Some of the beauty products I’ve used up (or couldn’t use up so I’m discarding them) this month. What I think of them, a top tip or two, news of what is coming soon to Entirely Beauty, an intro to one of my favourite YouTubers plus links to other Entirely Beautiful Stuff!

To those of you who celebrate it, hope you had a lovely Christmas. For those of you who don’t, I hope you’re having a fabulous day! As we are in that blurry time between Christmas and New Years – when nobody seems to know what day it is – I decided to take a break from festivities, get togethers and parties to share my Beauty Empties for December with you. Thanks for joining me 💋

A mix of fixing sprays, sugar cubes, hair products & an over-priced sheet mask! Enjoy.
  • Avon Vanilla Caramel Bubble Bath – not my favourite from this range, it has a sweet, but almost ‘burnt’ fragrance in the bottle, fortunately the strange burnt smell doesn’t transfer to the tub, but, as always, the formula foams up nicely. Disappointed with this, overall.
  • VO5 Voluptous Waves Shape My Style Creation Hairspray – on the can VO5 state they are the “UK’s No1 styling brand” and this spray is supposed to help you style waves and curls into your hair and then hold your creation all day, but easily brush out too. I wouldn’t know – the actual spray nozzle didn’t spray. At first the hairspray trickled out and after a few seconds stopped altogether. Complete waste of money and huge inconvenience as I had to dash out to the shops, mid party preperations, to buy another hairspray.
  • Anotomicals No One Gets Flirty With The Dirty Pick Me Up Body Cleanser – That has to be the longest ever name for a shower and bath gel! 😁 This clear, light and clean fragranced gel is lovely and only a little is needed to lather the whole body. Loved this, worth buying – if only to read the fun info on the tube.
  • Revolution Hyaluronic Fix – Holds makeup until you take it off, can be used to refresh too. It plumps, hydrates and makeup looks ‘natural’ with a flawless finish. The best setting spray I have used, definitely recommend and will be re-purchasing!
  • Original Source Hydrating Water Infusions Raspberry & Rose Water Shower – what is with these super long names for shower gels??? 😂 Fragrant, sweet and fruity but not too much! Soaped up well and this vitamin & antioxidant blend contains, according to the packaging, 3x moisturisers. My skin did feel soft, clean and hydrated after use, but it was the fragrance that sold this to me!
  • The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream – another product that will be returning to my stash due to it moisturising powers, lush fragrance and ease of absorption. A great hand cream to pop in your handbag and use on the daily.
  • (TOP TIP ALERT!) Obsession Lightening Glow Illuminating Fixing Spray – as a makeup setting spray this is a little too illuminating (aka shimmery) for me, but I like to experiment (please don’t judge me) and I discovered (by accident) that this product seems to increases the longevity of FAKE TAN whilst also adding to that freshly tanned, sunkissed glow all over the body! So that is how I use it. Also, during this current party season, I’ve added it to my body-party-prep routine, for a festive glow. I am obsessed (And possibly slightly eccentric).
  • Hemeier Facial Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Smooth Face Mask – out the gate this mask’s packaging/wording will have you believe it’s a K-Beauty brand (it’s not, it’s made in London). I got this in the Focallure Beauty Sub Box (if you are thinking of subscribing, DON’T! Seriously not worth the coins) and their info stated that this mask had a RRP of $35 (£26), which made me think ‘Wow, this MUST be marvellous and then some’. Erm . . . NO! It’s not bad, it just isn’t all that. Yes, it left my skin feeling good, supple and hydrated, but so do lots of sheet masks that cost pennies! Expensive doesn’t always translate to luxurious or extra beneficial. If you’d like to try it (I wouldn’t bother to be honest) have, at time of writing, this sheet mask on offer for $20 (£15).
  • Bristows Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo~Tropical Paradise – Really nice! The scent is exotic (I got several comments about how lovely my hair looked and smelt), it adds volume as it refreshes and is fab between shampoos. Easy to use, doesn’t leave a white cast and definitely leaves the hair feeling clean. One of my fave products/ empties this month, a worthy re-buy.
  • Avon Care Restoring Moisture Coconut Oil Body Wash – I am obsessed with the delish smell of coconut and apart from satisfying that obsession fragrance wise, this leaves the skin feeling moisturised and soft, plus it’s affordable and lasts ages. Love it.
  • Co-op Hair Care Extra Firm Hairspray – has a fine spray, gives long lasting hold but brushes out easily without leaving any residue. For a ‘home brand’ product this represents good value and did the job!
  • Harper +Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes Juice Cleanse – I recieved these in my Fab Fit Fun Autumn Box (a review of the FFF Winter Box will be winging it’s way to my blogosphere soon) and absoutely loved these little suger cubes. Firstly the smell (still very evident in the empty jar, which I keep opening and taking a deep breath from as I write this) is sooo lovely: citrus notes, distinguishably grapefruit, with lemon, orange and hints of sweetness. (Really delish). Can be used in the shower or bath, leaves the skin feeling super clean and very soft to the touch, plus the fragrance lingers on the skin too. Washing with a sugar cube is an interesting concept, but a lovely, pampering experience too.
  • Systeme Professional Clean Hair On The Go Dry Shampoo~Original – has a smell that is reminiscent of soap (the kind old ladies use, which isn’t a bad thing, just not my vibe), the spray is a little heavy (actually, it envelopes you in a ‘fog’ that is synonymous with olde London town) and if you are looking to lighten your hair by about ten shades, then this’ll do it! The white cast left by this product is vereee noticable (even to a blind man on a dashing horse) not only in/on your hair but on your clothes and the immediate vicinity in which you sprayed. If you are in the market for a dry shampoo probably best to give this a miss and go with the Bristows (see above).
  • SBC Simply Beautiful Jasmine & Starflower Bath & Shower Crème – this is a more luxurious bath product which is “rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids” to leave the skin clean, balanced and clarified. Enjoyed using this, smelt lovely and left the skin feeling soft too.
  • Soft and Gentle Anti-Perspirant~Verbena & Waterlily – whilst this offers 48 hour protection I didn’t test THAT claim (UGH! I love my showers and baths too much) but I do like the light fragrance, after all you don’t want your Anti-Perspirant to over power your perfume – right? As this is for sensitive skin I found it ok to use after shaving and, thankfully, didn’t experience that ouchy-stinging, arms-flaying, blowing-on-the-arm-pit-area ritual that some deodorants evoke. Overall a lovely product that doesn’t stain your clothes and keeps you smelling good and fresh.
  • Bubble T x Look Fantastic FunfetTea & Sprinkles Bath Fizzer – a lovely, fun product that softened both the bath water and my skin, turned the water faintly pink, smelt lush and made for a very relaxing time out bath time. (Thanks to Claire’s latest review/unboxing on her YouTube Channel – link below – I am now subbed to Bubble T’s ‘Soapscription Box‘ and eagerly awaiting my first box. So, expect a ‘Diary of a Beauty Geek made me buy it’ blog in the the not too distant future. 😁 If you haven’t already checked out Claire’s channel, you should! She is lovely and does some fantastic unboxings, reviews and tutorials. If you do pop over to Claire’s tell her Entirely Beauty says hi!)

That’s it for the Empties (and not so empties) for this month, thanks for reading.

I am super excited for the new year as I have been busy planning fab new content and can’t wait to share it with you, not only here on but also on social media. Until my next blog, I’ve added some links below that I think you will enjoy.

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OMG – I joined a CULT!

Unlike many other cult members, I have NOT been brainwashed, hoodwinked or coersed into the cult, I joined of my own free will because I wanted to know what it was all about. If you want to know more about my cult experience please keep reading 🤓

OK, obviously I haven’t been indoctrinated into a sect, but I do want to introduce another original series into the Entirely Beauty fold, so I’m turning my attention to the Beauty Retailers, the service and products they offer and what it’s like to shop with them. In this first chapter of the new series, I’ll share my inaugral experience of on-line shopping with Cult Beauty to discover if they are ‘The Fairest of the Mall’. 😁

My first purchase from Cult Beauty, but how was the consumer experience?

Cult Beauty – The Fairest of the Mall?

Focussed reviews of beauty retailers, from the consumers’ stand point are quite rare. There are customer comments in abundance but these tend to centre around the products purchased or complaints. When I shop I want excellent customer service, good price points, value, choice and to be able to trust and rely on the retailers I am buying from, and I doubt I am the only customer who wants that.

We Beauty Consumers really do deserve a top notch service, after all we are parting with our hard earned cash to buy products we don’t actually NEED! Yes, we WANT them (to feed our addiction 😉) but, truth be told, we could all get by without makeup!

Black Friday offered a great excuse (not that I need one) to buy products from a brand I haven’t tried previously, whilst also gaining a new consumer experience! As I hadn’t shopped with them before, I chose Cult Beauty and hoped I’d save some coin on the fairly expensive brand I wanted to buy, test and review. I found the process of shopping, ordering and payment really easy, and once my order was placed an email popped into my inbox confirming everything.

