freshly tanned, sunkissed glow all over the body! So that is how I use it. Also, during this current party season, I’ve added it to my body-party-prep routine, for a festive glow. I am obsessed (And possibly slightly eccentric).
  • Hemeier Facial Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Smooth Face Mask – out the gate this mask’s packaging/wording will have you believe it’s a K-Beauty brand (it’s not, it’s made in London). I got this in the Focallure Beauty Sub Box (if you are thinking of subscribing, DON’T! Seriously not worth the coins) and their info stated that this mask had a RRP of $35 (£26), which made me think ‘Wow, this MUST be marvellous and then some’. Erm . . . NO! It’s not bad, it just isn’t all that. Yes, it left my skin feeling good, supple and hydrated, but so do lots of sheet masks that cost pennies! Expensive doesn’t always translate to luxurious or extra beneficial. If you’d like to try it (I wouldn’t bother to be honest) poshmark.com have, at time of writing, this sheet mask on offer for $20 (£15).
  • Bristows Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo~Tropical Paradise – Really nice! The scent is exotic (I got several comments about how lovely my hair looked and smelt), it adds volume as it refreshes and is fab between shampoos. Easy to use, doesn’t leave a white cast and definitely leaves the hair feeling clean. One of my fave products/ empties this month, a worthy re-buy.
  • Avon Care Restoring Moisture Coconut Oil Body Wash – I am obsessed with the delish smell of coconut and apart from satisfying that obsession fragrance wise, this leaves the skin feeling moisturised and soft, plus it’s affordable and lasts ages. Love it.
  • Co-op Hair Care Extra Firm Hairspray – has a fine spray, gives long lasting hold but brushes out easily without leaving any residue. For a ‘home brand’ product this represents good value and did the job!
  • Harper +Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes Juice Cleanse – I recieved these in my Fab Fit Fun Autumn Box (a review of the FFF Winter Box will be winging it’s way to my blogosphere soon) and absoutely loved these little suger cubes. Firstly the smell (still very evident in the empty jar, which I keep opening and taking a deep breath from as I write this) is sooo lovely: citrus notes, distinguishably grapefruit, with lemon, orange and hints of sweetness. (Really delish). Can be used in the shower or bath, leaves the skin feeling super clean and very soft to the touch, plus the fragrance lingers on the skin too. Washing with a sugar cube is an interesting concept, but a lovely, pampering experience too.
  • Systeme Professional Clean Hair On The Go Dry Shampoo~Original – has a smell that is reminiscent of soap (the kind old ladies use, which isn’t a bad thing, just not my vibe), the spray is a little heavy (actually, it envelopes you in a ‘fog’ that is synonymous with olde London town) and if you are looking to lighten your hair by about ten shades, then this’ll do it! The white cast left by this product is vereee noticable (even to a blind man on a dashing horse) not only in/on your hair but on your clothes and the immediate vicinity in which you sprayed. If you are in the market for a dry shampoo probably best to give this a miss and go with the Bristows (see above).
  • SBC Simply Beautiful Jasmine & Starflower Bath & Shower Crème – this is a more luxurious bath product which is “rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids” to leave the skin clean, balanced and clarified. Enjoyed using this, smelt lovely and left the skin feeling soft too.
  • Soft and Gentle Anti-Perspirant~Verbena & Waterlily – whilst this offers 48 hour protection I didn’t test THAT claim (UGH! I love my showers and baths too much) but I do like the light fragrance, after all you don’t want your Anti-Perspirant to over power your perfume – right? As this is for sensitive skin I found it ok to use after shaving and, thankfully, didn’t experience that ouchy-stinging, arms-flaying, blowing-on-the-arm-pit-area ritual that some deodorants evoke. Overall a lovely product that doesn’t stain your clothes and keeps you smelling good and fresh.
  • Bubble T x Look Fantastic FunfetTea & Sprinkles Bath Fizzer – a lovely, fun product that softened both the bath water and my skin, turned the water faintly pink, smelt lush and made for a very relaxing time out bath time. (Thanks to Claire’s latest review/unboxing on her YouTube Channel – link below – I am now subbed to Bubble T’s ‘Soapscription Box‘ and eagerly awaiting my first box. So, expect a ‘Diary of a Beauty Geek made me buy it’ blog in the the not too distant future. 😁 If you haven’t already checked out Claire’s channel, you should! She is lovely and does some fantastic unboxings, reviews and tutorials. If you do pop over to Claire’s tell her Entirely Beauty says hi!)

That’s it for the Empties (and not so empties) for this month, thanks for reading.

