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Sometimes I have beauty stuff (and none beauty related stuff) I want to share with you guys that isn’t in depth enough for a blog or that wouldn’t ‘sit right’ on my Social Media Platforms because it’s new, has a short ‘shelf life’ (e.g. trending this week, old news next week) or will need updating on the regular. I figured what we needed here at Entirely Beauty to accommodate this extra stuff was a Notice Board – so here it is. The content WILL change/be updated often so please keep coming back for the latest!


I’m currently working on and updating things here at Entirely Beauty. If you try to get on a page/post and can’t, my apologies, it’ll be because I beavering away there.

As part of my update/rework I’m pleased to announce there’s another NEW page here at Entirely Beauty – Sharing’s Caring. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks.



Who am I enjoying watching right now? The lovely, very funny, queen of the highlight – Steph Toms. Steph was the very first Beauty YouTuber I came across, I’ve been subscribed to her channel forever and have watched EVERY video she’s uploaded, which includes tutorials, testing, first impressions and a shed load of other great beauty content. If you watch any of her videos (and I obviously would recommend you do) drop into her comments and let her know it was Entirely Beauty who sent you.

There’s a lockdown, binge-worthy Beauty tube fest waiting for you on Stephanie Tom’s YouTube Channel

The NEW post on the Blog!

Want to know more about me? (Yeah, there’s an offer you can’t refuse, eh? 😉) I take you behind the blog and the blogger in my latest post – I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, so hopefully you’ll all like it, and some of what I’ve written might actually suprise you, so click the link below to have a read! Also, if you’re a blogger who fancies a bit of fun and opening up to your readers and followers as I have done, visit this blog post and join in!

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The Blogger & Blog this Blogger is lovin’

Looking for a fabulous, friendly, ‘knows her onions’, stateside beauty blogger to read and follow? I’m really enjoying what The Newbury Girl has to offer: Her photographs are stunning, the composition is on point and provides a great backdrop for the products. (I have photo envy, can you tell?) There’s a good variety of beauty content, with something for every beauty enthusiast . I’m particularly lovin (and would suggest you check out) The Newbury Girl Ranking Makeup series: in her latest blog post under this umbrella, she ranks Elf and Essence palettes. If you pay her a visit, please say “Hi” to The Newbury Girl for me.


The Not Beauty Related Break From Beauty, Bit of The Blog & Board

I recently read Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier: To escape, travel back in time, get to know Du Maurier’s characters and be drawn into a classic novel was, for me, a totally wonderful experience! I won’t give any spoilers, in case you want to read it yourself, but if you like a little ‘history’, a strong (and still relatable – despite the passing of time) female character and a damn good story, you’ll probably love this as much as I did!

And I did: So much so that I decided to actually travel ‘into the book’ and took myself off for a long weekend at the (in)famous Jamaica Inn. Set among the moody moorland, the Inn itself is spectacular! My room was superb, the food – delicious, the service outstanding, the drink plentiful and the overall atmosphere of The Jamaica Inn was warm and friendly like a good Inn should be.

Yet, like the book, there is a ‘dark’ side to the Inn: Nothing tangible, more a constant and contrasting feeling of foreboding and wonderment: whether that’s due, to its shady past, the history, the ‘ghosts’ of Jamaica Inn past or being set among those ever-changing breathtaking moors, I don’t know, but it’s there.

The book is so worth a read and the Inn is so worth a visit: I was really taken by both and am looking forward to another restful stay at Jamaica Inn in the not too distant future.





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