Easy to navigate web site?

Describing themselves as being “THE destination for the very best in beauty…” The Cult Beauty website is very easy to navigate as you can shop by category, brand, season, trends or check out their offers, plus you can do a specific search. There are also options to ‘Join The Cult’ (aka subscribe to their newsletter) and you can register an account – which does make for even easier shopping, so overall, Cult Beauty has a typical on-line ‘Store Front’.


I recommend taking a few minutes to check out their Customer Service Help Centre and FAQ pages before you buy, as there is lots of additional info there to help you get the best from your shopping experience, here’s a few examples.

Check out the offers section as there are lots of FREEBIES to be had! At time of writing there’s a whopping 28 of ’em! Yes, they are ‘spend dependent’, but, if you are planning to purchase one of these brands anyway, you can take advantage & get yourself an extra product!

You can receive CASHBACK on your purchase (I got 12% of my total spend back – happy days!) A full list of Cult Beauty’s cashback partners can be found by clicking ‘promotions’ then ‘cashback queries’ and following the instructions.

If you spend £50 or more with Cult Beauty you are eligible for an edit of luxury FREE SAMPLES at checkout, this edit is subject to availability and changes regularly. Unfortunately, but I guess, understandably, these samples were not available during their Black Friday promotions (so Cult Beauty could streamline delivery) so I don’t know what kind or size of samples are in this edit.

Delivery and packaging – was it fast and safe?

Talking of DELIVERY, my package from Cult Beauty arrived within 3 working days of placing my order, which, given the volume of dispatches they must have had to deal with for Black Friday orders, is nothing short of EXCELLENT! Everything arrived, as ordered, complete and undamaged, in safe, secure and recyclable packaging AND the P&P was FREE!

I bought a ‘full-face’ of Too Faced products from Cult Beauty

My introduction to Cult Beauty was due to a Too Faced haul, a first impression of which is coming to Entirely Beauty soon. With over 50 Too Faced products to choose from on the Cult Beauty website I had no problems finding exactly what I wanted. (Without giving to much away I totally love my purchases! OK, actually that is kinda giving it away, 😂 but please do pop back for my ‘First Impressions of Too Faced’ blog, where I’ll be looking at application, wearability, value and packaging etc.) There are lovely, clear product photos and fabulous descriptions of all the many products on the Cult Beauty site, designed to help you decide whether a product is for you. There are snippets of various brand backgrounds, explanations of what to expect from your purchase(s) and even ‘how to use’ micro tutorials – all of which is super useful.

Are you having a CULT Christmas?

Aside from my products and invoice/delivery note I also found a lovely magazine from Cult Beauty(see photo above), which has useful articles and information about the various brands and products they have available. I’m not sure if the magazine is published on a regular basis, I received the Christmas edition in my parcel and you can check it out HERE. This was nice added extra, I liked receiving and reading Cult Beauty’s magazine, although it gave me FOMO with regards to other brands. 😁

The Black Friday deal saved me £33.60 and I received just over £16 cash back too, giving me a total saving of almost £50!!

As you can see from my invoice in the photo above, Cult Beauty’s paperwork is really easy to understand. Every purchase is itemised, any discounts are shown – in my case the Black Friday 20% off discount, the tax included is detailed together with the Grand Total. There is also some useful info on the paperwork about contacting Cult Beauty if you need Customer Service and should you need to return anything there is a pre-printed sticky label to enable you to do so. It’s all so worry free and straight forward that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cult Beauty or to order from them again, as they seem to be very much on the beauty ball!

You get social with CULT BEAUTY on all these platforms.

Cult Beauty are also on the ball where their Social Media is concerned, making them very easy to contact, which is to be applauded. Not only that but they favour NAMED contacts as you can see from the Twitter example below, which makes for a more personal level of service. After making my purchase I let Olivia know I had taken advantage of their BF deal, we had a nice chat and I was invited to notify her when this blog went live, so that she and the team could have a read, which I thought was actually really nice of her.

For my conversation with Olivia of Cult Beauty check out the comments on this tweet.

Having joined the Cult, what do I really think?

Overall, finding the products I wanted on the customer friendly website was a doddle, as was taking advantage of the BF 20% off deal. From my order being placed to actually playing with my products everything was really plain sailing! I have no complaints about Cult Beauty whatsoever, but from researching them and how they operate I feel sure that if I’d experienced a problem at any stage, it would have been dealt with swiftly and professionally to my satisfaction.

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the Luxury Samples Edit, as not only would I love to have an idea of what’s included in the edit, but I could’ve written a paragraph or two about those samples and added photos to give you a fuller review. That said, I do understand that delivery was probably a lot faster for not having the edit available during Black Friday promotions.

In the grand scheme of makeup things, I was, and remain, super impressed with my all round experience of Cult Beauty: my purchases certainly gave me good value for money, the web site is fab, the products available are, quite simply, CULT products, delivery was speedy, nothing was damaged and I saved almost £50!

All that remains now is the magical question…

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, is Cult Beauty a contender for fairest of the mall?”

You bet ya happy-ever-afters they are! If you want cult products, from around the world, and a good shopping experience then CULT BEAUTY is a fairy tale dream. Makeup Cinderellas will have a ball exploring Cult Beauty’s site and the lovely products they have ‘in store’ will make princesses of you all. My ‘Fairy Godmother’ (aka Black Friday and Cash Back) saved me £50, but there are other magical offers available, and receiving, using and wearing my Too Faced products was more rewarding than finding a Prince Charming! If you’re a Sleeping Beauty, yet to experience the wonders of Cult Beauty, don’t wait for true love’s first kiss, wake up now and go check them out.

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate you stopping by. Look out for my answers to the Christmas Holiday Tag over on the Entirely Beauty Face Book page (please give the page like while you’re there) and feel free to check out Entirely Beauty’s other social media platforms (links below) See you again soon.

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Shopped My Stash – November

Part I: Skin Care

A range of Sukin products and some other greatvproducts too.
I trailed this selection of skin care for the month of November, here are my thoughts on each product I SHOPPED from MY STASH!

Here on Entirely Beauty, it’s that time again: November is over, I shopped my stash for skin care products, used them for the whole month and am now ready to share my thoughts on their performance, price and all the other particulars of each product. This regular Entirely Beauty series allows me to thoroughly test out products I already have in my collection and give you a better, honest, insight based on actual use rather than first impressions. If you missed my skin care round up for October go to – Shopped My Stash. Also, keep an eye open for November’s Parts II and III – Make Up and Hair Care.

IS this a TRUE gem of a cleanser?

Step One: The TRUE oil cleanse

You can smell the ‘Organicness’ of this oil from the get go, as the Safflower and Geranium are very pleasantly evident. True cleansing oil is applied to dry skin (morning and night), by massaging in upward, circular motions as this action helps improve circulation and, therefore, the appearance of the skin, plus it ensures and even, total coverage. I left it on my skin this ‘natural state’ for a few minutes to let the product melt away make up and dirt. I then either removed using a warm damp face cloth or added a splash of warm water and used my facial massager for a really deep cleanse. True oil removes make up and cleanses really nicely, the skin feels energised and soft after use, plus, it is safe to use in the eye area, where it is capable of removing the most dramatic of eye looks and waterproof mascara. Overall a great product, the only negative I discovered was that no matter how tight the cap is screwed on, it has a tendency to leak if not kept upright, which meant I lost some product. Otherwise, it performs great, smells delish and I love the effect it had on my skin.

Lubbly Jubbly Bubbly Cleanser?

Step Two: A Second Cleanse – Sukin Signature Foaming Facial Cleanser

This lightweight gel foaming cleanser is suitable for all skin types, is parabin free and promises to clarify, cleanse and lightly hydrate the skin with the aid of its key ingredients – chamomile, aloe vera, green tea and witch hazel all of which combine to give a very lush, clean and fresh smelling cleanse! Only a small amount Signature is necessary for a good cleanse as, with the addition of warm water, it really does foam up, a lot! Again, I would suggest an upward, circular massage whilst using Signature, which seemed to tighten the skin, made my face, neck and décolatage feel super cleansed, soft and fresh. Simply remove by splashing the face with warm water or by using a face cloth. I love this cleanser, found it easy to use, economical (a bottle lasts ages – after a full month of use at least twice a day, I still have lots left) and despite the inexpensive price tag, it performs like it belongs in a higher price bracket. I definately recommend this Australian, natural cleanser and will be working Signature back into my skin routine in the future.

A refreshing mist toner from down under?

Step 3: Sukin Original Mist Toner

This Toner is a multi-tasker and then some! I used it after double cleansing, and found that it helped to soothe and purify. But, as per the directions, I also used it as a primer where it enabled my makeup to sit comfortably on the skin and as a setting spray – here it added a ‘natural blend’ effect and gave colours added depth. It also proved useful as a refresh spray (with or without makeup) as it cools the skin and hydrates. It’s suitable to use on the face AND body and can be used under or over gels, creams and lotions. So, it’s a real all rounder. I would imagine this ‘mist toner’ would be even more useful in summer as it’s calming, cooling and refreshing, no doubt due to the inclusion of chamomile and rose. The fragrance is light and lovely, leaning more towards the chamomile than rose. Finally, this paraben and alcohol free mist toner became a favourite in my routine and is suitable for all skin types.