I am super excited for the new year as I have been busy planning fab new content and can’t wait to share it with you, not only here on entirely-beauty.com but also on social media. Until my next blog, I’ve added some links below that I think you will enjoy.

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BONUSThe Chirstmas Holiday Tag – Answer these 15 Beauty Related Questions, a bit of festive fun! 🎅

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COMING SOON☆ New Year Challenge on Instagram – starts January 1st!!! 🤗

A BLOGGER I’M ENJOYING THIS MONTH☆ Time to Talk Beauty – a world of beauty from Scotland.💄

A YOU TUBER I’M ENJOYING THIS MONTH☆ Diary of A Beauty Geek – Claire’s Channel 😍

BOOK OF THE MONTH☆ Not a book exactly, it’s a Goal Planner from MiGoals 📖

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH☆ I am completely in love with Noble Isle Bath and Shower Gel~Fireside 🔥

NEW PAGE☆ I’ve added a page to entirely-beauty.com to help you connect and /or contact me, check it out HERE.

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OMG – I joined a CULT!

Unlike many other cult members, I have NOT been brainwashed, hoodwinked or coersed into the cult, I joined of my own free will because I wanted to know what it was all about. If you want to know more about my cult experience please keep reading 🤓

OK, obviously I haven’t been indoctrinated into a sect, but I do want to introduce another original series into the Entirely Beauty fold, so I’m turning my attention to the Beauty Retailers, the service and products they offer and what it’s like to shop with them. In this first chapter of the new series, I’ll share my inaugral experience of on-line shopping with Cult Beauty to discover if they are ‘The Fairest of the Mall’. 😁

My first purchase from Cult Beauty, but how was the consumer experience?

Cult Beauty – The Fairest of the Mall?

Focussed reviews of beauty retailers, from the consumers’ stand point are quite rare. There are customer comments in abundance but these tend to centre around the products purchased or complaints. When I shop I want excellent customer service, good price points, value, choice and to be able to trust and rely on the retailers I am buying from, and I doubt I am the only customer who wants that.

We Beauty Consumers really do deserve a top notch service, after all we are parting with our hard earned cash to buy products we don’t actually NEED! Yes, we WANT them (to feed our addiction 😉) but, truth be told, we could all get by without makeup!

Black Friday offered a great excuse (not that I need one) to buy products from a brand I haven’t tried previously, whilst also gaining a new consumer experience! As I hadn’t shopped with them before, I chose Cult Beauty and hoped I’d save some coin on the fairly expensive brand I wanted to buy, test and review. I found the process of shopping, ordering and payment really easy, and once my order was placed an email popped into my inbox confirming everything.

Easy to navigate web site?

Describing themselves as being “THE destination for the very best in beauty…” The Cult Beauty website is very easy to navigate as you can shop by category, brand, season, trends or check out their offers, plus you can do a specific search. There are also options to ‘Join The Cult’ (aka subscribe to their newsletter) and you can register an account – which does make for even easier shopping, so overall, Cult Beauty has a typical on-line ‘Store Front’.


I recommend taking a few minutes to check out their Customer Service Help Centre and FAQ pages before you buy, as there is lots of additional info there to help you get the best from your shopping experience, here’s a few examples.

Check out the offers section as there are lots of FREEBIES to be had! At time of writing there’s a whopping 28 of ’em! Yes, they are ‘spend dependent’, but, if you are planning to purchase one of these brands anyway, you can take advantage & get yourself an extra product!

You can receive CASHBACK on your purchase (I got 12% of my total spend back – happy days!) A full list of Cult Beauty’s cashback partners can be found by clicking ‘promotions’ then ‘cashback queries’ and following the instructions.

If you spend £50 or more with Cult Beauty you are eligible for an edit of luxury FREE SAMPLES at checkout, this edit is subject to availability and changes regularly. Unfortunately, but I guess, understandably, these samples were not available during their Black Friday promotions (so Cult Beauty could streamline delivery) so I don’t know what kind or size of samples are in this edit.

Delivery and packaging – was it fast and safe?

Talking of DELIVERY, my package from Cult Beauty arrived within 3 working days of placing my order, which, given the volume of dispatches they must have had to deal with for Black Friday orders, is nothing short of EXCELLENT! Everything arrived, as ordered, complete and undamaged, in safe, secure and recyclable packaging AND the P&P was FREE!