Budget Beauty Serum for a pound – any good?

Step Four: #6 Anti-Ageing Derma Serum

#6 is a relatively new skin care range made, and sold, exclusively for, and in, Poundland, a UK chain of stores where everything is just £1. I hadn’t expected the range to include a serum that cost just £1, especially one containing peptides, jojoba oil, white water Lily extract , rice milk plus vitamins A, C and E and claimed to be good for all skin types and fragrance free. How do they do all that, retail it for just a pound and still make money?? Admittedly it’s not as rich or thickly creamy in texture as some of the serum creams I have tried (you know, the ones with the BIG price tags) that said, it isn’t watery & thin either. It applies like a dream, my skin drank it in, and as it states, there is no fragrance. Do I think it worked? Yes, I do! It delivered extra moisture, helped in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sat well over my toner and under my day and night creams and felt lovely on the skin. I would advise giving this, like any other serum, a few minutes to soak in before applying moisturiser, but on the mornings when I was rushing to get to work and didn’t have time, this product didn’t ‘ball up’ or show any other signs of failing me. I really hope Poundland/#6 keep this range in store and add to it so everyone can enjoy the benefits!

Sukin for Daytime Moisture

Step Five Morning: Sukin Facial Moisturiser

For daytime I selected Sukin Facial Moisturiser, which is also parabin free and suitable for all skin types. Although this cream is lightweight and easily absorbed, it has a richness to it, probably due to the blend of oils it contains (sesame, rosehip, jojoba and avocado). Personally, I didn’t like the ‘fragrance’ of this product, it has what I can best describe as a plastic/plasticine smell, which I found quite off putting and didn’t understand either as I have used other products containing one these oils (or derivatives) and have like the fragrances of those, so maybe it’s the blend of all four? Fortunately, however, the smell does fade pretty quickly and I did like the smooth and supple effect it had on my skin AND felt that it helped to lessen the noticability of fine lines and wrinkles. I applied this to my face, neck and décolletage using my finger tips, with a gentle massage and found it worked a treat, with the texture of my skin improving each day.

A budget Night Cream but does it work?

Step Five Night: #6 Anti-ageing Night Cream

For Nightime moisturisation I returned to budget beauty and #6 from Poundland. I had my reservations about this £1 Night Cream, but after using it throughout November, I have to say that I really like the product and enjoyed using it. It has a light and slightly flowery perfume, a midweight, but suitably rich, consistency you would expect from a night cream and it was nice to wake up each morning to hydrated and smooth skin. For a budget night cream ( I doubt there is anything else comparable for this price point on the market) this #6 Anti-ageing Night Cream really did suprise me: Although I used it every night for a whole month I have only used about half the pot, it’s non greasy and suitable for all skin types, smells nice and does do what a night cream should, so YES- definitely a beauty bargain!

A sleep oil, good for day & Night?

Step Six: Amazing Sleep Oil

Obvs this Super Healthy Skin Sleep Oil is, as the clue in its name suggests a ‘Night’ oil, but, I often use products in ways other than those intended, so I utilised this oil during the day too. I wouldn’t recommend someone with oily or combo skin to do this, but if your skin is normal or dry (mine has a tendency to be a little drier at this time of year) then it may help to hydrate and protect. During the day I used just two drops and found this was ample to give a light coverage to my face, neck and décolletage and it did seem to help increase the moisture level of my skin. At night I doubled that to 4 drops. In both cases I allowed the oil to sink into my skin before applying makeup or getting into bed. Beauty Pie’s sleep oil is a lightweight formulation, that feels great on the skin and has an equally light, very pleasant fragrance that is, well, really nice, actually. The sleep oil contains padinami, kalpariane, linoleic and essential fatty acids together with evening primrose oil, forage and carrot oil, (ie lots of good stuff) and can be used on top of or in place of night cream. For personal preference (and to increase moisture levels) I used it on top of my night cream and day cream, and it performed well.

And Eye Wonder if this was wonderful?

Step 7: Eye Cream

I really like Windows to the Soul Eye Cream from Temple Spa so that is, for me, the bar that any other eye creams have to reach! Balanceme Eye Cream came fairly close to that bar. This cream has a distinct, almost medical aroma to it, but the formulation offers a good cooling sensation, is quickly absorbed, is non-greasy and 99% natural. This ‘tripple’ action Wonder is said to address dark circles, firm the delicate eye area and reduce any puffiness. After a few late night’s I did notice the decrease in the resultant puffiness around my eyes and the shadows there also faded. This cream didn’t have an adverse effect on my eye makeup application and with continued use I did notice that the texture of the eye area improved and there was some firming too. Not overly keen on the smell of this product, but I did like its consistency and the fact that as the month progressed, and regardless of more late nights, Balanceme seemed to prevent those tell-tale puffy eyes the morning after a night before!

A little something extra for the skin

Additional Optional Step: Sukin Supergreens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

This sweet scented, paraben (and other nasties) free facial scrub from Sukin is great for normal to dry skin types and leaves the skin feeling ‘polished’ thanks to the jojoba beads included in the formulation, which are teeny tiny and therefore, offer a gentle ‘scrub’. Despite that gentleness however, I only used this product 2 to 3 times a week as I felt this was ample for my skin. I applied the facial scrub, which also contains extract of super greens and bamboo, to my dampened skin and cleansed skin, massaging it onto my face using a light touch, basically letting the product do the scrub, rather than using a heavy or too vigorous hand. Sukin claims that their facial scrub improves texture and brightens, I would have to agree and add that it’s pleasant both during use and with regard to how the skin feels afterwards. If you want skin that feels like glass (and who doesn’t) then this is the product for you!

How did these products perform together?

A good combo or a big no-no?

As a complete routine these products complimented each other quite well and made for a good combination as they each addressed either different skin problems or built on the good work of the previous step, so overall I was happy and suitably impressed by the skin care products I selected from my collection when I Shopped My Stash. Sukin is a brand I like, mainly because the products are natural, free from nasty additives and not too expensive either. The #6 products were surprising considering the cost and having tried two of #6’s products I am intrigued by this brand to the point where I am considering buying more from the range and using them together to build a whole skin care routine to see what the results are. The Balanceme came fairly close to my Holy Grail eye cream by Temple Spa and again impressed me enough to want to try other products from the Balanceme range.

So, November was another fab skin care month, my skin looks and feels good and I somehow managed to curate another good selection of products from my stash. I have found some new faves and rediscovered some products I had all but forgotten about. Shopping your stash is a good way to use up products from your collection, save money and gives the products a whole month to prove their worth, you might want to give it go, it’ll save you coin too. Impressed I am, smooth skin I have.

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Thanks, as always, for reading, hope you enjoyed this Shopped My Stash, found it useful and are looking forward to learning what my picks for December are and whether they did as well as this lovely bunch. Bye for Now

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Beauty Pie – joining fee applicable – Sleep Oil plus other make up and skin care at special ‘members’ prices.

Look Fantastic – The sukin products plus lots of other brands/products at time of writing there is a 20% off offer. T & Vs apply.

Poundland – #6 Collection and other beauty bargains

Balanceme – Wonder Eye Cream and other skincare products

True Skincare – Cleansing Oil and more.

If you use any of these companies, please let them know that Entirely Beauty pointed you in their direction. I don’t earn money from my blog, & do this purely out of my passion for products. None of my content is sponsored and all opinions are my own!

With Entirely Beauty…


This blog is a little different to those I have written so far – it’s a chatty, catch you up to speed with Entirely Beauty ‘news’ blog, but still beauty related.😁 How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one, whatever you were doing. Did you take advantage of any Black Friday Beauty Deals? Let me know what, if any, goodies you bought, in the comments.

I took advantage of it being Black Friday, there’s a brand and an online Beauty Product ‘store’ I’ve been wanting to try for a while: Too Faced and Cult Beauty. I held off for Black Friday, hoping Cult Beauty would have some good deals and they didn’t disappoint!

Did I save some £££ – yes I did!

I believe the makeup gods were looking on me favourably on Friday! Before checking out what deals were available, I had a look at my banking app to check my Beauty Budget for the month (Do you have a budget for your beauty purchases, I would love to know – surely I’m not the only one who does this?) and I noticed that my bank had some new Cash Back offers. Obvs, I had a look to see if there were any that’d be useful to me. Low and behold there was one for 12% cash back when purchasing goods from, yes, you’ve guessed it – CULT BEAUTY!

SCORE! (Thank you Makeup Gods)

With great excitement I logged onto Cult Beauty’s web site (a full review of my shopping experience with them will be hitting my blog soon) only to discover they were offering various amounts OFF purchases dependant on the amount spent.