I bought a ‘full-face’ of Too Faced products from Cult Beauty

My introduction to Cult Beauty was due to a Too Faced haul, a first impression of which is coming to Entirely Beauty soon. With over 50 Too Faced products to choose from on the Cult Beauty website I had no problems finding exactly what I wanted. (Without giving to much away I totally love my purchases! OK, actually that is kinda giving it away, 😂 but please do pop back for my ‘First Impressions of Too Faced’ blog, where I’ll be looking at application, wearability, value and packaging etc.) There are lovely, clear product photos and fabulous descriptions of all the many products on the Cult Beauty site, designed to help you decide whether a product is for you. There are snippets of various brand backgrounds, explanations of what to expect from your purchase(s) and even ‘how to use’ micro tutorials – all of which is super useful.

Are you having a CULT Christmas?

Aside from my products and invoice/delivery note I also found a lovely magazine from Cult Beauty(see photo above), which has useful articles and information about the various brands and products they have available. I’m not sure if the magazine is published on a regular basis, I received the Christmas edition in my parcel and you can check it out HERE. This was nice added extra, I liked receiving and reading Cult Beauty’s magazine, although it gave me FOMO with regards to other brands. 😁

The Black Friday deal saved me £33.60 and I received just over £16 cash back too, giving me a total saving of almost £50!!

As you can see from my invoice in the photo above, Cult Beauty’s paperwork is really easy to understand. Every purchase is itemised, any discounts are shown – in my case the Black Friday 20% off discount, the tax included is detailed together with the Grand Total. There is also some useful info on the paperwork about contacting Cult Beauty if you need Customer Service and should you need to return anything there is a pre-printed sticky label to enable you to do so. It’s all so worry free and straight forward that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cult Beauty or to order from them again, as they seem to be very much on the beauty ball!

You get social with CULT BEAUTY on all these platforms.

Cult Beauty are also on the ball where their Social Media is concerned, making them very easy to contact, which is to be applauded. Not only that but they favour NAMED contacts as you can see from the Twitter example below, which makes for a more personal level of service. After making my purchase I let Olivia know I had taken advantage of their BF deal, we had a nice chat and I was invited to notify her when this blog went live, so that she and the team could have a read, which I thought was actually really nice of her.

For my conversation with Olivia of Cult Beauty check out the comments on this tweet.

Having joined the Cult, what do I really think?

Overall, finding the products I wanted on the customer friendly website was a doddle, as was taking advantage of the BF 20% off deal. From my order being placed to actually playing with my products everything was really plain sailing! I have no complaints about Cult Beauty whatsoever, but from researching them and how they operate I feel sure that if I’d experienced a problem at any stage, it would have been dealt with swiftly and professionally to my satisfaction.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the Luxury Samples Edit, as not only would I love to have an idea of what’s included in the edit, but I could’ve written a paragraph or two about those samples and added photos to give you a fuller review. That said, I do understand that delivery was probably a lot faster for not having the edit available during Black Friday promotions.

In the grand scheme of makeup things, I was, and remain, super impressed with my all round experience of Cult Beauty: my purchases certainly gave me good value for money, the web site is fab, the products available are, quite simply, CULT products, delivery was speedy, nothing was damaged and I saved almost £50!

All that remains now is the magical question…

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, is Cult Beauty a contender for fairest of the mall?”

You bet ya happy-ever-afters they are! If you want cult products, from around the world, and a good shopping experience then CULT BEAUTY is a fairy tale dream. Makeup Cinderellas will have a ball exploring Cult Beauty’s site and the lovely products they have ‘in store’ will make princesses of you all. My ‘Fairy Godmother’ (aka Black Friday and Cash Back) saved me £50, but there are other magical offers available, and receiving, using and wearing my Too Faced products was more rewarding than finding a Prince Charming! If you’re a Sleeping Beauty, yet to experience the wonders of Cult Beauty, don’t wait for true love’s first kiss, wake up now and go check them out.

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Shopped My Stash – November

Part I: Skin Care

A range of Sukin products and some other greatvproducts too.
I trailed this selection of skin care for the month of November, here are my thoughts on each product I SHOPPED from MY STASH!

Here on Entirely Beauty, it’s that time again: November is over, I shopped my stash for skin care products, used them for the whole month and am now ready to share my thoughts on their performance, price and all the other particulars of each product. This regular Entirely Beauty series allows me to thoroughly test out products I already have in my collection and give you a better, honest, insight based on actual use rather than first impressions. If you missed my skin care round up for October go to – Shopped My Stash. Also, keep an eye open for November’s Parts II and III – Make Up and Hair Care.

IS this a TRUE gem of a cleanser?