YESSSSSS! (Thanks again oh bountious & generous gods)

Now I crossed my fingers and hoped, as I located Cult Beauty’s Too Faced offerings, that the products I wanted and had waited for would be in stock. And colour me happy, they were!

Air Punch Time! (My gratitude to those magnificent makeup gods knew no bounds by this point!)

I did a substantial, Too Faced haul, saved myself almost £35 AND earned 12% cash back! Not a bad saving for a few minutes on t’interwebs eh? Have to admit I was over the moon!

Then I moved on to beauty sub boxes: again there was one I hadn’t tried before and was interested in, so I decided to check their website whilst I was online. Rocca Box was also recognising Black Friday, with a SIX (as opposed to the normal 5) product box, at a bargain price. Boom, another result! So I bagged me a Rocca Box too, can’t wait to see what’s in the box, and, of course, tell you guys all about it.

No idea what’s in my Glossy Mystery Box

I decided to investigate sub boxes a little more. I was subscribed to Glossybox previously, and only cancelled my subscription as I wanted to explore some other boxes, but I had heard they had put together a Black Friday special at a reduced price so I decided to give them a look over. Unfortunately their Black FriYAY box had sold out, so I opted for an alternative offer of a half priced mystery box. Should be interesting to see what’s in that too – again panic not, I will be doing an ‘unboxing’ blog on my Glossy Box too.

So that was my Friday morning: bargains, savings, deliveries and cash back to look forward to and new beauty products to play with – that’s my favourite kinda start to the weekend! Then as the day wore on I immersed myself in Christmas – tree up and decorated, whilst listening to Christmas hits. Bliss.

Saturday, I luxuriated in sleep until late, then set about some domestics that needed my attention. After that, and a bite to eat, I Shopped My Stash for December’s makeup, skin and hair care, aka the products I will be testing and trying over the coming month. The resulting reviews will be written (and subsequently) posted in early January, in three parts. If you’d like to read about my picks for October together with my reviews, you can check out Shopped My Stash October by clicking these links Part One – Makeup, Part Two – Skin Care and, more recently Part Three Hair Care. November’s trilogy of Shopped My Stash will be uploaded soon, so keep your eyes open for that – better still, subscribe to my blog (It’s FREE) and receive notifications each time I post new content.

Talking of new content for my blog, that was my train of thought on Saturday evening, and having brainstormed and made lots of notes, I am really excited by the ideas I came up with, so there’ll be lots of great content for you to read moving forward. 😎 (Yes, I am blowing my own trumpet, loud and proud, but having taken the plunge into the blogsphere, I am loving writing and having an outlet for my beauty addiction.)

On Sunday, the first day of December, I did what all beauty addicts do on this momentous occasion, I got out my advent calendar and broke out my first ‘present’! I treated myself to the Revolution Make Up Advent Calendar a while back. When it launched it was £50 (I convinced myself that this represented value for money as it’s only £2 a door 😉) however I didn’t purchase it straight away, when I did it was on offer at just £30. Door number one gave me a gorgeous highlighter and today, behind door number 2 I found a lovely lipstick. Needless to say, I am loving my countdown so far. Do you have a Beauty Advent Calendar? If so, which one, and what have days one and two given you?

🎅Let the countdown commence 🎅

So, that was my weekend, well the beauty part of it. I’d love to know what you all got up to, you can let me know in the comments here, or head over to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin if you fancy a chat with me (On Insta I’m @EntirelyBeauty1 and @EntirelyBeauty on the rest of my social media platforms, including Pintrest, I’d love to see you there).

As always, thanks for reading, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to join me & hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll come back for more. See you again soon.

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Shopped My Stash Oct

Part Three – Hair Care

Is Tresemme up to the job?

I wanted to space out the Shopped My Stashes, and yes we are now in the glorious month of December, but, and better late than never, here are my thoughts on the hair care products I selected to use throughout October. Hope you enjoy Part Three for October and rest assured that the Shopped My Stash Trilogy for November will be along very soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and join me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Linkedin for more beauty content and chat!

It’s Tresemme time!

Let’s talk shampoo!

For the month of October I choose mainly Tresemme products as I wanted to see if using several products from one brand was beneficial to my hair. I had purchased the Keratin Smooth Shampoo (and other Tresemme products, whilst they were on offer) from Superdrug. This shampoo has a creamy, rich texture and smells slightly flowery, sweet and pleasant. It foams up well, but not too much and, during use, feels more luxurious than the price tag would suggest. Leaves rinsed hair feeling smooth and fresh.

The matching conditioner – promises frizzy free hair for 72 hours!

The conditioner has an even richer consistency than the shampoo, smells similar too, but a little more scented, again, it’s very pleasant. I could actually feel my hair becoming softer and smoother as I massaged the conditioner into my hair and once I rinsed it out, that smoothness was even more apparent. The conditioner didn’t weigh my hair down, as some conditioners do, which was surprising given it’s rich formula.

When I had dried my hair, it shone, was smoother and retained the delicious fragrance too. Overall I was very pleased with the performance of both the Shampoo and Conditioner and would recommend both products.

A little of this helps further tame those flyaways!

Before drying my hair I warmed just a couple of drops of the Tresemme oil with my hands, before applying it to the ends of my hair – which can be more prone to dryness and the occasional split ends too – to help boost both shine and manageability. This oil certainly helped to achieve that aim, however I didn’t need to use it every time I washed my hair as the shampoo and conditioner did an increasingly great job of smothing from root to tip. The oil is quite thick (hence not needing much) smells beautiful and is useful for adding extra moisurisation prior to drying, straightening and/or styling. This hair oil proved itself to be a good product, particularly for the ends of my hair and was absorbed easily too. Again it didn’t weigh my hair down, nor did it make my hair seem greasy. I was pleased with the way this oil performed and enjoyed using it as part of my hair care routine.

If your hair can’t stand the heat …

If you use straighters on the regular, then you should be including some sort of heat protection in your hair care routine. I sprayed this into my hair whilst it was still damp, and then either towel dried or ‘air dried’ (left it to dry naturally) before straightening. To be honest, having used the shampoo and conditioner (and also, though less frequently, the oil), my hair took very little work to achieve a sleek, straight style AND maintained it’s shine. This product was not sticky, didn’t make my hair hard or stiff during the straightening process and left no residue on my straighteners. The pump spray action provides a nice fine mist and has a nice scent too.

Sometimes we all need a little extra protection!

This product uses a trigger spray to disperse a fine mist into the hair and is designed to protect hair when using a hair dryer. This product is less scented than the heat protect spray, again having a non sticky formula and helped to protect my hair during styling – this was evident by the soft to the touch, high shine finish I achieved. Again, I was very pleased with how this performed and as a little goes a long way (which was the case with ALL the Tresemme products I tried this product would last a long time too, giving good value for money and I am all about that!

And now to the non-Tresemme products I used throughout October as part of my hair care routine, Starting with the BAMbeautiful Thickening, Conditioning Masque. I have to say I only used this once a week for the month, but didn’t notice any thickening of my hair. That said it was a pleasant product to use, it added to the soft, shiny condition of my hair. It was very thick in consistency (so much so that I had trouble getting the product out of the tube) had a nice enough ‘perfume’, but with a faintly chemical smell, which I wasn’t over keen on.

The star of October’s selected hair care products was the Schwarzkoph ‘Wild Card’ Live Baby Blue spray-in temporary colour! I say wild card as I bought this for ONLY 70p, from a discount store and only when I got it home and came to use it did I realise that there were NO usage instructions in English, so this was pretty much guess work. The first time I used I just lightly sprayed it all over my damp hair (word of warning, wear a towel or cape as it will colour your skin and clothes but it does wash off/out.) Using it this way, gave my hair a nice pastel like blue hint. As the month wore on however, I experimented further and was able to achieve a graduated, ombre colour that was more blue at the ends of my hair. I was also able to add blocks of colour with this spray and so use it to amp up a style, add detail or highlight urls for example. For the price this is a great product that offers versatility and is fab for adding a touch of colour (it comes in several shades) to your hair, that is simple to ‘apply, but that washes out easily. Brilliant.

Last but not least, Harmony Hairspray. This has good hold, but takes a bit of brushing out and has a tendency to be sticky, unless it is applied sparingly. A personal preference, but I wasn’t keen on the smell of this product, but the fragrance does dissipate quite quickly. Quitengood value for money though and it did do the job.

Overall I loved the Tresemme products and do feel they collectively improved the shine and smoothness of my hair, were good value for money and definitely felt more lux than the price point suggested, and I think using products from the same range did help beautify my locks. I felt all these products contributed to numerous good hair days I experienced throughout October.

Hope all of that was useful, keep an eye out for my November Shopped My Stash Trilogy and if you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of October’s Shopped My Stash you can catch up here and here. Until next time, thanks for reading and please feel free to drop your hair care routine tips and comments in the comments section below.