Step One: The TRUE oil cleanse

You can smell the ‘Organicness’ of this oil from the get go, as the Safflower and Geranium are very pleasantly evident. True cleansing oil is applied to dry skin (morning and night), by massaging in upward, circular motions as this action helps improve circulation and, therefore, the appearance of the skin, plus it ensures and even, total coverage. I left it on my skin this ‘natural state’ for a few minutes to let the product melt away make up and dirt. I then either removed using a warm damp face cloth or added a splash of warm water and used my facial massager for a really deep cleanse. True oil removes make up and cleanses really nicely, the skin feels energised and soft after use, plus, it is safe to use in the eye area, where it is capable of removing the most dramatic of eye looks and waterproof mascara. Overall a great product, the only negative I discovered was that no matter how tight the cap is screwed on, it has a tendency to leak if not kept upright, which meant I lost some product. Otherwise, it performs great, smells delish and I love the effect it had on my skin.

Lubbly Jubbly Bubbly Cleanser?

Step Two: A Second Cleanse – Sukin Signature Foaming Facial Cleanser

This lightweight gel foaming cleanser is suitable for all skin types, is parabin free and promises to clarify, cleanse and lightly hydrate the skin with the aid of its key ingredients – chamomile, aloe vera, green tea and witch hazel all of which combine to give a very lush, clean and fresh smelling cleanse! Only a small amount Signature is necessary for a good cleanse as, with the addition of warm water, it really does foam up, a lot! Again, I would suggest an upward, circular massage whilst using Signature, which seemed to tighten the skin, made my face, neck and décolatage feel super cleansed, soft and fresh. Simply remove by splashing the face with warm water or by using a face cloth. I love this cleanser, found it easy to use, economical (a bottle lasts ages – after a full month of use at least twice a day, I still have lots left) and despite the inexpensive price tag, it performs like it belongs in a higher price bracket. I definately recommend this Australian, natural cleanser and will be working Signature back into my skin routine in the future.

A refreshing mist toner from down under?

Step 3: Sukin Original Mist Toner

This Toner is a multi-tasker and then some! I used it after double cleansing, and found that it helped to soothe and purify. But, as per the directions, I also used it as a primer where it enabled my makeup to sit comfortably on the skin and as a setting spray – here it added a ‘natural blend’ effect and gave colours added depth. It also proved useful as a refresh spray (with or without makeup) as it cools the skin and hydrates. It’s suitable to use on the face AND body and can be used under or over gels, creams and lotions. So, it’s a real all rounder. I would imagine this ‘mist toner’ would be even more useful in summer as it’s calming, cooling and refreshing, no doubt due to the inclusion of chamomile and rose. The fragrance is light and lovely, leaning more towards the chamomile than rose. Finally, this paraben and alcohol free mist toner became a favourite in my routine and is suitable for all skin types.

Budget Beauty Serum for a pound – any good?

Step Four: #6 Anti-Ageing Derma Serum

#6 is a relatively new skin care range made, and sold, exclusively for, and in, Poundland, a UK chain of stores where everything is just £1. I hadn’t expected the range to include a serum that cost just £1, especially one containing peptides, jojoba oil, white water Lily extract , rice milk plus vitamins A, C and E and claimed to be good for all skin types and fragrance free. How do they do all that, retail it for just a pound and still make money?? Admittedly it’s not as rich or thickly creamy in texture as some of the serum creams I have tried (you know, the ones with the BIG price tags) that said, it isn’t watery & thin either. It applies like a dream, my skin drank it in, and as it states, there is no fragrance. Do I think it worked? Yes, I do! It delivered extra moisture, helped in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sat well over my toner and under my day and night creams and felt lovely on the skin. I would advise giving this, like any other serum, a few minutes to soak in before applying moisturiser, but on the mornings when I was rushing to get to work and didn’t have time, this product didn’t ‘ball up’ or show any other signs of failing me. I really hope Poundland/#6 keep this range in store and add to it so everyone can enjoy the benefits!

Sukin for Daytime Moisture

Step Five Morning: Sukin Facial Moisturiser

For daytime I selected Sukin Facial Moisturiser, which is also parabin free and suitable for all skin types. Although this cream is lightweight and easily absorbed, it has a richness to it, probably due to the blend of oils it contains (sesame, rosehip, jojoba and avocado). Personally, I didn’t like the ‘fragrance’ of this product, it has what I can best describe as a plastic/plasticine smell, which I found quite off putting and didn’t understand either as I have used other products containing one these oils (or derivatives) and have like the fragrances of those, so maybe it’s the blend of all four? Fortunately, however, the smell does fade pretty quickly and I did like the smooth and supple effect it had on my skin AND felt that it helped to lessen the noticability of fine lines and wrinkles. I applied this to my face, neck and décolletage using my finger tips, with a gentle massage and found it worked a treat, with the texture of my skin improving each day.

A budget Night Cream but does it work?