Spotlight on Beauty Subscription Boxes

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

Beauty Box #24 The October/November Edition

Welcome to Entirely Beauty if you’re new here, and if you’ve visited before, welcome back! I hope you’re well and ready for a beauty subscription unboxing. Can I be nosey? 😉 I’d love to know what sub boxes you’re loving at the moment so please drop me a comment and, just in case you decide to give this one a go I’ll link The Vegan Kind below.

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is, as the name suggests, bursting with makeup and skincare that is vegan and cruelty free, so it’s “Feel Good Beauty. I’m not a Vegan, but I do advocate cruelty free products, so I have been subscribed to The Vegan Kind for a while now. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy receiving this bi-monthly box, but I’ve been introduced to a range of products by companies I hadn’t previously come across. A Vegan Kind beauty box subscription starts from £12.95; you can pay per box or opt for a 6 or 12 month subscription (which reduces the price you pay) The box usually includes 5 or 6 beauty products, it’ll hit your doorstep around the 10th of the month (1 box every 2 months) and there is, at time of writing, a special offer entitling new subscribers to £5 off their first box! As well as the Beauty Box, The Vegan Kind also offer a (Vegan) Lifestyle Box (from £8). You can subscribe to both boxes and you can also do a gift subscription for a friend or family member. The Vegan Kind have their own, on line, Vegan Supermarket too. The Oct/Nov edition, was, to quote VK “packed with a whole lot of kindness”, had an overall value of over £45, and here is my guide to what was inside.

TVK Beauty Box Oct/Nov
  • Memi Make Up Lash to Lash Mascara- £10 (Full Size). Not a brand I am familiar with, but it promises to lengthen and define lashes. It has a tapered wand, claims not to flake and is, apparently, water and smudge resistant. I think I might pull this into December’s Shopped My Stash (Make Up) so I can give you a full review, because it does sounds promising! (For October’s Shopped My Stash and my thoughts on the products I tested for 4 weeks click here)
  • Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray – £3.50 (50ml). According to TVK this spray was tried and tested on over 100 people for one month and 83% agreed that they fell asleep quicker than normally did. I have tried this and have to agree, the mix of lavender and chamomile is wonderfully relaxing, and induced a good night’s sleep.
  • Green People Age Defy+ Soft Buff Exfoliator – £9 (10ml). Another brand I hadn’t hear of before, but this is a powerful, 3-way exfoliator, enriched with 24 enhancing “actives”, all of which will, according to the company, make you youthful, whilst increasing the penatration of your other ski routine products. I haven’t used this as yet, but I have smelt it and the Neroli, Orange, Chamomile and Mandarin combine to offer a lovely, but organic, fragrance.
  • Sukin Signature Foaming Facial Cleanser – £3.99 (50ml). I have used this before and am currently testing in readiness for my ‘Shopped My Stash – Skin Care, Nov. I don’t want to give anything away, so, you’ll have to come back and read how I got on with this gel cleanser, and whether it does actually remove make up, soothe, tighten and if it left my skin feeling ‘silky smooth’ as Sukin claims it will. 😉
  • Dr Botanicals Lemon Butter All In One Rescue Butter – £14.95. This moisturising/treatment Butter has 96% natural formulation, to rejuvenate, renew and invigorate your skin. I have tried a few Dr Botanicals products and really liked them, so I was thrilled to see this in the box, as it’s one I haven’t tried yet. I am looking forward to testing this one during December too – hopefully It’ll give me happy holiday skin!
  • Oh K! Chok Chok Quartz Gemstone Slice Mask – £5. (8 Mini Masks) Oh K! Is a range of Korean Face Masks (part of the phenomenon that is K Beauty) that I have used and loved previously, so again, I was pleased to discover the Chok Chok in my Vegan Kind box. I’m planning on using these masks (the pack contains 8 gemstone shaped mini masks that you can use to target specific areas of your face, which is quite a novel idea) this week, so this product will feature in my November Empties, when I’ll let you know if the gogi berry and algae extract revives my skin and eliminates those pesky toxins! (To see what I enjoyed and used up last month please go to My October Empties )
Get a fiver off your first box!
(Picture from TVK website – see link below)

Overall, I was very happy with this Vegan Kind Beauty Box edition and would recommend purchasing or subscribing. Yes, this months’ box was skin care heavy, but 3 of the products are from brands I know and trust, so I was delighted to have them to play with and test out. Plus TVK have introduced me to Green People (the brand that is, not aliens) and I do like trying new beauty stuff. The Pillow Spray was something a little different for a sub box, and I have loved using it (I do like my sleep!). I haven’t yet found ‘The One’ where Mascara is concerned, maybe Memi will be my Prince Charming?

I haven’t seen many TVK reviews, but they have featured in these publications. (Source TVK website)

Did The Vegan Kind curate a good sub box for Oct/Nov? You may disagree (and if you do please share the reasons why you think that) but YES, they did. It’s not often I like EVERYTHING included in a sub box, but with this edition I did, and to be honest, I haven’t received a box from TVK that hasn’t pleased and delighted me, which is why I continue to subscribe.

Thanks for reading, as always, hope you found this useful and that you’ll come back for more, as I upload new and varied beauty related content regularly. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to and join me over on Insta, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter and LinkedIn for more content and beauty chat.

Bye for now

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The Vegan Kind

My Previous Blog: First Impressions – Kevyn Aucoin

Coming Next: Shopped My Stash October – Part III – Hair Care

Memi Makeup

Feather and Down

Green People

Sukin Natural Skin Care

Dr. Botanicals

Oh K Life

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First Impressions- Kevyn Aucoin

The five products included in the Look Fantastic Discovery Bag
I was soooo excited to bag this collection and finally have a chance to
try some Kevyn Aucoin products

If you’ve read my Look Fantastic Mini Haul blog, you might remember that I was a) very excited to try my NEW Kevyn Aucoin products, b) had a big night out I was saving them for and c) promised to do a First Impression on each of them. Well, I had a fab night (lux food & the best company) and from the title of this blog you’ve probably guessed that I do keep my promises. If you want to find out how the Kevyn Aucion products applied, whether they passed my ‘wear test’ and get my honest opinions, sit back and enjoy this First Impressions.

Having applied, tried and worn all five, is Aucion worth the coin?

Before we get into my first impressions, here are the products I received in the Discovery Bag, all of which were mini sized, with the exception of the eyeliner, which was full sized. My ‘discoveries’ cost me a total of £36 (this amount included the bag). The prices given below are for the full size products from Look Fantastic’s website.

  • Expert Mascara (Black) – £23
  • Precision Liquid Liner (Black) – £27
  • Sculpting Powder (Medium)- £35
  • Glass Glow – £20
  • Molton Gems Lip Gloss (Poppy Topaz) £21

I had really high hopes for the Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara: it’s supposedly buildable and weightless with the two sided brush amping up and defining the lashes. As much as I hate to be negative (it’s not what I am about) this mascara was a huge disappointment. It is pretty much weightless, despite it being very clumpy and thick, which clogs the odd shaped/structured brush and made it very difficult to apply. Only after five (yes FIVE!!!) coats did my lashes look like they had mascara on them, which does confirm that it IS buildable, but the buildability didn’t really lengthen my lashes and certainly didn’t add definition, all the mascara seemed to do was colour my lashes and thicken them a little. Had I purchased the full size of this product I would have felt bitterly let down. As it was, with the mini, I at least got to find all this out without wasting too much money. The product name is a misnomer as there is nothing remotely EXPERT about this mascara. I have much less expensive ones in my collection that actually perform better. One example is Cover Girl (which I purchased from Poundland for ONLY £1) it’s nothing special but actually looks better on the lashes than the £23 Kevyn Aucoin. My cleansing routine was more than adequate when it came to removing the Expert Mascara which is a point in its favour. Overall, however, a very disappointing, and therefore, arguably overpriced mascara,that failed to fulfil what it promised. No, I don’t like negativity, but my first impression of the Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara was, unfortunately, far from a positive one, I shan’t be re-purchasing this one.

The only full sized product in the bag.

The Kevyn Aucoin Precision Liner, is easy to apply, doesn’t skip or drag the skin, dries down quite quickly, stays put and is a good, dark black. It didn’t make my eyes sore (some liquid liners just don’t want to be friends with my eyes) and despite it’s durability, removal was a piece of cake! I used a foaming cleanser, followed by cleansing oil – this combo left no traces of the liner. However, there are lots of similar, less expensive, pen type liners available that also do a fantastic job, there are, for example, several by Revolution that are a fraction of the price. If you are into labels and enjoy name dropping you might be happy to part with the extra coin for the Kevyn Aucoin Liner. Lovely though it is, especially the true blackness of colour, it isn’t as outstanding as I hoped it would be.

The Sculpting Powder in medium

The Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, whilst being a pressed powder, is very finely milled, so my brush didn’t pick up loads of product, which I liked, because this allowed me to build it up gradually. The powder blended out beautifully too, so there were no harsh lines and I achieved a more natural finish. I loved the colour, which is desbribed as ‘cool toned’, in fact I would go as far as saying it was my ideal shade!! This Sculpting Powder performed really well and, on first impressions, turned out to be a really fantastic matte BRONZER, which was a huge surprise as Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder is actually supposed to be a CONTOUR! I found the ‘medium’ shade to be way too warm toned for contouring, but I really liked how it performed as a bronzer. I applied it to my face as I would a proprietary bronzer: it lifted my finished look and gave me a good, healthy, lightly-tanned complexion that is perfect for the winter months. I liked the feel of the Sculpting Powder too, it’s very soft and smooth in texture. Overall, I really like it, but was left feeling a bit confused as to why this warm-toned shade is being sold as a contour.

All the above Kevyn Aucoin products stayed put until I removed them. They didn’t fade during my night out, so there was no need to re-apply and none of the above Aucion products had any detrimental effects on my skin whatsoever, even in my more sensitive spots. I wore my make up for over six hours, and my lashes, liner and ‘bronzer’ looked the same when I returned home as it had when I left. No complaints regarding the wearability, as the Kevyn Aucoin Mascara, Liner and Powder are certainly durable!

A highlighter? A misprint maybe?

GLASS GLOW:Radiant skin in a bottle – this highlighter boosts natural radiance and illuminates. A universally flattering shade, this can be used as an illuminating highlighter or worn on its own for a glowy finish”

Look Fantastic description taken from the card that accompanied the Kevyn Aucoin ‘discovery’ products.

We all make mistakes, but, surely someone on the Look Fantastic team should have spotted this error? The product I received was NOT Glass Glow ‘Highlighter’, it was Glass Glow LIP! Me being me, however, (and also bearing out the first four words of this paragraph) I took Look Fantastic at their word(s) and applied my Glass Glow as I would a liquid highlighter. To be fair, I should have realised something wasn’t quite right when the product left the tube, as it was infused with a lot of glitter of varying hues! My second clue should have been the stickiness of the product. Unperturbed, however, I slathered some on my cheekbones. Mm, big mistake, huge. Despite Christmas charging toward us faster than a festive reindeer with superpowers, I have no desire to become a Christmas bauble, but that IS what I ended up looking like after the slathering: I seriously wouldn’t have looked out of place nestled among the tinsel and fairy lights, or, for that matter, at a glam rock concert!!! After a quick search on the interwebs, Look Fantastic’s mistake was confirmed and I realised that my mini sized Kevyn Aucoin product was actually meant for my lips. This too was a bit of a disappointment, as there was another Aucoin Lip Gloss included in the Discovery Bag. (See my First Impressions of that below)

With this in mind, I removed my base products, re-applied my make up and this time put the Glass Glow Lip ON MY LIPS. Having done so, here is my first impression of this LIP product: If you are unicorn, an 8 year old girl with a fondness for Barbie, or the lead singer of a glam rock band, you’ll probably LOVE this lip gloss!!! If, however, you are not a mythical creature, are adult(ish) and prefer music that is rather more contemporary, chances are you might find Glass Glow Lip a bit too much!! Admittedly, the flecks of glitter in this are teeny-tiny, but, there are a lot of them. The gloss itself feels softening and moisturising on the lips (think very glittery Vaseline/Balm) BUT, it travels (despite the use of an invisable lip liner) more and further than a budget airliner and transfers too. After an hour or so of wear and ‘Prinks’, I decided against this gloss for my big night out, but actually removing it was a bugger! Most of the actual gloss had either transferred to my gin glass or began to ‘slide’ toward my chin, the rest wiped away easily enough, but the damn glitter was much more stubborn, to the extent that I returned to the interwebs to check the ingredient list for super-glue! Eventually, I did manage to remove most of the glitter particles with makeup remover. Seriously, a LITTLE of the Glass Glow over a favourite lipstick would add a pretty and festive dimension to a look, but I would advise it being used sparingly. For a more ‘natural’ Christmas sparkle, again apply a LITTLE to bare lips. Overall, my first impression of this product was, jokes aside, not very positive, BUT that’s more down to personal preference. I have, however, been wondering if Glass Glow would look good as an eyeshadow topper, for a fun & Christmassy eye look. I’ll let you know if I try that. I wouldn’t buy this product again, but I will use up the mini, albeit slowly and sparingly.

Molten Gems Lip Gloss – Poppy Topaz

I tired this gloss over one of my favourite lipsticks (berry coloured) which made for a pretty switch up, after eating and drinking, and having forgotten to stash my lipstick in my handbag, I also got to try the gloss on it’s own. Straight out the gate I could feel the “moisture rich formula” and it did soften my lips, but, being a gloss, the wear is short lived, so a lot of re-applications were necessary. I liked the colour, a peachy-red tone, with (but, more subtle than the Glass Glow) shimmering ‘glitter’, but the colour isn’t as “bold” or “high impact” as its write up suggests. This gloss is also less tacky/sticky than the Glass Glow, which I preferred, but still had that inevitable gloss consistency. Again, I wouldn’t re-purchase this product, not because I disliked it, but simply because this lip gloss isn’t a long wear product and if I am having to re-apply I prefer a less expensive product.

Oh dear, I seriously dislike the negativity in this First Impressions, especially as I was so excited to finally get my hands on some Kevyn Aucoin products, but honesty has to prevail, and these are my genuine opinions and thoughts on these products. Has it put me off trying other Kevyn Aucoin products? Yes, I would now think twice, given that the mascara was so disappointing, that are numerous, comparable eyeliners and shimmering glosses that don’t have such a high price tag, the supposed cool-tone contour faired better as a bronzer and the Glass Gloss was too Christmas Decoration for me.

I am not disappointed with Look Fantastic ‘Discovery’ though: Had I bought these five full-size Kevyn Aucoin products I would have spent a whopping £126, on makeup misdameanors, wasting not just coin, but I would have products that simply wouldn’t get used up. As it is, I got to discover them all for £36, as they are mostly minis they will get used up and as a bonus I got a full sized product for much less too. Would I try another ‘Discovery’ bundle, absolutely!

I hope that despite the negativity/honesty, you find this First Impressions useful. If you are thinking of investing in any Kevyn Aucoin products I would recommend either trying the Discovery Bag or going in store so that you can play with testers, do swatches and ask the counter consultant all the questions you have (obviously you can ask me questions in the comments too!)

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re having a fab day and that you’ll re-visit my blog again soon, if you subscribe you’ll receive notifications when I upload something new – which is pretty damn often! You can also follow Entirely Beauty on Pintrest, Facebook, Linkdin, Twitter and good old Insta.

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Gadgets, Gizmos, Brushes and Blenders

An entirely NEW series!

Yes, I love my makeup, skin care and hair products, but what about those beauty tools? With more specialised brushes, various beauty sponges, and a host of electrical/tech items available, often making HUGE claims regarding how each will improve your skin or makeup application etc., and sometimes costing a lot of coin, this series reports the news and offers reviews on various beauty gadgets, gizmos, brushes and blenders!

For more information visit

Having seen several YouTube beauty gurus/influencers using and waxing lyrical about the benefits of the Foreo range of sonic/vibrating facial cleansers I wondered if the benefits stacked as high as the price tag! All of the (UK) tubers I have seen using/talking about the various Luna & Luna Minis had received them in PR (as gifted items or as part of a sponsorship deal) and whilst they are (and have to be) upfront about ads, gifting and sponsorships etc, many influencers will insist that all opinions are their own. Now I’m not throwing any shade here, but if you were asked if you’d like a free product in return for a review, could you then tell your followers the truth if it didn’t work or you didn’t like it? I have also noticed (again this isn’t spilling tea – this is genuinely what I have observed from watching literally hundreds of YouTube influencer videos) that beauty Tubers will state that they have been using said product for some time and that they have, because they love that product so much, also talked about it in previous videos. Whilst here are influencers I have watched since they first began tube-ing and others, whose videos I have watched in their content entirety (Yes, all the videos they have uploaded) and I am yet to find proof of these claims. There ARE exceptions, however, ‘prior’ mentions of products tend to happen when the influencers have gone on to be gifted an upgraded/new formula of a product they have previously reviewed. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions here, but please let me know in the comments what you think about this. Are there influencers (who receive gifted items & sponsorships) on You Tube that you trust implicitly? Do you believe the YouTube review content?

Questions asked and all of that said, it’s the prices of the Foreo range that put me off buying one, despite the advantages put forward by the Tubers AND on the Foreo web site, even though I really would love to test and review one of them for you guys. Despite my not having any of the Foreo products, I have done some none YouTube research and here’s some of what I found.

All the Foreo cleansers come with a promise to “Boost That Glow”. The Luna 3 apparently gives you “clear, glowing skin” and “redefines the meaning of a perfect cleanse”. This beauty gadget cleanses, smooths and firms your skin due to it’s silicon textured ‘touch points’ and high tech sonic vibrations. You can hook this beauty gizmo up to an app on your phone too. It’s available in 3 colours and will set you back £169.