Step Five Night: #6 Anti-ageing Night Cream

For Nightime moisturisation I returned to budget beauty and #6 from Poundland. I had my reservations about this £1 Night Cream, but after using it throughout November, I have to say that I really like the product and enjoyed using it. It has a light and slightly flowery perfume, a midweight, but suitably rich, consistency you would expect from a night cream and it was nice to wake up each morning to hydrated and smooth skin. For a budget night cream ( I doubt there is anything else comparable for this price point on the market) this #6 Anti-ageing Night Cream really did suprise me: Although I used it every night for a whole month I have only used about half the pot, it’s non greasy and suitable for all skin types, smells nice and does do what a night cream should, so YES- definitely a beauty bargain!

A sleep oil, good for day & Night?

Step Six: Amazing Sleep Oil

Obvs this Super Healthy Skin Sleep Oil is, as the clue in its name suggests a ‘Night’ oil, but, I often use products in ways other than those intended, so I utilised this oil during the day too. I wouldn’t recommend someone with oily or combo skin to do this, but if your skin is normal or dry (mine has a tendency to be a little drier at this time of year) then it may help to hydrate and protect. During the day I used just two drops and found this was ample to give a light coverage to my face, neck and décolletage and it did seem to help increase the moisture level of my skin. At night I doubled that to 4 drops. In both cases I allowed the oil to sink into my skin before applying makeup or getting into bed. Beauty Pie’s sleep oil is a lightweight formulation, that feels great on the skin and has an equally light, very pleasant fragrance that is, well, really nice, actually. The sleep oil contains padinami, kalpariane, linoleic and essential fatty acids together with evening primrose oil, forage and carrot oil, (ie lots of good stuff) and can be used on top of or in place of night cream. For personal preference (and to increase moisture levels) I used it on top of my night cream and day cream, and it performed well.

And Eye Wonder if this was wonderful?

Step 7: Eye Cream

I really like Windows to the Soul Eye Cream from Temple Spa so that is, for me, the bar that any other eye creams have to reach! Balanceme Eye Cream came fairly close to that bar. This cream has a distinct, almost medical aroma to it, but the formulation offers a good cooling sensation, is quickly absorbed, is non-greasy and 99% natural. This ‘tripple’ action Wonder is said to address dark circles, firm the delicate eye area and reduce any puffiness. After a few late night’s I did notice the decrease in the resultant puffiness around my eyes and the shadows there also faded. This cream didn’t have an adverse effect on my eye makeup application and with continued use I did notice that the texture of the eye area improved and there was some firming too. Not overly keen on the smell of this product, but I did like its consistency and the fact that as the month progressed, and regardless of more late nights, Balanceme seemed to prevent those tell-tale puffy eyes the morning after a night before!

A little something extra for the skin

Additional Optional Step: Sukin Supergreens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

This sweet scented, paraben (and other nasties) free facial scrub from Sukin is great for normal to dry skin types and leaves the skin feeling ‘polished’ thanks to the jojoba beads included in the formulation, which are teeny tiny and therefore, offer a gentle ‘scrub’. Despite that gentleness however, I only used this product 2 to 3 times a week as I felt this was ample for my skin. I applied the facial scrub, which also contains extract of super greens and bamboo, to my dampened skin and cleansed skin, massaging it onto my face using a light touch, basically letting the product do the scrub, rather than using a heavy or too vigorous hand. Sukin claims that their facial scrub improves texture and brightens, I would have to agree and add that it’s pleasant both during use and with regard to how the skin feels afterwards. If you want skin that feels like glass (and who doesn’t) then this is the product for you!

How did these products perform together?

A good combo or a big no-no?

As a complete routine these products complimented each other quite well and made for a good combination as they each addressed either different skin problems or built on the good work of the previous step, so overall I was happy and suitably impressed by the skin care products I selected from my collection when I Shopped My Stash. Sukin is a brand I like, mainly because the products are natural, free from nasty additives and not too expensive either. The #6 products were surprising considering the cost and having tried two of #6’s products I am intrigued by this brand to the point where I am considering buying more from the range and using them together to build a whole skin care routine to see what the results are. The Balanceme came fairly close to my Holy Grail eye cream by Temple Spa and again impressed me enough to want to try other products from the Balanceme range.

So, November was another fab skin care month, my skin looks and feels good and I somehow managed to curate another good selection of products from my stash. I have found some new faves and rediscovered some products I had all but forgotten about. Shopping your stash is a good way to use up products from your collection, save money and gives the products a whole month to prove their worth, you might want to give it go, it’ll save you coin too. Impressed I am, smooth skin I have.

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