The mini 3 is billed as having broken the internet and offers “Superior Tech [and] Superior Results”. Again you get sonic cleansing, a glow boost mode plus the app and you can track your gadget too. The Luna Mini 3 is a smaller, lighter weight version of the Luna 3 which makes it great for your handbag or gym bag. The Luna Mini is available in five colours and, despite it being smaller, still has an arguably high price of £139.

At £249, the most expensive of Foreo’s sonic gizmos is the UFO, a “smart mask treatment . . .[combining] … advanced dermal technologies with exclusive Korean mask formulas…” The UFO also carries a promise that it will transform your complexion, as it heats up or cools down (depending on which treatment/mask you select) and by delivering red, green and blue LED wavelengths. All of which will ‘rejuvenate’ your skin.

Obviously, for a beauty addict, tester and blogger, all of this sounds fabulous, and, as I previously mentioned I would love to put the Luna or mini to the test over time, review it and give you my honest opinion, but, at those prices I simply can’t justify what would be a big spend on something I may not like or that may not actually improve my skin.

A dupe, a dupe, my kingdom for a dupe!

My interest was, however, suitably piqued and this product stuck in my mind. A few months (Tubers’ vids about the various upgrades to both the Luna and Luna Mini and more reviews) later and the Foreo remained on my wish list, partly due to product intrigue and partly because I AM a skin care addict (as is more than evident in my skin care routine review – Shopped My Stash and the more recent Tuesday’s Top Tip – 10 Step Facial.)

Then, one afternoon, a few months ago, I was flicking through the Avon catalogue and sales brochure when I came across a very much cheaper, similar, facial cleansing tool. At full price I believe it had previously been available from Avon for £12.99, however, in the sales brochure it was on offer for just £7.50. Obviously, at that price I could justify the purchase, even if I didn’t like the Avon version or if it didn’t improve my skin. £7.50 is a lot less to lose than the £169 it would cost me for the Luna 3: with that in mind, I went ahead and ordered Avon’s ‘dupe’ and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

As you can see from the above photos there are similarities between the Luna and the Avon version, specifically the touch points at the top, although this one has two further textured touch points, for variation in massage, and like the Luna & Luna Mini is a silicone covered vibrating pore/facial gadget. Whilst the Foreos all boast ‘Sonic’ pulses, I don’t think the Avon version is sonic (unfortunately, I have lost the packaging, instructions and Avon no longer appear to offer this product as I could find nothing about it on their web site, but that could be because I am searching by the wrong product name! Apologies, usually I am much better organised 😁 ) but what it may lack in the sonic department it makes up for elsewhere.

Prior to using this my pores were very noticeable and ‘open’, but having used it with a number of different cleansers over the last 10 or so weeks, I have witnessed a great improvement: my pores are no longer visable, my skin is firmer, softer to the touch and brighter too! What’s more, I had a few stubborn whiteheads around my nose, but since using this, they too have simply disappeared. My Avon Foreo Dupe doesn’t work as well with cream cleansers as it does with oil/foaming cleansers and I haven’t tried it with a face mask yet, but now I know how good it is (the best £7.50 I have spent, worth every penny – even at its full price of £12.99, but definitely a BARGAIN at the price I got it for!!!) I will be trying it with a mask soon.

I use my Avon cleanser it in upward and outward circular motions, utilising all three texture zones, gently, all over my face and my neck at least once a day. My favourite zone for cleansing is the top one, the others are great for massaging the skin on the face and neck. It’s very relaxing and my skin feels so much more thoroughly cleansed when I use this lovely little gizmo. I it for about two minutes each time and as yet I have not had to re-charge it.

Avon’s vibrating pore cleanser is charged using a USB cable, is waterproof and easy to clean. After each use I simply rinse it, brush it with a toothbrush ( I find that gets to the bottom of, and removes any dirt from, the touch points) then rinse again, dry it and store it in my bathroom drawer ready for the next day.

If you haven’t already guessed, I love using this gadget and believe that it not only does what the Foreo promises to do, but I can actually ‘feel’ my Avon bargain deeply cleansing my skin and I am really (REALLY) impressed with the changes and improvements to my skin too!

If anything, my great gizmo hasn’t satisfied my curiosity about the Foreo Luna or Mini, if anything it has increased it! If a £7.50 ‘dupe’ can feel so good during use and have such outstanding results, I can’t help wondering what level of glowiness, what dizzying heights of cleansed-ness, would my skin could achieve if I took that leap of faith and invested in a Foreo? I might have a search for other similar products to compare prices. If you stumble across something like either the Foreo or Avon one, please let me know in the comments. If you have a Foreo, please let me know what you think of it – is it worth the investment or if you were lucky enough to get the Avon ‘dupe’, share your thoughts on it.

I have my fingers crossed that, by some miracle, I have made it onto Santa’s NICE list 😉 or that I find a Foreo discount code!

Thanks so very much for reading, I do appreciate it. For more Entirely Beauty content, please subscribe to my blog (a like and/or a reblog would be most welcome too) and don’t forget Entirely Beauty is also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pintrest (Simply search for Entirely Beauty on those platforms) where you can hit the thumbs up, follow, friend and pin more content and chat to me too.

Bye for now

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Top Tips Tuesday!

My ten step at home facial

Tried and tested facial using YOUR favourite products.

Thought I’d share my home facial routine: I have tried this routine with various, different products, over time, and it’s the steps themselves that I have found to be most important. I have, however, listed the products I am using right now as a guide, but the idea here is that YOU use your favourites. Skin care shouldn’t be over complicated, nor should it cost you a mountain of money either. Facials at salons can cost you a pretty penny, but this easy to follow 10 step facial can be boujee or budget, depending on your product choices AND, if like me, you have a collection of samples and minis this is a great way to use them up. Having done my Ten Step Facial regularly for a while now I know it works for me and I want to share it. So, set aside some YOU time, read my Tuesday Top Tip Facial, then give it go and achieve a glow! If you have any top facials tips, please drop them in the comments and feel free to share my Top Tip Tuesday Facial Routine with your friends – everyone wants, and deserves, radiant looking skin.

Enjoy and RELAX, your skin will thank you!☺

  • Step One: Cleanse your face, neck and decolatage with your favourite foaming cleanser, rinse and pat dry. This will help to purify and clean your skin. (I’m currently using Sukin Signature Facial Cleanser)
  • Step Two: Do the Detox – Use a GENTLE facial scrub to lift impurities, brighten and improve the skin’s texture. I take this onto the neck area too and leave it on the skin for a few minutes before either rinsing off with warm water or removing with a damp, warm face cloth. Pat the skin dry afterwards. (My current fave is the Sukin Detoxifying Facial Scrub)
  • Step Three: And relax … warm a few drops of your favourite facial cleansing oil in your hands and apply to face and neck area, gently massage into the skin, in upward and outward motions, using either your finger tips or an electric facial/pore cleanser. Massage for a good two or three minutes, then leave the oil on your face for another two/three minutes, before rinsing off or removing with a clean, warm and damp face cloth. Pat the skin dry. (I’m currently using True Skincare Safflower and Geranium Cleansing Oil with Vitamin E)
  • Step Four: (This step is optional, and if you do follow this step, please be careful and only include it in your facial once or twice a month. The rest of these steps I do weekly). Time for a close shave, or dermaplane, using an eyebrow shaping razor. This removes all that peach fuzz & dead skin from your face, I also find it rejuvenates AND allows your skincare products to really get to the layers of your skin where it can do more good. I have been dermaplaning for a while now and really notice the difference in texture, softness and absorption of products.
  • Step 5: Gently sweep a cotton pad, soaked in a mild, alcohol free and preferably hydrating toner, to prepare the skin for the next step in my facial. Allow this to ‘dry’/absorb before moving onto the next step – remember this is YOUR time to chill, dont rush. (Any GENTLE toner will suffice, I’m currently using Sukin Hydrating Toner Mist)
  • Step 6: Apply either a sheet, cream or clay mask, pop some cucumber (or an eye mask) on the eyes to give that area a treat too, and relax, leaving your chosen mask on for as long as is recommended. The ‘trick’ here is to select a mask for YOUR skin’s needs! If you use a sheet mask squeeze any excess serum from it, smooth this over the face and neck and allow to absorb before moving onto the next step. If you are using a cream or clay mask, remove according to the directions on the product. (My mask of choice right now is the Sukin Pink Clay Masque)
  • Step 7: Apply an aftermask serum to the face to feed, protect and nourish the skin. If you haven’t got a purpose after-mask serum, use your favourite serum instead. Again give the serum time to absorb before moving onto the next step. (I just love Mudmasky Aftermask Vitamin Serum, it has oodles of the right vitamins to feed your post mask skin and is ph-balanced too – this is my Holy Grail facial product!)
  • Step 8: Moisturise! This step’s choice of products will depend upon the time of day you do my facial. If you do this during the day use your favourite day time moisturiser (so mine would be Sukin Facial Moisturiser at the moment). If you follow my facial before bedtime (which is what I tend to do) then apply your usual night cream. (I am currently testing Poundland’s #6 Anti-aging Night Cream which cost just £1. Told you this could be boujee or budget!) In either case allow the product to soak into the skin before going on to the next step.
  • Step 9: Apply your favourite eye cream to the eye area by using your ring finger to gently pat the product into this delicate area. I apply mine on the lid, under the eye and just above the eyebrow too – ie the whole orbital bone area. (Currently I am using balanceme Wonder Eye Cream)
  • Step 10. Again your choice of product here will depend on the time of day. For daytime apply a couple of drops of your favourite ‘dry oil’ for extra hydration or, if you are going to bed use a sleep oil. (As it is currently getting colder here in the UK and my skin has a tendency to be quite ‘thirsty’ at this time of year, I use the same oil for both AM and PM as my finishing step and at the moment that’s Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin Sleep Oil. I use two drops for day time and 4 drops in the evening).
Boujee or Budget – that choice is YOURS!

And there you have it. An easy to follow home facial, that utilises YOUR choice of products. If you follow my Ten Step Facial regularly (Don’t over do the dermaplaning though) I am convinced you will notice the difference, just like I have. All the products I am using right now and have listed above are being tested throughout November for my next Shopped My Stash – Skin Care blog which will be uploaded in December. You can check out my Skin Care S.M.S for October here. Thanks for reading, please subscribe for more Entirely Beauty blogs, look me up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkdin (simply search for entirely beauty), for more content and check out my boards on Pintrest too.

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Look Fantastic Mini Haul

2 Discovery Bags + 1 Beauty Box = A Happy Beauty Addict?

Look Fantastic have introduced a ‘Discovery Collection’ and invite you to “Find Your Holy Grail”: My mini haul includes two of the Discovery Collection bags plus their Birthday Edit (Sept) Beauty Box. Have I discovered a NEW brand collection Holy Grail? What products were in the Birthday Edit box? And what do I really think of my Look Fantastic mini-haul? Read on to discover the answers …

Five iconic beauty products from the legendary makeup artist Kevin Aucoin

The first Discovery Bag I hauled had me sooo excited because it contained a range of products by Kevyn Aucoin. I have coveted his range for so long, but, being a high end range, I didn’t want to splurge only to find that I didn’t like or get on with the products. It’s almost as if Look Fantastic knew that this often prevents us beauty adicts from taking the purchase plunge and put these discovery bags together so that we can take that leap, bag a bargain and (hopefully) fall in love range we’ve been dying to try! The concept of these discovery bags is pretty much genius and the price points vary according to which bag you choose. My Kevyn Aucoin bag cost £36 and for that I received:

  • A beautiful Makeup/Toiletries bag in grey, embelished with the Look Fantastic Logo (See above photo)
  • The Kevyn Aucoin Expert Mascara (Delux Mini)
  • Kevyn Aucoin Precision Liquid Liner (Full Size, shade Black)
  • The Sculpting Powder (Delux Mini, shade Medium)
  • Kevin Aucoin Glass Glow (Deluxe Mini)
  • Molten Gems Lip Gloss (Delux Mini, Shade – Poppy Topaz)

Each of the Look Fantastic Discovery collections arrives in the same style and colour bag. I think LF missed a trick here! Personally, if each of the collections came in different a coloured bag, I probably would have bought more than two. The bags are fabulous, sturdy, will hold a lot of products and look, well . . ., fantastic! I haven’t actually tried any of the products yet as I want to do a First Impressions blog, so look out for that post soon. (Very soon, I AM excited) However, for now, here is what I can expect from the products. The Expert Mascara I am really looking forward to trying as it has a ‘two sided’ brush that arches the top lashes AND defines the lower ones – lush lashes await me, apparently. The eyeliner is said to be ‘foolproof’ which is encouraging as my eyeliner is not always on point. What’s more this liner can deliver both natural or dramatic looks. As it creates believable definition, I really (REALLY) wanted to get my hands on the Sculpting Powder and still cant believe that I have one in my collection! The powder is cool toned and matte, I have swatched it (couldn’t help myself) it felt lovely and soft – which tells me it will blend out beautifully, and is matte. The Glass Glow is, according to LF, “radiant skin in a bottle” and an “illuminating highlighter”. I have to say, having looked at it, it looks like quite sparkly lip gloss, to the extent that I am wondering if LF made a mistake in their description. I will let you know how that works out in my First Impressions Blog. Finally, the Molton Gems Lip Gloss has a moisture rich formula, and whilst the red tone will take me out of my lip colour comfort zone (although I have been experimenting recently – I included a red lipstick & liner in my Shopped My Stash – October products.) BUT, it’s Kevyn Aucoin – I’d wear it whatever colour it was!

6 Beauty products plus Elle Magazine – Look Fantastic’s Birthday Edit -September’s Beauty Box

The Look Fantastic Beauty Box cost £15 (although if you subscribe and sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months the price of the box comes down accordingly) and includes a FREE copy of Elle magazine (worth £4.50) plus (usually) 6 products (often leaning more toward skincare, but can include any beauty products) and is advertised as always being worth in excess of £50. In this Birthday Edit I found:

  • A Bubble T Bath Bomb Fizzer (Full Size, £4.99)
  • Pixie by Petra Glossy Lip Plumper (Full Size, £12, Shade-Honey Sheen)
  • Molton Brown Orange & Bergamont Bath & Shower Gel (100ml, £10)
  • Caudalie Premier Cry Eye Cream(5ml, £16.35)
  • Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing (35mls, £14)
  • Sleek Eyebrow Stylist (Full Size, £6.49, Shade Dark Brown)
  • Elle Magazine (Full Size, £4.50, Sept., Issue)
According to LF this box of fab products is worth a whopping £68.33

In celebration of their 5th Birthday, LF not only curated this lovely Birthday Edit (which at £15 for over £60 worth of products plus the magazine, is an absolute bargain) but they also collab’d with Bubble T to produce a lovely, LF special, birthday Bath Fizzer! I used this product a couple of days ago and it’s lush. It fizzed in the water like a Catherine Wheel on bonfire night: spinning round and round in the bath until it had fizzed out, which took some time! The smell reminded me of a cake shop, which was kinda cute as it was made to celebrate LF’s Birthday, but its deliciousness made me hungry! The packaging is now in my ‘Empties’ basket ready for my November Empties blog (if you missed my October Empties you can catch up here) so I’ll be revisiting this product soon. Haven’t got round to playing with the Lip Plumper from Pixi by Petra or the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist as yet, but I’m out for dinner later this week and plan on breaking them out then. Hopefully the Pixi’ll plump up my pucker and make my lips look A-maze-ing and the Sleek will up my brow game! The Molton Brown smells soooo good, foams up really well and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. Caudalie is a new range to me, I have heard of them, but not experienced any of the products as yet. I’m going to bring the Caudalie eyecream into my Skin Care Shopped My Stash for December along with the Oskia Cleansing Gel, which is described as an illuminating vitamin cleanser, so they both sound perfect for Christmas skin preparations. I’m very happy with this edit, it’s great value for money as there’s a really good selection of different products!

Sukin Skin Care? Yes please!

The Sukin selection of goodies have already found their way into my daily routine, as I am road testing them now (and for the rest of this month) and will be telling you all about each of them, in a full review, at the end of November, after 30 days of use, in Shopped My Stash – November. (For my Skin Care Shopped My Stash October please click here.) But here’s a bit of a sneak peek of what you (and I) can expect. I bought the Sukin Discovery Bag from LF because I have used, and really loved, their foaming cleanser and wanted to try more of their products – and thanks to this bag I’ll be trying:

  • Sukin Signature Cleanser (50ml) – removes makeup, cleanses and nourishes the skin
  • Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub (20ml) made from kale,spirulina and parsley, buffs away imperfections.
  • Signature Mist Toner (50ml) an alcohol free, multi-purpose skin saviour.
  • Signature Moisturising (50ml) one of Sukin’s cult products, it helps to protect your complexion’s moisture barrier.
  • Sensitive Pink Clay Mask (20ml) gently extracts impurities.

I was very impressed with this bag as it offers an almost complete skin care regime, from one brand, for just £12 and so far, I am really loving how it’s working on my skin.

So, that’s my Look Fantastic Haul, I’m very impressed with both the products I received AND the value for money. I love the concept of the Discovery Bags as you can really get ‘up close and personal’ with a variety of brands (there are 7 bags to choose from at time of writing) through these bags, I hope they continue to add to this range, and if they do I will, no doubt be placing another order. With regards to the Beauty Box, again lovely range of products and I like the idea of the magazine being included and if you don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription you can buy a ‘back box’ instead. Then there’s the Look Fantastic web site, which has a vast array of beauty products where you can add your favourites to your collection.

A great haul that has made me happy and definitely worth the £!!

Thanks for reading, hope you found all of this helpful and that you’ll subscribe so you don’t miss any of my future blogs. If you’d like to have a look at the Look Fantastic website I’ve included the link below. Also you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin – just search for Entirely Beauty – and become part of the Entirely Beauty social media family. Thanks again,

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